Tuesday, October 01, 2019


So I took a vacation, to get away at least for a while. Sadly, once I returned, Trump 'joked' he was The Second Coming, and then it actually got worse! But thanks to his own treasonous behavior, Donald might finally put himself and his lying minions into their proper places… out of power, in prison, or on death row.

ITS BEEN A WHILE, sorry if this one goes on a little long, but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Way too many things have come and gone before I’ve been even finished my thoughts on them, let alone write something for the world to see. Each seismic event worthy of at least some sort of smack down. Each in their own way unprecidented, criminal and possibly treasonous. But because of the onslaught of events, all seemingly quickly forgotten by the next blockbuster that in the old days could be a month’s worth of stories to tell, if not years. But now before you can even come up with the handle on it or see the big picture, something else happens which puts all your thoughts and all the ideas in a pile with yesterdays news. Well I think its necessary, to at least mention or recap at least some of what has happened. And honestly, theres a lot of thought and hard work put into each unprecedented newsworthy discussion. Todays Neilizms, is some and all of the above. 

SMOKING GUNS A PLENTY… I’ll start with the latest. Officials say, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took part in the Ukraine call that has exploded upon our world. What? So now we learn that he supposedly was listening in on the conversation, as it was happening. Didn’t he come out on the national air waves and act like a stuttering fool, saying thing like ‘he hadn’t had the chance to even read more then a few paragraphs of the report. He would get to it.’ Which is interesting, since these tv appearences occurred after the news broke, and said he knew nothing about it. Oops. You mean he was lying? You mean one of Trump’s ‘best people’ was gaslighting the American people? Guess its a good thing it wasn’t under oath? Right Corey?

And now he’s apparently really really upset that the House is investigating his buddies in on the crime, as he’s accusing Democrats of “bullying and intimidation” saying now that he will try to pretty much stall and stop any effort to get to the truth and their crimes. Is he kidding? Has he watched his pals, including himself when he used to be in the House of Representatives as they bullied and tried to intimidate anyone who was unfortunately forced to sit in a hearing on Capital Hill? Buddy I would say I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re pro torture, but in google searching him, its turns out he is so in for it! Not to mention his time as the Director of the CIA, I can only imagine what schemes he pulled there while in charge. I shudder to image the crimes.

Plus it was reported that former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka, yes that Gorka, who supposedly now a political reporter for Sinclair, was traveling to Europe along with the press pool, with Mike Pompeo, in his offical government airplane. Which probably means they’re both looking for dirt on Joe Biden, by possibly extorting one of the Italian leaders such as their Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, or President Sergio Mattarella. Why not, you got to presume those phone calls from Donald to Sergio or Giuseppe setting up the meeting in Italy might be rich with treasonous conversation that also were hidden away in Trump’s top secret server. So one presumes this too will be talked about and queried at them the next time either of them are called to testify under oath. And you know both will be, sooner rather then later.

And if that wasn’t enough news for the week, according to The Washington Post, Trump’s Attorney General William Barr personally travelled the globe to ask foreign intelligence officials to help investigate the origins of the Mueller probe. What?!? We are talking Italy and Australia, Ukraine, to name just the two nations we know about. And this has been happening since 2016! So apparently as a private citizen, Barr travelled the globe on behalf of Donald J. Trump to investigate conspiracies and seek dirt on Trump’s opponents. What? Remember he wasn’t Attorney General till 2019! So was he travelling the globe for the sitting president, unofficially? And is that kosher? Who was paying him for doing this? Who was paying his airfare? Was this a hobby of his? Was tax payers money paying for any or all of this? Which leads me to ponder when was the offer for the position of Attorney General offered to him? Was Barr’s search for dirt, possibly on his own dime, as part of the audition for the gig as America’s attorney and Trump’s personal defense attorney? 

Lastly yesterdays trifecta of headlines which help explain Trump’s latest twitter tirade, where he actually retweeted a tweet which said, that “if the Democrats are successful in removing the president from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal” as Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted in response “This is beyond repugnant.” This disgusting retweet by Donald ended a week of insanity featuring Rudy Giuliani acting so insane, as he spouted nonsense of how he was really the whistleblower, how he had found so much dirt on the Bidens’s he gleefully announced that he would be the real hero in this story. Well the Democrats had heard and seen enough, and Rudy received a subpoena to face the House, to explain what the heck is going on. Why is a personal attorney for Trump, working with no pay mind you, going around to foreign nations and discussing our governments business? He even claims he under the orders of the state department, which so far no one seems to know if this is true or not.  

