Saturday, August 27, 2016


Sometimes 'happy accidents' are the best way to reveal the truth of a man!

ONE NEVER KNOWS why mistakes happen, if they're accidental or on purpose. God's little pushes or simply human error. When they happen there's embarrassment, sometimes hilarity ensues, and once in a while these hick-ups actually unveil the truth better then anything anyone could ever come up with.

Today's 'happy accident' is simply one for the ages. Ironically, in a campaign that has unfortunately morphed into a non-stop racist attack fest by Donald J. Trump, God has thrown a Colonel into the mix to put a smile on most of our faces. I say most because those this 'accident' unmasks will not like being called out for who they really are. Hillary Rodham Clinton came out and unveiled the White-Alt for who they are. She very intelligently explained that these racists, had just rebranded themselves. They haven't changed their stripes, the White-Alt is the KKK. Its White Nationalists, its White Supremacists, simply put bigots who hate people who aren't white. Who think they are the true Americans, and all others need to be removed from our shores. And Donald J. Trump is playing in their sand box! He may not be one of them, sadly if he's not, he surely is using all of their talking points and his history kind of says he actually is. But some of his associates, the ones he's getting advice from, the ones who are running his campaign, and the ones who are donating millions are. Wait wasn't there a thing about not being owned by his donors like the other candidates? These are the people he's holding hands with. And using their message this all out stereotypical onslaught against Hillary and for the African-American vote seems to be his last ditch "What the Hell do I have to lose" effort. So, Hillary now has to come out, and slap some facts on the situation, and of course somehow that one speech, equals a year and a half of his over-the-top rhetoric. So according to the media, now the campaign has turned ugly, because she's slinging the mud. 
Mind you, she wasn't slinging any mud, just facts. And definitely not flat out lies like him. Not racial rhetoric like him. But as usual the media complains somehow its on her. She shouldn't have gone there, how dare she! Why is it whenever the Democrats or anyone fights the haters back, has to take a stand for justice, the victim in the attacks, are the troublemakers. Its like Black Lives Matter, when they argue against their friends and loved ones being murdered by cops, that somehow its an attack against Police officers and white people. The racists always calling out others, ignoring the fact they are worse. That we should rid our world of them. And any vile act that they do is justified with some hogwash about American values, eerily sounding a little too much like the ISIS radicals that they are so scared of. Sorry this is seriously 'F'ed up.
Lets not forget, for months Hillary Clinton has been coming out with policies and proposals, a fact that the media seems to ignore and hysterically the Trumpeters, his surrogates, are now slamming Hillary for all of her attacks and for Hillary not offering any positions or policies on anything. Wow! I must say when she did finally slam it out of the park, Hillary Clinton never defended herself against his bullshit claim that she was a "bigot" or about his asinine accusation that she's never done anything for the "African-American" community except of course use them for their votes. Buddy that's one talking point, the Republicans don't even believe. She simply ignored all of them. Instead she, acted like a prosecutor and skewered his life. Using his actual factorial record, Hillary Clinton destroyed him and revealed Donald to be what he really is, a charlatan and a race baiter. 
So on MSNBC, on Saturday afternoon, Alex Witt was having a discussion with Cornell William Brooks, President & CEO of the NAACP, about the recent discussions on the stomp about whose the racist in the race. So when it was time to play a clip about Hilary's speech, instead of showcasing her take down of Donald J. Trump as basically a racist, hysterically when they rolled the clip, they played a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial with George Hamilton as the Colonel… Whoops! Hm, yes! Accident or on purpose! It was seriously hilarious, I re-watched it several time, glorious.
What ever the case, mistaken or on purpose, the only thing I find upsetting in all this is MSNBC is gonna have to apologize to Donald J. Trump about this. Because I'm sure I'm not the only person who found the error perfection in it's depiction of who he really is.
I can not wait for SNL or some or all of the late night comedians, to use this and run with it. I so hope the Hillary camp takes this and makes an ad of it. Maybe you shouldn't argue with God, thank you God, when these little occurrences happen we should spread his message. Perhaps God was calling Donald out. Have to say, the religious side of the political world always seem to imply that God is talking to them. They say when tragedy happens to one of their hate groups, that it was God's doing, until of course it happens to them. They claim he's the reason they do their actions, that he actually spoke to them and told them to run for President. Hysterically God is never mentioned when they leave the race or lose badly. So if its his will, when a message comes out, calling Donald out as a White Colonel, as Trump is pitching his racist bull I say we should use it. Lets hire actors to portray racist white guy Trump as a Colonel Sanders… actually he doesn't even have to be white, come to think of it, it could be better if the actor was African-American, Hispanic or Asian, let make fun of him… use his worst traits against him in a sarcastic humorous way… and watch him and his ilk freak out.
Of course I just realized that the mistake might have been calling Hillary out as the colonel. Hm, is that possible? Is my blindness towards her and all her evil ways, has it blinded me from seeing it as an attack at her? Seems that surely could stop me in my tracks, that everything I just wrote was wrong. That my gleeful happiness at seeing Donald J. Trump ridiculed so perfectly was actually MSNBC insulting Hillary, and they owe her one big apology. Wow, perspective baby…
But, no, I'm gonna go with my gut, first impression. Gut reactions count, and I'm just gonna relish those first impressions for a while. My gut reaction was seeing a very tanned white man, dressed as a southern Colonel, pitching his new friends, the "African-Americans". What no watermelon? Could you get more racist then that? Accidental or on purpose. God's will or simply human error, the image of Donald J. Trump as a KFC pitchman, might be worth all the hell that the man has unleashed on us so far… but probably not.

