Sunday, July 31, 2016


First Mike Pence whines when President Obama, calls Donald out, now a grieving father states the obvious and Donald practically pees in his pants

BOO HOO HOO! So it seems we have discovered Donald's weakness, his achilles' heel, it turns out the Don Rickles of American politics is our nations first cry-baby candidate for President. Its truly eye-opening, listening to him whine, deflecting this accusation, actually any accusation that he's rebuked by.  

This latest chapter in a growing list of escapades that have to give even his biggest supporters pause, might finally be the wake up call that this nation needed to help halt the march of Donald J. Trump into the White House. As Khizr Khan, the grieving father of a slain American soldier, brilliantly smacked Donald's racism down against the Muslim people and all in fact most people. As reported everywhere, this very brave man, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, with his grieving wife by his side. Speaking from the heart in a speech, I discovered afterwards, he had memorized. And he pretty much woke up this election, and this nation, pulling out his pocket Constitution and offering it to Donald to read, if he hadn't already. Beautifully rebuking Trump's lies.  
As is his way, Donald insulted not only the man who spoke, but then went after his grieving wife, Ghazala Kahan, during a The New York Times interviewed which was published on Friday, July 29, 2016. Basically insulting their faith by wondering why she hadn't spoken.
“I’d like to hear his wife say something” 
And on Saturday, on ABC he added insult to his already disgusting comments:
“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me”
Seems Hillary Clinton was right during her brilliant DNC speech, when she dropped the mic on Donald. 
“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man who you can trust with nuclear weapons”
Khizr Khan’s wife, Ghazala Khan, did respond to Trump in a Washington Post op-ed Sunday and in my book, she shut Donald down maybe in a stronger way then even her husband had done at the DNC.
“Walking onto the convention stage, with a huge picture of my son behind me, I could hardly control myself. What mother could? Donald Trump has children whom he loves. Does he really need to wonder why I did not speak?” 
Seriously Donald, just shut up about this one. What are we supposed to make of this? Does he really expect our nation is looking forward to a twitter tirade on a daily basis when he's running it? Is he really that insane that he thinks any of this is something that make us feel safer? The scary thing is the other day he confused Tim Kaine, Hillary's running mate with Thomas Kean, former Governor of New Jersey. Me thinks thats almost laughable, don't you? That is if the stakes weren't so high.
The fact that he seems to think he's the only person on Earth that is allowed to insult anyone is beyond belief. And if you do, half the time it seems he takes you to court for it. Not that Khizr Khan had insulted him, he was just suggesting what seems apparent to most, the man hasn't a clue what our country is really all about. And if he had ever read the Constitution it was possibly when he was a kid, and it was probably because he had to for school. We should seriously test him on this, see how many things he gets wrong, because what he's pitching definitely isn't written in our most sacred national document. What are we to make of this latest episode? Is this what could be the straw that breaks the camels back? Maybe we finally witness the act that finally opens the eyes of those still hypnotized by his con job.
Maybe after one week of The Republicans doom-fest trying to make us feel like we are living in the worst imaginable country, where all hope is lost, and the next where The Democrats hit him with one bullseye after the other possibly opening a wound Donald won't be able to band aid over with today's liefest. Perhaps, listening to the talking heads trying to defend him, being hypocrites as they describe everyone of the accusations against Donald as simply the biased Liberal media assisting Hillary's campaign, will also help. Simply how stupid do they think we are? How long do you think the people will remain gullible? How soon will it be before the people tune off what Donald J. Trump is offering?
When Mike Pence the lowest piece of pond scum, attacks our President because he dared call Donald a "demagogue", as if that was a crime against humanity. I mean has he been sticking his head in the sand for the last year and a half?
“I don’t think name calling has any place in public life”
Okay stop laughing, I mean it is astonishing that at the same time his running mate basically does this on an hourly basis, he wants us to get upset at Obama for making one observation. Seriously is he on crack? You tell me, isn't that the height of hypocrisy? I understand this is their defense with every accusation. They've been doing it for years. Amazingly each time its the Republicans  who are on the receiving end of the onslaught, they always need to deflect to a failed debunked conspiracy or just throw out unsubstantiated facts to alter the conversation. Perhaps make us forget why we were talking about it in the first place. They beautifully did it during the drumming up to war in Iraq. With all their WMD lies. They did it against Bill Clinton during his Impeachment hearings, once most of the accusers were discovered to be really crooked or real degenerates were cornered they all did the same thing, deflect, lie and somehow get a way with it. Wrong nation, whoops, but lets talk about Obama's birth certificate. War crimes against Bush, lets talk about Benghazi. Gun violence, Zika, Climate change, lets discuss Hillary's emails, deflect, deflect deflect.
And that's what they were all doing today on all the Sunday News programs. One liar after the other, and then the worst of them all, Paul Manafort acting every inch the snake oil salesman he appears to be deflected his appearances away. I could honestly feel my skin crawl. To listen to him try to evade all questions about this is maddening. Today I witnessed him asked at least a half dozen times in just one interview, and each time he repeated the same response. Its the biased liberal media, trying to change the subject about ISIS and about her missing emails. No sir, it is you who are changing the subject. It was simply maddening as he simply refused to answer the actual question. We can go back to ISIS in a minute,  lets discuss his attack on this grieving mother. Sadly I had to change the channel so I'm not sure if anyone actually asked him about his possible connections with Russia. But I'll have to wait to see whats reported afterwards. Sorry, I have lost my stomach when ever he appears on screen, so from now I'll have to take the medias word on him.
Remember all this started because Donald decided to attack an innocent person for no reason. And by the way he did it, he basically showcased what a racist he is against the Muslim people. By suggesting the reasons she didn't speak was because maybe she wasn't allowed to talk, I mean we know the Muslims and how they treat their woman, right? Honestly I can't fathom this is even happening, with all of the things we are dealing with, the man has no sense of humanity or humility.
