Sunday, February 02, 2020


As Trump’s defenders try to turn Trump into a dictator, I keep wondering, why Biden? I think I figured it out.... it’s all about Barack. Joe’s just in the way, but destroying him too in the process, to spite our last American President, just a bonus. Oh, and about that wall, talk about a con.

SO IT SEEMS THE FIX IS IN and our Democracy is actually on it’s last legs. What a sad day in America. What a scary time to have to think about nominating anyone to have to go against the fool on the hill. The monster in orange. The impeached gaslighting horror known as Donald John Trump. Remember just a few years back, when Barack was President, and all our futures were brighter? Give me a second, that memory is fading… How do I write this, it’s times like this, I’m glad my father isn’t alive to witness the end of his blessed America. And sadly I am being totally serious. Well they say it’s always darkest before the dawn, right? Well that dawn better show up soon, before our nation simply will be a thing future generations read about in history books. That is if those running whatever our nation becomes, its so called government, allow our former democracy’s great story to ever be spoken about again. Or simply discussed as fables like the Arthur legend and the lost city of Atlantis. That is if we as a society survive the global warming horrors to come that these same monsters who are destroying our democracy are taking a hatchet to our environment. 

Unbelievable so Trump’s defense is, he is above the law! That’s right people, it’s come to that. Apparently a sitting president, is allowed to do anything he thinks that’s in the best interest of the nation. And if he thinks, that winning reelection is in the better for the nation then his opponents, screw it! He can cheat and steal and kill and do whatever he wants, because it’s in the best interest of the nation. WTF! Excuse me! What insane asylum did they just release you from. So the question is if that’s the case, why lie about it? Why do it in secret? Why use it as a defense, when whatever you did is totally on the up and up. How do you explain that away, again. I mean, this isn’t the first time, they’ve shifted their stories. Its always, I know nothing, I see nothing, to Talk to Rudy or Michael. Their are no witnesses, it’s all hearsay. To it happened but I’m not involved. To okay I did it but a president can do anything. To yes I did it, but the democrats are the monsters because how dare they go after the supreme ruler. To you better watch your kids, because now you are going against the state. To bring them all in and get those showers in the gas chambers in the death camps ready for use. And yeas I’m going there. I predicted this would happen when if he won. And scarily he keeps topping even my worse nightmares. I’m not even surprised at how fast the coup, as he likes to tag the Democratic constitutional duty of Impeaching a fallen president. A traitor to our democracy, A gaslighting hypocrite who attacks all others as the monsters in the midst’s while actually performing every attack he and his brethren are pulling.

Every argument against his Impeachment flips what is actually written in the constitution. Its as if they explain that the founders of our nation, actually were secret double agents for England, and they were actually describing how to return our newly created democracy back into a monarchy. Seriously, one by one, they argued in the Senate, in front of a Supreme Court Judge the opposite of what is in that little blessed book, that millions of Americans keep with them at all times, like the bible. Our Constitution. They are literally arguing that is sitting president is king. Now he alone decides what’s in the best interest of the nation, sounds like China in the Ming dynasty. Well there is that wall we could talk about.  So now they are basically putting forth, that Trump could be president forever! He could decide that the nation needed him for another 4 years or 8,  just like Vladimir Putin did, to pretty much end Russia’s recently earned freedom. Hasn’t Donald always said, he knows more then the generals, he can do it all, isn’t he the nations’s champion?  