Just one man's opinion
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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hysterically trying to beat her to the stomp Trump so over does his pitch, it proves her point and again reveals why he isn't up to the job and never will be 

WHAT TOOK HER SO LONG? Finally! Yes! For years they've been "smearing" the Clintons for every crime imaginable. For most of President Obama's tenure Donald J. Trump attacked our President as unAmerican, and lets not forget he got lots of help from most Republicans. For over a year now he's been "smearing" Hillary for everything under the Sun, and his latest attacks "smearing" her and the entire Democratic Party as "bigots" possibly could be his most outlandish. That is, until we start discussing his attacks on The Clinton Foundation and then we enter an entirely different sphere of "smearing". This "smear" is dangerous, because 'real' people are gonna get hurt when bad people do bad things, especially for political reasons. 

So, Hillary Clinton's campaign comes out with a web ad., showcasing the truth about Trump's history, who he's listening to and whose now running his campaign. And of course you guessed it, she's the one whose gone too far! How dare 'she' accuse him of the truth by throwing reality in our faces. Uncovering some of the real ugliness behind Trumps campaign. Seems he's in cahoots with White nationalists, but Hillary shouldn't bring it up. I guess it's not lady like? 
Trying to deflect her upcoming speech, knowing this one might actually put a major dent into his plans, a few hours before Hillary came out, Donald J. Trump tried to beat her to the punch by instead of revealing his latest Immigration plans, as he had announced he would, he was instead gonna try again to destroy her wonderful charity. I must mention that during the speech he mentioned how large the crowd was and on such short notice. Disregarding that the event had been planned in advance, so technically he was lying again about something. The only thing that was new today, was the speech he read, not the renting of the venue or getting the word out that Trump was speaking. What a bullshit artist.
Spending the better part of his latest tirade trying a two-pronged approach, accusing Hillary Rodham Clinton as again the biggest crook in history with The Clinton Foundation. Throwing out total made up mush that has seemingly no basis in reality, doing his best, or worst, by trying to make the words "Pay-to-Play" another "Lock her up!" chant. So unbelievably obnoxious. I'm sorry, why is it that every possible scandal concocted by the Republicans and thrown out at the Democrats, is the next Watergate? Don't they realize American's remember that Watergate was Nixon's scandal? And yes, he played the Watergate card.…
The section of the speech that got me to sit up, was when he tried to do an interesting thing. Attempting to put the onus on the problems with minorities on the backs of the Democrats. Using the oldest playbook in the Trump playbook, calling out others for doing exactly what he's done.    
“It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook. When Democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument,” Trump said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire. “You’re racist, you’re racist, you’re racist. It’s a tired, disgusting argument. And it’s so totally predictable.”
Sadly, he's right, "it is so totally predictable." Because Donald J. Trump, you are the one always doing it! But then the bomb dropped for me.
She lies, and she smears, she paints decent Americans — you— as racists,” he added, a day after he himself called Clinton a "bigot" who “sees people of color only as votes not as human beings worthy of a better future.”
"She lies, and she smears"!?! She lies? And she smears? She? Have we just gone to Bizarro-land? Am I the only one who has witnessed his non-stop onslaught? His lie-fests? But "she paints Americans — you — as racists" WTF, wait, what did he just say? She paints Americans — you — as racists?!?! Thats when I wanted to scream, cause I instantly knew what he was trying to do. Making it seem Hillary was attacking them, not him but his followers. See, look I'm with you, she's only in it for herself. I'm actually stunned what a brilliant move he was attempting. I'm serious, especially when his campaign doesn't have a leg to stand on. And of course what made the moment hysterical, was when he tried to scold her and the Democrats for 'their' lies about his followers.
“To Hillary Clinton, and to her donors and advisors,” Trump said, “pushing her to spread her smears and her lies about decent people, I have three words: Shame On You.”
No sir, shame on you! 

'Donald Eat Sh*t, release your taxes or go F yourself. Maybe if you weren't such a PoS Hillary wouldn't have to have done this. But you were, and she did.' 
That was my comment online, while waiting for Hillary to come out and again make me ask, why do we even need to vote this year? Does anyone still think she's not winning, give her the Presidency already. Well, approximately a few hours later, Hillary Clinton came out and showcased a performance for the ages. Instead of going off script and responding to Trump's latest attack, she just went for the kill and it was glorious. Instead of the attack as described by Trump, we got a tearing apart of Donald's history with minorities. She laid out the case of who really is the racist in the crowd, and here's a hint, it's Donald. She did a beautiful job of tying him up with the White nationalists, and showcased how that section of society, now called 'Alt-right' is a major part of his campaign and America's problems.

