Thursday, November 10, 2022

While the final results aren't in, and even though we've seemingly survived what could have been, sadly some of the worst republicans beat out some of the best Democrats, so I guess some people simply prefer their elected officials who don't pitch trumpian dystopias.

APPARENTLY ELECTION DENIALISM IS A BAD THING when you’re running for political power, and at least in the voting booth, but if you’re really a pathetic piece of garbage republican you could still win against a seriously great Democrat… sad. But at least it looks like Biden could still retain a small majority in the Senate, and at least if they don't retain the House, the Republican majority won't be big enough, to be able to do too much damage, or worse to tarnish the third and forth years of President Biden's tenure. Because that's gonna be their plan. Stop everything, and drum the beat that Biden is a failed President, and the Democratic party is a failed far too radical party that needs to be put out to pastor. 

The problem of course, a lot if not most of what the Democrats and President Biden have signed into law, will begin to make their existence known amongst the population, over the course of the next  two years, and the American people will not only hear about it and see it, they will actually feel it. But because of the attempted blockade by the entire Republican party, the only way anything could get accomplished in President Biden's first two years, except for a few noted exceptions, was if the entire Democratic majority all voted in unison. And sadly for them most part even if they eventually accomplished a deal, and Biden signed it too law, there seemed to always be the 2 supposed Democrats that always seemed to muck up the moment. The problem being, and lots of Democratic candidates running this year mentioned it, especially if they lost their primary's… the hold up, the delay, caused the laws and their ramifications and delivered goodies, like jobs, and increased salaries, didn't effect that many, and definitely wasn't felt at a time when food prices, gas prices and everything in between kept getting more expensive. 

So my feelings are that by the time our President, you know Joe Biden, begins to run for reelection, if he chooses too, his poll numbers should begin to go up, bigly. Let's not forget, President Biden won the election by a pretty big majority. He received more voted then any person in history, including President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Donald John Trump…and yes Donald, the votes that beat you were legal! According to the experts, he has accomplished more in his first two years as President, with the bills that he has singed into law, then possibly any other President in American history. And he did this, as he had to deal with a pandemic turned genocide by the previous tenant in the oval office. An economy that was plummeting, and a mad man dressed in Kabuki orange clown make-up acting like a lunatic as he tried to spread his con man circus act throughout the land. And I won't hold my breath over it any longer, but more likely then not, Donald will probably be dealing with one legal issue or the other, even if or when he announces his run for 2024, that 'We The People' will probably have to fend off another Republican running for the big chair. At present that monster looks to be Ron DeSantis, but one can hope his words, monstrous deeds, and the opposite of personal charm and charisma, will by then bite him on his ass enough that his chances won't be enough to worry anyone anymore. 

So not only has Joe Biden been so far the most successful first term president in American history, with the number of bills they assigned a law that could change the course of American history, he’s also showcased he’s done better then pretty much every President who’s been in office during the first midterm election of their presidency. So he won the presidency because the American people decided they had enough with Trump, and I guess the American people have said it again, 'I don’t really like you Donald'. It’s a shame the leaders of the party that follow Donald like a puppy can’t see reality. But then again all they do is pitch lies and false prophets, and I guess as we are seeing the results come in, its a good thing they're are so in their own worlds, that reality is just unfathomable, which is why they just go off to insanityville whenever confronted with anything that goes against whatever conspiracy hole they've completely gotten lost in.

Perhaps Americans are just not into Donald or his ilk anymore. Perhaps Americans were sick of crazy people pitching crazy conspiracies, screaming at the top of their lungs about injustice, having nothing to show except the venom that they spew in such a way, that I'm actually surprised that most of them aren't confined to a padded cell, on 24/7 watch wearing straight jackets, as they look for insects to devour. 

The best thing in all of this is, unless of course, the numbers turn out to be worse case scenario, is that we will not be spending the next two years discussing impeaching Biden, or voting to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, or at least cutting the limbs out of them… or voting to make women second-class citizens, and allowing them to still have any of their own rights. Not to forget to mention that the Republicans have already declared if the get into power, say good bye to any funding for Ukraine…  I know President from that country, who will be sleeping better tonight, now that that scenario for at least now has been put to bed. And speaking of Ukraine, I mean Hunter Biden, might actually scrape by if the majority for the Republicans is only a few or better yet somehow the Democrats retain the Senate. That of course might be pushing the good feelings I have right now, but one can dream can't one. 