And remember, she didn't say anything to him, right? She was silent, right? I must admit I pondered when I watched them on that stage, if she was gonna say something, and half the time I was worried she might collapse, but I never questioned her reasoning for not saying anything. It almost seems she was worried that he might collapse and she was simply there to make sure he was safe. Each holding up the other in their grieving it was a beautiful thing to watch, and yes I cried. Imagine how you would act if you were the parent speaking in front of a room filled with people and the nation. Most you don't even know. These aren't people in the spotlight, these are grieving parents who lost their beloved son! He was a patriot, and this clown running for President is so thinned skin that he won't let them say their comments and leave the spotlight, in peace. Letting one lone voice fade in the wind, doing the polite thing. Hopefully after this showcase of Donald's obnoxiousness, for once his arrogance and ego will lead to his eventual downfall and maybe this was the match that lit the fuse. Plus, seeing them interviewed afterwards, sitting together, his response then hers, was again, simply beautiful. The serenity they seem to embody is almost palatable. And yes Donald J. Trump, she can talk. Her tongue hadn't been sliced off by the Muslim monsters you suggest they all are. And every thing you say now, to dispute them only makes you seem just what President Obama suggest Trump is, a demagogue. Isn't his thing, they went after me first? They threw the first stone? Right? Whats his excuse this time, what her body language was threatening, like he insinuated a  few weeks back about President Obama's posture. Simply make you want to punch a wall. 
Of course what gets me is, since the campaign's really began the day after the Democratic Convention, with Hillary and Tim taking a three day bus tour, Donald Trump has basically tweeted and made a few campaign stops. He hasn't spent a cent and she's spending I'm sure quite a few. As usual, Donald does a shall we say, not politically correct thing and gets days of free publicity. I guess my only wonder is, if this latest freebie will finally be the one that pricks his balloon? Will the people finally see what a vile despicable person he really is, or will they continue to fall under his supposed charms? I guess we will soon see. I would suggest that it feels like the tide has finally turned against him, and each time we get another Trumpstorm on Twitter, another lie or something, one of the latest is his now proven lie about the upcoming Presidential debates. Seems that the dates were set up over nine months a go, before either candidate won their perspective parties, but all of a sudden he's blaming the Clinton campaign for the schedule. In fact he tells us that he actually received an email telling him that the NFL is very upset because they know how big the ratings are gonna be for the debates. Turns out of course that this is a lie, their spokesperson said no letter was sent. And when queried about this the standard response is, almost word perfect, that this is just a deflection by the liberal media -- blah blah blah. So simply, they won't answer the accusation. A lot of people are thinking Donald doesn't want to do the debates in the first place, maybe this is just his first excuse of many to not have to. After all, its all of them against little old Donald J. Trump. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, July 31, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016


To those who 'still' persist on telling us Hillary Clinton is unlikable, and isn't worth her speaking fee, last night she proved she's worth every blessed penny

Finally, the moment we've been awaiting for occurred, Thursday night Hillary Clinton came out to accept her party's nomination and showcased why she's the person who should be our next President. On a day that almost felt unnecessary, I mean after 3 days of a perfect showcase of who and why she is ready to lead us. I was already sold. We were showcased who she really is, and not the cartoon character that everyone has tried to make her out to be as her husband had talked about in his brilliant speech. The woman that we were presented by the DNC was not the woman who is talked about on Fox Faux News, or whom the comics or talking heads describe when they start every segment discussing her trustfulness or why everyone thinks she's unlikable. It is honestly maddening. As opposed to what she's accomplished and given to the world. If she wasn't a politician the woman might already be on Mount Rushmore.
While watching President Clinton a few nights earlier tell us whom Hillary is to him, I looked at my friend who was watching it with me and said, "Everyone asks me what I see when I think of Hillary Clinton, and I said that." What I meant was, the way, President Bill Clinton described her is how I see her. I don't see a liar, I don't see someone whose not trustworthy or unlikable. I see a loving mother, and champion for woman's rights. I honestly can't even fathom the person that the media has been trying to make her out to be for decades. And when you look at her resume and what she's tried to do to help women, children and the less fortunate, how does that square with the nightmare that the haters still describe her as, even after last night's speech.
So the evening began with a lot of speeches that honestly was putting me to sleep. I must admit, I was exhausted from the previous nights convention viewing (If you had read my blog, I had watched it on tape so I didn't get to bed to the Sun was already rising outside my window), and I guess that was hitting me. I was awoken from my slumber when Khizr Khan, whose son Army Capt. Human Khan, a 27 year old Muslim-American soldier who was killed in the Iraq War, came out and shook up this campaign. As he was railing at Donald J. Trump for what he's been saying for months about the Muslim people and about patriotism. Finally I could sense something big was gonna happen and it did. Mr. Khan pulled out a pocket-sized Constitution, and the place went crackers. Boom, I cheered! It was a stunning moment, and possibly the highlight of this entire Convention. As one man, one American, simply put the Donald in his place by saying: 
"Donald Trump, you're asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?" he said. "I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words, look for the words, liberty and equal protection (under) law." 
I was expecting to cry sometime during the evening, and was actually surprised I survived Chelsea's speech. Hillary's accomplished daughter, came out to tell us all about the mother she knows. The woman who raised her and she gave all of us a beautiful portrait of a woman who has spent her life not only loving and nurturing her, but of doing the same for millions and millions of others. And man it was a beautiful sight and I was just thrilled and yes the emotions were boiling up in me, and then she introduced a DNC video which was narrated by Morgan Freeman, by the end of the video I was seriously crying. Whomever was responsible for it should be applauded, it had hit that sweet spot that I had been waiting for, and I was ready.
And then Hillary Rodham Clinton, came out in a white pant suit looking every inch the picture of a President. Please don't curse me out because I mentioned it, I'm actually a fan, my mom wore them in the 1970's. I actually only mentioned it because the media has already done so. The fact that no one ever discusses what the men wear but what the woman wears is always part of her campaign or any woman's campaign cracks me up. That said, I must mention, whomever dressed our President and most of the power players speaking should get kudos, and yes, I want Obama's suit. But seriously, Hillary came out and she slammed it. In a speech which showcased why any complaints about her speaking fees, are a joke. It seems she's worth every cent she gets, and man all that practice paid off, cause what she pitched was one fantastic speech. I have to throw in, I've heard lots of speeches by her this year,  and over the years and I have to argue with those who comment she isn't a good speaker. While she isn't a Barack Obama or a Bill Clinton, she certainly ain't bad, and honestly she's tons better then most of the Republicans that we got to see at their RNC convention or ever. 