From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two major political parties. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous. In just the past week, under the guise of “outreach” to African Americans, Trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in insulting and ignorant terms:  “Poverty. Rejection. Horrible education. No housing. No homes. No ownership.   Those are his words. Donald Trump misses so much. It takes a lot of nerve to ask people he’s ignored and mistreated for decades, “What do you have to lose?” The answer is everything! A man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military. And let’s not forget Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called “Birthers.” He promoted the racist lie that President Obama isn’t really an American citizen – part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black President.
She didn't go to the sewers like him either, she just debunked the arguments about her speaking fees. Honestly, she's worth every penny, her fees they're probably too low. I have to write this, I am really sick of the media when ever Hillary Clinton comes out and actually gives it to Trump. Gives him a good shellacking with facts, they always go into 'its such a dirty campaign, but why does she have to go there?" Really, she comes out once, and she the one going too far. He goes too far on an hourly basis and they joke about it, but Hillary comes out and give a substantive speech and she went too far! Simply put, she came out and told us his real history with bigotry and his history of ripping off his new pals, the "African-Americans" and why this person he's trying to pitch to us he is, ain't the person who he really is. 
What gets me is about the Trump campaign since day one they've amazingly used the attacks against him, every negative and tried their damnedest to spin it to their advantage, sadly succeeding too many times. They attempted to Swift Boat Hillary on her health! So now, Hillary's campaign comes out with a single web ad., showcasing the truth, about who he's agreeing with, who he's listening to, whose donating to him, and whose now running his campaign. So now of course she's gone too far! How dare "she" accuse him, excuse me? Or worse, how dare she showcase this reality visually in an ad, giving 'them' credence. Somehow Hillary is supposed to answer the continuous onslaught that they've been throwing out at her, but not in a way to offend anyone. I guess like everything else, Trump is the exception. Even if she showcases the truth, she's gone too far.
Its funny if you think about it, all Donald J. Trump seems to do is propose total lies, but those are cool for the masses. The talking heads on the news, especially the one's for Trump are seeing red over the 'truth'er ad, as I will call it. Its really ridiculous how over the top they get with every question about them. Any accusation against them, they never have to answer to, they just swat those questions away like day old garage. Just the media throwing out lies, but every accusation they throw out seems to be believed as proven fact, and punishable by death.
I'm sorry, it was time. It was time for Hillary to come out and smack some reality into Trumps very orange face. I'm just surprised he hasn't threatened to sue her for her lies. Sometimes I wish Hillary wasn't such an in control candidate. Because during todays's speech it would have been a wonderful time for her to just go off on the man. To destroy his attacks on her and on The Clinton Foundation. And its time for the media to take what she said, not as they are trying to frame it, but for what it was. Her take down on his campaign and why it needs to be reported by the media as the ugliness, racist hateful organization that it really is.

Just one man's opinion
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Why is that whenever people in Trumps camp throw out accusations we simply believe them without so much as a spec of proof? 

