Wednesday, June 29, 2016


So after all is said and done, now you want us to decide for ourselves… well I'd like a refund on your bill!

Unbelievable… what nerve! For more then two years we've had to deal with a witch hunt in search of a smoking gun. They wanted Hillary Cinton's head and they were willing to go down in flames looking for any possible conspiracy to take her down.
Run by partisan Republicans whose only mission on Earth is to destroy and halt her seemingly destined Presidential victory in November. Amazingly after spending millions upon millions of tax payers money, as well as valuable time, that could have used to go for immigration, infrastructure… guns, and many other important issues facing us. I know, lets finally find out what Chaney and George W knew before September 11th… they revealed that nothing of major significance was discovered in their zeal to destroy her. Nothing, except their perpetual talking point, her email server, seemingly in their eyes a crime worth beheading.
Then Gowdy actually has the nerve to come out with his Republican buddies on the committee and throw out more excuses, more conspiracies, and now they want the citizens of the United States to print out their 800 page pile of garbage, their findings, their reports and we should read it for ourselves and come to our own conclusions… unfreakinbelievable!
Isn't that what the crack committee was supposed to do? Isn't that why we spent all that time and money for them to discover and report to us their findings? I mean we didn't hire them to write a whodunit, did we? Honestly I'm just happy this happened when it did, ss opposed to sometime in the fall or near Election day. Of course, already we've gotten the talking heads spewing their nonsense, spinning their lies to still score political talking points against Hillary. 
Well let them, as we've seen from all the past attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton, its always politically motivated, having nothing to do with reality or facts, seemingly all conspiracy based upon utter nonsense. 
In fact just hours after the report was released, Megyn Kelly of FOX FAUX NEWS, had a segment on her show discussing the report as if the smoking gun had been discovered. Megyn was doing her best to showcase her righteous indignation, with fury raging in her voice, as she described the Benghazi terrorist attacks as if, how could the American people not see what a horrible person Hillary is. Honestly I heard two minutes of it and I had to change the channel, I was seriously ready to drop kick my television. 
The way the nimrods came out, sullen faced, looking like they ate something spoiled, trying to spin gold out of thin air. Showcasing again how slanted this inquisition has been. The fact that we discovered afterwards, that the Democrats on the committee didn't even get the finished reports till after the media did, demonstrates that. The committee was supposedly formed to find out what happened and how to prevent the tragedy from happening again. It wasn't a hearing to persecute Hillary Clinton, of course that's what it turned out to be. Anyone who watched her 11 hour grilling could see that. Even a blind person could see that. 
Yes, the entire charade was a chance for the republicans to try to take her down. And amazingly after 2 years and countless millions of dollars, nothing, nada, zilch. And this was after the previous hearings had come to the same conclusion. Nope not slanted in the least.
Of course what happened was a tragedy, but Hillary Clinton was not personally responsible for it. She did not "murder' anyone as a friend of Trump has tweeted, or as many a guest on FOX keep accusing her of doing. 
Donald Drumpf Trump who throws out accusations and lies like he breathes the air, and expects everyone to believe him. Obama's birthday place, Warren's heritage, are just two of his beauties. Each time he is confronted with the facts and the truth, even video and audio, his responses are always that's not true. Believe me, trust me.  
No Drumpf, I don't believe you and I definitely don't trust you. Tou throw out accusations, prove it! Decide for yourself! Crack Republican committee members, really?  
But as yesterday showcases, they never do. What they do, is go on to another attack and then list all the previous debunked conspiracies as historic facts. And the media always brings them up, sometimes calling them conspiracies, but always reminding viewers about them, never letting them go where they belong, the trash heap.
The sad thing is this should have never been a witch hunt. Like other committees in the past, for example The Watergate hearings, it wasn't about political parties, it was about finding the truth. If it had been, Nixon might have never resigned. Instead of coming out with the report and saying that they discovered no wrong doing on her part, exonerating her of their accusations, they decided to throw out more accusations and more conspiracies and now want us to decide for ourselves. Ha, ha, ha. You should be happy, you did your jobs, congratulations. You've proven her innocence of at least the crimes you choose to accuse her of. Shouldn't you owe her an apology.  Or are we gonna get another situation like when a member of Congress yelled at President Obama calling him a liar… 
Cheer up Gowdy, you just helped elect our next President, and saved the world from a Drumpf in the White House. 
But of course they will never admit they were wrong. Today I wrote a tweet, after reading a report that the NRA was gonna be spending $2 million on ads attacking Hillary for all the deaths in Bengazi:
Simply evil! The day after she was exonerated, the #NRA is doing this.
Well the trolls on Twitter and Facebook were having none of it. Attacking and basically asking me if I had read the report? As if any of them had. Sorry I don't need to read the report, if there was anything really in it, Trey Gowdy would have come out like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, with a big huge grin, as opposed to looking like Lurch in The Adams Family. Face it the haters will never give up. Sadly some people are just lost causes who want a Drumpf in the White House, want him to take us back to a time when America was great. You know, when slavery existed, when women couldn't vote, and when weaponry were muskets. Well, maybe in that case, they would like to keep it modern. 
They will never admit defeat, they were wrong, the facts prove it. There was no smoking gun. Give the woman the respect she's earned. And no Donald she wasn't sleeping on the job, like you probably were all through your schools days.  Somehow I'm pretty positive you skipped history. Republicans, the facts prove that you're just trying to spin the results of your findings to suit your talking points. 
So today or sometime in the near future, I'm expecting that the Republicans, while still in the majority, will form another committee to discover why this one failed to find out anything they could pin on her. I mean there's gotta be something right?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016