 So once we discover what the eventuality of the election is, we could then start worrying about the next election. Apparently on TV, it's already the top question on everyone's lips, 'Will Joe Biden run for a second term?' It seems his polls numbers are in the tank, and… unbelievable, in my viewpoint pretty obnoxious and quite disgusting. Why isn't that question asked to Donald ever? Or, you keep telling us you are running for President, or at least hinting at it? So, when are you gonna release you taxes, since you're running again? And as a person, who might be headed to multiple courtrooms, and sit for many depositions when would you have time to run. And why should people decide that you should be their candidate, when you could wind up in prison, possibly death row for an unbelievable amount of criminal and worse actions. And about the genocide you caused by your ego, your words, your lies, and your actions, I'm just not sure which caused more pain, agony, despair, and death, shouldn't that alone take him off the list?

Huma Abedin was on Morning Joe yesterday, and her opinion was that this changes everything for President Biden. If the Republican's had actually had a 'red wave' as they tried to brainwash our nation into believing, well at least them into believing the mantra, that is was a foregone conclusion it was gonna be a "bloodbath" as Donald Trump Jr., had shared on social media. According to her, if that had happened, Biden would now be a lame duck President. Pretty much waiting out his term, at the mercy of the Republicans, the inmates were now running the asylum once known as America. But instead, because of the results so far, and the trajectory of the races still left undecided, she pretty much said, President Biden can now start the second half of his first tenure ready and willing to continue his agenda to actually make America really great, and maybe for the first time. At least that's the interpretation I'm taking from what she said on MSNBC. 

So once again, we've supposedly survived, as of now, hopefully, the 'most important election' in history, and this time it actually felt like it. Not that the last election where Biden whooped Trumps behind, and Donald helped to turn the House and the Senate blue. All the threats that the Republicans were promising that they would do, to take our nation backwards, and seemingly transforming our government and our country's way of life into an apartheid like nation with confederate tendencies. I think scared and woke up enough Americans out there, because it was so in your face, that I still keep expecting the monsters in the trumpian Republican clan, to come out in full white robe, or even worse, if that's possible Nazi uniforms, goose stepping along with Donald's favorite songs. The Rolling Stones 'I can't get no satisfaction,' and the Village People's crowd pleaser, well at least at his rally's. 'Macho Macho Man,'. 

And yes I understand that this current election is the most important one in our history, but Scarily 2024, you know the one in just two short years, will definitely be once again the most important election in our history. Because once again we will have to be voting against Republicans trying to send us backwards, and fighting for and with the Democrats and other like-minded individuals still striving to take us forward. So now the Democrats must think about adding additional Supreme Court members. The department of justice must make sure legally that Trump cannot be the next president of United States, and that the Democrats win in 2024, because once again if Republicans take over, the end of our democracy could occur. I just wonder when states like Texas and Florida will look in the mirror and wake up. It's like a bad joke, and the people don't realize that they're the punch line with the pie on their faces. The sitting people in power have done nothing but make the lives of their citizens worse, apparently their citizens like it that way. Sad and the worst part is the two candidates that lost in those elections were great. And thanks to states like New York and California whose citizens were not fooled by the lies and pitches by the Republicans trying to take over states that really wasn’t into them at all.  

On a positive note, since the Election is technically over Merrick Garland will start rounding up the trumpeters, right? Since supposedly he was waiting till the election was done to do that, right? He didn't want to effect the totals…you know break any precedent. Sadly we've learned what happens when precedent get's thrown out. Of course, I hope he doesn't wait till all the elections results are settled, especially since he political experts are warning that we won't get an actual conclusion for another month or maybe longer. Fingers crossed on that one but don't hold your breath.