One of these days he's gonna say the world is flat, just to see how many of his followers believe it. And then knowing the media they would have scientists and people on their shows arguing with 'inbreds' that the science haven't been proven yet. I'm sure globes would now be considered a liberal plot. As usual, I mean, it is a day in a week right? More accusations are being tossed out against Hillary Clinton, but this time the attacks are not against her, but at The Clinton Foundation. Trying to destroy it, to destroy her. No matter how outlandish, no matter what they themselves have done in the past, all of that is disregarded as long as they can attack Hillary, and deflect the questions from what is really crooked in this race, the Republican candidate. 
For the last few days, Trump has tried to tell the African-Americans they should honor him with their votes. My question is why? I mean, what happened? I'd like to know when he had this epiphany about helping African-Americans and now Hispanics? Because his history tells us that unless lightening struck, he's simply lying through his teeth. But the other thing he's doing is trying his best to hurt millions of people around the world in his zeal to become our next commander-in-chief. He's like a mafia boss, who kills people indiscriminately seemingly for the fun of it, just to get what he wants. And he wants power… it seems he's already corrupted, could you imagine Trump with real power?
As always with any of these attacks, the accusations are so overblown that if the charges were true the woman would be burned at the stake. There is never a speeding ticket with these people, its Clinton helped found ISIS! Fine accuse away, I would think most sane people would disregard yet another round of garbage, but what gets me is the people who are throwing the bull are the same people who lie about everything else. So why should anyone believe them about this or anything, I'm serious? Its almost like they just can't believe Hillary can win, and they're are trying their best to hurt her by not doing their jobs. Which is reporting real news. Especially the so-called liberal biased media who are trying their best to prove they aren't siding with her. Sadly it seems, these bold faced liars who never answer a question and who always deflect to another attack seem to be able to control the talking points. Even when the media calls them liars to their faces, instead of going onto a real news story, like Donald's foreign debts, they discuss the latest accusations non-stop! 
My question is, why is this crap allowed to continue and to even be believed by anyone? Why is it that these sacks of shit, these obviously hateful characters that could have been taken from the pages of a Dickens novel, are given free range to spew lies? Why the media doesn't give these liars, lie detectors is a puzzlement to me. You want to spew lies, lets see if you are actually not lying for once. Seems in their world, your guilty until proven innocent, accept of course if your name is Donald J. Trump or if you're Republican.
Somehow instead of just laughing to their faces, or giving them the hook or pulling their microphones, they're allowed to spread lies and to simply make shit up. Its called facts, but none of these Trumpeters seems to think that facts are important or real. To them all facts are simply google searched, right Mayor Giuliani?
Which brings me to Hillary's health, really? According to them she's at deaths door. Somehow all their surrogates have gotten medial degrees and can tell her entire health by simply examining Google searched videos. Junior came out and argued that people shouldn't be allowed to see Trumps taxes because laypeople would make up things about it because they aren't accountants. Really, but your hired help can come out and accuse our former First lady of having every health issue known to man because anyone with two eyes could see something is wrong with her! Has Donald looked in the mirror? I would think he might be little worried he could be the one whose last days are sooner then we think. I mean if the man who supposedly is his doctor thinks, this man if elected would be the healthiest person ever to be President, perhaps he really needs another doctor. Or better yet, perhaps they should stop trying to Swift Boat her in regards to her health.
Sadly it seems AP, put out a hatchet job on their Foundation, obviously playing with the numbers and the facts to fit their editorial and frankly they should be ashamed of themselves. The worse part of their journalistic crime is that Trump and his buddies have jumped on it as fact that Hillary is a crook. That everything she says again is a lie! Of course in reality, and by all accounts The Clinton Foundation is one of best charities on the face of the Earth, it actually does help millions of people on Earth and is the poster child on how to run a Charitable organization. But of course, screw all that, if a hit piece meets their needs lets hurt as many people as possible. So before any allegation is proven, we should just shut it down. Unbelievable! Sure, screw all the good it does, lets shut it down because a bunch of lying sack of turds demand it.