While the Drumpf again showcases why he's dead man walking

So a wonderful thing happened today in America, what may be the next President and her Vice President, held hands on the stomp, to the cheers of the crowd and demonstrated what might be an historic pairing that was never conceived by our Founding Fathers.
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren wearing almost identical outfits of blue, surrounded in a sea of blue signs, spent roughly an hour together demonstrating what could be an almost unbeatable duo in the November elections.
Showcasing why each, could easily knock out the fool that is Donald Drumpf Trump
Coming out together on stage to the cheers of the crowd, the energy even palpable through the monitor on my computer screen. Once the excitement of seeing them together subsided slightly, we witnessed Elizabeth Warren first go after Drumpf and then we got Hillary, going on the attack. And then to end the event, we got both again, basking in the cheers of the crowd. I got goosebumps.
It was a thing of beauty listening to both of them attack the Donald, showcasing why the man is small and not worthy of the job, and listening to Hillary again tell us what she wants to accomplish if she's elected.
On the other hand, we received another bunch of tweets by Drumpf insulting Elizabeth's heritage, calling her Pocahontas and a racist for lying about her heritage. And then one of Drumpf's surrogate's basically went Birther on her, practically demanding that Elizabeth take a DNA test to prove her American Indian heritage, sounds a lot like his attack on President Obama. Honestly sometimes I wish I owned a gun…
So what we got were two intelligent woman, both astonishingly capable of running our country against a man who throws out racism by again using the name, Pocahontas when describing Elizabeth Warren and then he has the nerve to call her a racist. What a choice. Or shall I say, there is no choice.
Of course Elizabeth might not be her eventual running mate, and as been reported almost everywhere, most likely she's gonna be picking a man, but seeing these two Democratic giants it made my heart skip a beat. Imagining the next 4 or 8 years with these two running our nation, I can only visualize great things ahead for us as a country. Think about it, not just one woman, but two. I just wonder if Elizabeth gets chosen, will Bernie finally endorse Hillary, or will he still act like he's the nominee and Hillary is just standing in her way.
I must mention earlier today, I responded to a post on Facebook, commenting on the fact that both women were wearing blue, and they were standing on a stage surrounding by blue signs, and honestly they seemed to get lost a little in all the blue. So I suggested that perhaps one of them should change there color scheme, but it seems a few lovely ladies on the site, called me "sexist" for commenting on what they wore. "Only a man would say such a thing" Really? Out of all the things to get upset over, my suggestion on outfits seemed to be going a bit too far.  
What cracks me up about being called "Sexist" is, have they been listening to Drumpf, or the Republicans? Have they read my blog, have they seen any of my posts on social media. The last thing I am is sexist. Its like a few weeks a go, I was sitting at a bar in Manhattan, and an Irish man, with very heavy accent, looked at me and simply by my appearance, and my Brooklyn accent, figured I was for Bernie Sanders. I almost spit out my beer, and had to simply put him in his place. Just because I look the way I do, and have a Brooklyn accent, this person immediately assumed I was for Bernie, as these women who said I was a "sexist" because I discussed her outfit. I wasn't insulting the outfit, her weight, how she looked, her hair or anything, actually I thought she looked great. I was just suggesting that maybe they should look at the visuals. Perhaps today would have been a good day to wear of her to war that Yellow tunic. 
Now I can understand why they both wore similar colors, to showcase they were together, and it was an obvious thing to try and yes it did look great when the signs were low and they stood in front of the people. And perhaps in the future the color schemes would be altered as the campaign continues. But to be called a sexist by anyone, just because you suggest a color, man I can only wonder what I would have been called if I actually insulted her.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June 27, 2016 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Reading off a teleprompter Trump double-downs and this is supposed to win him the White House, while Hillary comes out and showcases how its supposed to be done

AGAIN NO PIVOT! Wait maybe we got one, but not from him, but from Hillary Clinton! Hysterically on the same day that Paul Ryan and The Republicans come out and finally after years and years of threatening to come up with something that would be their pitch to replace Obamacare, and Marco Rubio announces even though he hates Washington and his old gig which he's never really done, he's now decided to run for re-election, Donald 'Drumpf' Trump comes out and gives his threatened attack speech against Hillary, So the more things change the more they stay the same. 
Seems instead of a real plan, a real bill, something that could go in front of Congress and get voted in. According to reports, all we got from Ryan were a bunch of talking points and seemingly everything good about Obamacare stripped away. And worse, as expected, everyone who signed up for Obamacare, would lose their healthcare, everyone. Thats right folks, 20 Million newly insured healthcare recipients, would now be sans healthcare. So simply, we'd be scrapping whats working. Sounds about whats to expect from the Republicans and of course Paul Ryan. What no vouchers, oh wait, that'll be in their final bill, if and when its ever written. 
As for Marco Rubioseriously, no words.
Now how about that Donald? You guessed it, again more of the same. What we got today was Trump trying to be Presidential. So it seems we have a pattern, when he needs to act like a real candidate, we get the teleprompter and as we've discovered, he's not very good at it. Funny, every time he whines about someone else being bad at something, like Hillary reading off of the teleprompter, we discover he's the one whose pathetic at it. Seems to be a pattern, he calls others crooked and the more we learn about his business dealings, the more its revealed he's the crooked one.  
So instead of responding to Hillary's accusations that she assaulted him with yesterday, The Donald ignored them completely, and just threw out conspiracies and out right lies. He blamed her for everything that's wrong with the world, I presume that includes the weather. He threw the sink at her, hoping anything sticks, hoping the media would just go crazy at his red meat and disregard what he's really selling. 
Same old bull. The man's pitiful, and sadly the media seems to be allowing it. Amazingly we actually got an argument on MSNBC afterwards, about Trump pivoting or not pivoting, as if anything he said showcases he actually knows what the word pivot means. And honestly I refuse to turn on FOX FAUX NEWS, today, I will not listen to however they want to spin it, not today.  So as usual we got him throwing out lies, this time off of a teleprompter. Afterwards, the fact checkers showcased that nothing he says is true, and all made up garbage.
"Donald Trump delivered his long awaited attack on Hillary Clinton!" 
That's how MSNBC tried to pitch his speech today. Well, I must say, that's kind of a ridiculous way of describing what he was doing. We got the exact same thing's he been doing since day one. Every one of his attacks he said today he's said before and these are the same talking points, that the Republican talking heads have been shouting for years.