She not only reintroduced herself to America and the world, she schooled us on what she's done, how she's done it and what she plans to do it. We learned where she came from, where she wants to take us and why in fact she's even running for President. Something every talking head kept harping on all week. And as we hopefully all know by now, she's been doing this since she was a child. Helping others, being of good service. You may not like her, you might not appreciate her politics, but she has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. And lets not forget, she destroyed Donald J. Trump in the process, tearing a hole in the bullshit that he's pitching. Showcasing what a true menace he really is. Stripping away at his lies. And as we've discovered by his comments afterwards on the stomp or in the twitter-verse, Donald is not happy being confronted with the truth. Especially when he's not able to spew his filth to deflect what he doesn't want people to see, or hear.
A lot of people make fun of Hillary or attack her because she's supposedly not a natural born politician, she's just a "details' driven numbers cruncher. Well Hillary had an answer to that question, by using that 'weakness' as her strength.
It's true... I sweat the details of policy – whether we're talking about the exact level of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, the number of mental health facilities in Iowa, or the cost of your prescription drugs.   
Because it's not just a detail if it's your kid - if it's your family. It's a big deal.  And it should be a big deal to your president.   
I must bring up that once the speech was over, what I found fascinating and infuriating is that even those who were  speaking positively about the Democrats during the convention, even agreeing with everything that the DNC had presented. But once Hillary spoke, they seemed to put a stop to the love in, as if they were waiting to jump her when you least expected it. Complaining that what she was pitching was more of the same, that she was too progressive or worse. She wasn't speaking to us. 
That's right, she wasn't she was telling you what she planned to do. Remember she's not a Republican, how far right did you expect her to go to woo you? I actually heard someone argue that Donald J. Trump pitched as many policy proposals during his speech as Hillary did. I know, I screamed out loud when I heard that sack of bull. I know about the wall, I seriously don't remember anything else. 
Personally I thought she pitched exactly what she's been promoting all year, helped slightly along the way with Bernie Sanders push. Those who seem to see the world in realistic terms have been saying that's why having a real debate in the Democratic party, would help Hillary for the general election. And any followers of Bernie, who are still against Hillary, even they had to love how she embraced them. And Personally I thought it a thing of beauty.
And I want to thank Bernie Sanders. Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary.  You've put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong. 
And to all of your supporters here and around the country:  I want you to know, I've heard you.  Your cause is our cause. Our country needs your ideas, energy, and passion.  That's the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.  We wrote it together – now let's go out there and make it happen together.
I understand that some might complain that Hillary didn't spend long enough on ISIS. But most of those voices  still believe President Obama isn't American. While I wished she had spent a few more minutes on this crisis, I understood why she spent most of her time on National issues and on Donald's failings, I mean there is so much red meat to go after him that how long could she be up there? But one of Donald's weapons against Hillary is ISIS. That fear he's been perpetuating is real amongst many, and even with her experience and expertise the few troubling blemishes on her resume, have been so exploited, and mischaracterized that it actually is hurting her. But what she did say, was a thing of beauty.  She was concise and simply shut the Donald down and it should answer anyone who complains. Don't believe me read it for yourself!
I've laid out my strategy for defeating ISIS. We will strike their sanctuaries from the air, and support local forces taking them out on the ground. We will surge our intelligence so that we detect and prevent attacks before they happen. We will disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country. It won't be easy or quick, but make no mistake – we will prevail.  
Now Donald Trump says, and this is a quote, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do….”
No, Donald, you don't. He thinks that he knows more than our military because he claimed our armed forces are “a disaster.”
Yes she can! You needed to read the words she said, before she went in for the kill. "No Donald, you don't!" Sadly you can't see how she said it, but that actually made her words more pointed. After saying "No Donald, you don't!" She paused, stared directing at the camera, and looked directly at us. Making us feel she was looking directly into Trump's eyes, and man, I would not want to be at the end of that dagger, It was amazing. I cheered! I stood up and I applauded, no kidding. And then I phased out for a moment. I must admit, one of things I did last night while she was speaking was picturing her as our President for the next 4 or 8 years. Imagining her come out for press conferences, State of the Union speeches, or moments of National importance, I always do this when ever anyone is running for President. I did the same thing last week during the RNC, and happily my mind kept kicking the idea away. But last night, I just saw it. I mean, honestly what more does she have to do? Not only does she look Presidential, has the resume for the job, she also sounds like a President. So I had to rewind the show, a bit, to catch what I missed. And it turns out I wasn't alone, seems Hillary simply blew the house down as everyone was reacting as I had moments before, it was goosebumps again. Hey DNC, just show that on a loop in ads, please, I'm telling you, its a winner. Do yourself a favor, if you missed it live or blinked at that moment, find the sequence online sit back and be thrilled. If you don't jump for joy like I did, you must be reading the wrong blog. That's one memory of this convention I will never forget. And this was one of the moments when I had to jot down what definitely will be repeated 
When you have no ceilings, the skies the limit and history was made, and the world is a little more equal
Is that the perfect bumper sticker or what. Or:
It comes down to what Donald Trump doesn't get, America is great, because America is good.
Well I can see it, and whomever said Hillary has no sense of humor hasn't been paying attention, I mean there were quite a few very funny moments, One felt like a throwaway, when she was discussing Trumps 77 minute convention speech, she described it as:
He spoke for 70 odd minutes and I mean odd.
And what turned out to be a very funny moment, mostly because especially this year, the Republicans continue denying the reality of Climate Change and we are facing a candidate that has jumped into their doubting pool. For me the line was hysterical. Again, watching it is better then reading it:
And I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street again. I believe in science. I believe that climate change is real and that we can save our planet while creating millions of good-paying clean energy jobs.
After she said the words "I believe in science" she paused and the place shook with laughter. She has surely learned to pause when her audience reacts. She knows when to continue and when to enjoy the moment. By the end, after Hillary laid it all out, after giving us some very amazing and memorable lines, which I'm certain her campaign will use as slogans that can help propel her to The White House. Lines such as:
A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man who you can trust with nuclear weapons.
