Saturday, February 28, 2015

To showcase why they shouldn’t be the nominee or even in politics in the first place.
So, a bunch of the wannabes got together this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to throw out their pitches in hopes to become the chosen foe of Hillary Clinton. From what I see, can we say landslide. Oh, for the Democrats, if my comment was confusing to anyone.
The same old faces (for the most part), saying the same old rhetoric. Spewing bad jokes, bad politics and mostly wasting any chance that they have to showcase that they’ve learned anything since they got defeated six years ago by President Obama. One by one by came up, and told their stories, or pitched their bull. Seemingly repeating every failed attempted attack at our President, his politics, his accomplishments and of course his nationality and upbringing. I guess some dogs can’t learn any new tricks. 
Here are just a few samples of the ‘intelligence’ showcased at the conference… 
During a Thursday address, Scott Walker touted his confrontation with right-to-work protesters in Wisconsin as proof he can take on threats from the Middle East. “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world,”  Really Scott, you think a bunch of Americans, protesting their rights being taken away from them, holding signs, is a showcase of your toughness with a bunch of crazed zealots willing to chop peoples heads off. Fine, get on a plane and pound your chest, and lets see how they quake in fear… oh, you’ll be you crapping in your pants at the first sight of them.
Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul earned a standing ovation on Friday, with what I guess will be his campaign mantra, if Hillary runs: “Hillary’s war made us less safe. … As Hillary was declaring victory in Libya, Ambassador Stevens was begging for more security. … I believe that Hillary Clinton’s abdication of responsibility, her refusal to provide an adequate defense for Benghazi, her dereliction of duty, should forever preclude her from higher office. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to permanently retire.” Really, Rand, Hillary’s war?!?! Really, you mean the one that was caused by a certain Bush attacking the wrong nation! Of course, I’m just wondering where he plagiarized the comment from.  
Donald Trump speaking yet again about Obama’s Birth Certificate: “Now, whether or not that was a real certificate, because a lot of people question it ... I certainly question it,” Trump said in regards to Obama releasing the long form of his birth certificate  “But he didn’t do it for Hillary Clinton, he didn’t do it for [Arizona Sen.] John McCain, but he did it for me. So in one sense, I’m proud of it. Now all we need to do is find out whether or not it was real.” No words necessary. 
Speaking directly after Trump, another would-be candidate, former Sen. Rick Santorum tried to make a funny, “The president’s popularity is so bad around the world today,” Santorum quipped, “that I heard this report from a source that the Kenyan government is actually developing proof that Barack Obama was born in America.” Wow, good one… not. 
Of course the joke being, with crazies like Phil Robertson (of the Duck Dynasty clan) as one of the speakers, anything showcased at this conference has to be taken with a grain of salt. During his speech, Phil had to express his views on the causes of STD’s in our great nation. No seriously, this actually occurred. “You lose your religion, according to John Adams, and there goes your morality. We’re almost there,” Robertson said. “You want a godly, biblical, medically safe option? One man, one woman, married for life,” he said. “And if you hate me because I told you that, I told you my love for you is not contingent on how you feel about me. I love you anyway. I don’t want to see you die early or get sick. I’m trying to help you, for crying out loud. America, if I didn’t care about you, why would I bring this up?” In other words, no gay marriage, no premarital sex, no condoms… how old fashioned and American of you…. 
I could go on and on… but you get the gist. Its just sad that in this day and age, a whole segment of the population follows these bozos. Listening with false hope that the good old days would miraculously return… cause that would it would take to for them, a miracle. That somehow, our President would simply disappear as if he never existed. Of course the joke being, that if that was the case, a certain female, still deciding on a Presidential run would now be in her sixth year as Commander in Chief. 
Just one man’s opinion
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Is he just running because he’s a Bush and thinks its inevitable, or is there actually a real reason beside heritage for his entry into the Republican Sweepstakes?
Or as his brother once said to James Robinson:  ‘I feel like God wants me to run for President. “I can’t explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen... I know it won’t be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it.’ 
As showcased in this article Bush says God chose him to lead his nation by Paul Harris I found online
Wait, wait, wait, I wonder if God was talking about a certain war that you mistakingly took us into a short time later…  Then if so, perhaps listening to your God isn’t such a good thing… maybe thats why there’s a separation of Church and State in this nation.
Perhaps another talk to his God, clarified the voices in his head:  “I feel God’s words coming to me: ‘Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East.’ And by God, I’m gonna do it.”  Wow… I got his quote from Rupert Cornwell article:
And we know how that ‘suggestion’ ended, or sadly is that still going on. 
So Jeb, does God want you to run too? I mean if God speaks to you, I guess that's a good reason. Or perhaps hearing voices, is a good reason not to listen to the person hearing them. Or perhaps realize the man is hearing voices, and is in need of help. That instead of running for office, maybe a better destination would have been a nice padded room. Obviously, as showcased in history, maybe we should keep God out of our Political conversation. Didn’t the Founding Fathers do that in our Constitution. Perhaps W., showcases better then most why that's not a great idea… 