The way Rudy is discussing his discoveries, his dirt, he sounds a little too much like Trump did years a go, when he went every where he could and told the world that he was investigating Obama’s birthplace. And boy was he finding things he crowed. ‘You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve found’, and of course we never saw anything, all talk, all bluster, all lies. 

And now Trump and his aides are trying to do the same thing to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.  Not surprisingly, the House has subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents, and he’s hemming and hawing on air, pretty much let it know that he he gets forced to appear, he will make a circus of it. He promises ‘to bring charts and videos’ which means get ready for a YouTube, conspiracy video review of items that have been spewing all over our Internet for years.  

A RUSH TO JUDGMENT, so hysterically now Republicans are accusing Democrats of a Rush to Judgment ‘in their zeal to remove a man they’ve hated since day one’ because ‘if the 2 1/2 years of a failed attempt to remove Trump’ which seemingly collapsed after Robert Mueller, was forced to come out and pretty much tell the world to read his report. Honestly I would have thought that at least would have shut up the liars, because inside the 400 page document, it explains what happened and it does not exonerate Donald J. Trump. Trump wasn’t innocent, he did things that could remove him from office. Sadly we discovered that day that Republicans in power,  which included Lindsey Graham actually never even read the Mueller Report. WTF?!? Just like we learned during the Sunday news shows this week, we discovered they again haven’t even read the Whistle blower’s 9 page report, which talks about the phone conversation between Trump and the new President of Ukraine, and which the transcript that the White House itself released, to try to stop the bleeding of this latest possible Presidential eviction notice.

Imagine, there are reports that a sitting President has done possibly treasonous actions, and as a person in the position to decide the future of our democracy, you don’t think its necessary to  read the Intel that the hearing you will be attending will be about. Even if it wasn’t going to be discussed in the hearing. Wouldn’t you think that you might want to at least scan the pages to learn for yourself whats actually there? But instead of actually doing their jobs, their patriotic duty, we discovered that they were using the talking points given to them by whomever is holding their leashes. 

Remember Trump’s hand picked Attorney General didn’t even want the report released in the first place. At first refusing to release it at all. Then we got his summary. Then we got five weeks of stalling. And then we got another staged performance once more tainting Mueller’s findings as nothings, and then we got the redacted report. By then nobody seemed interested in reading Mueller's findings, especially the followers of the orange pumpkin. I understand for some people it’s party first, but they’re hypocrisy shows no bounds. Listening to Republicans go after Joe Biden and his son on a conspiracy that was debunked years ago, is for me maddening. The fact that the media is waisting so much time on it, like they did on Hillary’s emails, is maddening. The fact that they now spend so much time, pondering, if this conspiracy, which is now 24/7 especially since Trump’s impeachment inquiry became official is maddening. The media swears that they don’t want to talk about the garbage, but somehow we get segment upon segment where they discuss how this is hurting or could hurt Biden. I keep hearing, is this making Democrats look another way, regardless if its proven to be a nothing now, will it be too late for Joe to recover from the accusations, and will the American people be so tired of the ugliness even if false, that they just want to turn the page to a newbie and say good night to the past, even if it was a winning one. My hope is that even if Joe Biden doesn’t get the nomination, that the American people have learned from seeing this playbook over and over again. The Trumpeter’s lie and repeat the lie till it somehow become what happened, even if its so far fetched that when you hear it, you laugh out loud. And they argue their lie is the truth and that reality, is ‘fake news’ created from the ‘deep state’ which I presume comes from whatever Hellhole their puppet master derives from.

