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Plus Joffrey Baratheon basically did his best Marie Antoinette impersonation! That's right, was it me or was I the only one who heard Junior say "let them eat cake" 

Day two of the Sh*t Storm in Cleveland, and I was still suffering whiplash from day one. You remember the night which forever will be known as the day Melania Trump turned the opening night of the Republican National Convention into a new game show 'How many ways can you try to cover up plagiarism when its one of your own.' But if it was Hillary Clinton, her misappropriation of another persons speech, especially one originally read by the wife of President Obama would be toast. And I do mean kindling, cause the Republican lynch mob would have tied her up like she was Joan of Arc and they would have ended the witches life for good. I mean, we are talking Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack! Out of all the people in the world, she read the words of the other, the Kenyan, the Muslim, the man who leads from behind, the man Donald has suspicions, because of the man's body language! I mean if she was Hillary, I could already see the firing squad warming up! 

In fact, just as I write this, The Donald finally came out and mentioned the scandal. Well, he didn't mention it, he tweeted a comment about it, and actually ignored the crime, and made it in his eyes a good thing. Basically, any press is good, right? Tell that to Adolf Hitler, when they discussed his ovens. He must have been real proud of those front pages.
Wow, seriously, Donald, at least he didn't bring up 'My little Pony'! But as usual he doesn't discuss the illegalities of her tweet, what she did wrong. No he's proud of the numbers, typical Trump, sound just like Tiffany… more of that later.
After spending most of Day two trying to make excuses about Melania's little mess, everything from fairy tales to actually having Junior say that Michelle had plagiarized his own mother-in-law. 'Melania was innocent! I wish i was kidding. And universally, the media keeps saying she has nothing to do with. I mean what a wonderful, glorious woman she is. How could she be guilty of anything? It must have been one of her aides. One of her speechwriters, perhaps, turns out thats the supposed truth… more of that later (I tell you these events are up to the minute, I'd like to post this article before the next Earth Shattering moment occurs). It is interesting to note, that before she went on, she proudly explained to Matt Lauer of The Today Show, as the Trump's were being interviewed on Trump's private jet. As she stood next to a very proud Papa, I mean her husband, Melania explained that she the wrote the speech herself, with a little help. I guess that help was Michelle Obama. Now this isn't an attack against her but who ever was the idiot who wrote the speech or reedited at the end, or allowed it to go ahead, without one last look see, because its been reported that the speech had been vetted, but items were added in before she had her moment in the Sun.
Well, by the time yesterdays big television event began, the voting for him by the delegates to nominate him was an after thought. Of course the news media treated the countdown to Armageddon, as historic, not just because he was now the Nominee of the party, not just the presumptive, but because it was Donald Trump who was receiving the honor of becoming his parties big Kahuna, their number one. Funny, the man does make me want to go to the toilet, I guess its time for all of us to take a proverbial leak.
So it became official, and then we got the speeches. Oh My lord and what speeches they were. More like a series of zealots and off-springs trying to either demonize Hillary Clinton for crimes she didn't do, or trying to showcase the warmer side of Drumpf. So we got two more of Trump's inner circle, Tiffany, Marla Maples daughter, and Junior, a real chip off of the old block, whose mother was Ivana Trump. Yup, this isn't your fathers Republican Party, or is it?  I mean they alway's talk a good game but it seems all of these servants of the lord, always seem to have all too many human failings. Confession must be big in this party. So Tiffany told us a sweet story that Daddy didn't reprimand her if her grades were bad, he only cared if she tried. Which goes against everything he preaches to the rest of the world. And Junior, who I kept picturing standing over one of the animal's he's hunted and killed, as if this was a scene right out of Tarzan as they were photographed on safari came off as an obnoxious stuck up rich kid. Actually Bill Maher's description pretty much sums it up.
His speech, while read nicely, scarily showcased what this really was, Jr's introduction to the world of politics. I mean, if daddy doesn't win this year, Junior might win one someday, and yesterday was the launching pad. Remove this people, that speech, video clips of it, will become a staple ,in any future discussion of possible Presidential candidates. So we witnessed history. In four years, or 8, if Junior isn't on someones ballot, even if its just for Senator or even as lowly as Congressman or Milkman, if Donald Jr isn't running for political office I'll eat my words. Of course, he's young so he has lots of time to perfect his verbal skills. He read a mean teleprompter, so at least that part or as he would put it 'skill set', he's got done pact. But, the man looked like a boy on stage, trying to sound like his father, and seriously one Donald Trump is enough on any planet. Junior, I think you need a little separation from dad's cocoon. Maybe live in the real world for a while, cause sadly what he said last night made me think of Marie Antoinette and her famous speech, "Let them eat cake" with his attack on the aristocrats, hearing him say things like 'they had taken