So I guess I get to write this to all the millions of people out there who never voted, or who voted in protest, boy how does it feel to know you made such a colossal error? That you made the wrong decision. And now our very democracy is in real danger of going away. Aren’t you guys and gals proud of your accomplishment. Last pile on… The most hated man in American history besides Adolph Hitler, as is being pounded into our ears by all the talking heads and pundits could win reelection, if you guys decided to do it again. Republicans believe Donald J. Trump, is God! Or the second coming, or their worst nightmares if they vote to get rid of him. Sorry I just don’t see it, I don’t get it. Please explain to me how most if not all of the Republican members are okay with a dictator running our country. Or worse, helping him get into the position to become a dictator. They’re assisting him. Please explain how this is Okay, please. That a bunch of charlatan shyster lawyers, who pitch something that is unconstitutional, that is a lie that is made up out of their asses, and most if not all the Republicans think that’s alright? I’m sorry it’s not okay! We spent two days of Democrats basically pleading and begging to have a few witnesses, who could actually answer all the questions we need to have answered. But the argument is since you’re not gonna vote for him to get kicked out, since nothing anybody would say could change their minds about how criminal his actions have been, how impeachable, it’s not worth wasting a few days of the peoples time to find out the truth! Unbelievable. Seriously unbelievable, one of the excuses we heard, was that if we do that, allow witnesses, the senators won’t be able to do their jobs. As if they actually do their jobs. The only jobs they do do is vote in unqualified judges for lifetime appointment, and wait by Mitch‘s desk, as he puts the bills that the House has sent them into a  trash pile, that I guess he’s going to use for kindling. Not do their jobs, are you out of your freaking mind? Isn’t the most important job a Senator will ever have to do is deciding on a President fitness for office, or  of course deciding when our nation will be going to war. Of course The Senate gave that power away years a go, and still refuse to take it back. So now they’re going to be removing their power to hold the President accountable for his very impeachable crimes. What could go wrong?  

What could go wrong? What a scary concept. If you’ve watched Donald as the Inquiry got us to the trial, and as his escape from removal grows clearer with each passing bogus excuse,  his behavior, while never stable has grown increasingly, yes I will write it insane. Worse he’s now apparently mad with power, given to him by the Republicans in the House and the Senate… if you don’t think what the House Republicans pulled during the Inquiry wasn’t in sync with what the members of the Senate and the white house were executing, you haven’t been living in the real world. No witnesses are necessary, they argue on loop. Or the House didn’t do their job correctly, or it doesn’t matter if he did it, because even if he did what the Democrats proved he did, whatever he did isn’t bad enough to remove a sitting president or at least this sitting president from office. Of course when Hillary Clinton was running for the office they threatened her on everything under the sun that they would lock her up if it was the last thing they would ever did, which now, they have complete amnesia over.

And now they are already put out the threats that if Joe Biden gets in, impeachment was on his horizon too, from republicans in power. Even though Biden’s supposed crimes his fully debunked, they now scream impeachable actions in Ukraine, that Trump got wind of from Vladimir Putin. But the Democrats have hated Trump from day one they accuse, so we should ignore all the witnesses and evidence that the Democrats could get without any of the witnesses and evidence that Trump refused to hand over. That their hatred for the him should completely negate all of his very impeachable crimes. So we couldn’t learn anything new, huh? So we shouldn’t hear from anybody associated with the Trump’s White House inner circle, really? You mean nothing at all that they would testify to us would at all showcase Donald’s guilt, or actually clear his name? Nothing? shouldn’t at least one, especially since it pretty much appears all of them were in the loop. Maybe give the people a little of what they wanted. Since over 70% of the people supposedly wanted witnesses. My only conclusion is much like every bit of Intel and leak that we’ve seen since this whole Ukrainian explosion blew up our political landscape, much like every witness who has come forth and testified, any and all of the witnesses allowed to testimony would have further nailed Trump to the cross he so rightfully put himself on. If the shoe fits, I mean that’s a pretty ironic commentary, since his followers now discuss him as he’s a King amongst us. They showcase Donald as a herculean hero in their propaganda, as if he’s the actual second coming of Christ. And these are the people that the Democrats are trying to talk sense into. Sorry, in the case of the Trumpeters, they are seriously a lost cause. And will definitely need treatment, if we every can remove Donald from office. 

So nothing they tell us could sway the Senate Republicans, or the nations citizens from going against the Donald, sorry I don’t believe that, and neither do any of the Republicans arguing that nothing would. That’s simply another gaslighting talking point from people trying not to get thrown under in Trump’s self induced downfall. Why aren’t we seeing witnesses, no matter what the Donald demands. I mean, when is it customary for the defendant to make the court rules. The time frame, who gets to talk, when the defendant gets himself off. No Donald I didn’t mean that in a sexual way.