And how funny, as reported elsewhere the Clinton gang ain't having none of his nonsense
Brian Fallon, a Clinton spokesmen tweeted: Currently tallying the number of lies about Hilary Clinton in the transcript of Trump's speech. I am at 15 so far.
Its possible that this latest sample of Trumpism's will have his fans falling in line for him, blindly following him like the sheep they are. 
But, in fact GOP operatives, that MSNBC reporter Katy Tur, spoke to after Trump's speech, believe that, "the speech was successful. Yes it was a step in the right direction, but they do not trust this candidate. Yes he can read a speech from the teleprompter text his aids prepare for him, this is not the issue. The issue is what does he say on the campaign trial, when he shoots from the hip. What does he say during interviews. They're not fully committed…" 
So it seems, that at least outwardly we are still hearing the Republicans not fully committed to him. Seemingly waiting to see, if Mr. Hyde will come out and showcase the monster within.
So there you go, one day after Hillary Clinton comes out and drop kicks Donald's resume to the curb, using facts and the truth, we get The Donald throwing out innuendo's and conspiracies and out right lies and not one argument about what she said. In other words, he can't argue against what she's saying, because she's telling the truth. And no matter how many times he wants to call others criminals or crooked or unAmerican, when you're seemingly the one whose the very essence of the crimes you argue others are.
And beautifully instead of wasting her time on the stomp arguing against his bull, Hillary ignored it today and showcased her plans for this country. After spending most of her speech laying out her agenda and proposals, she did bring up The Donald's latest attacks: 
"Now think about it, he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance, in fact he double downed on being the King of Debt. So all he can do is try to distract us That's why he's even attacking my faith"    
Those who complained that yesterday she only leveled attacks at Trump without saying what she was planning hopefully watched today's speech. As had been reported by her spokespeople before yesterday, yesterday was just part 1 of a 2 prong attack. Destroy your enemy with his own words. Then showcase what she plans to do. And yes she did. 
The other day I wrote a piece about her doing just this, and as I surmised, she already had this on her agenda. And I was right. Lets see the Progressives bitch about her now. How do I say this, Bernie, as she has said from day one, She's a progressive that can get things down. Instead of lacing into Drumpf, she spent her time telling us her many ideas. From infrastructure to good paying jobs. From raising the minimum wage to comprehensive immigration reform. From clean energy jobs to ending bad trade agreements. From Gun Control to making our economy work for everybody.
Anyone who says Hillary doesn't know how to get a crowd excited, who says she's bad speaker, has not been paying attention. Maybe its true in the past she was a little stiff, as she has explained, this politics thing wasn't what she planned to do, and unlike Trump, she has learned on the job. Cause, man her speech was a thing of beauty. I guess all those paid speeches she made paid off. I must mention, that has been reported in the past, Trumps fee's for his speeches are actually 5 times higher then hers, but somehow that never gets mentioned when he's bitching about hers.
The media said that she was gonna be reading off of her notes, as opposed to a teleprompter, well, it seemed to me that she learned her lines perfectly, cause I was on the edge of my seat her entire speech. And it didn't look like she once glanced at either the teleprompter or her notes. The excitement that she was giving to the crowd was energizing. If you put both speeches today side-by-side without the sound, we got a showcase of what to do and what not to do. And as usual, Hillary aced it. And Donald, well, looked like a sad pathetic weasel with a bad spray tan, punctuating his points of attack. Kind of reminds me of the old Nixon against Kennedy debates.
So all in all, we got another showcase who is Presidential and whose playing the part. We got someone who seemingly knows everything, and the other who throws out conspiracies and lies as facts and wants us to believe him, well because he's so successful. And the only way we know he's really as successful as he says is, is by simply believing him. Well as Hillary likes to say "Donald I don't believe you!"

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


But what happens if his campaign goes bankrupt before Election Day, are we to ignore another obvious red flag?

Amazingly we've learned that over the yearsDonald Trump has seemingly built his empire, his billions on a string of failed businesses. One bankruptcy after the other, and as he's proudly announced he's made money off of those few hiccups, that the lawyers like to call bankruptcies. 
"Hundreds of companies" have filed for bankruptcy, Trump said earlier in the debate. "I used the law four times and made a tremendous thing. I'm in business. I did a very good job."
Well what happens if his campaign runs out of money and it actually files for Bankruptcy? I mean campaigns cost money, disregarding whatever spin the Drumpf's talking heads try to tell us. How does he spin this bankruptcy as a good thing, as he's tried to describe his many past failures. The string of them is eye-opening, and should make any person with half a brain seriously realize that the man's a fuck up, and not someone who I would trust with my fortune or worse the fate of our country. Just ask any one of the poor souls who lost their life savings or 401K, to one of this man schemes. 
Sometimes ideas just happen, and this notion of Trump's campaign going bankrupt was one of those. I was watching the news and on the air they were showing Senator Elizabeth Warren as she was listing off a bunch of failed Trump businesses and went wham, I got todays idea for a commentary. I know this is a far-fetched notion, I mean think about it, a Presidential candidate's campaign going bankrupt. But we are talking Donald Trump. Seemingly his business model, is to go bankrupt. Pitch a pipe dream to millions, watch as his victims all fall for it. What if God forbid Donald wins in the end, and the rest of us become the loser, and this time our country goes bankrupt because of his policies. What then?
According to reports the man has only $1.3 million or so left in his campaign coffers and he's now just beginning to fund raise and he's not getting very few nibbles. I guess self-funding has its limits and supposed billionaires with unlimited funds, have limits. That is if they are as rich as they claim, since until we actually see his tax returns, everything he's told us is simply a series of talking points to demonstrate how rich he is. Believe me, sorry I don't Trust me, not on my life or the nations! My question is, if he is as wealthy as he claims he is, then just open the flood gates, why this game of cat and mouse with the fund raising. Or was this his idea all along, once I win the nomination, the coffers from the Republican National Committee will just open wide and I could sleaze my way all the way to The White House. II can actually hear that last sentence in Drumpf's voice… scary.
Wouldn't it be ironic if the business man that won the hearts and minds and souls of millions, by claiming to be a self-funded successful business billionaire, files bankruptcy during the race. Say a few weeks before Election Day, it comes out that Donald's campaign is broke. That its filing the big B. That it can't pay its bills. That a number of his campaign workers have quit because they never got paid.  As we keep discovering has happened in his past business dealings. Would that finally wake up the blind? Will the Republicans finally wake the fuck up and see that they've all been hood-winked by a Circus Barker? 
But since his past bankruptcy's don't seem to sway any of his followers sadly even if he was in chains, in The Big House, on Death Row, I still think that his sheep would believe him. Luckily I hope, that the number of the deaf, dumb and blind people out there are small enough in number that even if this occurred our National nightmare would be over and he would get 5% of the vote on Election Day. 
But this is 2016, so maybe this will inspire others, I mean, if a man's whose such a failure, such a fuck up can become our next President, so can I! So I'm still gonna vote for him, because just like Donald Trump I am a total loser and I love the fact that even a total loser could be President. I might have been wrong about George W., but Donald would never do me wrong. Scarily after what I just wrote, I now hope my idea never comes to fruition, because, sadly me thinks that somehow the Drumpf would make this work for him too, and I would hate to be right about that. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 21,2016

