Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Happily at least for the day, it looks like America dodged a bullet, and the Trumpeters a citizens uprising or worse!

IT’S COMPLICATED!” SEEMS MITCH AGREES WITH DONALD on the headache that enacting Healthcare turns out to be. That’s right, as Mitch stood in front of cameras looking like the monstrous fool that he is, the Senate leader kept coming back to that one idea, that “It’s complicated” who knew?  Funny just a few days a go, Mitch McConnell explained that he knows Healthcare, as he proudly boasted there was no need for no stinking hearings. Remember he spent seven years working on the problem, the man proudly hasn’t spent one night not dreaming of the day he could rid our world of the dreaded mandated Healthcare. I guess in his mind, all those times he tried to repeal Obamacare finally paid off, so it’s not like the Senate needs months and months of debate since they already spent years. If that screw-up logic is correct, tell me why did the legislation announced do nothing to fix the issues that were wrong with Obamacare they kept harping about since before President Barack Obama signed it into law? Wouldn’t you think if Mitch was so invested in it, his pitch would make matters better as opposed to actually make matters worse? The sad fact is, the plan Mitch was drooling over, is simply the House’s legislation rewritten and it makes everything worse. Plus as opposed to what the Trumpeter in the White House promised for months, it really does a number on Medicaid gutting the program. If you’re rich it’s time to start celebrating. If you’re everyone else, simply drop dead and stop sponging off the government. 

So Mitch saw the plan that the Republicans passed in the house and jumped for joy. Not only was this bill a chance to destroy Obamacare, but what makes it even better, by doing so he would be able to give his benefactors a huge tax giveback. A win-win for all the Trumpeters that are springing up in the 1% club. Mitch more likely was probably in on the negotiation of the House plan from the start. He knew in advance what Paul Ryan’s monstrous legislation would do, and smiled the whole time acting like the cat who ate the canary. He saw how the constituents reacted towards the members of the House in their town halls and seemingly didn’t flinch. As usual Mitch played deaf when it comes to what the people are complaining about as he drooled at the prospect of hurting millions of Americans just for the fun of it. Once Mitch grabbed the batten handled to him from Paul Ryan, he spent the last couple of months in a room with thirteen other Republican Senators, and a few days back came out and revealed what was supposed to save our healthcare system, and the world stood still or was that erupted? 

At first without anyone reading it, the argument wasn’t about what the bill was offering, but about what was most import to Donald Trump, winning the much promised repeal and replace. Immediately the Democrats said no and argued the same arguments about why we should save Obamacare, forgetting the multiple times that pitch lost. The Republicans for the most part sided with Mitch disregarding the warning signs of what was about being unveiled. That said enough of them feigned trepidation at what the plan was gonna be, especially after what was showcased in the House with their take on Healthcare. Well the bill was revealed and it’s every bit as bad as most people expected it to be. Scarily according to the CBO, The Congressional Budget Office, this evil step child of the AHCA, The American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628) will remove 22 million Americans from healthcare coverage. I guess we should thank Mitch, his plan actually saved 1 million people from the list that would lose healthcare under the House plan. As predicted once the bill was released and read, the Democrats were all in sync, which Trump tried to use to his advantage. Blaming their obstruction as the reason the bill didn’t pass. Seems the majority in the Congress, which the Republicans now have, still isn’t enough to get what the Mad King wants, whenever he snaps his fingers.

Happily for the nation’s health, The Republicans in the Senate, just like their brethren in the House are splintering apart. The majority wants to pass the bill as is, screw the consequences to the lives it destroys. Several of the moderate Republicans have problems with the cuts in Medicaid, the loss of coverage for millions, and how this would effect their individual states. Unbelievably the Koch brothers, the voice of the Conservative wing, hate the bill cause it doesn’t go far enough, seriously how do these monsters live with themselves. So after days of non-stop propaganda from the Mitch and Donald, and even Paul coming out once in a while to sing their babies praises, Mitch came out and scrapped the intended vote before the start of the July 4th recess. It turns out that once the CBO release how pathetic this bill was, the Republicans seemingly jumped ship, and Mitch had no choice but to scrap his plans for the time being. Simply the bill would’ve not passed in its current plan. Of course we heard similar talk with the House and Paul Ryan, before they worked out deals to get it passed phase one.

So in the next few weeks, instead of witnessing what we keep hearing is the magic of the Trump machine, how he’s the master negotiator, we’ll hear excuses of why the bill didn’t work. We will hear blame attached to everyone but those concocting this nightmare legislation. Heck they were the good guys, disregard the millions we are planning on hurting, those losers don’t count. Trump’s dream of getting something enacted of consequence to get that damned Russian collusion story off the front page, sadly for him, will simply have to wait for few weeks longer. 

Even though the original plan to vote before the holiday weekend didn’t occur, for me the saving grace in all this is the July 4th recess anyway. Lucky for the Republicans, and even the innocent Democrats in this monstrosity, the vote didn’t come to pass as of today. After the shooting of GOP House Whip Steve Scalise, I am honestly fearful for some of our political leaders. My feeling is the victims of the Trumpeters and Republicans lies are about ready to make them pay for all of it. Seeing how our political leaders get treated after their constituents discovered that the majority party wanted to vote to kill them should be an interesting hello to them. Yes I wrote kill, how else can I describe what this plan is intended to do. Take 20-25 million people off and instead of paying down the debt, paying for infrastructure or something that might be at least sound acceptable. Not that anything is acceptable, I’m just trying to find anything that would make their draconian legislation palpable.