Well here’s one big wait a minute, that should crack the possibly of removal wide open or at least just a bit that we learned before the republicans still voted against having any new witness or evidence included. Pat A Cipollone one of ingrates arguing that witnesses aren’t necessary, who argued that none of this happened, and if did it happen, he’s president, he can do anything. Well Pat A Cipollone, one of his defense attorney’s... was in the loop! He was in on it! No wonder he doesn’t want witnesses, He’s not defending Trump, he’s covering up for himself! How is a member of the crime, a complicit member of Trump’s coup even allowed in to the Senate at all? Let alone arguing for the defense? Hey Mister Chief Justice, perhaps you are showcasing its time for you to step down, surely you put a mark of sham on the Supreme Court’s good name.

I guess now, we are all supposed to forget about all of this Impeachment stuff by Election Day? That we are all simply to watch the State of the Union speech and cheer the man on. That now Donald has been vindicated, even as more evidence gets leaked out daily, before the actual vote occurs, less we forget. Since they covered up his crimes, and even if he did do these said crimes, no biggie, he’s now God, give him some slack. He’s the all powerful, all knowing, gaslighter in orange. Praise the Drumpf, and kill off our democracy. Heck I guess they’re right, we wouldn’t learn anything at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I mean there’s so little to see here, that FOX not by a mile NEWS decided to showcase the democrats side of the Impeachment in the little inset window in their picture in picture so-called reporting of the historic event. They actually had the nerve to show the inset without any sound, as their talking heads described what they were saying as nothing to see here. One huge question, the video was live how could they know what the House Managers were pitching. This wasn’t a scripted event. Not a surprise since most of them didn’t watch the House Inquiry, and none of them read the Mueller report. They only report conspiracies on a loop, till it’s rammed down so often it becomes written in stone. Heck the first time they hear anything from their chosen few, nothing anyone else can say, no proof, no evidence, no written word can jar them back into reality. 

While we were waiting for the final yes or no on witnesses, of course one of the most important ones in the bunch, John Bolton, Trump’s attorney’s are now trying to block Bolton’s book from ever being published. Top Secret you see,  can’t have any record of what actually really happened. No cover up here. Nothing new. Of course this attempt, negates the leaks that will occur and the eventual dump of the entire manuscript from whomever is in the White House that keeps leaking throughout his entire tenure as president. Perhaps its the famous whistle blower, or perhaps its another patriotic within the swamp trying to save whats left of our laws. Besides he’s already’s yesterdays news, now that Bolton has instantly turned into a Never Trumper, I guess his future talk show on the FOX not by a mile NEWS schedule has been cancelled before it ever had the chance to ever air in the first place. 

We spent the entire Impeachment proceedings, having the Republicans argue what a champion against corruption Donald John Trump is, as the rest of us went what? Since when? Please one of your defenders show us any proof of that. Anything!  All we get are unconstitutional, unwinnable arguments that would’ve been thrown out by any real judge overseeing any real trial. Which as we sadly discovered Mitch refused to allow. But instead, from all their geniuses defense theories, we are to believe that somehow this Ukrainian conspiracy about Biden’s son and Hillary’s server was the bridge too far that our Donald could take? Well apparently the corruption he really should be going after also turns out be his biggest campaign pitch. The thing which helped get him into office probably more then anything else except Russia’s assistance with those WiKiLeaks daily drops. Donald’s sacred wall. It turns out the wall may simply just be yet another con that the Donald has pulled over our eyes, to steal not millions, but billions this time. Believe it or not, Donald’s wall collapsed! Let me repeat that, Donald’s brand spanking new wall that is supposed to save of us from those brown monsters below our southern border. Remember, as of now, our northern border is fine, white people above, all is good. Sarcasm people. Please don’t fire bomb me, or send hate e-mails. It simply boggles the mind, the great builder somehow is constructing something that falls down because of a gust of wind, before its even really begun to be built. But how ironic, the wall of all things, to collapse, at the same time our democracy, our very Constitution could be shredded into pieces.  

Am I the only person that believes the entire wall is a con to steal billions of a tax payers funds. Am I the only one who says if you check Trump’s taxes there’s going to be a major bump in what’s in his financial records? I’m sorry, so the Republicans in power voted to have the wall built, voted for funding for the wall that was necessary, and now the wall already crumbling, it just fell over because of a gust of wind. The excuse being the cement that the walls were in hadn’t cured enough.... are you kidding me. The walls can’t hold off wind and they expect it to stop the thousands and thousands and thousands of people that are storming our borders as Trump has kept telling us. The marauders who come pregnant just to have their anchor babies on our shores to steal jobs from our American citizens.... the monsters from Mexico and all those other countries filled with brown or darker skinned illegals who are trying to rape and plunder our women and our villages. Thank God, Trump came along to solve all our problems. Thank God the non and protest voters helped install the first dictator America has ever had running it… into the ground.