And that was that. The Presumptive is off her title, and now she is the Democratic Nominee for President. An historic first. And I couldn't be happier. I will admit to being very nervous that Donald's hypnosis on the masses is quite frightening, coupled with 40 years of built up conspiracies, give the Republican nominee a fighting chance. And until she actually wins the Presidency there will be a knot in my stomach over the notion that he actually could be our next President. But I can only hope what we witnessed last night, and over the entire two weeks at both conventions, should make Americans sit up, take stock and vote Hillary in. I don't care if its by 1 vote or 20 million. A landslide or a squeaker. As long as in January of 2017, Hillary places her hand on the bible and gets sworn in as our next President. 
One final thought, maybe its because I watch too much political news on air, that's besides all the things I find online and in print, but by last nights finale, I had had my full of talking heads trying to convince me of what they think of what we've seen or what's too come. And what was even more maddening, the talking heads would be going on these long winded personal opinions and behind them in the distance we would see people on the stages making speeches, and for some reason the news directors of these so-called news stations felt that their talking heads were the reasons we were tuning in in the first place. And even when the big names spoke, half the time, they had to chime in repeating what we had just heard on screen. So sorry MSNBC, CNN and even if only by accident Fox Faux News, I had to turn my viewing over to CSPAN. For what amazed me was, when I did I would discover who was speaking on stage, that the powers that be didn't think I needed to listen to. Its bad enough when you discover that Fox Faux News refused to show mothers of the victims who were killed by police or the Black Lives Matter movement, because they consider them terrorists, but to have all the news media pick and choose whom we should see. It was quite eye-opening to go back and forth seeing what I was missing out on. Today, I discovered that the new team of Clinton and Kaine are starting a three day bus tour to jump start their campaign. Just as her Husband and Al Gore had done to jump start their own. Well, just as at the convention, I discovered what the news media doesn't show, and man its pretty eye-opening. Hysterically, the best thing they don't show on CSPAN are the talking heads, all trying to sway the news with their own editorial spin.
So I've decided for the most part, from now on if there is any major news event I will l turn to CSPAN, and only turn on CNN or MSNBC afterwards. I will not be turning on Fox Faux News unless Hillary or Tim are being interviewed and I will not listen to any talking head pitching Donald's lies. Enough. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, July 29, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016


If you thought Michelle was great, you hadn't seen nothing yet. 

Seriously how the heck is Hillary gonna top last night. And does she have to, as we watched Donald J. Trump be unmasked for the "demagog" he seems to want to be. On the day Donald seemed to transform into Treasonous Trump, by many Americans, as he suggested that Russia Cyber attack our country! Even if in 'jest' as he now tries to walk back his 'treasonous' words, but acting seriously like a deranged unhinged mental patient while he was saying it. The future Vice President, Tim Kaine, using his own son's deployment to Paris, as he explained, two days earlier, made using this patriotic moment in time as the perfect attack line against the Republicans nominee. "I trust Hillary with my son's life" I mean how do you top that, how do you argue against that?  Well, the Talking heads for the Republicans are, and listening to them on television afterwards is maddening. As they try to deflect Trumps possible treasonous actions by reminding all of us of the now debunked Hillary email conspiracy scandals.
Simply put last night, the Democrats pulled no punches. One by one, each spoke and amazingly topped each other. As one left the stage, everyone was like, well and we thought no one could touch Michelle's extraordinary speech. And then Vice President Joe Biden, tore a new ass into Donald. And that was after Leon Panetta jammed Bin Laden down Trump's throat.
Then Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg came out and took Donald's billions and punched him in his stomach. They all gave one brilliant speech after another, both praising Hillary Clinton for her qualities and experience, but most importantly  hitting one bullseye after another at Trump that brick by brick built a wall of accusations that transformed the Republican Presidential nominee from the facade that people think of him, into the delusional tyrant who wants to rule the world and along the way hurt everyone and anything that gets in his way. And man they made a good team of prosecutors, I am very glad that the DNC went last this year, good luck with the liars on the RNC  with responding to the assault that Donald received. And Donald, sorry you are no Rocky.
I must mention that I didn't watch d
ay 3 of the Democratic National Convention live, I actually went to see a New York Mets baseball game. They lost, but it was the first time I was at their new ball park Citifield and I was pretty impressed, you did good fellas a major step up from Shea, sorry Mets fans. So anyway, once I got home after midnight, I had already read some of the highlights before I sat down to watch it. That said, when I did I was astounded how amazing each speaker had done. How each built upon the previous to construct a case against voting for Donald and why you should vote for Hillary.
"I trust Hillary Clinton with my son's life." Boom! Talk about a slogan for the campaign or for the ages! VP nominee Tim Kaine blew the 'Trust' issue off the table with his brilliant statement endorsing Hillary. Much of what he said, about his past was told when Hillary first introduced us to him as her running mate, but on that afternoon the world as a whole wasn't watching it. But even if you had seen it, last night what we saw was an inspired candidate and who ever wrote the speech is a pretty good wordsmith. Boring? That's how everyone keeps harping on, that's how the media described Tim Kaine as he was being discussed when his name was mentioned before Hillary announced. Well, whomever called him boring is nuts. Honestly by the end of his speech when he was listing the names of some of our most historic figures in our history. Both men and women and their most famous accomplishments it was thrilling,  by the time he finished his riff with Hillary at the climax, I was in tears. 
A seriously well written passage that definitely needs to be showcased on a loop and played non stop on Fox Faux News channels all across this great nation. And then he went on a tear off of Donald's bullshit motto "Believe me" using an hysterical 'Queens' accent each time he repeated Donald's favorites two words besides "Your fired!" He had the Convention on its feet, it was seriously great. And of course his comment that I already mentioned that he would trust Hillary to protect his now deployed overseas son, which might have been a bit over the top, but when you've got a son who volunteered to serve in the military service, use it. You think Donald wouldn't, look at how he showcases his kids. So, Donald argue against that, argue that he trusts Hillary with his son's life and he sure as Hell doesn't trust you with walking his dog. If you judge a candidate by who they choose as a running mate, I think Hillary won this round. Honestly the whole night was like that. Each person gave Hillary enough free material to run the table till November. 
And then President Barack Obama came out and blew the roof off, giving a speech for the ages. I mean seriously the man can make a speech as we've witnessed a lot over the last dozen years, but the way he both discussed his legacy, the country's reality as opposed to Trumps America, which Donald described as if we live in Mad Max's world. President Obama gave Hillary an endorsement that make all others seem like hate mail. Several of his knock-out blows were astonishing. "We don't look to be ruled." Boom! "And the American dream is something no wall will ever contain" Pow! 