Monday, June 20, 2016


Screw reality and whats right in front of our faces… as usual, the powers that be are playing with our lives using their own political blindness against us

Common sense over political correctness. Yes! Oh, this isn’t about guns, sadly it’s about profiling Muslims! Boo! Yup Drumpf, what is this now you’ve triple downed on the racist rhetoric, again! For once I heard something Donald Trump, said and then I screamed yes. I mean, no. I mean, scream! I mean, what?
He uttered the expression ‘common sense’ in regards to a solution to something. It doesn’t matter that it was for a heinous reason, it matters that the concept is actually within this, yes we have to call him one, Presidential candidate. 
Of course this could also mean that The Donald is just co-opting the term, tainting it forever, which he seems to do all too well. Ruining the very essence of the meaning of it, as he’s done with practically everything else in this race for The White House. Now he’s using common sense towards the problems that face our nation and the world. 
One of the reasons I’m such a fan of Hillary Clinton and President Obama, and for the most part the entire Democratic Party is they seem to grasp the concept of common sense, in regards to trying to solve problems. 
The Republicans have spent decades arguing for policies that go against the very concept of the expression. Their attacks against Obamacare are the perfect example. And their unwillingness to deal with the reality of gun violence, is alarmingly scary. No matter the question, no matter the death toll, no matter, yes, of basic common sense, any discussion on gun restrictions, background checks or rounds of ammo automatically means that the result of the measure will take away The American people’s 2nd Amendment rights. Even their arguments go against common sense. 
Our President has spent years using the term, justifiably frustrated at dealing with the Republicans and the NRA. Even the NRA came out and said that Trump’s idea to arm club goers as a way to make the carnage less, well murderous, showcased how far The Donald has gone.
It seems The Purge is now not just a movie franchise but our way of life, and unless the political powers that be, all begin to use common sense and agree on something, nothing will change.
Today I was listening in on CSPAN to the debate in The Senate on Gun Control, created by the Filibuster by the Democrats, sadly what I heard were two conflicting arguments, each promoting their own amendments. The Democrat was pushing her common sense approach, and the Republican was pushing his, while lambasting hers as not tough enough. Basically showcasing how this argument will end today. Nothing will get accomplished! Nothing will change. Each will argue that the other side was playing games. Each will try too use todays argument as a way to score political talking points. And the only thing that will happen is that the scourge of gun violence on the streets of our country will just grow until we all are caught in the cross hairs and die. But what do I know, I’m from the old school, if it talks like a duck, and quarks like a duck, then its a duck! Isn’t that basic common sense?

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016


But I think its time for more then just a Trump Trampling, its time to show the doubters why you have the right stuff

Hillary continue the attack please, but it's time to add your pitches to the campaign. Lets put the final nail in Drumpf's coffin, the doubters need to want what your pitching. I understand why Hillary is doing it, and doing it beautifully. Going full on attack dog mode, using Donald 'Drumpf' Trump's own words, his own demons, his life, to showcase why he isn't right for the job of President and Commander-In-Chief, let alone dog catcher. But in order for Hillary to win over the millions of Berniebot's and others who have been brainwashed to believe what they think she is or what she stands for. She needs to showcase why she's the right candidate to replace President Obama, because of her past, not in spite of it. And most importantly I think it's time to start selling her policies.
I understand she's been touting her proposals for months. I understand that on her website everything is showcased in what she plans to do about practically every issue facing our country now and in the future. Every issue! Believe me I've been there, I've read a lot of it. Its quite impressive and for me eye-opening. If I had doubts, I wouldn't after just scanning a few chapters. The woman is prepared, and knows of what she speaks. 
But so far, that hasn't been the real focus of her campaign. For the most part we've gotten the differences between Hillary and Bernie, how they are similar, but hers make sense and work and are not paid for by magic and pixie dust. And we've witnessed her beautifully choreographed attack against the Republican's and of course the ass, known to the world as Donald Trump. But we as a nation haven't seen Hillary really pitch her ideas. We've gotten a taste of them, but we haven't seen the entirety of them, and how the sum if enacted will set our country on a course far greater then I could ever hope for. Which kind of scares me. 
The last time I felt so happy about our country was in the final years of President Bill Clinton's tenure. It seemed we were on the course to set the world on fire, to really get to the next level as a country. Prosperity was all around us, every thing seemed to be going our way. And for the first time in years, we weren't in any real wars. I remember walking around Manhattan, around the World Trade Tower's smiling at how beautiful our city was, and how great everything in our world seemed to be. I felt so positive about our futures.
And then the bomb dropped, George Walker Bush, got into office, and within a short period of time, our world was shook to its knees, and everything changed.  
And finally after all of these years, as a nation, we are in almost the same position we were then. President Obama, righted the sinking ship that George W., left. Our economy is on the upswing. Sadly of course we've got the nightmare known as ISIL/ISIS to contend with, but we are on the cusp of great things. And its time for Hillary to as they say seal the deal. Hammer it home. End at least for me, my misery… the thought that she might not get in again. To see if I am right, that she was born do this the job. To see if what I hope for our country and our world could actually occur. I know, life isn't a movie but, the real world, but a dreamer's gotta dream.  
Perhaps that will come, her pitching her goals, and that was the plan all along, once the Democratic Primary finally ended. Once we all said a good bye to Bernie forever. And of course since she's become the presumptive nominee, all we've had is the Drumpf seemingly spiral out of control. And what has come of that has been a showcase of why Hillary is gonna smash this election, easily. I can not wait for the debates. Sadly for Hillary, she is following in the foot steps of two of the greatest pitchmen in history, her husband and of course the current President. When both of them went out and pitched their proposals this country believed that they had a vision and the country fell in love and they won. And each in hand won re-election easily. Now its her turn.
Hillary needs to seal the deal. Get those doubters, the ones who will either not vote for her or will vote for Drumpf, just cause he's the Republican. My feeling is that most of the Bernie fans will eventually turn around and vote for Hillary, and if they won't, they probably wouldn't vote anyway for anyone but Bernie. So simply put, in my view point, they're not important and not my problem. Let them wipe their tears away if Drumpf wins and they wake up to a real national nightmare. Even after she's become the presumptive nominee, Bernie refuses to concede or endorse, so it seems we won't be having any help from him pushing her plans. For some reason on the stump, me thinks he'll still be pitching his own,  so no real help from him. And I presume this campaign, that the media, this election will be focusing on all of Trumps' issues and not about Hillary's plans or ideas. The only thing we're gonna hear about Hillary probably is if we get any developments in the Email conspiracy.
That said, Hillary is still is on course to win it all. So perhaps I should let the experts do their job and mind my own business. So far they aren't doing such a bad job, Hillary seems to be acing every test, no matter how the talking heads try to sway public opinions on it, no matter what is thrown her way. But maybe my suggestion might be something they should consider... it's time to go on the offense, showcase why the policies Hillary proposes are going to do great things for the country. Showcase why her knowledge of history, ecology, science, politics, the world, diplomacy, even reality and facts, are what this country needs. And of course, please continue destroying the fool every time he utters another hateful monologue or tweet.  The fact that anyone is still siding with him is scary, that no matter heinous the man gets, they will still follow him to Hell and back. The fact that there are enough people out there like that, makes it imperative for Hillary to do everything in her power to win the big seat. And part of that blue print is making us believe as a nation that yes we need her ideas implemented, we need her. I'm not the first person to suggest this, but now that we are in the final jeopardy round of the campaign it's time to end our misery. The possibility that a nutcase nightmare could be our next President. But what do I know. I'm just a dreamer