When they discovered Hillary Clinton had a private server, immediately she was deemed a traitor. And sadly the concocted storyline seemingly won the election for Donald. But as we’ve discovered with Trump, nothing is bad enough for the Republicans in power, or worse, his deaf, dumb, and blind followers. No proof in your face horrible enough, no crime against our nation, treasonous enough. And now the trumpeting Republicans are screaming at the Democrats for rushing to judgment with the whistleblowers report. ‘It’s second hand, its hearsay, nothing in it is true’. Which of course isn’t true, and they would know it, if they actually read it. As usual in the Republican playbook, they are trying to demonize the whistleblower, before we know anything about them. And of course, they ignore and refuse to respond when confronted by the transcript of the phone conversation that is strikingly similar the whistleblower’s blockbuster report. Talk about a smoking gun! It's true that its second hand, but the words and deeds match, and boy does it make Trump look guilty.

Remember people are still out there screaming at Hillary to ‘lock her up’ for treason for her server and emails. Even after we discovered apparently everyone in his cabinet, including his daughter and son-in-law, and the Donald himself, are using private phones to do government business. Unbelievably now we’ve uncovered they’re using a top secret server to ‘Lock Down’ Trump’s shall we say questionable asks of, or promises to, other world leaders. But Hillary deserves death by the followers of the Donald, according to them, he’s the Second Coming. Now, besides lying about Trump’s multiple crimes, all these Republicans will do is talk about is Biden’s criminal deeds as fact, which the former Vice President never did, and refuse to listen to reality, because if they did they would have to confront the nightmare they have all stepped in. 

A SELF-DEFEATING PROPHECY You can get away with murder for so long, before the cracks in Trump’s facade begins to show, and those blinded by the con, wake up and the charade falls by the wayside. If I hadn’t lived through the last decade, I would almost feel bad for Republicans. They initially, supposedly, didn’t want Trump, even Lindsey called him a kook, a crackpot. But they got stuck with him. Then they went all in with him because he was getting them the judges and the supreme court appointees they wanted. And possibly the first o many huge tax breaks. So they ignored his crimes, more like helped cover them up, and partied as if it was 1999, or is that 1879? Of course we have no clue, as of yet, come on reporters start investigating, what was really happening behind the scenes. The power moves by the Trumpeters, the promises, the demands, even possibly the threats of being primaried. I’m pondering if their were even any threats on peoples lives, I’m sure they threatened to ruin their careers. Heck we’ve been a witness to their unnerving destructive abilities when it comes to even the most powerful players our world. Look how they systematically destroying everyone that investigated Trump and called him out for his crimes.    

So for over two very long years, they’ve lied, gas lit, spread conspiracies, deflected and sided with Donald on the Russian invasion and everything else, and pretty much let him get away with too many crimes. And with the camps of refugees, we were also all a witness to the sad truth that in 2018 and 2019 with this Republican Party, that they have allowed Trump to get away with murder! Every death in those camps, is in on the heads of Donald and every Republican who had allowed that situation to happen in the first place. And worse, allowed it become a full blown horror show. And what gets me is, nobody cares who actually can do something about it. No one is even talking about it anymore. Its like these people never existed. Shame on those who have already forgotten, and shame on those who continue to allow it. And thank you to those who continue to fight for those peopled rights and to end this tragedy that Donald Trump has caused.  

So instead of Donald taking a breath and turning over a new leaf ‘look everybody, I’m the Second Coming, I’ll prove that the attack were false, I am the greatest President ever, I’ll show them all! And now I’m gonna prove it. All that craziness from me, was because I was frazzled by the witch hunt, and now that I’ve been vindicated, I can relax and showcase the real me, the man the American people voted for.’ Sadly none of that happened and ever would, unless of course it was on the teleprompter and Donald read it in his usual really need a lesson in reading mode. I would think he would have turned over a new leaf, to just not push his luck. 

But like an addicted gambler, who needs to win yet another game of chance, especially after a huge score. Win streak baby. Trump now emboldened by apparently winning the greatest con in history, thanks to William Barr, besides the presidency of course, decided to do the very same thing he just had gotten away with again. Seeking and being offered dirt by foreigners and their governments on his political opponents. I guess he figured, hey, I got away with it once, or it that twice, or is that multiple times, might as well do it one more time. And it’s all there in the now released unclassified documents that Donald’s White House approved to be released. Remember we are talking about the transcripts of the phone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian President where he asks the newly elected leader for a favor. 