YES! #ShutTheBullshitDown Bravo #BrianFallon If you judge a candidate by the people he has out there… Me thinks Hillary aced it again. At least there is one, 'real' surrogate out there that actually knows his stuff… and unlike some of the so-called 'surrogates' that the Democrats have the man wont let BS get past him. That said, at least the Democrats don't appear to be robots… has anyone else noticed their eyes. When they have his Trumpeters on, they all look a little 'too wide eyed' and they all say the exact same words… have you noticed once they join his team, they opinions magically change to the same lies the others are already sprouting… #BrainDead people… the pod people have taken over...
That was my commentary on Facebook, typo's and all, that I wrote after listening to The Clinton Campaign's Brian Fallon who practically smacked Andrea Mitchell in her face as she again showcased why a once great journalist has turned into a hack. This BS, is just like the Planned Parenthood witch hunt, no evidance or actually with "rigged" evidance, yes thats better… lets hurt millions of people because we need to stop Abortions. Christian values, my ass! What gets me is, doesn't her charity employ people? Shouldn't we wait 'at least' to see if the allegations are creditable or factual before we destroy all of their lives? Before haters start to attack the Foundation like they've attacked Clinics?
Every time they shut down an abortion clinic for concocted reasons, they hurt people. They make up voter fraud arguments and steal the constitutional rights of millions. They believe the word of a debunked doctor and thousands of babies are hurt or die because Anti-Vaxxers would rather believe fairytales then to take the word of the professionals, their doctors. And of course, they refuse to simply sign a bill to fund research for Zika, for purely political reasons, and these are the people telling us we should vote for him. Really? What the Hell do you have to lose? Really? I would say a lot!  
Talk about a rush to judgment. What happens if Donald J. Trump actually gets absolute power, what happens then? We are discussing a person who claimed our President is not American, who conveniently doesn't want to talk about it now that he's actually the Republican nominee. What if he gets in and decides to drag the former President through the streets of Washington DC as an invader? I'm sure his followers will cheer him on, right now I think its a fair question to ask if he was planning that? Remember when he came out and announced he was paying for detectives to investigate Barack Obama's birth place, and prove he was right. Aren't we still awaiting for their report? 
Now his wife is threatening to sue if the gossip about her past isn't removed. Funny, seems we could easily solve that problem, simply release her immigration papers. Didn't Donald announce that she would? It seems nobody has seen her since the Convention, have you? Everyday he demands something, accuses everyone of some God awful crime. Never do we get proof from him on anything, just more accusations. Followed by his surrogates like a Greek Chorus, who come out and spew garbage about whatever the latest attack is and everyone seems to just fall in line.
The fact that Donald complains about Hillary's voice on the stomp is really insane, has he listened to himself? He's whined and made fun of others, who use the TelePrompTer reading other people's words, and that's exactly what he's doing and doing badly. Every time he attacks someone it seems to be something that he actually does or is being accused of. Like calling Hillary racist. Does anyone actually believe Hillary Clinton is a bigot? And when he and his surrogates argue that she's got no plans or policies should we just forget everything she's proposed because they said so? They complain the media is being unfair to him, the biased liberal media that is always lying about him. Really? For a man who actually has an entire news network devoted to him, an actual cable television host, Sean Hannity, who has practically anointed him as our next Jesus, that part of the biased media never, ever gets brought up or discussed as biased. Nope they are just telling us their version of reality. I guess maybe, they aren't actually considered a news outlet, Sean recently admitted he wasn't really a journalist, so I guess it doesn't count. And I'm sorry, if the media was in bed with her, do you think we'd be still discussing the emails or Benghazi or Monica?
Yesterday Rachel Maddow had this piece that showcased that the new man in charge of Donald's campaign, Steve Bannon, who is also executive chairman of Breitbart News,  well It now turns out that the man whose money is behind Breitbart News is actually a major donor to the Trump campaign, and we're talking millions. So one man is in control of all three sides. The campaign, the media, and the money for the campaign. If something isn't illegal about that, I don't know what that is? Now wouldn't that be the story that one would think is news? Just hope this bit of news will actually get some traction or will the next news cycle be only about whatever else the Trump Campaign can throw out there.