So as the news that Mitch’s plan was put on hold, whats been fun has been watching several of the more moderate Republicans come out and talk about achieving bipartisanship. The talking heads are all a buzz discussing the possibilities of finally some bipartisanship after so many years of obstruction. Sounds good right? Especially after our President and the rest of the Trumpeters lied their asses off that none of the Democrat would come to the table if they were even asked. Its funny, all President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any of the Democrats have said ever since Obamacare was passed was the healthcare wasn’t perfect. That they were willing to discuss fixing things, but the only thing they ever got back was repeal and replace it. So tell me you haven’t heard this one before. The plan proposed is crap. The talking heads come out and tell everyone they know best. Everyone is supposed to just fall in line and vote yes to whatever they come up with from out of their asses. The proposal gets stopped, not by the Democrats, but by Republicans trying to figure out how to save their careers from what they are being forced into agreeing with. The plan gets put in a holding pattern till they supposedly can come up with something better. Republicans start sounding like they want to talk shop with Democrats and the sound of relief is heard throughout the land. But in secret the players pulling the strings are actually rewriting the same bill with a few small tweaks. They vote on something God awful and clink champaign on Capital Hill as the worst bill enacted in the nations history gets one step closer.  

Well today I heard that’s exactly what’s going on. The current plan is, Mitch is rewriting his piece of garbage and will be handing it out to the Senate members as they go off on their vacations with the constituents. This way, between dodging fruit or shoes being thrown at them, or worse, they will be able to sit down and read over the rewrite. Once they come back, that is if they come back, they can actually have a vote to get the legislation into Trumps desk for signing into law in a matter of weeks. See, who needs negotiation, who needs common ground, and most importantly who needs those pesky democrats. That said, perhaps, if that play doesn’t work, maybe the Congress will finally revolt and actually sit down and negotiate a way to go forward. But until Mitch quits the leadership after his debacle of healthcare, or he agrees to sit down and actually work with others to figure out a fix, my feeling is Obamacare is safe but dying on the vine, thanks to Trump playing games with it. Wouldn’t it be something that in the end, the Republicans realize that maybe saving Obamacare is the best way gto go and actually sit down with the Democrats and fix it. One can only dream can’t they.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Looks like I might have to start a strike against Facebook too. Seems the trolls are like tribbles and I’m seriously needing to beam up and get away from all of them

IT’S GETTING TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN! Not a day goes by that I am not confronted by a never-ending troll-fest of foreign origin. So I guess this is part two of Putin’s plan to destroy America. Part one was to disrupt the election. Well that worked out well for them. Part two is pitting Americans against one another by sharing polls, fake news and conspiracies. What boggles my mind is how many people share the lies without realizing who is sharing it in the first place or what the shared item really is pitching. Lets not also forget that those who comment on the shares themselves, may have fallen into their traps. Boy do I sound like conspiracy nut or what? Unfortunately what was once an annoyance, an accidental discovery, a once in while jolt to my anger button, has become a bombardment of epic proportions. At first I simply blocked, or commented, or ignored, but then I noticed a pattern forming. It wasn’t bad enough that the propaganda that was being shared were obviously from people I didn’t agree with, but it appeared all of them were from other nations. I was accused by someone of doing what the cops do, profiling the trolls because of where they came from or what their names were. So I’m being accused of what King Joffrey is trying to pull with his travel band, now I better take a look in the mirror, cause maybe I am being anti-Russian as opposed to anti Vladimir Putin. Well if it looks like a troll, acts like a troll, shares posts that only a troll would, they’re trolls in my book. If they aren’t I apologize in advance, but better safe than sorry. So my mission of late is to out and remove all the trolls that I find. In fact I take screen caps, and after blocking and reporting the probable trolls, I share a post in whatever group the troll originally posted the spam in. I explain why I did my blocking and I suggest that the administrators of the group on Facebook investigate my allegation. Guess I am now the Troll police. But the funny thing is is, I don’t want to be. I am wasting too much time doing the job that should have been done in the first place by others. I’m seriously thinking of dropping Facebook for good, because of all the time I’ve wasted having to block and report and post my own Troll Police report. That is unless they clean up their act sometime soon. 

Even if Donald Trump had nothing to do with collusion with the Soviet empire, Vladimir’s countrymen who constantly show up on Facebook and other social media sites, sharing conspiracies, ratcheting up rhetoric, simply pushing people’s buttons, are seriously driving me crazy. If anything has done more than trolls on social networks to destroy our way of life here in The United States of America, I’m not sure what that could be. Now that the Russians have gotten their wish and the citizens have given our country over to a wannabe dictator, why do the trolls continue their onslaught? The problem with trolls online is a similar problem to having to deal with junk mail. If you respond or try to remove yourself from their mailing list, that actually makes the matters worse. Instead of never seeing another e-mail from them, we instead are now deluged with even more junk mail. What I currently do whenever I receive an e-mail I think is spam or junk is I see what the entire e-mail address of the sender is, not just the name showcased. I created a ‘wrong’ number contact in my phone list, and I save the spammers into it. Its funny when I receive those e-mails now on my phone, cause immediately I know to trash them. Sadly, that contact list on my phone isn’t connected to my land line e-mail service. Long story short, I have AT&T for phone and Verizon for e-mail, or should I write AOL since Verizon purchased AOL to do their e-mail service. So sadly the e-mails I delete on my phone aren’t deleted on my land line and the addresses that I’ve changed on my phone aren’t. Which means, I get to delete every blessed e-mail twice. Plus the transformed e-mail addresses, aren’t different on Verizon. Mental note, find out how to sync my phone contact list with my land line e-mail address account. I recently had a terrible experience with my e-mail. As I mentioned, AOL is now in charge of the Verizon e-mails. For whatever reason, the AOL spam blocker caused some e-mails to either immediately be put in the spam folder or e-mails were bumped back to whomever sent them. After several long phone conversations with tech help from AOL, I decided to disable my spam blocker. Removing the problems I was now dealing with, of course creating other issues for myself. Simply since there is no spam filter, I get to trash every freaking nightmare e-mail myself, and I am not a happy e-mailer.

Now there are three types of trolls, the first and most obvious trolls are either Republicans who share right wing homophobic anti-woman, pro gun, pro Confederate flag anti Hillary and Obama hating rhetoric, or visuals that are pretty much in your face disgusting. The second type of trolls are far left Bernie Sanders followers who spread the never ending whine fest why HIllary should just go away and why Bernie is our savior. But the third and most prevalent are Trolls from foreign lands who share items that at first glance might make you possibly agree with the sentiment but eventually usually make you want to punch your wall. My least favorite trolls are those with polls on their share. Questions on candidates, on abortion, on democracy, that always make you shake your head and ponder whose the idiot who shared this garbage. I get why Americans might be interested in some of these polls or somebody’s conspiracies, or anything to do with our country. But what are people from Macedonia and other Russian satellite nations doing on my Facebook feed and why are they sharing what they are sharing?