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday June 19, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Yes, Ted Cruz, Mr. Green Eggs & Ham, the entire thing was a stunt! Could you just scream!

I understand this is politics. But, after yesterday's display of Democratic unity on the Senate floor, the last thing I was thinking when I witnessed this heart affirming event was that the Republicans instead, had witnessed a publicity stunt! Excuse me? Simply unbelievable, to have Senators come out today and express outrage that the Democrats had been politicizing the Gun issue as opposed to whats more important going after ISIS is honestly pathetic!
Thats right, seems, yesterday, the Democrats decided to give up their weak attacks against ISIS and the Muslim terrorists and instead try to of course, destroy our 2nd Amendment rights! I mean Donald has been harping about this for days now. Hillary wants to take away your guns! Believe me!
Of course he went further, excusing Hillary of conceiving a plan to rid our citizens of all their guns, and then allowing millions of undocumented aliens, to come into our shore and force Shiria law upon on! Can we be more paranoid? Probably not! Well seems, thats what the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of doing. Seems Drumpfs bullshit conspiracy talking points have seeped into the Republican line of attack. Honestly I better stop watching the news, because my blood pressure must be going through the roof.
To have people who refuse to actually vote on the war, come out and argue that others are wasting valuable time, is shall we say ass-backward to put it nicely. And laughably the worse offender in all of Washington, Senator Ted Cruz of all people, who wasted hours of our Senate's time on a filibuster to end Obamacare, rail against the Democrats attempt to rid us of our sainted gun, is beyond repugnant. 
And what a difference. When Cruz showcased share evil to shut down the government over his principles, he spent his time badly reading Dr. Seuss, and hysterically obviously misunderstanding the entire meaning of Green Eggs and Ham. He spent his time meandering about dribble, as opposed to what we witnessed. 
Yesterday what we saw was, right our of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, a real filibuster. We witnessed Senators standing up and discussing facts, opinion polls, the honest truth, practically pleading for some sense of logic in this never ending nightmare, that we face as a country every day.
But instead of coming out and at least pretending to have seen the light, what we get is more spin seemingly from out of their assholes. To see Mitch McConnell of all people, come out with that smug face of his and whine about the Democrats and their political games is honestly getting more and more difficult to witness. Please citizens of these United States vote this inbred out.
The party of no had morphed into a a joke, a non-party! Simply following the lead of their highest bidder and screwing our nation. Donald 'Drumpf' Trump keeps talking about saving us from the terrorists, perhaps he's sending his attack dogs after the wrong danger in our midst. 
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Lets hope they have more staying power then the fool from Texas named Ted Cruz