And remember, each day, how much more money is being transferred into the wall funds by his orders, that he alone deems necessary for the safety of our shores. But I guess he’s the President and as his defense team told us, if he deems it necessary, then its necessary. We are talking billions, untold billions that he could be pocketing. I want to know who picked the construction crews. Whose making sure everything in the building and the use of funding is on the up and up. Of course one could look at this collapse as a positive. Perhaps the symbol of the walls falling over by wind, probably caused by the very thing he keeps arguing against, global warming, could be the symbol that takes him down during the upcoming election campaign. I mean what if this issue with the wall’s foundation, or whatever excuse they’re gonna come up with to cover up their now, in my eyes, yet another probable crime, will occur again and again and again, till the calls to uncover the truth about Trump’s biggest financial windfall so far. All the money that he’s been acquiring, stealing to help construct his wall, are now surprising either in Trump’s many bank accounts or somehow missing. Like the millions of the now missing dollars from Donald’s Inauguration.

A few more thoughts, on Trumps Impeachment before its the talk of history and not present tense. Before I get myself ready to learn the fate of our democracy and begin to talk more about the primaries and less about what might have been, if the Republicans were still working for the American people and not Russia’s bitch or is that Donald’s or is that perhaps even Murdoch’s. Why Joe? Seriously why? Why implode your presidency to go after Vice President Joe Biden, especially after you got away with the Mueller reports findings. I’ve been asking myself that question since the bombshell Ukrainian acquisitions exploded to shake up our world, and most importantly, Trumps. Why? Seriously, out of all the candidates, why was it necessary to jeopardize everything to try to force a foreign leader, a newly elected president to at the least announce he was opening up an investigation into Biden and Biden’s son, or pretty much we will let Mother Russia eat you for lunch. Really? I guess it worked against Hillary, but the day after you get your ass saved by William Barr, you then demanded the Quid Pro Quo? I mean, you could have gone after Bernie, or continue going after Elizabeth, or maybe do a few more jokes about Mayor Pete’s likeness to a MAD character, or maybe the out of left field Amy, or even another go after Hillary again. Oh wait, part of this was about Hillary, remember the server that is supposedly somewhere in Ukraine.

But seriously why Joe? Well it struck me the other day like a thunderbolt. Why Joe, It’s all about Barack Hussein Obama, that’s why Joe. I’ve been trying to rack my brain for months about why Donald John Trump targeted Joe Biden. It made no sense why Joe? As I wrote above, of all the candidates in 2020, why go after Joe? I mean honestly, is he really the strongest candidate? Why waste so much time and energy? The man is 80 years old, and he ain’t getting younger. Honestly sometimes when he talks, I ponder is he just too old for the job. Anyone out there who doesn’t at least ponder the question isn’t being honest with themselves,. and that goes for Bernie too. That being written, I still think he’s the best candidate out of the bunch to consider, and all of them are to put it simply, better then the monster that’s currently there.

Why Joe? Then it came to me, it’s all about President Barack Hussein Obama. Everything Donald does is always a slap in the face to what his predecessor did. Think about it, what better way to destroy the legacy of President Barack Obama than to go after his VP. Not only defeat him in the general election, but destroy his life in the process as well. hurt another one of his children. If he can defeat and destroy Biden the way he destroyed Clinton‘s presidency, talk about a win-win. We have watched every decision, Donald has done trying to destroy Obama‘s legacy. From Obamacare to his wives dietary lunch menus in public schools. Why not go after the Biden’s simply for the fun of it. If it helps him win a reelection in the process, screw the constitution, our democracy, and all precedent. And now that the Trump’s defense team and the Republican Senators, House Members and talking heads on the airwaves have pushed the conspiracy of Joe Biden’s impeachable crimes in Ukraine into the zeitgeist of the American people, sadly almost nothing that Joe says or pitches will stop the lie from being used against him. Well I guess we’ll learn soon enough if Trump’s campaign pitch will work a second time, and if it does how soon we say goodbye to what was once called the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2020