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Seems the Republican leader has just given the perfect reasoning to elect Hillary Clinton and the Democrats into office… from the mouth of babes!

I've never been a fan of Republican Representative, Paul Ryan. I've disliked his politics, his vile suggestions of destroying Social Security, medicare and of course Obamacare. His love of the voucher when it comes to getting your health care or life support checks from the government. And of course the smooth way in which he got talked into accepting the House Speaker job in the first place, was one for the record books. Or for his many, moments of silences that seem to be the only thing our nation can do to solve our problems and lets not forget, his ad campaigns that he's been bringing out, that surely looks like his first commercials for his 2020 Presidential campaign. 
But now after years of simply hating the man, I have to stand up and applaud him. Not for anything he's done, or for seeing the light and mending his ways, or standing up and telling the word what a slime he is, but for giving the Democrats the best present they could ever get from a Republican. The perfect tag line for every attack against electing the republicans back into office. That's right, Mr. Speaker of the house was well speaking on a Milwaukee conservative talk show, hosted by a Charlie Sykes and said these magic words, a call to arms if you will to all those who wish that he and his friends would simply disappear into the ocean of time… 

"Win elections and get the majority, then you set the agenda"

Yup, there you go. It turns out that the Republicans in power are using their power to set the agenda. Not that was any surprise. It has nothing to do with the real world tor helping our citizens. This of course is also happening in the Senate which is also sadly led by Republicans. Either they refuse to even discuss why they won't take up a vote or when they do its because of a tragedy that just occurred and they're pushed by fate to actually say something, and sadly what comes out of theirs mouth, half the time can't see print.
Well, Paul Ryan just answered everything with this simple statement… you want a vote, vote us outYou want real change, elect the Democrats. There seems to be no time on their schedule to fit in any talks about Zika or the wars, or infrastructure or anything, but there is always room for another Benghazi related witch hunt. The time and money they have wasted as of now boggles the mind.
And listening to the members of the crew who are in charge of the slanted political witch hunt, it seems no amount of proof or should I write debunked proof seems to sway their opinions. They want her dead… maybe not dead, but sadly I'll suggest they wouldn't shed any tears if she had an accident. The way they look at her, talk about her, as if she is the Devil incarnate boggles the mind. Of course, I look at most of them the say way, so I understand this is personal. At least I hope my hateful stares are warranted… theirs seems to coming from a brainwashed, paid off mindset.
The problem is, I'm not in political power like these people are. People elected them into office to do a job, and they're aren't doing their jobs. They have one agenda, to stop Hillary, screw it if thousands of people are dying day by day, that's not important, ending her is. They are participating in a witch hunt and refusing to do the peoples business. 
So thank you Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for actually saying that if you want something done in Washington, vote the other guys in! All I can say is, thanks for your advice. Thanks for suggesting that in November we should elect all of your buddies out and bring in a majority of Democrats and then we can actually get things accomplished… again.
Just imagine, the last time the Democrats had the majority President Obama, gave us health care. And if we did get a Democrat majority again, as with years before, when we got the Brady Bill, comprehensive gun control would be enacted in Washington. Again, as with Obamacare, saving millions of lives every day. So, vote in the Democrats and you get infrastructure, education, gun control, immigration, and the end of the Benghazi witch hunt. And as opposed to the Republicans who never cease in finding ways to go after the other side, The Democrats won't go after the Bush ear war criminals, even if they should. Even though this is a hearing we need to get, but as before when Ford pardoned Nixon, the Democrats will showcase their adult mind set and not waste millions of dollars on trying to figure out a way to fry our ex President, Vice President and any and all war mongers that should be convicted of something. 
What gets me in all this, is, the last time the Democrats were in power, after surviving the W Bush White House years, instead of going after the war criminals, they enacted laws to help people. They spent their time on solving the whole mess that George W got us in, doing what we elected them to do, fixing the economy and tying to get us out of the mess in the many wars that George started. And instead of helping the Democrats, they double downed on their failed policies, arguing that the new guy didn't know what he was saying,and that he wasn't even American! And somehow they bewitched enough people into believing them that they somehow took over Washington. Getting the majority while promising to do the job the Democrats refused to. But instead of them trying to continue the fix up, they did two things. Stop anything President Obama tried to do, and go after Hillary Clinton. For that is the agenda of the Republican Party, not to help Americans but to hurt anyone and everyone who doesn't follow their lead.
Well, lets hope with the help of Paul Ryan's message, Vote us out, if you want something actually done, this will resonate with the voters and even the Republicans will wake up and say, you know what he's right. I mean he is the Speaker of the House, right? He must know better, right?. Well if the Speaker says in order to get Gun Control accomplished then the Democrats need to be in control, then I guess, the Democrats need to be in control. I mean if the choice is more of the same, more moments of silence and more bills sponsored by the NRA that actually make matters most, I think its time to give back the majority to the Democrats in both Houses. And this year that is possible if the people come out and vote. Hopefully the historic trouncing that the Democrats took in 2012 could be flipped on its axis, and the house would be righted again, back to Democratic majorities.
If you look at the polls, the House and Senate are historically disliked in our nation, one would think that that would be a good indicator on how our next election will be decided. One would think that after 4 years of Majority status, where they've practically done nothing to warrant another term, the public would vote the suckers out. That's how they got in, in the first place, arguing that the Democrats were failing us, pushing the narrative that The Democrats and our Presdient were moving too slow, that our economy wasn't recovering fast enough, that it was he who had gotten us into the war in the first place  and pushing the same old policies that got us into the mess we were in in the first place, and that some how the Republicans would right the ship with pixie dust. And the American people, dumbed down by cable news conspiracies and still suffering under the weight of our recession, started wanting to believe anything that might make their lives better. So either people didn't vote or the ones who did, decided that Obama had taken too long to deliver on his promises, let's try the other guys. Why not, how bad could they be, we've never had them in charge, maybe they could do better, I mean they talk a great game. But instead, what we got was a sad pathetic joke, a group of seemingly paid off treasonous lackeys whose only mission is to gain power and destroy the very fabric of our nation. 
As we've witnessed hearing after hearing after hearing as they tried to find the one thing that would tear her down that is all they have. And in this week of seemingly daily bloodshed, instead of saying, it time to call a hearing on something related to guns and violence, there seems to be no time for that, but they instantly had time for a hearing to discuss how the FBI couldn't find Hillary guilty Fine, FBI Director Comey, did let out enough bread crumbs that even I couldn't argue against that, even though I did. But after this latest charade, when it seemed we had discovered that all those bread crumbs that got the Republicans foaming at the mouth was well… nothing. Actually helping Hillary in the process, instead of calling it a day, the Republicans in the committee are disregarding any semblance of facts and are now considering further hearings which probably will end the day before election day or maybe after. Seemingly on the day Hillary is inaugurated, she will go on trial for Impeachment!
So what would you do? Let this charade continue, let nothing get accomplished in Washington next year too, or do as the Speaker says, elect the Democrats in and lets move the country forward. 
Well for once, I'm gonna listen to the man. Sadly my vote won't make much of a difference, since where I live the Democrats are already in power. But if there are enough people living elsewhere where The Republicans are in power, they have the chance to actually make a difference. Please listen to your Speaker of the House. Listen to his advice and vote the Democrats in your district, in your town, in your congressional district and state senate. They say the public might hate the congress, but they love their individual representatives. Well, if yours has been doing what the rest of the Republicans has been, maybe you should sit up and realize that they need to be voted out. Heck, Paul Ryan just gave you permission. 

To read more of this, here's one of the articles I found that discusses the conversation between Paul Ryan and Charlie Sykes

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