Well, whatever the reason on December 16, 2014, Jeb Bush announced to the world, that he would explore the possibility of running for President. Finally responding to all the unanswered queries by those wanting the Bush mystique to hit the trifecta. Having sat out the two previous campaigns for the office, acknowledging the obvious, that it wasn’t a good idea to run, specifically because of his brothers time in office. Even his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, came out on The Today Show, in April 2013 and said ‘Jeb is the most qualified man for WH, but “we’ve had enough Bushes.” “There are other families.” hopes he passes.’ ‘Most qualified’ really? Well it seems, she’s has had second thoughts on her opinion. In February 2015 his mom 'changed' her mind about there being “too many Bushes” in the White House. Well lady, thanks for nothing. Perhaps she feels like the rest of her families promoters, that people have forgotten everything bad that occurred under her other son’s watch. Out of sight, out of mind?  
At present, Jeb seems happy to want to look forward on foreign activites, wanting to blame President Obama for the current mess, without having to mention what his brother did to cause the entire mess in the first place.  
Somehow, the aura of the first Bush in office, George H. W. Bush, rubbed off and gave his son, George W. Bush, a free pass. Or perhaps it was their father’s connection with President Ronald Reagan. Somehow this name, immediately brings happiness to those on the Right. Somehow, this alone makes him the person to beat in 2016.
Personally I don’t see it. He doesn’t seem to be serious speaking person. Everything he says is generalities as if he’s crammed up on the talkspeak, but theirs no substance. And when he does say things, his errors stick out like a sore thumb. Is it me, or am I getting a sense of Déjà vu. Its as if his brother is running for another term, all of the same traits  are showcased, lack of depth, screwing-up on facts and his many verbal faux pas’ seemed to be the rule of his campaign and Presidency. But scariest to me, at the same time he anounces to the world ‘I am my own man’  it seems he’s bringing back all the same players from his families previous times in office. Showcasing that he isn’t his own man, he’s just another Bush off the assembly line. As Albert Einstein famously said: Insanity [is] doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 
Of course that seems to be the mantra of the Republican Party. Throughout the Presidency of Barack Obama, their whole agenda is that all his policies are wrong, and we need to go back and follow George W. Bush’s policies. Infact before he was even in office, they clamed Obama’s policies’ failures even before they were implemented. Somehow, George W. Bush’s policies, that didn’t work then, while in office, would now magically work. Disregarding that Obama’s policies, have proven to be correct. ‘Hope and Change’ indeed.
So, since he hasn’t been in office since January 2, 2007, what has he been doing? 
According to Wikipedia, his day job has been as a Banker and Consultant. How do those professions help him lead us to the promised land? And if he’s been contemplating this campaign, what has he done to prepare of the job? So far it seems he’s just a novice at issues. Using generalities or talking point answers to showcase his vast knowledge. When in actuality its revealing how little he actually does knows about. Seemingly his crib notes haven’t gelled in his brain yet. 
Saying you’re ‘your own man’, and at the same time, you’re actually doing the same thing as your proceeders, while being guided by, or worse, handled by the same people who so thoroughly screwed up our nation, before…twice.
And when you read the list, of people who are now behind the scenes of his campaign,  his mentors, aides, any one of them should make people go, wait a minute. And for me a real reason why Jeb shouldn't be elected. As showcased in Maureen Dowd's 2/21/2015, New York Times Op-Ed 'Jeb Bush's Brainless Trust' where she goes down the list, explaining their criminal acts, showcasing what's wrong with this picture.
And as you have come out the gate, it seems so has your past. Seemingly everything day, either you make a verbal faux pas, or something  comes out to make the idea of your Presidency… insane. Remember the definition of insanity…
As for trying to be this century’s President, as was reported on The Rachel Maddow Show on 2/11/15, in her piece entitled ‘Jeb Bush flubs new tech image, publishes constituents’ private data’
Jeb, maybe you should stay away from tech issues. As your father showcased during his failed Presidental run, when he was amazed at seeing a checkout counter work at a local Super-Market; your ‘shock and awe’  by releasing Hundred’s of thousand’s of personal documents online, without removing any personal information. Without a thought of the consequences, it was just a way to make yourself look better. And basically just as your brother, you really had no end game. Just go on the offensive. 
Infact a recent article about Jeb’s preplanning phase before his Presidential launch was entitled: Inside Jeb Bush’s ‘shock and awe’ launch
‘shock and awe’…  really? The one thing Bush definitely doesn’t want us to remember was his brothers’ failed ‘shock and awe’ planning.  Which of course was followed by ‘Mission Accomplished’… 
Of course, if you’re gonna sublimally ‘shock and awe’ us, the rest of us, is gonna bring up your brothers worst nightmare. Bringing the country into a war with misleading and deceptive evidance, and actually attacking the wrong country! And now you are your own man… 
Sorry, As this briliant editorial by Zachary Roth showcases on MSNBC, the man’s trying to reap the benefits without dealing with any of the ramifications… just like his brother did, as showcased in ‘Jeb Bush doesn’t want to talk about the Iraq war’.
Of course having Jeb, come out and make arguments against President Obama’s ISIS strategy, with the knowledge that his brother caused this entire nightmare in the first place, honestly gets my blood boiling. And scarily if somehow Jeb actually does get into office., what does that mean with the war(s). Is this just gonna be a reboot of W?
Of course part of this ‘shock and awe’ is really about Fund-raising. Taking a page out of his brothers toolbook, Jeb recently had his first major event, raising an astounding $100,000 per person. Trying to scare the rest of the field from even attempting the chase.
The scariest thing in all this, I haven’t even scratched the surface on why his candidacy and worse his Presidency could be for this country. As the immortal words of Nancy Regan perfect expressed "Just say no".
Just one man’s opinion

