Thursday, December 24, 2015

One by one, the list of States I consider part of this Union… shrinks!
The race for the most obnoxious state in our Union, and the ones that need to be drop kicked out off of it, keeps expanding. Seemingly each trying to out do the other in how poorly they treat their citizens.
is… Kentucky, Detroit, Alabama, Baltimore, Kansas, Texas, Arizona… I could keep going. I’m amazed the citizens of these ‘great’ States seriously don’t either should think about moving away and go, or celebrate the fact that their homeland has become seriously unsafe to live in.
My latest screaming moment, about this subject, happened in Texas.  Luckily I only read about it, and don’t have to survive it personally. Its bad enough to take away people ability to vote. Only our most fundamental right as citizens of these United States, but to take away peoples healthcare, their HIV medication… Here’s what I just wrote on Facebook, with a little rewriting and additional thoughts.
Texas… how do I say this…  To hurt woman for having abortions I can almost understand, having watched the news lately, this is the Republican party, t his is their goal… no abortions allowed, I get it. The whole world gets it. Even God gets it. I can understand it, but I don’t agree with it, and hysterically funny, that these so-called law-abiding citizens keep forgetting the simple fact that its, abortion, legal. It has been for almost half a century. But, I get it, and sadly people feel its their personal right and responsibility to do whatever it takes to prevent it. I get it, thats one thing, but, and I mean but, to destroy the lives of innocent people by taking away their HIV medication is just beyond me. 
Of course, the same stupidity that these inbreds, excuse me, these believers use to justify closing down of health clinics because of the now bogus discredited edited videos. Lets not even go to court on this, lets just shut down the clinics, without a trial. And as usual, these vile voices are coming from the same mouths who hate gay marriage, and the gays themselves. So killing planned parenthood seems to be a win win for them. I could say that I hope anyone responsible for this inbred decision, gets the virus and now has f*cked themselves right up the ass, cause their medication won’t be available to them. Ha ha.
These are also the same inbreds, yes, I wrote it again, who want to end immigration, and cease any minorities from entering our shores, ever again!
To the citizens of Texas still with a brain, please leave this wasteland and join the rest of America, cause your state has officially been crossed off my list of United States territories…
Screw ‘em! They want their own education, change history by excising slavery, screw ‘em, its wants its own laws, its way of thinking, its wants to secede, fine. Let it. Good riddance! Its not part of our nation anymore.
We can switch it with Puerto Rico! And we still have 50… and at least there, they act like Americans and not like inbred backward thinking redneck racists…but that would be profiling an entire geographical area, and that wouldn’t be a good thing. Would it Trump! Cruz! Rubio! Jeb! 
Or I could just say, sorry people, you elected ‘em, now suffer the consequences...
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thurs., Dec 24, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Seems, its not just for Republicans anymore
Hysterical, so a person working for the Bernie Sanders campaign did something bad, and his campaign is getting smacked for it. Yet 'they' are complaining that the DNC is playing political games… really? I love it when crooks blame their accusers.
Hm… The good thing in all this, the Sanders campaign immediately fired the fool when this was discovered or shall we say, when it was revealed to the press & the media… would they have if it hadn't come out, I'd like to believe it, but sadly, it seems hypocrisy is everywhere. Even in the land of Bernie. Even, in what I'd like to call the sane party. You know, the ones who live in reality and not some fantasy of how great things used to be when slavery still existed.
Well, the crook was just interviewed via phone on MSNBC,  he claims his crime was just "an experiment" to see if what he did would be noticed. He was checking the system… he was being the good guy. Well tell that to the judge at your trial.
Now the DNC has suspended the Sanders Campaign, to access of the voter data (this is something described on television as a big deal), till they, the Sanders Campaign can prove what information they have illegally taken or if they have nothing as they claim. Until they do, they are cut off the list. They were caught in the cookie jar, and now they have to prove what they did or didn't do… 
As in any conversation about the state of the Democratic Party, its all Debbie's fault… the Clinton insider…  
They are using this again, to smear Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who it seems is the poster child for those who feel the system is rigged. We must rid our party of her. As soon as she's gone all would be right with this world!
Sadly the fringe of the Democratic party who want Bernie Sanders to win, are seemingly turning into the horror show that they supposedly are against…accusations and conspiracies! I'd had hoped they were above that… guess not.
Amazingly, in all this, Hillary Clinton is completely innocent, but somehow, a person working for the Sanders Campaign, fired for doing the wrong, possibly illegal thing, his actions are being turned into another attack against her… its always Hillary's fault, even when others get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  
I'm now awaiting the attacks by those in the Republican Party, almost afraid to flick on FOX FAUX NEWS, to see how they use this to smear Hillary and the Democrats as much as possible. Sadly what these conspiracy nuts don't get, is by creating this conspiracy out of the damage that one of Sanders' supporters has done, they've only hurt their own candidate. And by doing do, helped in their own small way to elect someone who none of want to be sitting in the Oval Office in 2016, one of the Republican clowns. Don't they know that this bull will be used to showcase that Sanders is a communist, he was cheating, just like Hillary always does. I just hope this is a blip on this years radar, and will be forgotten by New Years. I won't hold my breath on that. 
