Sunday, February 24, 2019


Plus, just when I was really looking forward to the next presidential campaign, unfortunately Bernie Sanders decides to crash the Democratic party again, and along with him, sadly come all his attack dogs, already going after others who won’t fall in his lane … guess people want Trump to win … SCREAM!

HAPPY PRESIDENT’S DAY, NOT! Question, how do you celebrate a national holiday, a day off on President’s Day no less, when you realize the current person sworn in as President might be a treasonous monster who sold out our Democracy for a real estate deal? It is kind of unnerving that this reasoning might be the nicest way to describe the real reason Donald might have jumped into American politics at all. The longer in office he lasts, the more obvious it is that he was one person who was never meant to sit at the seat of power, even as the Court Jester. And the more I witness the horrors Donald is doing to our country, the reasons Vladimir might have chosen him over all others to run our nation, the easier it is to understand why Trump was his best choice to do the most damage from within, while not having to actually go to war with us. They are currently on a tight budget, remember, those testy little sanctions the Russian leader wants removed so badly, are putting a major crimp on his ability to return his little nation into the world power it was once when it was known as the Soviet Union.

Funnily somehow the euphoria of his re-opening [thank you oh most powerful one, for allowing your Government, your personal plaything and piggy bank to re-open, you are so wise and so saintly… not], was tampered down with the fact that we’ve now somehow stepped into yet an even deeper abyss then ever before, his National Emergency Declaration. Perhaps this time, his action will actually warrant the use of the term, a ‘constitutional crisis’ like they keep saying with every other daily unnerving action that Trump pulls. At the same time that Donald was reopening the government, he announced that he was also breaking all precedent by proclaiming his National Emergency Declaration based on his made-up crisis at the border was of upmost importance. The madness of the event was as he was telling us how scary the situation was, and that all the horrors that our nation faced were caused by the heinous monsters running rampart over our southern borders, he said that he really could wait to do the wall, that it really wasn’t an emergency, but he was in a hurry to get it done as soon as possible. Simply put, Donald wants the wall now, screw all protocol, screw the rules, screw the laws, screw all pretense, screw how it hurt the American people. Me want now. Me God. You slave. 

And even though it wasn’t said, it was implied,if he didn’t get what he wanted, we would be getting another Government shutdown. No he didn’t actually say the words, but me thinks everyone was thinking it. Honestly I couldn’t watch most of it, for the most part I have stopped watching him gaslight the nation, and the world with his delusions, but the clips for this event are quite insane, and scarier then his others. Yes I think he’s actually gotten more crazy. I think 35 days alone, playing stimulated Golf tournaments, as he tries to wrestle with the notion of how did he screw this up so badly, surely has affected him. Personally I feel the man seriously needs a good shock treatment in the worse possible and painful way. And to point a exclamation mark on his decree, Donald immediately then went off to play golf for the weekend,  Oh, he also said and continues to pitch that the border wall is already being built, that miles upon miles of wall under his watch have been going up! No, sir, you are simply lying once more. It isn’t, but if it was, why the shut down? If as you say, you are building the wall, in secret I guess, oh, it was in secret, now its happening? Supposedly? Talk about insanity, talk about the 25th Amendment! So I’m confused. Why the shutdown? If as you say, you are already building the wall? Hey Republicans, please explain that to me, or are you just humoring the nut job? Afraid he might do to you, what has been done to too many people already, who dared to cross his royal anus.  

Unbelievable, So I guess we got the answer to the question, what if Mitch McConnell capitulates to Donald on his border wall… sadly like everything else these Republicans no matter how so-called traditional they are, or how many times they’ve said ‘no’ in the past, almost always fall all over themselves to say ‘yes’ to their leader now. Every time I hear one of them actually say Donald shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing no matter how illegal or unethical, or how supposedly horrified they are by him, they all [or most, as Donald would say, some who aren’t rapists, or criminals or murderers in their crew], their vote afterwards always sides with him. Screw any and all constitutional reasons why not to. If Herr Trump demands it, they comply, as they all spout off the same excuses and talking points, exact phrases down to the same ends, ifs or buts, as the rest of the trumpeting hypocrites. I’ve never been a fan of Lindsey Graham, ever, but what the heck happened to him? Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid. Is it a mind-meld? Is it brain-washing? Is it selling out? What does Donald or Vladimir have on them? Are we talking real life Manchurian candidates, by way of Russia? Or perhaps its just the hidden demons in the Republican Party coming out and finally revealing their true treasonous evil selves. 

Am I the only one who has felt like our world has tilted since that fateful November 2016 evening? I keep feeling like I’m living in a perpetual nightmare, and I’ll wake up and tomorrow we are back to Election Day and this time this horror we are currently trying to survive will in reality never occur, and Secretary of State, former First Lady, and New York Senator Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton would be the winner and soon to be sworn in 45th President. Oh and citizen Donald J. Trump would probably now be awaiting his sentencing on treason, tax evasion and God knows how many other crimes we have yet to learn about. 