And maybe the highlight of his whole speech was his beautiful shout out to Bernie Sanders, "Feel the Bern!" The smile on Bernie's face was priceless. 
The moment he said, what for me will be a line I will remember possibly to my last dying breath, was "That's why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end." I actually leaped to my feet and cheered. There you have it in one brilliant take down, the campaign of Treasonous Trump, our first American dictator in training. 
And then we had the picture that will be showcased for years. Our newly minted Democratic Nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, walked on stage and the two world leaders hugged. Yes world leaders, something Donald J. Trump could never say or seemingly understand. And the place went off its hinges. I mean what can you say, if you viewed it, it was truly an amazing moment in our history. 
So tonight, Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother to the world, she will tell us who Hillary is to her. After last weeks Trump family singers came out one by one extolling their father as practically the second coming, it will be simply a beautiful thing to watch a woman, who've we've all watched grow up into an extraordinary woman in her own right extol the virtues of the woman she knows.  And then Hillary Clinton will come out and speak and the world will stop, not to see what she says, but trying to compare her to Obama's speech, and Michelle's speech and her husbands or even our Vice Presidents, but she doesn't need to compare. As we've been discovering, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can make a mean speech , a great speech and knock it out of the park. I can finally say I witnessed it in person a few months back in Brooklyn. So tonight the world will sit back and hopefully see the woman whom I have been following for decades. And then her husband, former President and future First Dude, will enter the stage and the place will go nuts. And then Tim Kaine will appear. All I can say is tonight, nobody call me, I will be busy watching our next President truly showcase why she will be our next and first Woman President. I for one can not wait.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Talk about putting on a show, plus Bernie makes every Democrat's fantasies come true by pulling a Hillary!

Wow, if you are a Hillary Clinton fan, a Democrat and more importantly an American, yesterday was pretty much a perfect day. From nominating speeches for both candidates, which got the crowds loud, you could feel the emotion in the room beginning. And then the roll-call that showcased how Democrats from two opposing candidates that sounded like they were at war with each other, even as this day was beginning, seemed to go about the events as a patriotic duty and not a partisan call to arms. And I was already on the edge of my seat. Then it began, one by one each state came up to bat and the numbers showcased what was already known, that Hillary Clinton was the nominee. I think seeing the vote tally helped lower the volume on those still not with her, but before I had that realization, I was discovering a beautiful thing happening. It was turning out that even the states that voted for Bernie Sanders, all announced hers as 'and for the next President of The United States' and it was thrilling to watch and to listen to. And as the realization that what I had dreamed about for decades was coming true, my eyes began to tear. Which emptied when Bernie Sanders' brother Larry Sanders made his beautiful speech, which was followed by Bernie doing exactly what Hillary had done 8 years earlier. He stood up and said the words everyone well at a lot of us had been waiting for:
"Madam chair, I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. I move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates, be reflected in the official record, and I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States," Bernie Sanders 
And the convention erupted as it hadn't before. And pretty much that was the end of all the suspense. There were of course a few still angry fans of Bernie who left the event, I presume trying to make statement. 
Yesterday as the events of the previous day was still in my mind, how the notion that the Democratic party was cracking at its seams, well I had a revelation about the seemingly unbowed Bernie Sander's followers. Everyone keeps telling us the loud voices are showcasing the Democratic Party seemingly fractured. I mean watching the first day's events unfolding, how could you not make that assumption.
The other day I heard a number that answered all my questions about all of those boo's. The number 47. That's the percentage of delegates that Bernie won. Not 5%, not 20%, but 47%. Of course there will be discourse. It's not like the Republican Party, where basically we had Trump and a bunch of clowns... We basically had a three person race for a while then a two person race till now. Almost half those people in that room were for Bernie Sanders.
Sadly by Bernie, playing the magical card to his followers, that somehow all the Super delegates would flip in a flash, change their votes was well delusional. Which is why when you see his followers act to some like spoiled brats who didn't get their way, one should take a step back and realize how you would react if the shoe was on the other foot. Everybody can we please just get a long, to save our world from a President Donald J. Trump! It's not like the Republican Party, where basically we had Trump and a bunch of clowns...They keep harping about how many voters there were. Remember there were 16 candidates, thats a lot of supporters. A lot who did and didn't vote for Donald J. Trump. If there were the normal amount of candidates, say 5 or even 8, I would bet that the number of voters for the Republican nomination would have been a lot lower. It wasn't that there was more interest in the Republican party, it was just that the Democrats had basically 3 well really 2 candidates. And in an odd way, Donald is running as an incumbent. All the other clowns who ran were, well clowns. Even though he wasn't a politician, Donald has been a face and a voice for decades in Americans homes, and now he is officially the face of his party. That is something people don't see to understand. For decades Donald has been a feature in our living rooms, portrayed as a lovable personality, and Hillary has been showcased as for the most part, as not so nice. Most of his racist talk, his hatred of Muslims and women and the disabled, weren't discussed until he announced his candidacy. In fact the same same networks that spend 24/7 showing the Donald with praise is the same one for decades that has showcased a woman that should be burnt at the stake. There's reason that so many people don't like her or as the media keeps pushing, trust her.
After yesterdays historic roll-call and Hillary was given the honor of being the first woman to ever be getting a major party's nomination, then the real entertainment started. Speaker after speaker told us how Hillary had personally helped them in their lives, it was seriously an eye-opener. And the quality of the presentation made you sit up and ponder if the event was gonna win the next years Emmy award for Best Entertainment Program! And then former President Bill Jefferson Clinton came up and gave a brilliant history lesson that separates the fantasy that the media and the haters have tried to tar her with, with the reality of who she really is. While I'll admit some of it I found a little too much, especially when he described how he chased her, until she said the big "yes" especially knowing his history and the scandals that almost wrecked his Presidency. But we needed to hear it from her life partner, the person who knows her best, we needed to humanize a woman who really isn't someone who ever expected to run for office.
When Clinton, basically said, he was worried that by her marrying him, that she might be ruining her chance for a future political career, that for me was the moment to sit back and say yes! What an astonishing statement. He basically said she was the brains in the family, I mean we are talking about a great President telling 'us' that she could be better. For me, thats all I needed to hear. Again, I was sold. 