Just one man's opinion
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Monday, August 22, 2016


Otherwise perhaps it's time for another flood because, if thats not the case, then the Human race really sucks!

Seems I've come up with the real reason congress won't do anything to stop the spread of ZIKA -- we've been invaded by Aliens! Scoff if you will, but how else can you explain the lack of human compassion with the players in Washington who have done everything not to actually do anything to stop our latest health crisis. So now that the ZIKA virus has become a clear and present danger inside our borders why hasn't Congress reconvened and done something, before thousands of children are born deformed or worse? Don't your think it's time the do-nothing Congress actually did something? Maybe I shouldn't be bothered with people I will never meet or know, I mean if our elected officials don't care and they voted them in, why should I? But seriously, we are talking about politicians who for political reasons refuse to allow their citizens to acquire health insurance. Thats millions of people, I guess stopping an epidemic is just so trivial when you're trying to get re-elected. 

So why should I care if innocent Americans get infected with a virus that could potentially kill millions upon millions of people. Who knows, maybe this actually could be the beginning of the end of everything, because of our leaders playing political games with people's lives! Have you seen the children born infected or the bodies of the ones who died in the womb? Their heads misshapen as the brains inside their skulls developed incompletely. Astonishing instead of even discussing this most pressing of issues, all I keep hearing about is Hillary's God damn emails and The Clinton Foundation is completely crooked and needs to be shut down. Unbelievably instead of pushing for the funding for our latest probable end of the world scenario, recently Marco Rubio had the gall to actually attack abortion as a choice for the women who discover their unborn child were infected, saying that if it happened it was Gods will or something obnoxious like that. If it unfortunately happened, the parents would get to live with whatever God decided to grant these lucky newborn parents. 
Oh and the pitch that people would either abstain or use condoms all the time in the area's effected is a joke. What is this 1950, people don't follow the rules. What should we, punish the parents for doing the nasty and forgetting to use their umbrellas? I watched this idiot on television in Miami, on the beach, being interviewed, he was laying there, and proudly mentioned that he doesn't use any repellent. He's not worried. So if he gets bit, doesn't realize he got infected. He gets horny one night and decides, screw the condom. Knocks up his wife and she sadly gives birth to a deformed child. Will Marco's bullshit in any way help this situation? Any of it? The reality is, these ZIKA infected mosquito's are now here, and sadly some of the people that could be infected shortly, are seriously lacking in good judgment. The virus has reached our shores, people are gonna get bit, and pregnancies are gonna occur. Doesn't take a rocket science to realize that the sooner we can stop the spread the less lives are gonna be hurt. 
What gets me is, these people in power are always saying they want to help us. Do something for us. Help society, yet it seems when a situation warrants it, they do nothing but stonewall. And deflect using conspiracies and utter lies. The fact that this isn't the first thing in people's agenda now is a travesty. I understand that we have a situation in Louisiana, I get that that's big, but, this is something that all it takes is a vote. This shouldn't be difficult. It's almost as if this is one of those scary movies, the pod people have arrived, and phase two is mutating our species. I'm sorry, maybe I'm a bit paranoid but the ZIKA story is beginning to seem a little too similar in plot to the CBS television series, Brain Dead. They say, truth is stranger then fiction, honestly has the last few years seem normal, seemed real. No its seems like something out of a nightmare scripted by a bad script writer. Perhaps the Tea Party's beginnings could be the beginnings of their invasion. 
Look back at how the insanity started slowly, then began to spread to both sides of the aisle. Look at the rise of Fox Faux News and it's kind. For God sake look at Sean Hannity, or Michele Bachmann, or even Rudy Giuliani, and how about former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, how else can you explain their behavior? I mean look at Donald J. Trumps surrogates, it's funny I actually believe he isn't a pod, this is him, I just believe he's surrounded by 'people' who are well not people. Just sit back for a few minutes and watch them spin their answers. It actually feels like scenes from that great flick, Strange Invaders. The only thing missing is that fantastic creepy musical score and the odd camera angles. But the players I'm sorry, they ain't Human. I know I've been watching way too much of what is laughingly called the news on television lately, and I've been on Facebook so much that I'm gonna start to be considered a stalker, but maybe that gives me the right to say something is not right. I've been a witness to way too much of the insanity, I haven't just watched the clips or the edited footage, I've suffered though hours upon hours of live events, and then watched as the talking heads on all sides talk over each other, pretty much insulting the intelligence of everyone evolved, especially the viewers.  
We have a candidate that is literary lying non-stop and throws our conspiracies as facts, saying the other candidate has caused all the ills of this Earth. We have another candidate that is only asked one question, why does everybody hate you and mistrust you? We have a Congress thats refusing to do anything but hurt whatever our President tries to accomplish and we have judges that side with homophobes and racists. And lets not forget that we have have a country that has suddenly come out of the closet, no not as gay or lesbian or transgendered or bi or all of the other variables, but as proud racists, homophobes and anti-immigrants! They scream it out loud proudly and somehow this has become a good thing. So why should I be surprised that when an actual medical emergency occurs inside our shore lines, that the people in charge are doing everything in their power, not to do anything! 
I wish I was just being sarcastic, but how else can you explain this lack of action? These monsters from another planet who have taken over our world makes more sense to me then to actually believe that these people in power would just be that heartless. That they are only in for the power or the money, or the eventual anchor job on Fox Faux News. It can't just be to be able to get a high paying job on cable news. I mean can they be that inhuman? I'd prefer the reality to be we are living in a real Alien invasion and finally the truth is coming out. 
Maybe in a horrible ironic way, the infestation of ZIKA will be how our society is even saved. In a sick twisted plot twist, perhaps as the truth become clear and the invasion revealed one of the babies born infected will bring us the cure for the disease itself, or maybe our first real super baby. Possibly our first real X-Men. Or most likely, we are simply filled with a nation of hateful, despicable people who should all rot in Hell. We have a Governor in Florida who is playing politics to score political points at the expense of people's lives! So by trying to come up with a storyline for a bad B-budget movie, I'm basically saying to myself that reality sucks. That our only saving grace is to simply make things up, try to create fantastic scenarios. Because otherwise some of us would kill ourselves when we realized how much people simply suck
Perhaps if there is a God, it's time for another flood, I'm serious. If people could be so heartless they they actually allow something like this to occur when they have the power to do something about it, maybe it's time to start over. 
What gets me is every time one of these pods attack Hillary Clinton or President Obama about everything they demand complete transparency, all paper work, all records. But Trump doesn't have to release anything. Always excuses. Taxes, health records, his wife's immigration papers. But our President has to release his birth certificates, his college transcripts. What is he hiding? Trump releases a ridiculous letter showcasing if he's elected he would be the healthiest person ever to be President? Really healthier then JFK was, healthier then Obama is? 
And without so much as a bit of proof, Trump is demanding The Clinton Foundation be shut down because there has to be something wrong there. It's like Planned Parenthood, they decided to go after them, shut them down because they wanted to, not because anything was actually wrong. Brain dead indeed! Maybe these end of the world believers have got it right. Maybe the nut-jobs that we laugh at are gonna have the last laugh. Cause watching as the world of Donald J. Trump has seemed to takeover our media, the only explanation I can find reasonable is that we should kiss our friends and loved ones good bye because the next time you see them, they won't be who they were, and soon neither will we.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016