Okay, until that happens, lets get back to the reality we currently are suffering through. So the question now is, has this evil in Washington and our nation been there all along, under wraps, and Donald is just the face of it, the excuse of it, to come out and reveal the ugly side of America? Or has Donald himself, his ugly nature, his treasonous behavior and actions, transformed Washington and our world simply by his being in the room, and hopefully will revert back once he’s gone. Whenever that will be, or has his corrosiveness just opened us up for the next even uglier phase. 

So wha happens if Donald gets his way on this rather unconstitutional move? I mean each time he pushes the bar a bit, the warnings of what’s to come to us all grow louder, but the Republicans in power instead of sitting up or standing and saying nope, that’s a step too far, you better back up there a bit buddy, now mostly all go along, no matter how unbelievable, heinous or shall we call it un-American. So what happens? I now hear from several experts, not on Fox Faux news, that say the rules are written in such a way, that he probably legally can get his way with this power grab. So what happens if he’s allowed to pull off this con? Perhaps next time they can open up Fort Knox as his personal piggy bank. Maybe give Ivanka a country to run, or simply crown him King? You think I’m exaggerating? Really? Have you already forgotten Donald’s new attorney general, William Barr is already installed? Ready to end the Mueller investigation and bury it. At the same time the powers that be in Washington, are now deciding if the fool he replaced, Matthew Whitaker, his most recent acting Attorney General, lied under oath or not, during his recent testimony in Washington. Yet another minion of Trump’s whose lied under oath and found themselves in perpetual danger of either winding up in a prison cell or on a long and growing list of possible pardon receivers. 

Somehow if this all winds up in front of the Supreme Court, the decisions on his impeachment, the  release of tax papers or even if the final Robert Mueller probe’s Special Counsel investigation report findings is allowed to be seen by the public will be argued, and sadly he now has a majority that will probably side with him, at least that’s how it feels. I guess I should have more faith in the legal process, but have you been paying attention? In Trumpland the law isn’t the law anymore, its however they can interpret it to Donald’s advantage. 

Just as it appears everything is about to drop on his overly hair sprayed noggin, and the axe will finally remove Trump’s head from the rest of his obese sized body, all of the obstacles stopping him from taking the next inevitable step to be named supreme leader or das f├╝hrer has gotten just a bit easier for him. Apparently all his moves to destroy our Democracy from the inside out, might have worked in his favor. Perhaps the man’s legal counsel in private isn’t as bad as they demonstrate in public. Or perhaps history will repeat itself, and after his version of the Saturday Night Massacre takes place, the Republicans once again will step up to the plate and tell the crook its time to go. But knowing these Republicans, sadly, that salvation will not be repeated… so if it gets to that point, can we finally call it a real constitutional crisis? Just saying, how bad does it get before that tag line can be used? When we start to speak Russian?

Well, if you’re like me, its been very hard to suffer through what we are currently living through in Trumpland, hence my time away from this blog. I mean how much can one delve into this nightmare without it effecting you. I’ve never cursed so much in my life until Donald’s vileness corroded our lives. Let me ask you,  which horror is it worth writing about? Seriously, how do you choose to spend your hours on a computer typing away? There are just too many to choose from. Every time I start to write one, something else occurs that freaks me out, and I stop and sit back and wait to see how this one ends up. Then another one overlaps, and my original opinions, don’t mean much when something new could be the thing that ends our way of life. I had started writing a piece on the shutdown, and the horrors and hardships that people were facing that disgusted me. Then I stated writing about Trump’s asinine tweets, and his delusions and a thousand other things, till I realized I had written that one a few dozen times already and a month had gone by. I again started when the shut down ended and once more other things got me stopping and shaking my head and screaming! But as you can tell if you’ve gotten this far, the ending of the shutdown and his announcement to steal funds from other real crises got me to type away for a good long time. 

Because of the horrors that I see facing our nation under Trump’s leadership or lack there of, the only things that have kept me going is the thought that Mueller and the Democrats would somehow get the ass out of power. Or at least in a few years, if somehow we are all still alive and Trumpland hasn’t officially become the name of our nation, and we aren’t already forced to learn how to speak Russian, we get to vote the fool out in the next election. One would hope. Of course, after George Walker took us to war with the wrong nation, I figured the American people who kick that monster out, yet, the Supreme Court warped that happy ending into the disaster it took us to. Is the same thing gonna happen again, now that Trumps handpicked his saviors? 