The only part of the entire evening's events that I found a little too much was when Hillary appeared magically at the event on the big screen as she was digitally shattering that last glass ceiling. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but when her face appeared after seeing all the previous Presidents and didn't seem to move for a second or two and then she began to speak, it felt more like Big Brother was watching us or I have to say it or cause I was thinking it, the wicked witch looking down at Oz. Luckily the camera pulled back eventually and she seemed more human, but for a few moments, I thought that that image was gonna be ridiculed by the haters. I hope what I just wrote, doesn't give anyone suggestions.
That said, what a glorious day for Hillary Clinton. If you want to push disunity, look at the Republican party not at the Democratic. Which of course brings me to Donald J. Trump, because he seems to have lost his marbles or worse. Going on the air and suggesting to Russia to release Hillary's 30,000 emails that she deleted. Trying to deflect from the now ever growing serious charges against him and his campaign manager of possible treasonous activities with the Russians, the Democrats have begun using the charges against him as a weapon and he is obviously not happy. So now he is trying to disrupt the DNC with his comments, trying desperately to get some air time. As far as I know, there used to be an unwritten rule, that each candidate would chill out for the length of the other's convention. Well as we've seen so far, no rules apply to Donald, maybe now even treasonous ones.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Just as my worst nightmares were coming true the voices of reason spoke up and my fears changed into happiness and my frown was turned upside down.

Well that was exhausting, I woke up yesterday to discover that the Democratic party, was imploding right in front my eyes. All the news outlets were gleefully discussing the days big events as earth-shattering news. And the worst part of all of it was Donald J. Trump practically drooling discussing the issues of the DNC. And honestly as I saw the thousands of people seemingly booing Hillary Clinton inside the arena for the first time in the entire campaign it felt like Donald J. Trump could actually win this election. I hadn't felt that once during the RNC, but as the day went on, it seemed all Hell had broken loose as the fans of Bernie Sanders seemed to turn on their leader. Sorry 'they' were saying, we don't care what he wants anymore, its all about us. Seems the newest members of the fraternity of voters in America aren't concerned who gets elected, as long as its the person they want to elect. No thoughts of the ramifications of what will happen if Donald wins, in fact they don't seem to know or understand either nominee's policies or platforms. All they care about is voting for Bernie, because he's their guy. I get it, but it is like banging your head against the wall when you listen to them explain their reasons for not voting for Hillary, even after Bernie said to.
That said, once the convention really got under way, after some rough waters early in the day, the mood in the arena began to rise. Even with several attempts by a small but very vocal group of Bernie supporters trying to spoil opening night, it pretty much was smooth sailing for most of the evening. And unlike the Republican National Convention not a single seat was empty, except for when the entire arena were giving standing ovations on multiple occasions.
For me watching the first night's event, is such a stark contrast to any of the evenings at the Republican National Convention. And talk about speakers, last night, one by one, celebrity and politician, citizen, both illegal and American each came out and hit it out the park. Even the entertainment was miles above what the Republicans had showcased. I mean the songs they performed were perfect, even the theme music made sense. Maybe Donald J. Trump should have let somebody else run the show? Or better yet, maybe they should have chosen a different candidate, or at least a better DJ. And for some reason, I don't think any of the musicians they played yesterday will be threatening to sue Hilary because the DNC used it. 
During the evenings telecast, I changed the channel a few times just to see how the coverage was, or sometimes if there was either a commercial or I noticed someone was on the stage talking, but the talking heads were ignoring them. And not surprisingly each channels talking points pretty much went the usual way you would figure. The Fox channels, were discussing the tension in the room, the implosion of the party because of the email scandals, and of course making light of the possibility of Russia's involvement in the DNC hacking. Hysterically they were not happy with how their convention was being characterized by the liberal media. I say 'their' convention, because that's the problem with the Fox Faux News networks, how can they be objective when they're siding or more appropriate, promoting one party? I mean the most bought and paid of the crowd Sean Hannity was closing the night out with his opinion of the Democratic calamity in Philadelphia. They were actually making fun about the fact that people had called the RNC a sad, pathetic joke. Yuck Yuck! And that was how they discussed the entire night. I wonder what they are thinking now? Maybe oh oh, or spin that new email scandal, and make sure to make it seem like yesterday was the end of the beginning of the Democrats in the White House. Pretty pathetic. The rest of the media, seemed to at least discuss the events like they really occurred. Well we already know how Donald is spinning it. He was just on television whining that ISIS wasn't mentioned once railing against them because they are so afraid to even speak that hateful title he has deemed the proper way to describe the terrorists, damn the ramifications for using it. Guess he doesn't realize what this convention is all about. Much like yours Donald, its all about Hillary or better said, its all about us, and not you except to make sure you should never step foot in the White House.
I do find one very bad pattern I'm noticing with the talking heads, why are so many Republicans showcased on CNN & MSNBC cause every single thing they say is Democrats are bad and Republicans are good. I didn't see the reverse at the RNC. And whenever a Democrat was on Fox, every question had to do with the email hacking, and the guests had to pull teeth to basically say, 'no, lets talk about Hillary and why they're for her'. It was seriously insane.
Funnily enough the moment that made the evening really begin for me was by a Bernie Sanders celebrity endorser. None other then Sarah Silverman. She came out with Senator Al Franken to introduce Paul Simon, seemingly to kill sometime before the great singer was ready, and she wasn't taking any nonsense from the 'protesters' in the room. Lets call them what they are, and basically smacked the Berniebots out of their collective stupor by simply saying that they're "being ridiculous" and the place awoke with cheers. And basically that was the end of any protests on day one.
