Tuesday, July 05, 2016


So they couldn't get her on a crime, she's not crooked, but it seems her bloody emails, ain't going anywhere… thanks Comey

NOT GUILTY OF A CRIME, BUT STILL PUNISHED IN PUBLIC… I GUESS THANKS? So the day that President Obama & Hillary Clinton are coming out together, the head of the FBI comes out, makes his speech, tells the world that Hillary didn't break the law and did nothing illegal. She didn't set up her server to conspire to do wrong. But instead of ending it there, he had to throw out enough ammunition that maybe it would have been better to announce she was guilty as sin. 
Listening to FBI Director James Comey, sounded almost like a prosecutor's attack against her. As he listed what happened and what could have happened, but not what didn't. And I'm sorry, perhaps because I believe this whole email server scandal is just a witch hunt, seeing the numbers. Out of 30,000 emails, 110 in 52 chains (whatever the heck that is) 8 contained Top Secret, 36 contained secret, 8 contained confidential, and 2000 were 'up-classified' to make them confidential. Again out of 30,000! And as one talking head suggested, Comey was actually out of bounds discussing these numbers and this info. Basically by doing so, he could be indicted. Of course I won't hold my breath on that. 
But I'm sorry, the entire charade seemed like a way for him to publicly come out and smack her. And I must ask, perhaps this is personal? What are his politics and how is he voting? Not to try to mar his credentials, but something seemed scripted by FOX Faux News He didn't have nothing, but still laced into her. His accusation basically came down to one basic complaint: Its her judgment! 
It's her judgment!
And that's what the talking heads are gonna use against her. They've been hammering her for months now about this, and now I'm afraid thanks to todays big reveal, the haters will have more ammunition to go after her on this. First her vote to go to war, then her Benghazi debacle, and now this. Man if I was a hater, I might be willing to vote for Donald even with all of his faults, if I actually was a brainwashed twit.
Perhaps that was his only way of punishing her, because legally as he said, it didn't merit a trial. But, me thinks he found what they did discover, worthy of a public smack down. As even before Comey was finished, the talking heads on air and online seemed to lose their collective heads. I mean The Donald, tweeted, about the crooked system, no shocker. And depending on which 'news' channel you turned to, the conversation ranged from logical responses with a lot of how bad is this for Hillary, to out right anger that the witch didn't drown. And now they have even more fuel for their fire.
"No one should be above the law!" 
For me, a highlight of the whole event, was Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, coming out, with the worst case of sour puss on the face I've ever seen, whining that "No one should be above the law"… ha ha ha ha ha ha! Really Mr. Ryan? Have you looked in the mirror, have you listened to some of your speeches in the past, read some of the laws you tried to enact. And should we start to list your candidates misdeeds? Want to discuss all his bankruptcy's, his vile attacks on everything that breaths, that aren't in bed with him?
The head of the FBI came out and announced that, sorry haters, we didn't catch her, but instead of ending it there, he decided to make his announcement a political stunt. So instead of vindication and a shut down of this bull, it seems he just helped the right (or is that, the wrong), to even more material to attack her with. Seems the Benghazi hearings is a gift that keeps giving, cause even though today was a victory for Hillary and common sense, the haters actually could have been helped. Well they keep saying this year is unprecedented. Sadly todays announcement and how it was revealed will change what had become the talking point of the last few days, Trumps anti-Semitic tweets. And instead of continuing that conversation, the Donald and his surrogates and the talking heads, now have an excuse to stop discussing his ugliness and go after her on this non-issue.
Luckily, in a few hours, we'll be getting the big event with Hillary Clinton and President Obama, and today's event won't be discussed or actually ignored. Perhaps I should wait to watch what happens before finalizing this piece, but that actually is another story.
Todays event, by Comey is about the past, that needed to have a  resolution, before her campaign could really begin. And now that all criminal charges have finally been taken off the table, tonights event can start without anything legally pending. This is gonna be about what she will do, and how she will continue to advance his. I for one will be watching, cheering, with popcorn in hand. 

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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