The phone transcript's showcase that the Whistleblower’s Report is real and not hearsay. So for once I’ve got to thank Donald for doing the right thing. The man actually outed himself? But sorry I don’t believe it either. And after watching the trumpeters come up with a defense of his crimes on the fly, while at the same time trying to flip the talking points, that now the Democrats are somehow the traitors, showcases why he decided to release the phone transcripts in the first place. I guess his only defense now is, ‘see, what I did, its right in front your eyes.  What has always been the most maddening aspect of Trumps crimes is, that they are always in your face.  The ‘I must be innocent. If was guilty as the evidence makes it out to appear, why would I be dumb enough to release it’ defense. He’s using the excuse that, really, this, we just talked deals. That’s gonna end my presidency? This? I’ve been doing deals all my life, this is how it’s done. That is apparently Trumps defense. I can already hear him say this little word salad out, ‘And even if I did everything, I’m president, so sue me. But you can’t till I leave office. And A.G. Barr is gonna help me stay in till I’m good and ready to leave.’

Point blank, Donald J. Trump tried to extort the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for dirt on a potential opponent in the 2020 election, Vice President Joe Biden. Pretty much, ‘No dirt Volodymyr, no money’.  Basically double downing on what he had already done and gotten away with in getting into the White House in the first place. That itself is wrong. The fact that he used the financial aid that the Congress had set aside to help Ukraine protect themselves from Russia’s continued attack, after their invasion of Crimea, I think is a nail in Donald’s coffin. The question is, does he do this on every phone call, with all the world leaders. As we have discovered, that answer is yes. it's been reported that Australia, Britain and Italy might have also gotten this Trump tactic. Could you imagine the conversations with Vladimir? Jeez, lock Trump up, lock Barr up, lock Pompei up and throw away the keys on all of them. Before they do something really bad. Ha ha ha. I think that red line, was crossed before Donald stole the Presidency.

Please remember those funds that Ukraine was promised and so desperately needed was only released, after the Whistle blower handed in his report. Not because Trump was being the good guy here by finally actually releasing something. Even though he is now is coming out saying he was the reason the money actually was going there in the first place. This had nothing to do with President Barack Obama, who actually approved it. And please give a rousing applause to the reporters on the case who uncovered and revealed this crime to the world. Remember, everything else the House has asked for is tied up in legal hoops as the Trumpeters try to cover up, whatever deed they did do, that they shouldn’t have done. Now thanks to its release, Nancy Pelosi, pushed the button to begin the Impeachment Inquiry. Imagine if the trumpeters hadn’t been stonewalling, Trump might have already been out of office months a go.

WE DONT NEED NO STINKING PRIMARIES. As if trying to just hand the election to a Democrat, now the Republicans are really in deep trouble, seemingly everything they said was ‘fake news’ from the ‘deep state’ before has exploded in their faces. Unbelievably right before this latest laugh fest erupted, the Republicans were announcing that they were ending primaries for the Republican presidential campaign in several states. I mean why have a primary Republicans? Why let the people decide they’re not happy with Trumps work? Perhaps they would choose another Republican candidate, more traditional, maybe? Funny during the run up to the 2016 election, this was one of Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ arguments against Hillary Clinton. The conspiracy that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had rigged the primaries so Hillary would be the nominee. And guess what, he’s actually doing that now, he’s pulling the same crap that he accused other people of doing, but he’s actually doing it. Or at least the people helping him in the party are doing it, either under Trumps demands or their own volition. Perhaps that notion, no primaries, should be chucked? Right now, its conceivable that Trump could be kicked out of the presidency before the primaries actually begin. And thanks to Donald practically throwing them under the bus, ‘I think they all made phone calls about the Ukraine phone call’, his vice President, his Attorney General, possibly the entire kit and caboodle of the Trump cabinet, will be thrown out on their asses and some into a prison cell for their own wait for the long green mile. And if that happens we might have a new president, Nancy Pelosi and if dreams do come true, we have a new Vice President named Hillary Clinton. For some reason if Trump does resign, or get Impeached, I think Pence, will be out the door as well. Boy would I throw a party, not to mention millions of Americans around the nation and the globe.

Right now it feels like it’s Christmas and the 4th of July all rolled Into one. I just hope in the end my stocking isn’t stuffed with coal, and our democracy isn’t history. And our nation has been able to turn this terrible page over for good.

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, October 1, 2019