Monday, July 04, 2016


Isn't there some kind of crime when you showcase Nazi propaganda? Seems that's all we've been getting on air and online, and frankly I'm sick of it.


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, Y'ALL! So when did America become the land of Donald TrumpWhen did news become Page 7, all the time? I understand that in this day and age of 24/7 news, there's a lot of air time to fill. But when does did my online life and news info turn into the 2nd coming of The Third Reich? For the last few days,we've been swamped by images of the Star of David used as a prop to promote hate from what's rapidly turning into the second coming of Adolf! Is it just me and when does this madness stop? And as you will notice here, I refuse to showcase his tweet, his image, and any of his hate speech.
In the last few days we have been inundated with Nazi propaganda. First the tweet, then the reporting of the tweet. then the anger attacking the tweet, then the removal of the tweet by Trump, and then the excuses, and then the media discusses all of the above, and every time, they showcase the vile image. Simply by Nazi imagery added by the oldest insult in the world about Jews and money, against Hillary Clinton is simply beyond disgusting. And to come out, lying straight faced that this wasn't meant as anything anti-semitic is frankly pathetic and vile. Not one apology, not one, even if He didn't mean it, no, I realize maybe I could have offended someone. My bad! Nothing. Instead, as usual, when ever he's cornered about another one of his ugly remarks or comments, he's goes after the media accusing them of making it into what it's not... and no,Trump surrogates, the star of David, is not the same star that sheriff's wear across the land… stop thinking that we are fools. And all along, we keep getting the Nazi images that he originally got from a White Supremacy website, splashed everywhere. Proudly!
What are we living a movie during World War II? It feels like I haven't seen this much Nazi propaganda showcased on television, since maybe The Munich Olympics of 1939. Enough. I could almost bet Trump's watching The Producers and humming Springtime for Hitler, not realizing it's Mel Brooks making an ass of the Adolf, not celebrating his evil.   
Isn't there some kind of shut off on accounts that promote hate speech. Shouldn't Twitter and Facebook close down Donald? Half of his tweets could be seriously considered spreading the Nazi brotherhood, how is it that he's allowed to continue doing this. And lets not forget how he opened his campaign. A smear spear against Mexicans. So, has he taken it up a a notch or down one, the evil is huge in him. I understand about his First Amendment Rights, but what about our rights? I'm serious here. On this Independence Day, shouldn't we look at what Mr. trump is pitching? And if is as I suppose it is, then maybe these social network sites should be fined for allowing it. Anyone? Or should we just let it continue as he hates his way to a possible Presidency. 
Is it me but it seems, he's not running for President anymore, he's running to be The Fuhrer, and I'm sorry, this isn't 1941, and we aren't in Germany. We are in The United States in the year 2016, remember? 
Since he announced his candidacy he has showcased over on multiple times, racist comments that were originated on White Supremacy sites, each time he responds to questions about it with innocence and attacks to those querying him. As if, we don't know where he found them, as if, they the media, were the guilty ones and he's just being misunderstood. And each time the media allows it. And as is the case with social media, his hatred gets repeated and repeated everywhere. Till we seem to numb to it. To have someone fein no knowledge of White Supremacist leaders, and then to keep using images and items found on their site, really showcases the truth and how little of it that Donald says. 
I've heard him speak about the jewish state, He's a friend of Israel, supposedly,  yet, he keeps showcasing imagery that me thinks he could get a life sentence there or a firing squad.  Or at least a good smack down by the media. But nope, in the United States of America, as we celebrate July 4th, we continue to get this fowl stench flooding our airwaves, and I for one have had enough. 

Just one man's opinion,
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, July 4 2016 

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