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On second thought, maybe allowing open carry at The Republican National Convention could be a really bad mistake, I mean what could go wrong?

Why does it take something like this to knock Donald Trump off of the airwaves? I woke to the horrible news of more police officers being shot and killed, this time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And my mind went though the whys and reasons for the latest murder spree. So is this the new normal, seems like only yesterday we already lived through this nightmare. Is this gonna be like Groundhog Day, each new morning we wake up, we're gonna see another new attack against our officers in blue?  Is this gonna be, lets take turns, one day police, the next day civilians? Is it possible, that maybe the people have finally been driven to push back. Or simply maybe somebody better wake up real soon, before we are all victims of cross-fire.
On July 7th, in Dallas, a so-called lone wolf killed 5 officers, while injuring 7 others. I refuse to write his name, I will not make him a martyr, that is even if this was in the name of ISIL (That hasn't been proven yet, although they are now taking credit for it). And today ten days later, we've got another incident in Louisiana. As I write this 3 officers were killed, and at least 4 injured, and since its still ongoing, who knows what today's tally will be. It suddenly seems to be open season on police.  
We are talking just two incidents, but maybe its possible that the people, at least some people have had enough? Perhaps this is the second of many to come. Maybe, an eye for an eye is gonna be the new norm? Perhaps the practically in your face, never ending, what's beginning to look like mass execution of black man, sometimes black woman, sometimes black children has had its toll. Because lets face it, if you're white, we never see 'us' in any of the videos that pop up on a seemingly daily basis. Human beings are treated less then human by people who are paid to protect us, the people who seem to take the brunt of that force are people whose skin isn't white. To make matters worse, the usual response to any and all, shall we say questionable incidents, arrests, accidental deaths or breaking of bones, by the hands of the men in blue is seemingly a slap on the wrist. And the worst part is that the police who are in these incidents, before, during, and after, treat their victims, without a speck of human compassion. These weren't people to them, but pieces of garbage. Even if the officers don't wind of in prison or on death role for their crimes, should at least be removed from the force for their lack of humanity to the poor souls that picked the wrong day to be black in America! I understand that you just offed another human being, and your mind is going at a million miles a second. I mean a person's dead, and 'your' future is at a crossroads, but by treating and disrespecting these human beings as pieces of excrement,  there should be some punishment. Jesus, these are people, men, women, even children, could you at least check to see it they're breathing? Seemingly that side of the officers in these incidents we never see. And what we do see sadly and revoltingly reminds me or least feels a little like what the slaves felt when their masters beat, humiliated and butchered them as what they considered them, as their property, as less then human beings. Sorry as I was writing this, I had that vision, maybe that's what this is all about with those who look at others as if they are less. In their eyes, the blacks that they are doing their 'peace officer' work for, are still considered less. I wasn't expecting to, but I have to write the words that some in our society describe as a hate organization. I for one do not agree with that definition! 'Black Lives Matter' just hit home to me. This stream of consciousness thing takes you places. Its about respecting others as equal, but the way some of society is treated as less by those that are supposed to serve and protect, just maybe the powder keg that takes these latest incidents to the next level.
I am not saying all police officers are bad, I hope its the opposite, this is not an attack against the institution, but the specific officers who went shall we say far above their serve and protect duties. Who showcase a pattern of abuse. Is it training? Is it just the grind of the job that wears them down over time. Is it, dealing with criminals as a way of life, I imagine that has to tweak any ones mindset. I mean, I've watched a lot of movies, lived long enough to have witnessed enough horrors, to know there is a dark side to humanity.
And when the people who are protecting us, are turning out to be as culpable as the worst vile criminals out there, well, maybe there's a reason a certain sect of our citizens might begin to shall we say attack back. Now that social media is the way a large portion of people get their up to the minute news, if not most, perhaps today's "ambush" is a warning shot to everyone. Remember The Arab Spring. I know its a stretch to go that far, but as we've watched the protests grow with each successive police 'crime' scene, as people are dying daily from the hands of the police, even when the police are in the right, its got to effect certain people to do what today's terrorist did. And yes I called him or they terrorists it has nothing to do with their religion, color or heritage.
Today as far we know, is only the second time that this has happened, when the police were targeted. So any discussion of this by me of being all about their abuses to black citizens may be simply me going completely off topic. This could just be the second incident within the same week of two lone wolves choosing this time to go off the deep end. That said, it was two lone wolves using military style weaponry killing our Men in Blue. But it could be about the abuse, and I hope that that's part of the conversation when the ashes of today's events are talked about. And with all that I've just written, perhaps, the NRA might regret their unwillingness to ease up on their wall of obstruction to any and all gun restrictions. Because now that everyone on Earth can acquire a gun and has, maybe some of those patriotic Americans won't be happy that one of their loved ones were dealt with like a piece of meat by one of the fine men in blue. The sad truth is, that the very laws that they refuse to allow, might have saved us from today's events. Not they they will admit that, we of course will hear the talking points that even if they are enacted, those laws wouldn't have prevented the most recent deaths. And then we will get another run at the gun aisles and gun sales will rise another 5 or 10%.
What gets me is they never discuss the victims when talking about it. And just like the police in regards to their perps, that part of the equation doesn't matter to them. Its not about people, its about the rights of those people. And sadly the rights of too many people are being abused by the very people who we have entrusted to serve and protect us. When the police stop considering humans as well humans, perhaps, the people who are protecting us, should be replaced by others who will protect us as opposed to control us and treat as less then garbage.
I honestly didn't mean to go off on a rant on police brutality, but there is a reason that people might begin to fight back. To go on the attack against our police officers. Witnessing on almost a daily basis while cops seemingly get away with murder, could push a few members of society to do what today's psycho did. And I find it ironic, that not once today have I heard anything about ISIL, no discussion of terrorism in the least, this is strictly about the killing of police. Last week on the news immediately the subject of terrorism was brought up. Perhaps if today's killer was Muslim too that would've been brought up? Figured I should throw that into the equation, at least someone should right? I mean thats possible. And to put the cherry on top, tomorrow starts the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where 'open carry' is the law of the land. Supposedly not inside the arena itself, but there will be lots and lots of guns outside and what could go wrong? Maybe since Donald is running the show, and he loves guns so much, he'll allow guns to be 'open carried' inside the arena too. Remember 'Gun free zones' will probably turn the Convention into a target for terrorists. Isn't that Donald's mantra? Why is this different Donald, perhaps afraid you might be a victim or a target? Perhaps he'll want to call for another World War, like he did the other day! I mean, he almost postponed his announcement of Mike Pence after the Paris incident just the other day. 
Seems we finally found something that could knock Donald Trump off of the television. I just wish there was a better reason for it. Which makes me think watch out, for what ever he tweets today will have to be a doozy, in order to return us to our regular viewing displeasure. All Drumpf, all the time. Perhaps today's reality will knock the insanity that we've been dealing with to where it belongs in the garbage, and we can start to discuss more important things then Crooked Hillary, Benghazi or building walls. Maybe with this latest attack our leaders will finally come together and actually do something, besides another moment of silence. 
If there is a good thing about the current craze of cop killings, at least when a cop gets killed the Powers that be actually do something. At least in their eyes those people are worthy of their compassion and time. Because when the regular folk get killed, all we get is a moment of silence and that only occurs when the event is so over the top heinous and the numbers of deaths so massive that they at least deem it prayer worthy.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, July17, 2016

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