How do these trolls even get access to my feed? How do they get on my friends feed? On anyone’s feed in the United States of America? I get thats the beauty of social networking, meeting and dealing with people from all over the world. But why is Facebook allowing these monsters who are trying to manipulate the citizens of the United States access at all? What kind of vetting process are the social networks doing anyway, if any? Seriously when and how was this allowed to happen? Recently Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that there is problem, but I'm not sure if that’s all he’s done to alleviate the issues or has he actually done more than just talk. Lets hope something. I mean don’t these Russians or where ever they come from, have their own country to worry about? Oh that’s right, they can’t troll their own democracy, since Russia for example probably doesn’t allow it. But why are they trolling our citizens? Perhaps because they’re working for the Russian leader themselves? So shouldn’t that suggest to Facebook that maybe they should automatically block people from there to our feeds? Sorry, if I offend other Russians who aren’t trolls, but if you agree with the problem, you have to acknowledge that this is a huge issue with political ramifications that still haven’t become apparent. We all know by now that Russia tried to play with our election. They according to most of our top espionage experts, the Russian back hackers had tried to manipulate the minds of the American people into believing the lies that they were flooding our online world. That is unless you actually believe Donald Trump’s word salad that even the accusations of Russian hacking is simply Hillary Clinton spreading fake news. Well I believed Hillary when she said that Donald was a puppet to Putin, and I believed and still believe that the Russians hacked our election and flooded our online world. Sadly I see evidence of it every day. They spread a nonstop stream of made up conspiracies about Hillary Clinton to help millions of people believe that she was crooked. Apparently that stream has transformed our social network feeds into a river of Russian anti-American propaganda and conspiracies. So when will it stop? When will the powers-that-be over, and I’m talking to you Zuckerberg, when will you guys take some blame for people helping Donald Trump win the election. I get that some people will always get through the cracks, but like Donald Trump who wants to deny access to Muslims in the United States because they are dangerous supposedly to our way of life, why doesn’t Facebook block people from foreign nations from flooding American citizens on their feeds?

A few weeks back I decided to start a viewership strike against CNN, mostly because I’m sick of the liars that they constantly have on their airwaves. But what got me to make the decision on the strike was their censorship to voices who don’t agree with Donald Trump. Well Facebook you may be my next company on the list. I spend more time on their site blocking and reporting people from foreign nations than I do enjoying the posts that my friends, loved ones, family, and fellow Americans actually share with me. As I like to say to anybody that I’m dealing with when it comes to entertainment, this is supposed to be fun, not work. To whomever is listening at Facebook, nobody should have to be confronted by a pack of trolls on a daily basis on their feeds. I was under the impression that we say yes to the people we get to see, isn’t that their pitch? What makes the problem worse with Facebook is, you can’t find a human being to complain to about things like this. Here’s the perfect example of why that’s a terrible policy. A few years back somebody contacted me on Facebook wanting to be my Facebook friend. I checked out her feed as I normally do when asked, and she looked okay. In fact on her feed it showcased that she actually worked for Facebook and had pictures online to prove she worked with Zuckerberg himself. So I said cool and yes to her offer of friendship. Well within a few minutes she messengered me to give me the great news that I had won some kind of lottery given to their best and most active members. I was surprised to say the least, and no, I didn’t believe it for a second, but I went on with the game to see how far it would go. And of course that little voice in my head telling me that this isn’t a scam and I’m gonna be rich kept talking to me in my head. I mean come on, if this was real, whoo whoo I’d be rich! Well, it wasn’t, you are correct, it was a scam. The highlight was when she forwarded a picture of a previous winner holding one of those oversized checks. One small problem with the visual was the obvious photoshop section on the check where the Facebook logo sat swimming inside a white knockout over the real check background color. So as soon as I saw the photo and the badly retouched section smacked me in my face, I googled searched the winners name that was written on the check. Sure enough the man had won a lottery, but it wasn’t a Facebook lottery, it was a state lotto. Hysterically not only did the google search find the truth out for me, it also showcased the same photo online for all the world to find. So after I discovered the truth, I contacted my scammer and reported her and blocked her from my feed. But what got me more upset than the original lottery scam was when I tried to contact anyone at Facebook, I walked into a brick wall. It turns out you can’t speak to anyone. All you can do is vent online enough times that you start losing friends and surely gain lots more enemies. Seriously this issue of not being able to touch base with a human is ridiculous. I get that its a free site, but I also get that they are making billions of dollars on us, their patrons. I think its time for a little payback.  