Perhaps its a case of great minds think a like, or maybe something is in the air, or simply its about bloody time! You see, just as I writing a tweet suggesting that someone in Washington, lets try a Filibuster on assault rifles… anyone, please!  
Heck if Ted Cruz of all people, can filibuster and shut down our government over ending Obamacare, something that actually helps Americans, why can't we have one brave soul in all the world filibuster over something that kills and hurts people.
Well, just as I was gonna propose that in a tweet, my iPhone woke up and I read a headline from one of the many news media outlets, informing me that The Democrats in The Senate had started a Filibuster to end the senseless allowance of military weaponry or at least make it more difficult for people to get them. Simply, thank you Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), for beginning this, and whomever is the brains behind this brave stand against insanity. 
It's been, shall we say fun, watching the Filibuster online, as his Democratic friends in The Senate, are allowed to ask questions of him, and help continue what I hope will be a very long event.
Here are some of the words Senator Chris Murphy used as he begin this historic moment in our country. The moment when Democrats finally take a stand.
“There is a newfound imperative for this body to find a way to come together and take action, to try to do our part to stem this epidemic of gun violence and in particular this epidemic of mass shootings.” “There is a fundamental disconnect with the American people when these tragedies continue to occur and we just move forward with business as usual,” “So I’m going to remain on this floor until we get some signal, some sign that we can come together on these two measures, that we can get a path forward on addressing this epidemic in a meaningful bipartisan way.”
So I wrote a different tweet:
in Washington! YES, just as I was about to tweet the idea, are putting a stop to the BS, no assault rifles!
Let's hope this latest nightmare, this latest massacre gives The Democrats the energy to make a statement. To make a stand. Simply no more! You don't wanna vote on this, nothing else gets done. You don't wanna vote for a new Supreme Court Judge, fine, vote for this. You don't wanna do anything for the American people… lets Filibuster till November. Even if nothing comes of this, its, shall we say a great visual for November's election. Lets use the Filibuster as a showcase to whom in The Senate are for and against this.
Of course, even if The Senate, actually votes in a change of the laws, we still have to get The Congress to do anything. Perhaps a Filibuster in the Congress is next. Sadly as we learned with the Immigration bill, The Republicans are playing hard ball, in fact they refuse to even vote on it. Even though supposedly they have the votes to enact it. The Senate passed a bill, but then The Congress never acted on it… basically making their work a waste of the People's time.
Well, people if I was an elected official in The Senate, I would be one of those standing up right now. And I wouldn't be so nice about. I probably would be more red faced then Donald 'Drumpf' Trump!
Its simply maddening! Sadly as I enjoy watching the event online , the major news outlets on television, CNN, MSNBC and yes, even FOX FAUX NEWS, aren't showing the video feed!  For  a few minutes on FOX FAUX NEWS they had the video, but no audio!
Why? One would think this news! That this is more important then discussing Trump's tweets, or replaying one of his nonsensical speeches about how our President and Hillary, don't understand the word terrorism, or worse.
Seriously sad, that the 'news' media, isn't making this into a story. Its as if they don't want to report on it. Well, hopefully tonight on the media outlets today will be discussed. Lets hope later tonight, that the filibuster is still occurring and it wasn't just an hour long tirade by a bunch of frustrated Democrats, just trying to show their constituents that they have a spine, and not just doing this as a political stunt.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Maybe its his bodies way of showcasing that his campaign is toast and so his business empire 

Today as I was watching our President showcase perfectly, in an extraordinary take down on The Donald's commentary about the tragedy in Orlando that he did the day before. I had a funny thought that I wanted to share with you. As usual President Obama showcased why we are a very lucky world to have had this man running it. And then I watched Hillary destroy every one of Drumpf's bull and lies, demonstrating again why she needs to be our next President. What a difference in tone, in language, in intelligence, and in reality, then the Drumpfs is.
What I wanted to share was, I understand, that these are very serious times, but sometimes from tragedy humor can strike at the worst possible time. Remember The Mary Tyler Moore's classic episode, when Chuckles the Clown died… is pretty much the perfect example. 
Well today, what I found funny had nothing to do with the most recent tragic events, but it had to do with The Donald's shall we call it skin condition. What struck me as funny was that when I looked at his face what I saw was a piece of Toast! That's right I thought of toast, putting bread into a toaster and toasting it. What does that have to do with Donald 'Drumpf' Trump? Well, for months we've watched The Donald's face on air, either in person or in photos. Each time I've noticed that the man's complexion is either a really bad wind burn, a spray tan or who the hell knows what it could be and pondered why nobody is querying if the man doesn't have a health issue. Seriously? I'm not joking here.
Well for whatever reason, today when they superimposed Drumpf's face on the air while discussing one of his vile statements, my mind realized what his complexion really looks like, toast. Probably on the number 2 or 3 setting. Just when the toast gets a darker shade of orange. And as we've watched as his insanity level has ratcheted up a notch seemingly everyday, especially when he decides to go off script, his face is getting more and more orange. As if its like a mood ring. Maybe they should make a chart, depending on the shade of orange how insane his comments get. It would save us the time listening to his drivel. Just a suggestion.
As I write this, Donald was making a speech reading off of notes, no teleprompter, no off-the-cuff insanity, simply leaning over the podium and reading notes. At least this time when  he was reading the text, we couldn't see his eyes staring at the text, since they were looking down. If this fool becomes our next President… watch the shade of orange on his complexion. It could mean nuclear war or some other horrible event.
So as a suggestion, in the future, to make his appearances more appealing to you. Whenever you see The Donald again, just think of toast. Be it rye, whole wheat, or probably best white. It might not make what he says more palatable, at least my idea might bring a smile to your face. Your welcome.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016


Is everything about your ego sir, or are you just a walking, talking asshole?

