Friday, August 23, 2013

Maybe we are alone. Maybe life was simply one big accident or maybe some of us are just inbred racists living off the corpses of the rest of us! Phew...
Maybe life was meant to be a struggle. Maybe the simple fact that theirs a humanity is a scientific anomaly. Our planet itself a one time accident. Maybe we really are alone in the universe, Huh? Sorry not what I was expecting to be writing about. Stream of consciousness thing... now to today’s sermon. 
What I wanted to write about was ‘a living wage’ and ‘profits’ and really the whole superior mentality that some gonads seem to have out there. Plus lets throw in a little racism for good measure...
I think this whole situation between the haves and have nots stem from growing up as a child of privilege. Where does that comes from? As my father would say, “their sh*t stinks just as much as mine does.” I’m trying to showcase a lifestyle, a way of life that perpetuates the ‘I’m better then you mentality has been bred into us for centuries. As slaves, serfs, servants, maids, etc., people have been ‘assisting’ others for centuries. First as property, then as hired hands. In any event always seemingly looking down at these ‘hired hands’ simply as the help, not as equals, not as human beings. 
I thought we were all equal? Aren’t we? I really do think that if you grew up with any servants, or house keepers, you are ‘trained’ to see others as lesser beings. Look at the way some people treat waitresses, or store clerks. Like they’re superior to them. Why? who the fu*k do they think they are? Sorry we were all born the same way. No one person is better then anyone else.
Even today in the corporate world, or in any other profession the people in charge seem to look down at their employees, messengers, doormen, and other low wage earners as second class citizens, or worse. The fact that people scoff at ‘a living wage’, or even the idea of a minimum wage sickens me. Doesn’t the person you are hiring deserve to live like a human being. How dare you suggest a wage that wasn’t acceptable 20 years ago. Would you accept it?
I mean how much profit is enough, as your minimum wage employees struggle to even pay for their meals. How dare people expect others to work at a wage, and be grateful for the few crumbs that’s awarded. Isn’t it the idea to reward good work, not leverage it. 
Seems, the Republican mantra of ‘The users against the Takers’ is a little backwards, The real users are the rich, using up and taking the rest of us for all we’re worth, then throwing us out to starve without any safety net to live on. People shouldn’t be thrown out like the last generation iPhone, just so your profits meet expectations!
What about incentives for your employees? Your corporation earned $5 billion in profits, maybe everyone should get a raise! Just rewarding CEO’s with multi-million dollar bonuses, while you lay off employees isn't exactly... a nice thing. 
People are not cattle. People are not slaves. Goes back to the old plantation mentality, I own you, I use you. Now go way. Too harsh?
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Friday August 23, 2013