In closing, I’m not sure when the take over of our Facebook feed began. Perhaps it’s always been there without us realizing it. Perhaps its conspiracy talk, but constantly we hear how Facebook tweaks our feed, with ads like we are all subjects in some sort of nationwide or world wide science experiment. Some in the media have discussed the troll problem and thankfully at least some have called the problem one of the major reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election. Recently it was revealed that Bernie Sanders followers, or more accurately the ones who became his most strident supporters, during the campaign were flooded with anti Hillary posts from trolls. Seems the constant bombardment of lies worked to forge a level of mistrust in enough independents and democrats to turn a probable Hillary Clinton landslide into an historic defeat. Sadly like other things that was created to help people, Facebook may in the end be the instrument that dooms our species. Wow, so I’m comparing Facebook to a Terminator. Now, I am a conspiracy nut. But if as some say, the shares that the trolls have covered my Facebook feed are an instrument by a foreign adversary, isn’t it my patriotic duty to find and report all trolls I am confronted by. And if I realize that what I’m seeing is warping my way of looking at things, isn’t it again my patriotic duty to say goodbye to Facebook altogether. My only trepidation is by leaving the site, I am leaving all of my Facebook friends in the lurch. So in the end, maybe that’s my calling. Perhaps this is why I actually joined Facebook in the first place. I had thought it was to launch my political blog, but maybe it was simply to rid our world of Russian trolls. Maybe that’s what I was born to do. So trollers beware, the sheriff’s in town. The Troll Police officer has arrived, and its hign noon in Macedonia.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday June 18, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Plus the Republicans were given notice in Virginia, but sadly they refuse to see that their own political shenanigans might've caused this monstrous act in the first place.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DEFLECTION! I know calling the attack on the third ranking Republican Congressional leader, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, a deflection is pretty obnoxious. But considering every time something comes out that should damage Donald J. Tump, something else occurs that pushes the damage to the back page. Sadly deflection seems to fit perfectly with pretty much everything associated with the Trump campaign and now Presidency. Have you noticed the discussion of Jeff Sessions’ amnesia and point blank illegal refusal to answer questions during his Congressional testimony is somehow not being discussed today? I get the hugeness of this tragedy, a madman with a rifle shot an elected official, I get it. But me thinks the hugeness of a possible Russian invasion by those now running our country is big too, even though many of the Republicans are trying to turn the possible treasonous activities into simply a bunch of sore losers whining. Simply Hillary Clinton supporters who are trying to stop the Trump agenda and according to Donald doing a damned good job of it. All those nasty obstructionist Democrats who refuse to go along with our Saint in the Oval Office and his heavenly plans to transform America into whatever great nation his mind thinks it should become. How unpatriotic of the Democrats to want to find out the truth about what happened during the campaign. They should stop playing games. The election is over. It's time to get on with the Trump agenda, which if the conspiracies are true, aren’t Donald’s but Vladimir’s. Well, me thinks if that agenda is tainted with Putin’s backing, the fact that the Republicans are doing everything in their power to stop the investigation speaks volumes. Especially from the same people who crucified Hillary Clinton when she coughed. One would think if they did nothing, they would want the investigation to continue, in fact assist the investigators to get to the bottom of what really happened. Either the Trumpeters colluded with the Russians for political reasons, or they coordinated with them to help Trump and his family make as much money as possible once in power. From the beginning Donald Trump has done everything to stop anyone from seeing his tax returns,which if not doctored would reveal any and all problems with his connections. Other then hiding his criminal activities or political shenanigans, for the life of me I can not come up with any other logical reasons for his obstruction.  What are you hiding sir?  

The irony that Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip was the one attacked by a James T. Hodgkinson, a nut job with a gun makes total sense to me. You see in May 2015, Scalise introduced the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, legislation that aimed to relax restrictions on cross-state gun sales —  eliminating as he said “archaic red tape burdening gun owners who legally purchase firearms across the nation.” He is also one of the NRA’s favorite politicians and has done everything in his power to allow anyone breathing to buy and own guns. Mentally challenged, no big deal, a police record, who cares, your 2nd Amendment Rights are more important then people’s lives. To put a cherry on top of this man’s political agenda, he pretty much is a cheerleader for destroying Obamacare and the safety net for millions of Americans. It appears with this latest horrific action where people were either injured or killed we got lucky, since nobody died accept the shooter of course. This was simply just one person’s breaking point, can you imagine if the one becomes the many? What happens when millions or more lose their healthcare? What happens when Social Security gets taken over by a private company and people discover they lost theirs? What happens when millions of Americans wake up to the truth of what our elected President turned dictator has done? Me thinks, what James T. Hodgkinson did today is just the beginning. A wake up call to the Republican party, and to the rest of us to stop what they are doing. Lets hope the Republicans, this time, actually listen to this warning and change their ways. Otherwise the next time and the time after that, the politicians probably won’t be so lucky. 

At least for once, the deflector on the news cycle wasn’t a Trumpeter or the man himself, but a Berniebot. Turns out, James T. Hodgkinson, who has been identified as the shooter, was a pissed off left leaning Democrat who for a while worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Seems this white American citizen from Illinois really disliked Trump and the Republicans running, or is that ruining our nation. According to these reports, Hodgkinson belongs to several groups on Facebook and he posted lots of angry rants protesting our current President. I should mention that the little the media has showcased are typical of many out there, so those rants alone wouldn’t have made the authorities sit up. In fact to be honest with those reading this, my twitter fits against Donald and his coven of witches make the few I’ve seen of his look tame. But I’m not the one with the gun license. I’m not the one who has been arrested and has a record, and I’m not the one whose now gone out and done something nobody should ever do. Take their political beliefs to that next level. 

As Donald Trump Jr. showcased again today what an ass he was with his attacks against a “Shakespeare in the Park” production of Julius Caesar, because in their interpretation Donald Trump is the assassinated Caesar. Its a shame this idiot and others who try to use this excuse, didn’t research anything before they attacked others. Junior might have discovered using a President as subject of this play is common, just ask Barack Obama they did it to him while he was in office. Sadly these uneducated fools are trying to blame this interpretation of a classic work of art, for a madman’s attack of a political leader. Much like the attacks against kathy Griffin, none of these I presume art hating inbreds have even google searched to discover that what she did was simply something that other artists have done for centuries. I wrote about this on Monday, June 05, 2017, in a post entitled, CNN YOU’RE FIRED! THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS AIN’T ANYMORE, AT LEAST FOR ME. But in this political climate, its better to attack just to attack than to sit back and discover what the truth is before deciding to act like a angry junior high student. I guess when you don’t believe in facts, researching if something is real or an interpretation of a classic work of art is simply too much work. I wish the Trumpeters would learn that lesson sometime, sooner than later. On too many occasions, well always, they immediately come out or tweet some nonsense, and afterwards it turns out to be false which of course never correct. Making matters worse, they usually double down on the lie they have spread, as if its better to be looked at like a lying douche bag when having been wrong. I mean it worked against Hillary Clinton, who seemed to apologize every day, in order to be allowed any air time. Seems with Democrats they never have a problem with apologies, warranted or not. But Republicans have no clue what the word itself means, and so far it turns out that war they’re winning while the rest of us lose big time. In my opinion, the attack of the Republican leader is just the beginning. From the little we know so far with this monster, yes anyone that does what James T. Hodgkinson is a monster, he had had enough of the lies and political games that the Trumpeters are doing. Scarily this pissed off American is just one of many and as I’ve been saying for months, keep it up Trumpeters, the people might decide that its time to remove you forcibly.