Well, lets be positive here. Huh? Me? This blog? It does happens from time to time. People, happily we’ve got lots of good candidates on the Democratic side to go up against whomever is the Republican nominee. That written, I still have hopes Donald won’t be in the hunt in less then two years. A lot of people say there is a God, sir, lady, whatever you are, I think its time to put up or shut up. We as a people have learned our lesson. I know some of us have been bad, and we needed to be smacked, but why should all of us suffer for them, and remember that flood you created lasted only 40 days… its been almost 700 days of this, just saying, how much more suffering do we deserve? It would be nice to have an end date to look forward to. But until that day happens all we’ve really got is us voting to change what occurred last time. So let’s all vote him out, and hopefully a Democrat in. That written, even though Hillary Clinton supposedly isn’t running this time, and could you blame her?, I still have high hopes she will in the end, but until she does, all I can do is focus on who else is running and fingers crossed one of them is victorious over whomever the monsters on the other side throw at us. 

So about those options, I’m actually liking the lot of them and loving a few of them, and already know pretty much whom I am voting for. Hint, she’s a woman, hint her name is Kamala Harris. That is if I don’t change my mind, you see, once falling in love with a candidate, the rest of the campaign for me is to see what they do to screw it up. What demons come out that make them go away or what horrors occur, that someone else showcases they are the perfect person to take over. Life has a way of staring you in the right direction. I did that with Bill Clinton, I did that with Hillary twice, and I did that with President Barack Obama, once Hillary was out the race and then Senator Obama won the nomination. And with him, once I was hooked, even though he beat my favorite, I also fell for him, and that love for his character, his mind, the way he handles himself and the way he handled the job and the American people have never once caused be to waver in that affection and admiration.

Now back to this year’s crop of contenders. Talk about choices! And for once, all of our options aren’t only straight white men over 70, okay I’m exaggerating, over 50.  So for once, if the subject even comes up, the people on stage won’t all be speaking form the same perspective. This time its not about color, or race, or gender or sexual orientation, its about what each individual can bring to the table. Talk about democracy in action.  Of course, sadly thins means the racists and bigots and homophobe and trolls will be out in force spewing their filth and bile.  I am so happy that for once, there are several as I wrote that I love. And yes, I am enjoying the options that we are being presented. This is going to be fun. For the most part, everyone a real contender. I’ll skip my thoughts on the few that aren’t worth mentioning, because they’ll be out of the race soon. But all that said, sadly someone has decided to spoil the party once more. Anyone who knows me, or remembers any of the posts I have written about him in the past knows I am not a fan of his. And worse, cause with him comes his followers and the bots and trolls spewing lies and conspiracies to attack the real democrats running for the most coveted prize in politics.

Yes I am talking about Bernie Sanders. The Independent NRA loving, former New Yorker, who simply makes me want to scream when I am confronted with the thought I might have to suffer another year or two listening to his version of reality. Listening to him attack the Democrats as they allow him to crash their party. Watching has he gets to run things his way and gets the media attention that the real Democrats in the party should be getting. Its bad enough when a coffee maker gets free airtime because he announces he’s contemplating a run, when other announced candidates can’t even get an interview on television. But again, when a person, not in the [party, except when running form President is the face of the party it appears on all the networks and station that pitch political news.  How is it that out of all the Democrats in the House or the Senate, or at least Democrats that have already announced their intention to seek the nomination aren’t the face of the party. Why isn’t Hillary?  Oh, that’s right, she’s not running, that’s what they keep telling us. But no, we get Bernie. And boy am I not happy about it.

As mentioned, what’s worse is having to deal with the bots, and trolls and Independents and even Republicans out there on social media, mostly Facebook, that attack me because I’ve announced that I won’t be voting for him, if he gets the nomination. I’m sorry, I remember the last campaign, I remember everything. I’ve watched the video’s… In fact I have multiple posts on this very blog to go back to and remind myself why the man, the imposter, the phony, will never get my vote. And to put an exclamation mark to it, I have announced that I would write in Hillary’s name if he somehow actually gets the nomination. Well, sadly too many people have lost their minds over it. I feel like I accidently used the N word and got called out for it…  when I used the word Democrat… what’s wrong with this picture? Pretty much people, I think, have been calling me a fool and worse, a Trumpeter, because I refuse to listen to their logic.  Sadly my way of responding to the hits are usually done in a very juvenile Trumpian way.  Curses galore, along with as many GIFs as I can find that visualize much better how I feel… I know some day, these response on social media, might hurt my future political ambitions (yeah right) or my quest for fame and fortune (well at least a career on stage and screen would be nice) in the world of acting, like it has come back to bite too many others. That written I will defend my beliefs to the grave. Go ahead please, research, find the ones that you can use to spin my words to try attack me for the truth I see and discuss about. 

So that’s it. Finally finished my latest. Hope it was worth the wait. Actually I hope I made any sense, the whole era of Trump has me discombobulated, and with what could have been’s and what are’s. And boy I am exhausted, and the race for the next President has just begun.  

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, February 24, 2018