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If before they're even in office they're campaigning for their next job, while not doing the one they were elected to do!
Just a question, since most of these so-called candidates running for their parties Presidential nomination, are already in political office, when do they do their real jobs? You know, the ones they were elected to do. The ones we elected them to do. Several who when queried during their campaigns (since it was presumed some of them might throw their hats into the Presidential derby, especially if they indeed were victorious), all said similar things.
Look I'm not even thinking about it. I'm not running, end of discussion. Some actually said, I'm planning on holding my position till my term is up, that is if I'm so lucky to get elected.
Well, seems, all of these would be Presidents are doing exactly what they promised they wouldn't.
Instead of focusing on the people's business, showcasing why they should be President. Actually bringing new, fresh ideas, heck any ideas to Washington, as they promised to do before the election. Instead of seeing them legislate any real solutions to even the smallest problem, they are showcased traveling all over this nation, drumming up support, name recognition, and most importantly money for their run at the brass ring.
The worse culprit in all this, has to be Governor Christie of New Jersey, who spent the better part of last year out of state working on his parties National campaigns, while ignoring his own states issues. This while also being under immense scrutiny because of the Bridge-Gate scandal. 
There are several other wannabees in office with their own cases pending, but instead of focusing on their jobs, and on the legal issues nipping at their throats, they'll doing the campaigning thing.
Seemingly every politician out there hoping to catch that magic, is getting as much television exposure as possible.  But sadly, their states seem to be left to fend for themselves. 
I can almost understand this if you haven't announced, and you're doing it on your own time. And since these politicians have given themselves so many days off, which as far as I know was supposed to be so they could spend the rest of their time in their home districts. Dealing with their constituents issues. Figuring out how they can fix the issues at home by creating legislation in Washington. 
But instead of heading home, they're heading anywhere they can to fundraise for their campaigns. I'm sorry, once an elected official announces, that yes they are a candidate, they need to step down from their jobs. It's ridiculous to be running a national campaign, while trying to do their elected jobs.
I distinctly remember Senator Bob Dole, resigning from the Senate during his Presidential campaign. Well guess that was old-school politicians.
Maybe there needs to be a law, as if this idea would ever fly. That once elected, you must wait a certain amount of time to campaign for another office. Or better yet, while in office, you can't run for another one. Heck the people elected you, cause you said you wanted to do the job, not use it as a stepping stone to the next.
You all went around campaigning, begging and pleading for our votes. And as soon as you're in office you're already campaigning for the next one, instead of doing the job. Isn't that why we pay you a salary. If I was out doing another job, my boss would fire me.  
These are the same folks, who argue against paid maternity leave, or basic medical care.
You want to solve a little of our national debt, quit your job. We can get someone to replace you, and you can add all kinds of jobs with all your campaigns, a double win!
The funny thing is, the one person most people think will be running and eventually winning the while damn thing, could be all over the airwaves being a talking head, has been practically invisible. I'll give you a hint, she's the former First Lady… The media reports that behind the scenes, she's getting ready. Getting all her ducks in a row. But as far as we know, it's all conjecture and speculation. And she's retiring to be a Grand Mother and make speeches.
But when she does announce, the one job she'll have is as a candidate. And as opposed to the other would be Presidents, she won't be wasting tax payers money! 
Because we are paying these elected official's their salary, and we aren't getting anything in return but an out of office delinquent, who sadly isn't doing the job to warrant a promotion to begin with. Begging for our votes for a new job, while ignoring the ones they already have in place.
I mean isn't that what elections are for, to elect someone to do the job they were elected to do? Not to elect them so they can start to run for the next office.
What do we need to now elect two people to do the job, one to person to do the job, while the other elected official run for his next office?
Just one man’s opinion
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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Oh no wait, we’re still just throwing things out and seeing what might stick!
Normally when I write here, I am responding to something I’ve seen or read that has sparked my latest commentary. Today’s response is actually to one specific article, I read while riding on the bus to work. I was reading AP and this great piece by Alan Fram,  its about the Republicans latest attempt to rid the world of the nightmare that President Obama gave us, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And surprisingly the Republicans have announced that they finally have a plan to replace Obamacare. 
Well as we’ve quickly discovered, the so-called plan is in reality a bunch of ideas, not finalized, but in consideration to replace whats currently in law. What?
Hmmm, so wait a minute, that means no real plan, right? Really, lets end Obamacare, even if The Supreme Court says, it’s still cool and the current case in front of them gets thrown out. And then maybe we can replace it with these possibilities. But nothing yet is written in stone. And of course, the options currently on the table are worse then the ones already in place. Huh, in other words, no real plan. Simply pathetic. Things are certainly different in Washington, since The Republicans took over Congress… not.