So even if we've dodged a bullet, or an insurrection, that's still ongoing, scarily, we already have to worry about 2024. It goes without saying, but once again if Republicans gain a majority or worse a super majority in either or both houses of Congress, and if they also win the Presidency,  and this, after getting a Supreme Court majority that is swiftly erasing one hundred years of progress in less then seemingly a year or two, everything that President Biden and the Democratic party accomplished the last two years, not to mention the last century would have be erased from existence. Heck, they're trying to erase slavery already… Everything that the people got up off their sofa's to vote for, would have been for nothing, accept slowing down the inevitable end of the American experiment, as it was penned in the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. Well aren't I the half empty type. I guess it least 'the experiment' has survived another test in 2022. I can't promise it will the next time it's tested, but I've got to believe that 2022 was a wake-up call, especially after the last 2 years, and of course January 6th. We got so close to the fire, that we all felt a little burned. And maybe just maybe, that burn, has awoken the American spirit in enough true patriots, that the ending of America, possibly was pushed back forever. And we as a nation can finally get to the next level, where no man has gone before…

Just one man's opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022

Tuesday, November 08, 2022


Somehow it appears, the party that lies, cheats, steals, promises to gut Social Security and medicare, while attempting to overthrow Democracy and all precedents, could actually win and turn our nation into an apartheid confederacy… when they say our votes count, they really mean it. Are you listening America? 

HOPE YOU VOTED BLUE! I've been away a while, but I got a little inspired for today's historic importance, and thought it was time for me to say a few words, before that ability was removed for what was once known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. And the hub but about mail in voting today that I awoke to, begins my latest Neilizms # 417. To the political leaders who are trying to throw out mail in ballots because a date was either missing or wrong on the outside envelope… GO FUQ yourselves… I had to help my mother do hers, I had to go over the instructions at least 3 times, and I still had to fix a mistake I had made so it would be good to go…Ridiculous… its not on the ballot, Oh in NY the ballot is 4 sides!! Two large pages, perforated together!  I spent a good 5 minutes just opening it to figure out the voting, and where, in fact I almost missed one category…It was a not so fun 15 minutes, but eventuality she chose her picks… yeah for my mom…And I delivered it by hand to post office early so I knew it would arrive early enough… that is unless the post office still run by DeJoy plays games again… Now I voted early myself, by walking into the voting polls and doing my patriotic duty…last week. So now, I have to sit back and ponder if my mothers mail in, will count and will my early voting actually be counted as well…If we somehow can still vote in 2 years, I will once again vote in person on the big day, because this world where 1/3 of the nation believes lies, without any evidence, is possibly in the process of over throwing our nation and turning it into well, something that ain't America and never was…I called it an Apartheid Confederacy on Facebook. American, please don't let that happen. Minority white rule in the United States, I guess Donald's MAGA plan is sadly coming into fruition.

So now people are saying that (if) the Democrats lose, they should have a post mortem on why… because how badly they played this campaign season. Even though, historically the party in power always gets creamed during the mid-terms. At least that's what Ana Navarro said on CNN, where's she's currently one of that networks political experts, that is besides being a co-host on ABCs The View.  Well, I think If the Dems lose, the  reason why is People simply didn't give a flying fuq about our Democracy, or of course Women's Right, screw that! All they care about are lies by the same people who tried to overthrow our country. Point blank, it's insanity. My feeling is, I guess the Democrats and liked minded American's couldn’t believe that the American people would actually vote for people who attempted to overthrow our democracy. That somehow all the ugliness that the republicans have been pitching would awaken the brainwashed and help throw out the people spewing and spreading the garbage. What gets me is some of the candidates who were actually inside the Capitol or at least on the grounds, during January 6th on that historic day. Worse, the ones who are using that history as a badge of honor… That being written, remember a lot of us couldn't believe Donald Trump would ever get elected in the first place, so what do us like-minded people know? I mean the morning of 2016, the New York Times on their front pages printed that Hillary Clinton had an 85% chance of winning. Oops. So what do the experts know. 