But what we did get was a whose who in the Democratic party's progressive wing. Each person who came up to bat, especially Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and finally Bernie Sanders showcased why Hillary Clinton should be our next President. What she has done in her career, why she is the most accomplished and what she will bring to the White House, by the end, I was blown away by what they had presented. And on a number of occasions I found myself getting quite emotional, not as emotional as the followers of Bernie Sanders, that my friends will come on Thursday night when Hillary walks up on stage. I'm pretty positive that when President Bill Clinton brings the house down, and/or when Chelsea Clinton introduces her mother as the next President of these United States I most likely will make last nights cry babies look like smiling Cheshire cats. But as I was listening to First Lady Michelle Obama, wife of the current President, that's when I probably was the most emotional. Listening to a woman whose lived what Hillary had as First Lady, whose has seen her husband run our nation for more then 7 years, she of all the people on our planet know what its like to be in that Oval office, and listening to her describe the reasons why Hillary is the person she wants to run our nation for the sake of her children's future and all of our children's futures, well come on, can anyone touch that? And most importantly she brought up Donald's despicable Birther lies. Then Elizabeth Warren, came out and even though she's not the Vice Presidential choice, like I was kind of fantasizing about, her speech destroying Trump where he stands, and showcasing again why Hillary needs to be our next President was brilliant.  
And then Bernie closed out the night, and no it wan't his standard Bernie Sanders stomp speech. He did go on promoting what he accomplished, what 'they' accomplished, and brought up the differences between Hillary and himself. But as he has been doing lately, he transitioned his stomp speech and ion this occasion, his speech morphed into a full throttle endorsement of Hillary Clinton. He gave everyone who was for him the reasons why he's now with her and most importantly why they should be with her too! I must admit, I was a little taken aback by the love fest that greeted him as he entered to thunderous applause that went on way too long. But it was also thrilling to see how much love they have for him, and for a few moments or rather what felt like a few hours, Bernie fans was saying a big thank you to him. It was also, really their last grasp effort to try to sway the electorate. But Bernie, a man of his word, did exactly what he promised, and gave a 'huge' speech that should hopefully end this delusional convention mutiny that some are trying to pull off. It will be interesting when they do the roll call today, how the remaining hold-outs will act. 
So in a matter of hours we went from the total collapse of the democratic party, to a party that seems to be pretty much unified, t he opposite of what happened in Cleveland. I must mention that at one point after Bernie spoke, I turned on Fox Faux News and Rudy Giuliani was talking and he jokingly said "what he got out of it was that most of the people in that hall wanted Bernie" and I screamed at my television and changed it back to MSNBCOne last note about the first day at the DNC, there was more people of color on that stage, then probably appeared in the convention in Cleveland all week. Talk about a contrast in America's, a true picture of whats right and whats wrong in American politics. 
So basically it was one emotional day, that probably ended as good as it could have for Hillary Clinton, especially with the way the day began. And it showcases the one big difference between the parties, the Democrats are all together in their desire to not elect Donald J. Trump and to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, while the Republicans seemed to have surrendered to their own reality. Sadly they are stuck with him, lets do our best to camouflage the truth about our nominee, perhaps we won't lose too badly in November. Well as they say, today is another day, and after yesterdays opener I can only imagine how great tonight will be. That is unless something else unpredictable happens to try to spoil Hillary's historic Presidential election.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Is it possible that all my hopes and dreams were disappearing or was this actually just the Russians playing games with our Democracy? 
Wow, not the morning I expected. I woke up all smiles everything light and sunny and then I received my first 'push' and the smile was wiped away from my face. Seems, the DNC hack that was released yesterday has put a spin on today's opening events that scarily might have ramifications in real world events. If the conspiracy theory that is now being drummed up by the Clinton campaign and most importantly the FBI, which announced they are investigating the hacking by the Russian based organization, that calls themselves Guccifer 2.0, it's possible if true that Putin himself ordered the hack! We have seen, for months, Donald J. Trump cozy up to the Russian leader, most of us joked about it, some of us wondered what was his motivation? Seemingly he loves dictators and he seems to spout off some of their rhetoric, so any discovered connection between Vladimir and the hackers, would be a gigantic international incident. In fact, Donald Junior was already interviewed and he made light of the accusations. Of course calling it the Democratic way of trying to cover up the guilty Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Seemingly with this one email dump, everything Donald J. Trump has been suggesting is now true. Because of one email. Everything he has said is peachy cool, all his hate speech, all his rhetoric, or his lack of plans are fine, lets drop kick Hillary because of emails that Debbie as far as I can discover said no to. She didn't agree and say lets do it, she responded that this wasn't a good idea to attack Bernie on his faith. 
Of course, I must admit, I personally did question Bernie's faith or queried it because of some of his actions at the time, like speaking on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar at a Church, seemed odd. If you look back at the beginning of this campaign you will find some of my questions, and as I always use as my defense on it, I am Jewish and some of his speeches I found to be anti-Jewish and there is that whole being into Fidel that bothered me. That said I am not affiliated with the campaign, just a fan of the great lady, so, sadly since she is, and this was in the conversation at all, Debbie has to go, and she did. Thats the end of one side of the story. But for me the story really has to be about who hacked the DNC, why wasn't this looked into when it happened? Why didn't we get a congressional hearing on this? One of the two major political parties get hacked and nothing! Just a blurb in the press and jokes from the other side and the so-called liberal media, which if they were so pro Hillary as others claim, they certainly are doing their best to hide it. Why did they wait for the release of the documents in the first place? So now the damage is done, and more damage is gonna be done. And the talking points aren't me must find the hackers, lets find the guilty, no, the talking points are, lets blame the Hillary campaign, and Debbie for they planned this all… simply amazing how its always Hillary. 
I am not forgiving what was written, but can we have a little perspective? She has been punished, just turn on your TV, the woman has now been branded a witch by many. Sadly this could actually end her political career and war criminals like Oliver North are celebrated. Wow, but she resigned and she is facing her punishment, like a grown up. So not  a Republican result. Was Russia involved? Meaning was the leader of their country involved with hacking the DNC and is he is cahoots with Donald J. Trump?  Thats the main question I want answered by the FBI.
Wouldn't it be ironic if Donald becomes President, and he gets Impeached for making a deal with Putin to help elect him President. It always cracks me up that every single thing that the Democrats do is wrong, is evil, that there is a conspiracy with everything! But when it's about them, the Democrats are covering up something, even their own conspiracies are the Democrats fault. Russian hackers, hacked the DNC, why didn't they hack Donald J. Trump or the RNC, I'm serious?  