After the horrible events in Orlando, as people tried to understand how this tragedy could happen, yet again. As our political leaders tried to describe the horrors and discuss what was the motivations of the latest nut job (who shall remain nameless in this blog), who injured at least 103 people, murdering 50, using the crazies favorite weapon, an Assault Rifle! 
Our President came out, yet again to tell our nation his feelings after this latest worst day of his Presidency. In fact our political leaders were pretty much in a unified voice, condemning the nature of the act. Be it as a terrorist attack or as an attack against the gay community or both. All except one that is. And sadly that one voice comes from the leader of our nation's second most powerful political party,  the Republicans, who seem to be in league with the NRA when guns of any kind are involved.
And of course, instead of a moment of silence by The Donald, a moment of quiet reflection or a poetic response from the orange faced buffoon, we got his usual non-stop twitter tantrums, and this was probably my least favorite:
"Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!
"Appreciate the congrats for being right…" really! He's practically taking credit for the killings, maybe you sir are the terrorist? Seriously who the fuck do you think you are? How big of an ass can one person be? Of course that was just a tweet, sadly as is his manner, our future Emperor, was on a phone call yesterday with FOX FAUX NEWS' FOX & Friends, and said this in regards to Obama’s approach to terrorism:
“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other, And either one is unacceptable.”
Really sir? "…or he gets it better then anybody understands…?" is that a sly way of calling our President a terrorist? President Obama, has come out over a dozen times with tears in his eyes, trying his best to make sense for our nation why this keeps happening, and why Congress keeps bullshitting us with their mantra of saving our 2nd Amendment rights. As I wrote yesterday, seems our rights are more important then our lives. And by going after our President, yet again as a possible illegal, a traitor in our midst, our Manchurian or should I write Kenyan Candidate if you will, he again has taken us back to his Birther lie.
And this from a man who wants to be our President.
Maybe sir, you should look in mirror. what happened the other day in Orlando, might have been prevented, if your friends in the Republican Party had simply passed the Assault Rifle ban. 
But no, as President Obama, reminded us all during the last horrible incident, people on the No-Fly list, who can't board a plane in our nation, can buy assault rifles! Weapons that shouldn't be on our streets in t he first place. In other words, our latest nut job, could have been stopped before he got to play God and killed all those innocent people for whatever his vile reasons were.
Perhaps, as a nation we should seriously look at the NRA as a terrorist organization, and those in cahoots with them as the real traitors in our midst. How else can you explain their unwillingness to do anything.
But of course that will never happen. So all we can do as a nation is make sure that Donald "Drumpf" Trump doesn't get elected. That Hillary Clinton, whose platform boldly goes after the NRA and their bull, gets in and continues her logical thinking when it comes to ending this gun worship mentality of our nation and its leaders who believe that it is better to allow every man, woman and child, regardless of mental capacity, or status in regards to terrorism to easily obtain a weapon of mass destruction and do whatever they want. And then if tragically something happens, was usual can blame our President for doing nothing.
Its bad enough that the Republicans and of course Drumpf won't stop blaming the Democrats and of course most importantly condemn Hillary for her fault in the Benghazi tragedy, but they always forget that the Republicans in Congress were the ones who gutted funding for embassy's around the world. That our political leaders complain about our crumbling infrastructure, blaming our President for it, at the same time, refusing to fund any fix up of the problem. Look what occurred in Flint, after the water debacle, instead of simply funding the fix, they argued against it. Screw the people, let them basically die.
Its just so sad, that these tragedies keep happening and our President is handcuffed by, ok I'll call them what they should be called, traitors! Seriously culpable traitors who have sold their souls for power and have been corrupted by an organization that should be considered a terrorist group. How else can you explain their almost glee at the deaths of innocents. But if they are terrorists, as I'm beginning to believe, perhaps the victims in this, in their eyes are the terrorists in our midst. 
If you listen to some on the right, who have come out and practically cheered at the deaths of The Gays at the club, as if this was an Act of God, as if he was giving them what they deserve. Really. How insensitive if not simply evil of them. Good Christians, as they would have us believe, who think their God would smite others who dare to live what these zealots consider evil lives.
And sadly we now have their leader, a racist, a vile buffoon using tragedy as a way to stoke his ego. Simply despicable, and yet another reason why he must never ever get close to victory in this years Presidential sweepstakes.
I try not to wish harm on others, but if God did decide to smite someone down, perhaps instead of whom he's been going after lately, if you believe the haters, perhaps he could take a few moments and end all of our miseries and give the Drumpf something he really deserves, a nice juicy electrified lightening bolt. Hey big fella up in heaven, you don't have to end his life, just teach him some manners and perhaps do us all a favor and burn off all of his overly hair sprayed follicles, and leave his spray tanned face covered with a huge bald scalp.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June, 13, 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016


In this day and age of mass killings, how many people have to die before the world wakes up

So another day, another mass shooting, in a country where there are now more guns then citizens, maybe the NRA's mantra that the government wants to take away all of our guns, isn't such a bad thing. In fact, when can they start?
I understand that thats their talking point, and every time they come out and say it, more guns are sold. But considering that some crazies, like in todays incident in Orlando, will use our current pathetic system of gun laws, to kill a larger and larger number of people, maybe our nation should do exactly what they protest against. Lets remove guns from everyone,  except the police and our military.  Lets have a United States' A Gun Free Zone. Or at least can we get rid of the arsenal variety and just make it like the good old days of hand guns and pistols. Ah, the good old days.
I for one do not understand why anyone needs a gun,  personally I've only touched a real gun once. I used to be friends with someone who was a police officer, one day he allowed be to hold his pistol. I still remember feeling uneasy the second he showcased me his weapon, it was the closest I've ever been to one. I only held it for a few seconds, until l had had enough excitement and handed it back to him. In fact as a kid, I wasn't a fan of playing cops and robbers or even touching a toy gun. I just wasn't into it. And for me, westerns or movies with guns was simply entertainment. Maybe its because I grew up in the 1960's and the 1970's where violence was a way of life in New York City. Living in what some people would call a ghetto, does make you aware of the gun issue. 
Or maybe its simply because I just don't understand why people think more guns is the solution as opposed to less. Who feel that Gun Free Zones is a bad thing. That somehow we should deal with our problems, like the old wild west and shoot it out! Isn't that what our police force is for, protecting us? Isn't that why we pay all those tax dollars, isn't that why we have laws?  
I understand the need to feel protected, the want to carry something that could fend off a criminal. I understand the instinct to use whatever is available to do whatever is necessary to be safe and live relatively free. I also understand that criminals do not follow the law, but, does that mean everyone needs to carry an arsenal, just in case some nut job decides today won't be our lucky day? Does everyone have to become Charles Bronson?
Immediately after I read about the tragedy in Orlando on my iPhone and watched the news reports about it on television, I made one or two comments on my twitter page. And wasn't surprised to receive a few arguments against my feelings.
Honestly argue to the cows come home, people are dying left and right, but sadly in America in 2016, its more important that we keep our rights then keep people safe. Guess rights are people too, I mean if corporations now have a  pulse, I guess our so-called rights are more important then our very lives. Ironic isn't it?
But is today's incident even a gun issue? I understand that today's latest horror, is now connected to terrorism. At least that how the media is describing it. President Obama, came out and without stating it was written in stone, but, according to him, its looks like it was a terrorist attack, by a self proclaimed ISIS/ISIL fan. However, the killer's father was interviewed afterwards and said, that he believed his son wasn't a terrorist but simply a hater of The Gays. As if that was any better. That his son had witnessed men, outside the club being affectionate to each other. Behaving badly in his view point, and this is what set him off. It had nothing to do with ISIL.
Honestly I don't care if he hated Gays or was a terrorist or what color his eyes were, I care that people died! I care that again, any discussion about gun control is immediately attacked as a way to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights. What good are our rights, if we are all dead in the process.  
That said, my one question in all of this is, how did he get his weapons into the nightclub in the first place? What did he have them jammed up his ass? Did he simply carry them past the bouncer at the door? I mean we are discussing an assault rifle, not a simple gun. And the security, and/or  doorman, didn't notice it? Just saying I predict a few law suits by some of the victims and their families when the dust settles. Of course, I have no information about what exactly happened. It is possible that he started shooting before he entered, so, passing inspection by the bouncers wouldn't have helped. And I should't be throwing our conspiracy theory's about what did or not take place. Or what was the real reason why today was the day that he decided to lose it and destroy the lives of many people.
That said, we are talking military weaponry, why is this even a question? If our government was as powerful, like people complain about, wouldn't our guns have all been taken away already? And how does a small sect of our society, the NRA, have the power to stop any gun control? Well, lets hope something good come out of todays tragedy, but my feeling is, we're just gonna get more of the same or worse.

Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Karma is a Bitch, now Republicans, 'you' get to sink or swim with him… is that Taps I hear in the distance?

Seems the powers that be aren't happy these days with what they got as their nominee and some are seriously thinking of voting for Hillary, I mean how bad must the #Drumpf be if even Republicans are announcing that they might vote for a Democrat for President, let alone a Clinton. Their personal Boogeyman, in this case, Boogeywoman. But there's one big hiccup with that. What's that you ask? Oh that's right, nobody wants the rest of their clown car either. And I'm not even discussing his racist commentaries or idiotic inane tweets, I'm talking about his many business dealings that we are now learning how this possible emperor of the world did his business. 
The main reason Donald so easily won this election is something I've been saying all along, not one of their candidates was any good. No matter what the talking heads on the air said. And as Hillary Clinton has been saying every time she's asked, why her attacks will work while theirs failed. Each one of them, all had for the most part the same policies of the Donald, except for the most part, they kept their racist and vile commentaries out of the camera's lens. So when you think about who could replace him, the pickings of the lot are shall we say, pretty pathetic.
But that said, why didn't the Republicans go after Donald like she has and why didn't the media investigate him like they have recently over the last year or so?
Hysterically after several days of spewing racist verbal and twitter attacks against a Judge of Mexican decent, yesterday The Donald came out and told us in a speech that any racism is a bad thing and people should not do it. And he seemed to yell it with a straight face, as he spent the hour spewing his usual bogus attacks and threats to any and all whom oppose his desires for world leadership. Seemingly daring the powers of the Republican party to try to dethrone him of his well earned presumptive nomination. This after showcasing his unease with the teleprompter earlier in the same day.
Well it seems, Donald's campaign tilt will be same old same old. We will still be getting his tirades, but they will be his off-the-cuff remarks. The rest of it will be speeches written by Republican committee, spouting off same old lies that we've heard for years, like: If she gets in, you lose your guns, and yesterday he actually said, that if Hillary wins, woman will be able to get abortion's up until the time of birth! Unbelievable. And what's worse, no journalist or talking head on television called him out on that lie. I understand his lies and comments come out us like bullets at a gun range, but this one made me want to scream.
Amazing, in less then one week the media has unearthed seemingly an endless stream of examples of why, Donald "Drumpf" Trump is not the man he wants us to believe he is. As Hillary brilliantly described him the other day, he's a fraud. And seemingly every business that he's ever run has been a sham. Making money off of businesses that go bankrupt, while everyone is left empty-pocketed. Leaving in his dust thousands of people who've lost everything on broken promises by the self proclaimed king of the deal. And every time his businesses fail, the only one that comes out ahead is The Donald. And if they don't fail, it's turning out that he also decides not to pay his employees too, whoops.
Today I read, on the Huffington Post that in addition to his Trump University issues, and his Veteran's charity scam, he also might have pulled a scam with a board game, entitled "Trump: The Game" where he promised to give one lucky winner a million dollars. Guess what, as far as they know, he never did.
So my question, why did it take so long for the media to go after Donald? Its not like his past was hidden, I mean, his whole life has been practically a weekly diary in The National Enquirer. Why didn't his adversaries in the campaign do what the media has done in a few days for the entire last year.
I understand, that the powers that be in Republican-land kept telling us, eventually the people would wake up, in their usual delusional manner. I mean they keep telling us, everything that failed for decades, actually worked. They keep telling us that their healthcare plans will be better then Obama's, but still haven't presented one. They keep telling us how they'll fix Social Security and this time their latest plan will do the trick, and of course we always discover its more of the same. They keep telling us the way to fix our economy is by giving tax breaks to the 1% and screwing the rest of us. They keep telling us that the Government should stay out of our lives, yet keep wanting to tell us how to live ours. And they keep telling us they're not racist or haters and want whats best for us, yet everything they propose would only hurt Americans and take us back to the 19th century when it comes, to well everything.
And as usual when they tell us, in almost universal proclamation they're against something, we'll probably find out that their condemnation was all for show, and secretly they're actually completely in agreement with the vile message that they are sending. Remember Abortion, remember their diagnosis on their loss to Obama. We must fix whats wrong. And what did they fix, nothing, they just double-downed on their lies and acted like anything they had said before never occurred, even when confronted with the video or the audio.
Donald Trump seems to do one thing, attack others with things that he actually is doing or has done. He called Hillary crooked, and all we're discovering is is thats all he is. He tells us not to be racist and everyone should be looked upon as equals, and all he's done is spew racist garbage. He disparages women, insults them to their faces, and then says how much he loves them, like a rapist or Pimp discussing his last victim or john. "Thats my African American?" Really? 
Well Republicans, you gave birth to the big fat orange faced baby, I think he's now going through his terrible twos, and sadly our nation is the unsuspecting baby sitter who has to clean up his mess. 
Let hope the Republicans can find a way to rid us of his potential nightmare, and even if they can't. Hillary, me thinks is more then ready to teach this toddler that its time for a grown up to put you to bed.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, June 11, 2016