Even if people didn’t think about that part of the equation, you know our very Democracy slipping away, what gets me, that once again people could be fooled by a bunch of really terrible commercials, and even worse the most unqualified candidates that one could possibly fear. If not involved, these some of these monsters at least voted to decertify the electoral ballots that the then former Vice President, Joseph Biden Jr., had earned (by winning the election by over 7 million vote lead).  Even after the January 6th riots or however you want to classify it, for the now President, Joe Biden. In reality, the attempted coup at least slowed down the historic mostly symbolic event from going forward.  Which include those who said they would throw out the 2020 results, and, or, have promised pretty much that Donald would get back into power in 2024 no matter what. What ever that means… 

Well phew, I feel a little better now, of course, until I know the actual final results I will be on pins and needles, worried I'll have to turn Catholic and maybe be forced to learn Russian. The circumcism part, sorry, that ain't changing. For the most part I've been bombarded online and especially on television by people seemingly all in on the pitch that the Republicans are throwing. As usual, when there's an election they seem to know how to spew the BS in such a way that no matter how evil they are or how little they have to pitch or have accomplished in office, they always come up with the best way to spin it. No matter what they come up with, seemingly out of some April Fool's joke book or a plot out of a gorefest horror movie. No matter how unbelievable and totally debunked, somehow too many Americans will fall for it, and the worse possible monsters camouflaged in Republican red will get elected or reelected back into power. And no matter how good the Democratic candidate is, no matter now many times they shoot down the lies and conspiracies with facts and evidence, it doesn't seem to matter or work.    

We've got too things I keep hearing: Food prices… well all prices are too high. A woman on TV actually said 'I can't worry about things like peoples rights I have to worry about putting food on the table.' Of course, she probably hasn't researched how much food is in places run by dictators. The other, a friend of mind brought up, and it instantly brought me back to the onslaught on commercials banging the drum about the Bail bound issue. Crime! Oh my God! It's worse now then the caravans of rapists and murderers invading our southern border they tell us are storming the beaches of Dallas and Miami. Boy has this BS worked well, and every time the Republicans need to change the subject from one of their people being outed as he monster they are, or something like a little thing called ending Roe V. Wade. Magically somehow, the borders have opened up once again, and the entire population of Latin America has invaded America, and they're all gonna get registered on the same day, vote Democratic, and steal some election, and somehow watch, the Democrats funded them. 

Now, The Bail Bound issue:  the problem was, people for example were put in Rikers or some other God forsaken hellhole, for nothing. Simply because they didn't have enough to pay their bail fees. And sometimes, unbelievably for years, left to pretty much die…surrounded by to put it nicely, the real scum of the Earth. No kidding, people have died inside, or even sadder some have gotten out, but couldn't handle what they 'lived' through and committed suicide.

And of course, the main reason they did something about this, was because the people waiting in house jails, and such were predominately of color and poor. So if you've got money, you can go on vacation, or to a spa, and hire the best attorney, and whine how you were treated inhumanly because treated you like everyone else. So they wrote a bill, for fairness, so people wouldn't be stuck in jail, or a prison like place, until they could find the funds or their case was simply thrown out, because in some cases for example, the time they waited inside, even if they had gotten the maximum sentence, was actually longer then the sentence they would've have received if they had been convicted of the crime.

Here's the rub, and what's the monsters on the right are doing with it. Unfortunately a few monsters snuck through the cracks, and now of course in Republican talking points and every commercial against a Democrat, the whole world is burning. The perfect republicans attack. And obviously it's working on way too many, at least if the poll numbers in New York City are accurate.

Now, remember, as we talk about that, let's ignore, if they get in, if the Republicans get the majority: the no abortion policy's spreading even further across the land. Women will now officially become second class citizens, who have to ask permission to do things. Screw democracy. Our votes won't count, even if we still can still be allowed to vote, if only ceremonial. And say goodbye to Social Security & Medicare… And  sit back and watch as lots and lots of elderly people begin starving to death across the land. 

Last thing, according to the political experts on MSNBC, so take that with a grain of salt, apparently the candidates that Trump pushed on the Republican party, seemingly those are the Republicans having the most trouble in their own races. And in a year where Republicans could have easily won the majority in both the Senate and the House, his candidates, in the end, might be the reason, the Democrats retain the majority in either one or both.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, Nov. 8th, 2022