When it was learned Paul Manafort would be leading Donald's campaign, a man with lots of dealing with the Russian's and other not so nice individuals, that should have warned everyone that anything like this was possible. In March of 2016 he joined their campaign, the hacking happened in June of 2016. Coincidence or maybe not. Just throwing that out for the conspiracy nuts out there who like me are beginning to wonder what and who is behind this and why? Well just hoping by tonight's opening gavel, the uproar, would have subsided and we can get the real show to begin. Or will this morning's uproar be the end of the beginning for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Oy, I need a sedative.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016


This in a nutshell is whats wrong with America in the year 2016?

Read this quote: “And now all of a sudden they’re saying these horrible things about him,” he continued. “It’s very sad. Because he’s a very good person. I’ve always found him to be just a very, very good person. And by the way, a very, very talented person. Look what he’s done. So I feel very badly.” -- Donald J Trump
"Look at what he's done"!  Yes look at what he's done! Is it me? Heck maybe I am crazy, I drank reality's koolaid and I am blind from the truth. Excuse me and WTF! Look, screw the business end, we are discussing a crime, remember? By the end of this storyline, it looks like Roger Ailes is gonna make Bill Cosby seem like a saint. I mean the numbers are becoming staggering, over 25 alleged victims!  
And this defense of a perpetual sexual harasser, is being told by a man who can see 'crooked' in a heart beat. In fact he loves to bark it out, look all the people we should believe is crooked because he says so. No evidence just his word "Believe me or Trust me!" They want to stone Hillary for 'classified' emails that weren't even classified, but we should believe Donald "Because he’s a very good person. I’ve always found him to be just a very, very good person. And by the way, a very, very talented person. Look what he’s done."  
Guess, Donald never witnessed any of Roger's sexual picadilios or maybe he has. Maybe if Donald was a woman, he might have looked at what Roger was accused of doing  and saw it differently. And sorry, Mr. Ailes, wouldn't have resigned or retired or whatever the excuse he will tell to his grave and in his next bestselling autobiography which will come out probably before the story ends. “And now all of a sudden they’re saying these horrible things about him,” Thats right Donald, that's how it works, sadly thats how it usually happens. Woman complain or don't because of number of reasons, usually they lose their jobs, or their careers because they dared to complain. And forever they will be known as the person who accused 'him' as the 'slut'. The men involved get promotions, are celebrated and live like kings. 
Well in this case by not fighting this, Roger Ailes has I guess admitted the truth. By saving his flagship faux news networks, he is doing the right thing. The damage that this could have inflicted on his babies which could've been in the Billions, and by resigning, he might have just saved the company itself. So he'll come out of this smelling like a rose, being the hero in all this, and sadly most of the woman will be branded 'gold diggers' liars and whores. And yes, I've already read some of those commentaries online. It really pays to be a rich old white man in America.
You think I'm kidding, have you been paying attention the last dozen years or so? So The Donald comes out and defends his friend. "Because he’s a very good person". Its amazing how many 'good people' we discover to be sexual perverts or worse, and I haven't brought up the church once. Donald, how good he is in your viewpoint, has nothing to do with the reasons he's left the building. He did bad things… wait a minute, I get it! I get it. Its as plain as the nose on my face. When an old creepy white dude does anything perverted to women, thats cool, is that it Donald? Its always the woman's fault, the men are just being, well men!
Now that alone should have shut Donald up, but the fact that his positions on woman's issues are so ridiculous. Especially after listening to Ivanka's creation of a false Donald, his defense of a serial harasser is obnoxious. Does he not want to get any female voters. Well 'delusional' Donald, seems to be so out of touch with 21st century values that I assume he regards the sexual harassment as simply the norm of the business world. 
The big problem in all this is, Roger Ailes is helping Donald J Trump's campaign, as It's been reported that he's advising Donald, and if you watch Fox Faux News at all you know they are basically his promotional channels. Seriously FCC, give me a break, pull their licenses till election day, they can not be playing by any semblance whats allowed.
And sadly and unbelievability, we've got another conspiracy about emails. Yes we do! Seems when the DNC was hacked a few months back, they might have caught the mother load. Three years of Benghazi, nothing, one hack, everything! So Wikileaks is now releasing what they call "Hillary leaks" which they will be bringing out from time to time, I presume in their special way, just to hurt Hillary Clinton as much as possible. And before you could say Benghazi, the Democrats have already announced that Debbie would resign as chairwoman of the National Democratic Committee. Simply wow, in this new world of instant access, and 24 hour news, things like this can happen in an afternoon. Sadly of course, we still have to deal with situations like Flint, Michigan or the ZIKA virus, that never ever get dealt with. Which of course makes the swiftness of this resignation that much more amazing.
The sad thing in all this is the way people jumped on this as soon as it leaked. I understand why the Berniebots are going after this, but can't we wait till we hear all the facts before we fry the person accused. No, no we can't, lets convict her. And we have. And the media is chomping down at it. And even MSNBC is all in, they've spent most of today talking about one thing, how is this gonna derail Hillary's convention. Melania Trump writes a speech, excuse me, her speechwriters wrote a speech that plagiarizes Michelle Obama, and she gets a pat on the back, Debbie Wasserman Schultz's possibly read an email or wrote an email, one email and she's out. This seems to be the way the world works now a days. We spend years and millions of dollars trying to destroy Hillary Clinton over debunked theories and George Walker Bush starts a war with the wrong nation and we discuss his paintings. So Debbie has already been spanked, her speech at the DNC has been scrapped, and now she lost her gig. And sadly Donald J. Trump has more ammunition to use. I guess we will see how this effects the election, and if emails, even those not sent to Hillary, will continue to be the never ending nightmare to the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  
One interesting twist in all this is that possibly this whole hacking situation, which was reportedly done by Russian packers. Well now there's a theory that will blow your mind! Since Donald J. Trump has been so nice to Vladimir Putin, that its possible the hackers, that they are being run by Putin. Told you, now we are talking conspiracies! In other words, somehow, Donald and Vladimir are working together to win the White House. I know its seems totally far-fetched but come on, what a concept.  Are you telling me with everything we witnessed so far, that this is finally the thing that is too unbelievable. How funny, for even though I just heard about this 10 minutes ago, the more i think about it, the more i'm going wait a minute. We need a Congressional hearing to discover whose behind the hacks. Wouldn't it be amazing, that at the end of the day we will all learn that Donald J. Trump made a deal with the Kremlin. now thats a plot I want to see on film. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, July 24, 2016