As Donald tries to pivot reality seems to smacking him the face as his rhetoric doesn't match his campaign and his past seems to be coming back to showcase what a fraud he really is

Donald J. Trump has spent the better part of a week pitching himself as the savior of African-Americans, at the same time, according to reports by the New York Times, his supposed wealth may actually be really a portfolio's worth of debt! The man may be rich, but it seems he owes a lot and is probably worth a lot less then anyone could imagine. 
Trump who has claimed to be worth "greater" than $10 billion, has an estimated worth by Forbes and Bloomberg at approximately $5 billion. Of course to put a ratchet in his Presidential game, Mr. Trump instead of writing down $10 billion or $5 billion he has claimed to be worth, he instead wrote at least $1.5 billion when he filled out his financial disclosure form which is legally a must, when you run for the President. That is seriously a big difference, and for some reason no one is discussing. So your guess is as good as mine as to what he supposedly is worse. Of course what they discovered is not the actual amount, seems until Donald J. Trump actually releases his Tax forms we won't know the truth. Of course his surrogates are coming out now, in droves, saying that the American people don't really care about Donald's taxes, they only care about their own, seriously trying to change the subject!  Luckily for all of us who do care about the subject, the law and our country's future, the New York Times investigated and did the math on his known properties and business and have come up with an estimate of what the man is really worth. And funny thing, turns out the man appears to be in debt up to his nose. 
But an investigation by The New York Times into the financial maze of Mr. Trump’s real estate holdings in the United States reveals that companies he owns have at least $650 million in debt — twice the amount than can be gleaned from public filings he has made as part of his bid for the White House.Beyond finding that companies owned by Mr. Trump had debts of at least $650 million, The Times discovered that a substantial portion of his wealth is tied up in three passive partnerships that owe an additional $2 billion to a string of lenders. NY TIMES
So what is the man really worth? Its possible in reality nothing! It possible it turns out that  in reality his wealth is really all on paper, and he's in debt for millions and millions of dollars. The man makes deals, acquires debt and as we're been learning he surely knows how to get out of paying his bills. He's repeatedly filed bankruptcies, has been sued thousands of times, and as opposed to what he admits to, which is none, Trump has settled on a number of occasions.
It seems Donald didn't realize once he enters the big ring of Presidential politics, anything and everything in his past and present would come out. His reasons for not joining the military, why he wasn't accepted into Harvard, his wives past, be she a model here illegally or one using the wrong visa. Yesterday I read a disgusting little article online that claims she used to be an escort! The article didn't say if sex was involved or if she was just paid to 'date' the men, wouldn't it be something if this is actually how they met. Wouldn't that be a story? You want to run for President, you want to destroy people's lives, maybe just maybe you deserve stories like this to come out. Sadly, what we've come to learn about the man, nothing reported, even as low as that possibility is shall we say that unbelievable. You rap what you sow.
Of course we already had heard about at least two cases that sound like the man paid off political leaders to end inquiries into his now infamous Trump Universities. s reported by Harper Neidig, for Seems the man's possibly been doing illegal acts for years now
Trump donated $35,000 to the successful gubernatorial campaign of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott three years after a probe into the university’s "possibly deceptive trade practices" was dropped by his office when the university agreed to cease its Texas operations. And a political fundraising committee supporting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi received a $25,000 donation from the Donald J. Trump Foundation just days after her office had announced it was looking into joining a multi-state lawsuit against Trump University. Her office later dropped the inquiry, citing a lack of evidence.
And now with his attempt to get at least some of the African-Americans in our country to vote for him, it seems his workers behind the scenes haven't been listening to what he's been preaching. Turns out, the people running security at his events have been busy making sure that only white people are allowed into his events! The latest reports paint a very ugly picture of racism and anti-immigration. Here are the latest. First they removed a half Indian man, Jake Anantha, an 18-year-old from Charlotte, who was approached by a member of Trump's security team and then ushered out by police. He was told that he resembled another man who had previously disrupted Trump rallies. Jake who is a republican was stunned and upset, because he was actually a fan and was wearing a pro-Trump shirt with another pro-Trump shirt underneath.
"I do think it's because I'm brown," Anantha said, explaining why he believes he was kicked out. He added that he was "totally shocked." "I couldn't believe what was going on," he said of the incident. "Obviously now I'm very angry. I've wasted a bunch of time coming here. I may have wasted six months of my life supporting Donald Trump, who doesn't even let me come to his rallies."
And shockingly a few days ago Sean P. Jackson, the head of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida, an African-American male, wasn't believed that he actually worked for the Trump organization. He was escorted from back stage by the secret service, when nobody there recognized him. I guess they never got the message, that one of them is black! I mean, come on, you got one black person working for you, and nobody knows what he looks like? Give me a freaking break.
Amazingly just as he is attempting to gain the African-American support, he does something that should actually lose him even more, which seems impossible, how can you lose people when you basically don't have any? At his latest teleprompter speech, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Trump's speech writers added a new wrinkle that surely will make Republicans happy and Democrats screaming mad. After starting off a section of his speech with:
"The GOP is the party of Abraham Lincoln, I want our party to be the home of the African-American voter once more.  I've asked the African-American community to honor me with their vote." Adding he "fully recognizes the outreach to theAfrican-American community is an area where the Republican party must do better."
Isn't it nice when he acknowledges it, its always 'nice' when they at least acknowledge it. Sadly it usually means nothing or it actually makes it worse. Of course knowing him, I was expecting the other shoe to drop and of course it did before the speech wasn't even over. Adding to his "rigged' theme that he keeps harping on. I mean, if you look at the campaign, I can't for the life of me understand why Donald isn't winning by 30% I mean the man is running the greatest Presidential campaign in history… not! Seriously the man is running probably the worst campaign in modern political politics, possibly ever. I'm, sorry Donald, you should own your terrible campaign, using the "rigged' theme as a excuse for why you're doing so bad, is really an insult to your historically inept campaign. I mean, he should really enjoy the applause for how horrible it's been. Well yesterday, double-downing, he went after Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia who is a long time Hillary Clinton supporter, for his decision by executive order to restore the voting rights to thousands of convicted felons, who have competed their sentences. In April, after McAuliffe issued his executive order, Trump called it "crooked politics", seems the Republicans hate the fact that former felons should ever be allowed to vote, even after they settle their debts. Well during his latest big read, the writers came up with this little a republican staple of racist thinking. 
"Hillary Clinton is banking on her friend Terry McAuliffe on getting thousands of violent felons to the voting booths in effort to cancel out the votes of both law enforcement and crime victims," adding "They are letting people vote in your Virginia election that should not be allowed to vote. Sad. So Sad."
Seems he or at least the writers of his latest speech think  that all felons would vote Democratic. And of course all "law enforcement and crime victims" all only vote Republican. What gets me is the man wants us to believe he wants to help all Americans, but people who've paid their debts, should be shown out and aren't worthy of their rights to vote which is written in The Constitution. So if that's true, isn't it ironic that a man, who seems to never pay his debts or bills, refuses others their constitutional votes? Why I find it ironic and pretty much anti-American.
Perhaps when all is said and done, the biggest mistake Donald J. Trump has ever down was run for President. Lets just hope enough discoveries are uncovered before election day that any possibly that the man could win is well over.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Seriously when is he just coming out in a White Robe with Hood attached, as he surrounds himself and utters the rhetoric of White Supremacists and worse!

"What the Hell do you have to lose? That's your pitch!?! Seriously, if that's the best you've got buddy, your in worse shape then I thought you were. Its bad enough you talk down to African-Americans while doing it always in front of a predominately white crowds, but using rhetoric that comes right out of the mouths of White Supremacists and anti-immigrant racists or worse is simply beyond what my mind wants to accept. The few people of color that he does have as surrogates, could easily be considered Uncle Tom's or worse. And I'm sorry, using flat out lies and false facts while basically describing all African-Americans as out of work, lowly educated criminals, who sponge off the government is simply utter bull. As Donald would say, believe me.

