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As I predicted on June 29, 2016, the recent inquisition against Hillary won't be the last one on Paul Ryan's watch

Sometimes I hate being right. As I expected, but quicker then even I could imagine, the Republicans, specifically Speaker of the House, the honorable, well not in this lifetime, Paul Ryan, has announced that he wants to use FBI director, Republican, James Comey's, public flogging against Hillary Clinton, as an excuse to go after her again. Another missed it by this much has only agitated the haters even more, or was that the plan all along?
Republicans demand new investigation of Hillary Clinton investigation, that was one of the headlines I read today. As I mentioned yesterday, after watching Comey's obnoxious attempt to upstage the President and Hillary's big event later that day, I found his diatribe against her odd. I wrote a piece about the event, yesterday, which should have been a simple, we found no just cause to indict her, so she's free and clear. But instead, we got an opening speech by a prosecutor attacking the accused. Even though, she's not guilty of any crimes, he spent a good or is that a bad 20 minutes going after her. Making her sound guilty of something. And listening afterwards, to all the talking heads, especially those in the Republican world of insanity, they were all stunned that she wasn't gonna be tried and fried. Or hung by the neck, or put up against the wall or better yet, given the electric chair.
"We're gonna have hearings" Ryan said in an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, "There are a lot of unanswered questions."
But then to have Paul Ryan come out and basically say, we need to get to the bottom of this, we need another hearing! Look at what Mr. FBI man said. She's got to be guilty! There has to be a crime! So as before with the Benghazi hearing(s), which were set up to discover what went wrong, why and how to fix the problem so it won't happen again, we got a witch hunt to find anything to hang on her. But as usual, they couldn't find the smoking gun, which of course means something must a miss. So now Paul comes out and says we'll gonna get a new hearing to discover how the FBI could not indict her. Must be a criminal act there somewhere. Basically until these haters are out of office, they're gonna go after her for breathing.
So of course that means Tarmac-gate! I guess that's what we'll gonna call this scandal. I mean a few days after former President Clinton, runs into Loretta Lynch, the FBI comes out and says no charges? Must be criminal, there has to be a criminal activities in there somewhere, right?
Perhaps he and the Republicans planned this in advance, how else can you explain his actions. I actually think, Comey should be investigated, because he publicly signaled what the newest hearing would be about. Practically did an outline of the inquiry for their next inquisition. I understand this entire year has been unprecedented, they keep telling us that, so why should his public accusations, which I hear is unheard of be any different. And instead of simply announcing that no charges would be filed, he went out of his way to accuse her of wrong doing, but not enough that this could ever go to court. No wonder the haters are confused, or is that just phony indignation to help them get what they want, another witch hunt? 
Of course if you listen to all of the so-called legal experts, who say they aren't lawyers, but… I'm sorry, you're not a lawyer, or even if you used to be, it doesn't make you one now. Shut up and tell us what you do know, conspiracies and accusations made from thin air. And stop acting like you're the expert, you're a hired hand, whose memorized talking points, get over yourselves. 
So there you have it, if Paul Ryan does what he threatened,  the Republicans will get what they wished another Impeachment. Me thinks that was their plan all along, that is if Hillary wins the White House, that instead of her entering the building, she would be headed to a cell. Trump keeps saying, that one of his first actions as President is to throw crooked Hillary into jail. I guess, if Paul Ryan has his way, maybe this time he'll get his wish.

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