Now about what this commentary was gonna be about after yesterdays blockbuster event, the Jeff Sessions Congressional hearing. Funny how this time no Trumpeters are coming out yet to say Jeff Sessions testimony completely vindicates the President. Because this time, as opposed to the James Comey Congressional hearing, nothing Jeff Sessions rambled on about made Donald Trump look good at all. Not that the James Comey testimony did any of that either. But the Trumps had their talking points ready for the kill and what can you use when nothing was given. The fact that Comey never used the words that Trump was under investigation, meant to his Donald’s defenders that see, nothing there, was of course ridiculous. But the liars are gonna lie till they’re given no choice but to tell the truth. The question I have is, especially after sitting through Jeff Sessions game of amnesia and supposed unwritten code of silence policy, is will they ever speak the truth? What will it take besides the threat of the death penalty for these possible treasonous monsters to explain exactly what happened in their meetings with the Russian ambassador? Why were all the Trumpeters so willing to lie about their meetings with him? We should also not forget the meeting in the White House the day after James Comey was fired by Donald Trump, I could only imagine what that conversation was about with the Russian. Perhaps like in the Manchurian Candidate, Donald was playing cards, and the Queen of Hearts came up, and his next round of orders was given to him from Vladimir Putin.

So we all sat back to watch Jeff Sessions showcase to all the world that the accusations against him and the entire Trump campaign is utter nonsense. As a witness Jeff probably convicted himself and probably helped convict the man who’s currently President. Looking nervous as he sat there, even before being sworn in, it was almost funny watching as his eyes searched back and forth seemingly looking for a friendly face. Then Sessios began to read his three page written statement and I detected several comments that made me go, that doesn’t sound right. A highlight for me was when he tried to lie his way through his excuse for why Al Franken got him to put his mouth in it, during his Attorney General Congressional Hearings. Once that was over, much like the Dan Coats and Adm. Mike Rogers testimony days before, it appeared that much of the questions asked were mostly to try to catch all of them in a lie. Much like Coats and Rogers, Jeff Sessions spent much of his answering either not recalling anything or making bazaar declarations of executive privilege. Basically turns out, the big get in this was, unless gives his permission, nothing will be revealed. I guess you couldn’t call what Sessions answered as lies, because for the most part he couldn’t recall anything. 

Now I’m not sure what to make of Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), yesterday was the second time that the Senator has tried to stop Senator Kamala Harris  (D-Cal.) while she was interrogating a witness. The first time Burr and Sen. John McCain cut off Harris was while she questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last week. This time, Harris, a former prosecutor, pressed Jeff Sessions to answer her questions, and just as it seemed to be working, and Jeff was about to crack, again the committee’s chairman, Burr (R-N.C.), and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) butted in. A laugh out loud moment was when Sessions stuttered out, “I’m not able to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous.” So now we see why Hillary Clinton was such a problem for people like Sessions. A powerful, intelligent woman who is frankly miles above any of these Republican politicians mentally. Seems the talk about the Californian Senator is correct, this investigation into the Trump collusion with Russia is the wake up call to all Democrats that our next President not only could be a woman not named Hillary, but she also could be an African American. Talk about watching the Republicans brains explode. This could be a lot of fun. One of the big issues with Sessions and his refusal to remember anything was his meetings with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. Just a reminder, during his hearing to become the Attorney General, Sessions forgot to mention any meetings with the Russian Ambassador. Later because it was leaked and reported on, he acknowledged the two had met twice. Because of this Jeff had to recuse himself from the Russian Investigation. Of course as he explained during this testimony, that had nothing to do with the firing of James Comey. That duty was simply a day at the office for the Attorney General. Well it turns out that there was also at least one more meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel, and when questioned about it, his answer was “I possibly had a meeting, but I still do not recall it.” The reason we got any confirmation from him at all was because the third meeting was photographed and is available at Getty for rent. Seems the third meeting actually did happen on April 27, 2016 and their is photographic evidence. Sessions might not be able to recall but someone took a photo to capture the memories, and now whomever is prosecuting Jeff in his criminal trial has something the man can’t lie about anymore. Turns out the Attorney General should have taken a few notes himself.

The reason I wrote I don’t know what to make of Richard Burr is because later in the hearing, the Senator made probably the biggest noise in the entire event. At one point he asked to speak for a moment, and wanted to put a statement into the record. It seems, Adr. Reynolds who refused to speak in a public setting the other day had  spent over 2 1/2 hours the day before Jeff Sessions testimony, filling the Senators in on everything. The things he couldn’t say to the American people in public, was no problem for him to say in private. In other words, Jeff Sessions, he was letting you know and everyone else who was listening that he knew you’re lying sir. You better get your house in order, cause pretty soon, your mailing address is gonna be changing for a long time. So as I wrote earlier, nobody today was talking about how Trump was vindicated after Jeff Sessions testified. In fact, as I finish this the Republican talking point that the President wasn’t under investigation has been blown apart as alternative facts. According to The Washington Post, on Donald J. Trump’s 71st birthday, the Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller just gave him the worst birthday present ever. Seems Mueller is now investigating Trump for obstruction of justice! So hopefully for Donald, that huge pompous celebratory cake has a file for him to try to escape his eventual prison cell. Sorry Donald, it appears you firing James Comey was one firing too many. Cause sometime in the near future, a firing is on your horizon too. Wouldn’t it be something, that his arrogance would be the thing that drop kicks him out of office and not the crimes that actually might have given him the prize.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday June 14, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017


So the FBI director came, we saw and John McCain stumbled, even though the smoking gun wasn’t revealed, for Donald Trump nothing was resolved and he actually looks worse… seems to me, a win-win for Democracy!