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Monday, December 07, 2015

Maybe its time, you checked yourself off the air!
Stop it…talk about UGLY! Having a ‘guest’ call our President a “PUSSY” really… and what gets me is, beside the obvious “what’s wrong with this picture?” aspect of the profanity being used… what the inbred is spouting is just hatred and worse, simply treasonous. 
Enough, we are in their own words… AT WAR! And to have an entire station or network of stations with the main goal to disavow whatever our President is doing is pretty much putting them in league with with terrorist.  
I understand we are discussing FOX FAUX NEWS, and I shouldn’t expect more from them, I know, I know. Really. But seriously, when did we as a nation not fall behind our Commander-in-Chief when the nation was threatened? As far as I can research, always… even when the fool George W attacked the wrong nation… remember!
People still won’t get their heads out of their asses on that boondoggle, and admit the truth, even if you show them a map, it doesn’t matter. If W said it, it must have been true. Everyone else is lying about it. Even with the facts and the evidence, Cheney and his terrorist gang have spoken their gospel, and if you don’t agree with them you are anti American, or worse. Look at what happened to The Dixie Chicks!
So instead of admitting that they were duped, they’d rather double down on the hatred and the lies, as we spiral into a possible real war that now seems unending… its like W pulled his finger from the Dam and now the flood gates are about to explode. President Obama has been trying to stem the tide… tying to solve this riddle, with seemingly no real answer. Even if in reality it seems his decisions in the long run will work, this strategy seemingly opposed by all the doubters in the room. These voices of dissent and hatred, supposed patriots who are trying to poison even the very possibility that his actions are the right ones to take. Even if we decided to bomb the place out of existence as some have been promoting or suggesting, the nut jobs will still be out there… how as he said, do we rid our world of this Cancer, seemingly with no cure. 
Please check out this link to learn more. Thanks
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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Finally, a MUSLIM terrorists on our shores. Are we happy now? Must be ISIL!
So after months and months, sadly years now, of senseless shootings on our shores, a white person, a Christian bible thumping individual was not the culprit in yet another mass shooting. So I guess we should disregard all the others and just harp on the latest as if they’ve done all of the damage over the course of the last few months and years. 
As the racism, hatred and nonsensical attacks against the Muslim religion, and its followers have only grown, a person with the name associated with Muslims, has been associated with an act of Domestic Terrorism. Which of course, immediately makes them ISIL! Forget any investigating to find out the facts, or the reasons. This ‘couple’ decided to act, and cause the death of so many innocent people. Must be ISIL. 
Especially since the Paris incident in November. As soon as the reports of a Syrian passport was discovered amongst the ruins of the terrorist attack, the floodgates of hatred in our country exploded. It must be ISIL. Even though. Almost immediately, the passport was described as a plant. Meaning it wasn’t a Syrian who had caused the destruction, ergo, we shouldn’t be condemning an entire group of people, especially when those people had nothing to do with the attacks. Sounds a little like George W. Bush is behind another major mistake.
But that of course didn’t stop the attacks, especially by those running for the Republican nomination. Most notably Donald Trump, and those who are using the heinous acts of a few nut jobs to alter the very fabric of our nation… how Patriotic can you not be.
Well now that its been revealed that the situation in San Bernardino, was caused by a couple who were Muslims. Or at least were the right color and had the right names, all niceties are over. The blame game is already happening. In fact, immediately, as the events were still unfolding, on FOX FAUX NEWS, a ‘fool’ was already blaming our President for it, without any of the facts. We are talking minutes... this being said, of course with out any real evidence.  
Well what gets me, now, just a day later, on ALL the news stations, they are spending their day basically throwing out opinions. Not reporting facts. Just throwing out theories about why the shooters did it? What were their motives? Were they terrorists or simply crazed individuals. Nothing really known yet, except what ifs. Kind of like every other event lately. Isn’t there any other news to report, while you find anything new to report?  
Today its been reported that Governor Christie is already attacking our President for not calling it a terrorist attack…It must be ISIL! Amazing a former Prosecutor should know better? Shouldn’t he? Haven’t we spent enough time and money persecuting Hillary Clinton for the  ‘talking-points’ on Benghazi? The New York Post has already proudly stated that a Muslim was the killer…MUSLIM KILLERS… really?!?! Finally I guess they’ve got a face that isn’t white to use… see, must mean all Muslims are terrorists…  right?
Wrong… enough of this rush to judgment! 
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thurs., Dec 3, 2015