“Look how much African-American communities are suffering under Democratic control. To those I say the following: What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?” he said. “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?” 
What the hell do you have to lose? I'm sorry, are you freaking kidding me? What the hell do you have to lose? Maybe if you didn't use talking points from the Center for Immigration Studies, an Anti-Immigration organization. A think tank who sides with White Nationalists, you know the people who 'dislike' people of color! Maybe if you didn't have your history with "African-Americans" as you love to scream those two words. I'm sorry, I have to ask, but is it me? How grating is his voice on the stomp? The way he growls out words, so annoying. Anyway, the man has vowed that he would unify the races as president and actually told The Washington Post in an interview earlier this year “I am not a racist, I’m the least racist person that you’ve ever interviewed.” I'm sorry, when a man, has to come out and say those words, maybe there is some reality to what many would call a very checkered past when it comes to race relations. I mean this is the man who still won't admit that our President was born in Hawaii! Who made a name for himself in politics by helping turn the Birther mantra into a movement. And like the anti-vexers who are sadly misinformed individuals who are seriously hurting millions with their disbelief, I believe many of these people's ancestors possibly burned 'witches' at the stake.
As usual in this campaign, as soon as Donald J. Trump or one of his crack surrogates say something that would get most people thrown off the air or out of politics or shot, Hillary Clinton’s director of state campaigns and political engagement Marlon Marshalimmediately came out and condemned Trump’s remarks.
“Donald Trump asks what the African American community has to lose by voting for him. The answer is everything from a man who questions the citizenship of the first African American President, courts white supremacists, and has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, -- Trump painting the entire community as living in poverty with no jobs continues to show he is completely out of touch with the African American community.”
Today, one of his surrogates, actually said something like Donald isn't talking down to them, but speaking in a way that they could understand! Seriously, are you kidding me. I'm sorry I've just about had it with him and his surrogates playing nice with the racists who believe America is the land of the White and all others aren't really American. Whose ideas and policies would take us back to a time where only white men voted and woman stayed home, got pregnant and cleaned the house. Where people of color were basically slaves.
What gets me unnerved is that the media is allowing this to fester and taint the conversation. Seemingly making it okay, as more and more of his surrogates come out, guise their hate filled rhetoric in a way that might not be racist, but could be and is. One by one they say things that make you want to smack someone real good and I simply marvel that there are people who actually believe this garbage. It was bad enough when they were saying these vile things at the events, but now, they're actually invited talking heads that come on and spew filth right in our faces. Unbelievably they keep inviting the same people back, even after they sometimes scold them on the air for lying! I am seriously expecting one of these days that someone will finally have had enough and fighting will commence. At least lately the hosts of the shows are beginning to try to stop the bull, Mike Lemon, has been especially good at shutting down the fools. So sometimes they succeed to stare the conversation from the lies to at least something based in reality. But usually the inbreds, seem to control the conversation, always interrupting when the other side is making a winning argument, trying to change the topic they either have no answers for or they've been caught in an argument they can't win, or when they realize they haven't spoken for two seconds. When not talking, they sit there and makes face, tying to keep the focus on them, pretty much acting like juveniles. And the more that we delve into these people Donald has running his campaign and those he uses as surrogates, their backgrounds and connections, the scary thing is they are are nuts as the man himself. 
For the last few days, Donald J. Trump has been reading speeches practically begging "African-Americans" to vote for him. His surrogates have come out and lied endlessly through their teeth at the rhetoric he's been repeating. Luckily, it seems the media has begun to not accept all of their bull. I mean, shockingly even on Fox Faux News they've begun to wake up to the reality, as they constantly argue over the merits of polls and if any of them are even accurate. Sometimes they allow these liars to run their traps for a while, seemingly letting them put their feet in their mouths, until they either bring out the video or go, that's a lie. And what gets me, is that the liars, don't flinch, they just deflect to another lie and act like what they said was the truth, even if it isn't, even after they get owned by the truth. The perfect example of this was with the now famous confrontation on cable news, when Michael Cohen, a Trump organization executive clashed with CNN's Brianna Keilar over polls that suggested Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton. His response to her question "What polls? And her answer back, All of Them!" was one for the ages. Unbelievably, even after that, they bring these liars back and they repeat this charade of phony newspeople with phony surrogates, and we the viewers are left to decide what to believe, truly Pathetic.
As for Donald's pleading for their votes, really? Honestly its almost pitiful watching him, say things like the Republican party needs to be inclusive, but never saying what he would do, but believe me he would make it work. That's like Republicans saying we need to replace Obamacare but never actually coming out with a real plan to do it. Do you think a bunch of malarkey, as Vice President Joe Biden would say, will make people disregard what he's actually done over the course of his career? So he reads a long speech that someone else wrote, without one real plan or proposal and everyone should just bow to his brilliance?
Sorry, maybe if he had any history of actually doing something for them as opposed to throwing out rhetoric that sounds like it was written by a member of a White Nationalists organization I could understand him using it. But he doesn't. Perhaps maybe if he didn't lie a dozen times over about Hillary Clinton's record with "African-American communities" and about her health, about her Foundation, well about everything, maybe then people of color would possible begin to believe him. You see Donald you are trying to make her into something so demonic that its simply beginning to some like utter fantasy. Which coupled by who you are makes anything you propose seem like hog wash.
I guess when you're polling at less then 1% of a population, nothing could actually hurt, I mean he might actually gain a few percentage points. But honestly does he actually not realize that if he keeps harping on the "African-American" communities, he might start losing the White Aryan Nation to Gary Johnson or even Hillary Clinton. Seriously Donald, maybe its time to stick with your own kind and end this charade, and just be who you are. Isn't that what you just said the other day? But instead you're trying to pitch yourself as the savior to the African-American people, and I'm sorry Donald, that's one job you will never earn or buy.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, August 20, 2016