SUCH A CONUNDRUM… WHOSE THE LIAR? The former head of the FBI and the man who many of us believe was fired to try to derail the investigation into Trump’s Presidency or the man who lies every time he says anything? Who do you believe? Which side do you choose, that is if we should be playing political games when our very democracy is being ripped asunder? How are we supposed to believe the James Comey’s accusations, he’s a loser right? He was just fired, who believes the unemployed, not the Republicans? Mental note for the President’s crack team of Trumpeters, cancel all unemployment, just makes the moochers want to not work and rip off the citizens who pay their fair share of taxes. Disregard the fact that we fired this one because he was not obeying the Mad King’s wishes… oops. So James came out, swore an oath and the rest of us sat back and pondered would a revelation be revealed. While that didn’t happen, what we did get was one interesting historical event that matches up with the other times we sat back and waited with heavy breathing as his words were altering the course of history. He did it with Hillary and now he’s doing with Donald. The question is did what he just do help hurt Trump as much as it hurt Hillary. Honestly, what James Comey put forth could simply be made up fiction by a pissed off recently pink-slipped liar with delusions of grandeur! What is James Comey’s story anyway? Maybe he’s got some kind of political split personality, or maybe he’s got some kind of a God complex? What is his agenda? First he almost single-handedly destroyed Hillary Clinton’s victory and now he’s trying to cause the Impeachment of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Wouldn’t that be something if this would be boy scott took out a should be President, and the person he helped to put into power instead? So James Comey helps get Trump elected by doing the unprecedented over and over, making a public spectacle of himself and more then anything else, helping make Donald’s mad conspiracies against Hillary sound legit. Then Trump repays him by giving him an offer he couldn’t refuse, drop the witch hunt on my Russian turncoat, plus keep me informed if I’m the subject of any investigation. When James didn’t blow him or at least kiss his ring, he were canned for being for country and not for king. To make matters even worse, and to rub salt in his wound, James’ pink slip wasn’t in person or via a phone call. No, it was in front of a crowd while pitching jobs for the FBI. Wouldn’t that piss you off too? I presume the last straw was Trump’s attack on the FBI itself. According to James Comey’s testimony, that was the reason he decided to have his friend leak his notes. After all that I would think anyone would have vendetta against our President, wouldn’t you? I guess some of you out there might wonder, how does someone who a few months back was cursing James Comey’s name now side with him? How could I ever believe him after he helped Hillary Clinton lose, but now curse others whom call him a liar when he’s now going after Donald Trump? Is my now belief in him simply because of my distaste for the man who I believe should be spending his days in a padded cell and not the Oval Office? Perhaps its simply this, if looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, its usually a duck. If I have to choose whom to believe is lying of the two, I choose to believe the man who took down Hillary despite the fact that he did it. That is also disregarding everything we’ve witnessed that makes James Comey’s testimony believable. If I could ask James Comey one question it would be, why didn’t you put on a mic? Why weren’t you wired especially after the initial disgust wore off? I get you were in shock at what initially occurred, and perhaps you decided to continue allowing Trump to try to seduce you into gathering up the evidence against him. But in a world of he said, he said, and a political party that is in bed with him, a little wiring couldn’t have hurt in the long run. Sadly as expected, Donald’s army of Trumpeters are going full guns blazing attacking James Comey’s manhood because now all he should be considered is a worthless leaker. Even Junior, who tweeted throughout the James Comey testimony as opposed to daddy, used that junior high school banter to try to make Comey pay for daring to hurt Junior’s chances of running the world some day. Just saying sir, your word would be much more believable if we had that recording cause we all know by now Donald’s recording were just another deflection and never occurred. If they had and Donald was telling the truth those tapes would have been released instantly to prove he was for once telling the truth. Of course if they did exist and Trump demanded obedience, they’re now probably dissolved in a bath of acid. Sadly the witnesses James Comey claims were escorted out of the room so Donald could corner him, might be in on the con so getting them to tell the truth if this actually happened, even under oath might be a problem. What’s worse being caught in a lie or being proven to be a traitor siding with the enemy? I wonder of Paul Ryan’s response to that question would be?So a few minutes after James Comey’s latest moment in the Sun ended, Marc Kasowitz, Donald J. Trumps ‘outside counsel’ came out and point blank told a huge fib! I understand that his job is to destroy Donald’s accuser, but when you do it you should get your facts straight. At least the time line of the crime, otherwise it probably would have been a better idea just to keep  your mouth shut. Marc Kasowitz accusing James Comey of lying when testifying earlier in the day in front of Congress. Seems, according to him the former FBI director had turned out to be a crook! That is if you believed what this hired shyster was spinning. If you believed that, then everything that the  resistance call crooked in Trumpland must be considered a lie. In other words, we should cancel and forget all the other investigations now in the works. Just crown the man King and forget all the interesting connections that makes me worried that all of us will soon be forced into learning Russian. At first listening to Marc Kasowitz, who looked right out of central casting I sat back and went hm, maybe James Comey was full of it and maybe he is simply a pissed off fired employee. The President is finally reprieved, this legal scholar point by point had shut down everything that could legally hurt him. Like most things spewed by the Trumpeters and their enablers or hired hands, if you listen to what they say you can come out thinking they’ve speaking truth. But as in today’s sad excuse for lawyering, we’ve yet another liar in our midst and this one just as bad. You see Trump’s legal fella, Marc Kasowitz fudged his dates, saying Comey tweeted out the leaks a day before the New York Times had reported his allegations against Trump. In other words James Comey himself was the source for the blockbuster news report. He was the leaker, which is what for now on will  be Donald’s nick name for Comey. If that was true, Comey had perjured himself and lied under oath. Oh my, which means, lets disregard everything else the now defrocked FBI director says because now we’ve proven he’s a liar. Sadly for Kasowitz it turns out his accusation was the lie, not Comey’s. Comey leaked the Intel 5 days after it was reported by the press… oops. As James testified he released it after Trump slammed and announced he wiretapped the conversation.Now I understand the President’s hired hands helping him cover up his treasonous activities. But what I can’t fathom is those in his current political party coming out and making excuses for his possible criminal and treasonous endeavors. Amongst the many was Paul Ryan who came out and in trying to defend his President made Donald sound like a blithering idiot. “The president’s new at this, he’s new to government,” Ryan continued. “So he probably wasn’t steeped in the long running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI and White Houses. He’s new to this.” Sorry ass hole, he’s been President for over 120 days… the newness excuse is over.I turned Chuck Todd on MSNBC and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R) of Tennessee was his guest, and she implied that James Comey had lied under oath when she said Comey “Has an interesting relationship with the truth and much of that came out yesterday during that hearing.” In other words she’s said James Comey is lying. But when pushed by Chuck she refused to say he perjured himself, “I’ll let others decide”… Like John McCain and several other Republicans yesterday she tried to change the subject by going after him because of  Hillary Clinton. These losers keep trying to talk about Hillary’s server, Loretta Lynch meeting President Bill Clinton and any thing besides Russia’s stealing Hillary’s Presidency. Before this, there was a round table where they were discussing the event, and several of the talking heads practically pleaded for Hillary to go away. Even as we learn more and more each day how her Presidency was stolen. One might think that at least a few talking heads might argue the point as the winner of the popular vote, she’s earned her right to speak whatever she wants. But its as if she’s the one who in the wrong, another victim being shamed by others for not being able to fight off her attacker. Somehow her coming out and telling whomever wants to listen that she was right about the Russian invasion is bad. According to these political geniuses, none who predicted correctly that Donald would become the 45th President to them, her very existence was bad for the Democratic party. Seemingly MSNBC was being cast by Bernie Sanders. To put it nicely I almost said bye bye to my favorite news channel. This feeling of cutting yet another channel was helped by the news that MSNBC was possibly hiring Hugh Hewitt to anchor his own show. Note to the powers that be, if we your viewers wanted to watch a lying Republican spew lies for the Republican party against the Democrats we would be watching FOX Faux News and not MSNBC.   Lastly as my headline shouts to the heavens our fearless leader now says he’s willing to testify under oath  to prove his innocence. Hysterical, so our mature leader, showcasing to the world the mentality of a Junior High schooler, had a hissy fit when being questioned if James Comey had lied or had he about the meeting that did or did not take place, depending on whose answering the question. Was he guilty of trying to demand the then FBI director to do his bidding and would he release the audio or video that he suggested in his very own tweets to prove James was the liar. Which were the tweets that made Comey leak his notes in the first place. Well, as usual The Donald put his foot into his own mouth showcasing again how he probably does all his business. He growls, and with absolute conviction, sans any facts or proof just the Trump demeanor lies saying he’ll do something and never does. His wife’s visa papers,  never revealed. His taxes, still under audit. The proof of President Barack Obama’s birth place, shall I continue? This time, he came out and said “One-hundred percent, under oath,” that he would sit down and show the world that James Comey was the liar, not him. Well I won’t hold my breath.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, June 10, 2017