over our political world' almost made me want to pull out what remaining hair I have left and punch myself in the face. Seemingly the snot-nosed rich kid, is not one of the ones he's arguing against. It is like Joffrey Baratheon's behavior in Game of Thrones, lets hope Jr's fate is a lot nicer. After all as he proudly states he's got those five kids of his to feed. So all I will say is, may he continue to live long and prosper, but never inside The White House or even the fables Halls of Congress. And lets not forget the terrible twosome of Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson, the only thing good about Trump's winning of the nomination was that neither one of these nightmares got it instead. Carson who went on a rant about Lucifer that was to say the least, nuts, and Christie who decided to prosecute Hillary with already, debunked charges making the legal profession seem as crooked as they claim Crooked Hillary to be, was seriously dumbfounding. 
And what gets me, whenever you question the accusers, their excuse is, well the one person who shouldn't be making assertions, is Hillary! Of course, they are referring to the conspiracies that all have been debunked and already thrown out. That's their excuse to be allowed to attack her, even though, people like Gov. Christie are still under investigation. In other words, still possibly criminal. So we should listen to the accused as opposed to the acquitted. Seem's in their world, those proven innocent or at least not proven guilty are guilty just because they believe it. But in fact they should be damned, so if she wants to argue against their attacks, as they like to say, let them 'I'll beat her in the court of public opinion' screw the law. Amazing, no wonder he's a former prosecutor, if he pulled this sh*t in office, eventually he would have been disbarred. Of course, Hillary Clinton had the last laugh on this . Here's her tweet:
"If you think Chris Christie can lecture anyone of ethics, we have a bridge to sell you." Hillary Clinton. Seriously now thats a tweet sir, and she actually linked the story so its not taken from her ass. And that was it, until we got Sajid Tarar, the token Muslim in the arena, a black man, yup I guess they do exist in Trump's America, he came out and ended the festivities for the evening by performing the benediction. I guess this means he gets both segments of the voting public African Americans and Muslims, now if they can find the right woman, then Hillary will be toast! Sajid, must be one of the good Muslims, I presume, his background was checked better, then his wife's speech was. And just like Ben Carson, the man sounded like he was saying gibberish.
If you want to read more about him, here's a link to a story:
Seriously the night was a sh*t storm, I kept hearing "Burn the witch" or was that "Lock her up" and for anyone whose ever watched Game of Thrones, I keep expecting The Sparrows to appear with their seven pointed star carved in their foreheads. That's how crazy this was.
And finally as I am finishing this up, the truth has been revealed. Seems, it was an innocent mistake, no not Hillary's personal server, she's still going to Hell for that, no, we are talking Melania's speech. Seems one of her speechwriters, a  Meredith McIver, publicly apologized. Seems, she was discussing speeches that Melania's loved and Michelle's just happened to be one of them. So the insertion wasn't an accident. The accident was that she didn't acknowledge those she admired. I guess its time to go over the rest of her speech, discover what else she appropriated as her own. I mean there was that little bit by Rick Astley.
Well here's a tweet by Jake Tapper, showcasing Meredith's admission of guilt. Or at least of setting the record straight.
Now we know, why the Donald kept silent over this, not one tweet about his wife's conspiracy until today's bogus attempt to showcase her twitter numbers. At least for once, the excuse seems logical and real. So the speech writer will be the official scapegoat for this conspiracy, for this latest Republican cover-up. 
It is ironic that we are discussing cover-ups and they accuse Hillary of all sorts of crimes against humanity, and Hillary is the one in the room that actually worked against Richard Nixon during the Watergate hearings. Now we are talking a real 'crooked' politician. How funny when they discuss Nixon, that part of his past is somehow forgotten, yet Trump decided to 'plagiarize' his 'Law and Order' campaign. 
This is all hysterical considering all the bull sh*t that they tried to sell us, explaining how there was nothing there there. If they had just come out and be honest or if maybe someone had actually seen what she was gonna say, I still can't believe that one. Really the wife of the possible next President, is gonna speak, and English isn't her first language, and it wasn't looked over for any mistakes? Really? So now, we get the rest of the today to discuss this update, and they are! Yet another day lost in trying to sell the Donald as a real President. So Day Three of Melania-Gate has again showcased what is wrong with this picture? Why the man isn't up to the job.
Sadly all this talk about his wife's speech has allowed the hatred, vile lies and conspiracies against Hillary to be hidden from the discussion. And maddening, we have yet to hear any real polices. We have no idea what the man will actually do as President, except prosecute his former adversity once he gets into office. Well Day Three begins in a few, one can only imagine what horrors that may bring. I guess my one question will be, if there will be any construction of walls and if when he makes his next entrance will he be sung on to the the sound of Pink Floyd's The wall. We don't need no education… sounds republican to me!

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