So, here we go: Below you will find sections of the article I read by Alan Fram. Below each, you will see my comments about what was written. As if you get to listen to what I was thinking as I read this excellent article.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Three Republican lawmakers eager to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul are touting tax credits and greater leeway for states and health insurers as the GOP unveiled its first plan this year for replacing the law that the party reviles.
Wow, maybe they were actually telling the truth. Maybe this is a new Republican Party? 

Republicans released the outline Wednesday as Democrats continue pounding away at them for pledging to repeal and replace Obama’s law, practically since its 2010 enactment, without advancing a substitute.
That’s 5 years people... 5, but like I said, this is the new Republican Party.  

Finance panel member, also wrote the proposal.
The plan - it’s not in legislative language and may not be anytime soon - 
Oh, so in other words, no real bill, no real legislation, just ‘plans’...  but let’s continue. 

(It) erases the existing law’s coverage requirements for individuals and employers. It eliminates the state and federal insurance marketplaces where insurance can be purchased and ends virtually everything established by the health care law, including taxes it imposes on medical devices and other things to finance enlarged coverage.
So basically, we end healthcare coverage (19 million Americans will receive coverage as a result of the law, including large numbers in GOP-dominated states) without any replacement...

“We need to be prepared to talk about something we could support,” said House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., one of the proposal’s authors.
Really sir, shouldn’t that been done already before delivering your Legislation in front of the American people...  

Also gone would be the health care overhaul’s expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor. Instead, states would be given more freedom to decide how to spend the program’s federal funds.
In other words, the states can decide that that money is needed for tax breaks.... And nobody gets covered, accept themselves. You know the ones in power.

GOP aides said their proposal had no official estimates of cost or the numbers of people it would cover. They said they believed their plan would save money and be competitive with coverage under Obama’s program.
In other word, no healthcare for you!

Unlike Obama’s law, states could decide whether to provide maternity coverage.
In other words, women, screw you.

People with pre-existing medical conditions could not be turned down for insurance, as long as they did not have a gap in coverage that lasted more than roughly two months, congressional aides said.
Hmmm, how many people will lose their coverage over this BS... 

For people who don’t sign up for coverage, states would be allowed to automatically enroll some of them in plans. Such people, though, could completely opt out of coverage anyway
In other words: we get to pay for the bills of the uninsured when they can’t... Wasn’t that one of reasons for Healthcare reform in the first place. Emergency room non payers. 

To raise money, the GOP plan would impose taxes on the value of employer-provided health coverage exceeding $12,000 for individuals and $30,000 for families, amounts that would grow as inflation rises.
Wait wait wait, the republicans want to raise taxes? Really, maybe I should rethink my doubts about their plans. Hmmmm can’t wait to see the small print on this one.

Limits would be placed on awards from medical malpractice lawsuits, and insurance companies would be allowed to sell policies across state lines. Republicans said both steps were designed to help lower coverage costs.
Limits? Really in the free market world of healthcare.... we don't need no stinky limits.

So there you have it, simply more nonsense from the party of stupid. Thank you Mr. Fram, I hope by sharing your talents, I've enlightened others by your wisdom. Your words have at least answered a few of my questions, and thanks to you, for helping to explain the truth about the latest try to end Obamacare and healthcare as we know it today.  
Just one man’s opinion
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