Monday, June 05, 2017


Unbelievably CNN picks Ivanka Trump as the most powerful U.S. Jewish woman... seems I picked a good time to cut the cord.

BYE BYE CNN, EITHER FOR NOW OR FOR GOOD! I guess we now know what CNN considers going too far. Well they pissed me off one too many times to let this one slide so I’m saying hasta la vista baby! Why was this so bad as compared to what others had gotten away with before? Was it because of pressure from the Trumpeters? Are the fears that Kathy Griffin spoke of that comedian’s out there feel with the current administration warranted? I was lucky enough to see Kathy Griffin being interviewed by Joy Reid at the 92nd Street Y on November 23, 2016 in New York City. She discussed how the industry is handling the Trump administration, and there is apparently a fear amongst the talent. People are actually scared for their careers and possibly their freedoms, well there is that woman that got prison time for laughing at Jeff Sessions. Seems Kathy just hit the mother lode thanks to her habit of pushing the envelope. The ironic thing in all this is, it really doesn’t effect my viewing pleasure on New Years. I’ve only sat through maybe a total of 15 minutes of any of the Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper’s Rocking News Years Eve Blow-outs or whatever they called the show. Honestly I never understood the casting of Kathy Griffin in the first place. Not that I wouldn’t cast her in a second, but its freaking CNN? I guess for ratings sure, I get that, but what does her brand of comedy have to do with news? This isn’t E! News, this is supposedly CNN, and they dumped her even after she apologized! So they decided to fire Kathy Griffin for making a political statement, hm, how Trump of them. 

Well, this puts the final nail in the coffin of my viewership. On CNN, it appears lying repeatedly on air actually gets you more airtime. Enough! CNN fire Jeffrey Lord, Steve Moore and Jack Kingston, plus all the trolls that constantly lie on your network and maybe I will return, otherwise I’ve washed my hands of you for good. So until you rehire Kathy Griffin or fire all of the people that keep lying to your viewers, you have lost one... for good! I’ve honestly had it with sitting back, getting angry watching as you allow lies to go unpunished or worse you actually make light of it and promote the liars. I understand why you want to show all sides to the argument, but one side constantly lies, and all you do is make light of the comments as simply the notions of a demented uncle. You don’t punish, in fact more and more these point blank liars get rewarded. Well I won’t reward you with my viewership, with my eyes. Sadly every time I watch one of your highly promoted panels with the 4 or 6, or 8 talking heads, at least one of the voices we have to sit through is lying their asses off.  Kathy Griffin actually immediately apologized for her artistic statement, but it seems if you’re a liberal or a democrat or a comedian apologies never matter. Hillary Clinton spent over a year forced to apologize for things she didn’t need to in the first place, yet our now President never does. The first time he came out and pitched his lies about President Barack Obama’s birthplace, he should have been taken off air and never let back on. I mean the man slandered our President, ain’t he lucky he lives in America.  Wish others got the same treatment. That’s a lie, I wish nobody got that treatment. 

Last year during the campaign I almost crossed the channel off my watch list for something that I found inexcusable. I continued watching because there are news people on there I really think are what news people are supposed to be. The inexplicable day was when CNN and other media outlets showcased an empty stage awaiting a Donald Trump campaign speech, instead of showing for example Hillary Clinton actually making her speech. You guys skipped it for commentary by your hired hands on something about him, all the time showcasing the empty stage… simply maddening. I understand why FOX FAUX NEWS would do this, but CNN? I’m sorry why? I still can’t wrap my mind on this one months later. Sadly a network that was once the most trusted name in news apparently was more interested in ratings than reporting truth. Seems the entire election cycle was discussing every lie Donald and his Trumpeters could come up with. I mean who needs policies and facts when becoming the most powerful person on the face of the planet? So lets get this straight, with everything else we’ve seen those were acceptable... but Kathy’s political smackdown wasn’t? 

I understand with everything that’s hit the fan, especially lately, a protest against CNN might seem frivolous. Especially because of something that so many people apparently find morally offensive. How could I possibly defend what she said or her even doing it? Why out of everything we’ve seen and heard in the last year and a half, why is this the thing that got me to say bye bye finally for good? Well let me tell you, according to daddy and mommy Trump, their youngest child, basically wet his bed, (sarcasm people), when the kid was confronted with the take off of one of the greatest images in art history ‘David with the Head of Goliath’ or maybe a riff on the ‘Perseus with the Head of Medusa’ that is if he even ever saw it. Maybe he did, and for once Trump is telling the truth. Perhaps the kid actually was upset by seeing his dad’s severed head being held as blood dripped from out of all if its wherever’s. You know, blood was coming out of his eyes, his ears, his… I’m hopeful I don’t have to remind any of you out there of that fowl comment from the then candidate for the highest office in the land. If I do, you are obviously reading the wrong blog. Anyhow, apparently all the other times others with similar visuals had never occurred, but they did! Perhaps the kids twitter feed showcased the millions of times her political statement has been shared and argued over. I’m sorry Donald, you are now using your child to attack a comedian who some claim went too far. Something you do on a seemingly hourly basis if not more. I thought your child was off limits? 

But like everything else with Trumps followers, anything anyone says against Donald is a sin. For way too many a crime worthy of death or at the least a possible career ending public smackdown. The sad fact is, they, his flock, don’t believe Trump does any of the God awful things he says or in fact does. They for whatever reason believe everything is fake if the media reports it. Nothing is real until it smacks them in their faces, and even after that they still follow the man blindly. Worse, they believe the garbage that his enablers and handlers throw out when they try to defend his decisions, his actions and his vomit inducing comments and tweets.

CNN isn’t alone, for example MSNBC’s elder states woman, Andrea Mitchell, watching her as she practically laughed out loud on MSNBC was infuriating, as she discussed Hillary Clinton’s latest event where people asked her opinion on a number of subjects. Well the should be President again was asked why she lost the election. I guess until her last breath this will be another question, like her use of a private server, that no matter how many ways she responds or apologizes her answers won’t be good enough. So instead of dealing with what Hillary was saying, reporting on her logical and I believe probable accusations that outlets like CNN did help the orange faced buffoon get in, she appeared to make light of her mind. Perhaps she had taken her cue from the Trumpeters accusations during the campaign. Lucky for her, MSNBC has Rachel Maddow, so for now my viewership there is set in stone. 

CNN spent a year or more showcasing Donald practically 24/7 and Hillary for the most part was forgotten as an afterthought. The most admired woman, the most experienced and qualified candidate in possibly our nation’s history was simply not something worth giving screen time too. Except in context with something others had said about her, that never stopped. What Trump said or accused her of doing was always a favorite topic of discussion screw if his lies came right out of his ass or the front page of Breitbart news. As opposed to Hillary’s own historic candidacy, accomplishments and what were her proposals, that wasn’t television worthy. Astonishing when you think about it, if not maddening. The woman was Secretary of State for God’s sake, but all her accomplishments were thrown overboard by accusations and flat out lies. 

If I had any doubts about my decision, CNN’s latest announcement that Ivanka Trump, 1st daughter of the American Trump party was picked by the former news channel as the most powerful U.S. Jewish woman! And I went are you freaking kidding me? Seems I picked the right time to quit CNN. Hey fools, she might be the most corrupt woman in America, Jewish or not. Maybe she’s the biggest converted Jew in America, but how dare you insult the Jewish people and it’s great heritage by calling her what you did. Seriously are you trying to piss me off? What is this the making of a Queen in America? Have you not been reading all the reports in her possible shady deals? Remember her overseas patents? Does any of that ring a bell?

If you haven’t noticed her father, King Joffrey is systematically trying to convert our democratic nation into a dictatorship, with lots of help from so-called news outlets like yours. So you are now trying to label her a saint, is that it. I find it hysterical that you would do this, except I expect any second, her husband the Jew will rightfully be termed the most powerful Jewish traitor in America. How else can you describe the man who might be Vladimir Putin’s chief mole in the White House? Complicit is right, and I’m am not just talking about her. CNN you were probably worse to our democracy than FOX faux news was, simply because you were supposed to be either liberally biased or at least a news organization reporting news. Instead of reporting the news and the facts, you threw your trusted anthem into a spin and opinion filled attempt at entertaining the masses for ratings gold. 

But like Trump’s publicity network you more than any other outlet gave the man unheralded free airtime, one would hope presumedly to let the man shoot himself in the foot. What ever happened to fair and balanced , of sorry that’s FOX, but guys you transformed your self into a 24/7 nonstop platform for him. All Trump all the time, and he got it all for free. Seemingly that’s why you hired Kathy Griffin in the first place, ratings. Sure you made news with her on your network, but I’m pretty sure when Ted Turner gave birth to you, he never imagined her telling jokes on New Years Eve to millions of viewers. He probably imagined the viewership, but he was probably expecting it would be on the front page, not page six. Sadly with Trump we get both! So bye bye CNN, hopefully you will see the error of your ways, and what I’m requesting takes place. Otherwise, well I think you get the gist. 

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June 5, 2017