Friday, April 29, 2016

Remember the voters choose the Nominee, not the pollsters 
What is it about losers who demand concessions from their victors. It seems Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand he’s not the nominee just yet. In fact he’s currently in second remember, and he’s swiftly running out of options and time. Or is the man's age finally affecting his short term memory loss? I guess I’m old school, I always thought that when you win you set the agenda, not the other way around.
So now that Hillary Clinton almost has the nomination sewn up, seems Bernie is turning into a sore loser who is practically demanding she follow his agenda. I’m confused when did the victor of a race give up the fruits of her winnings. In the old days when a candidate won the nomination, they chose the platform didn’t they? Or is my memory the one that’s playing games with me. 
Maybe its the fact that she’s a woman? We have a candidate that wags his finger at her on the debate stage, doing his best to be the man in the conversation. 
Perhaps its that unsaid all knowing fact that woman never are treated equal to men. Like married couples, somehow the man is the head of the household, not equal in the eyes of some if not most. Maybe Hillary’s sex has nothing to do with it, maybe its just arrogance on their part.  
I do know that 8 years ago when Senator Obama was elected, The Republican’s acted as if they had won. Basically saying screw the vote, the landslide that just occurred well basically it didn’t happen, we know better. Just excuse the millions more people who actually voted for him, just believe  what your polls are telling you. Remember when Carl Rove argued that the polls were wrong, that Romney was gonna actually win. Remember how they actually had to prove it to him on the air at FOX FAUX NEWS?
Well, it seems this election cycle, the Berniebot’s have been playing from that playbook. I understand he hasn’t been a Democrat long, but sir get with the program. You lost, your last, move. Or to put it nicer, sir, she won the nomination, she’s earned the right to set the agenda and you’ve earned the right to maybe suggest ideas. 
I’m sorry, just because you came in second it doesn’t give you the power to control the conversation. It’s like listening to  Cruz or Rubio not admitting that they lost, but trying their best to stop Trump from reaching the needed Delegates to shall we say steal the nomination from the person whose earned their nomination. 
Not that I’m a fan, but the man has earned it. Yes indeed, Trump has earned his right to lose in a landslide to whomever wins the Democratic nomination, which seems to be Hillary at this point. Sorry Bernie, I understand you feel polls are more important then the voting booth. Since for the most part, you haven’t been winning in the voters booth, you’ve been winning in caucuses, where people don’t vote, they argue for or against, they cajole. But it’s not really voting, and the fact that that argument is seriously being pushed by Bernie makes me laugh. Sanders big idea is that he’s more popular with the independents, the so-called future of the Democratic party. That the primary process is corrupt itself, cause not everyone can vote. Only the Democrats or The Republicans, are allowed in the primary. That is just unAmerican! Sorry Bernie it is American. If you want those others to vote, the independents and other minority parties, then run as Independents, like you should have and be nominated in their party’s convention. You came out on national television and explained that the reason you ran as a Democrat was that you couldn’t win the election as an Independent, so you changed your party affiliation. I would think as a new member of The Democratic party, you should have learned their rules. You claim you’ve been working closely with the Democrats for years, shouldn’t you have learned a few of their policies in regards to running political campaigns in their nominating process.
Well then, then you should of have told your followers to change their affiliation too. Doesn’t that make sense. But now all you do is bitch about those rules. For a person who could pass for any number of professors at University, you surely didn’t learn your own lessons. Guess you want to be graded on a curve of your design. 
And sorry Bernie, these voters aren’t the future of the party, seems your followers love to make nose, but vote, that’s just too Democratic for them.  
And I must admit, if I was making speeches in front of all those thousands of people, the throngs of adoring fans. Making me feel like a rock star, I too would be under the assumption that I must be winning. Better yet, I’ve already won and the voting is just an after thought. Hillary obviously you’ve lost, you should just step aside. Screw the voting and let me run the show. 
The amazing thing to me is, this is pretty much how I feel about his policy proposals. All bitch, no substance. All headline, no small print. He points out a problem, explains how its gonna magically change once Washington see’s his throngs of followers outside the windows of the capital staring angrily back at them. Washington will simply quiver in their shoes and give Bernie everything he wants. 
Bernie what are you the new Moses? Hillary, let my people go! Bernie and your cycle of King makers, you’re not the second coming, sorry. Turns out you're just another politician whose ego has taken over. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, April 29, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

So I thought you were running a clean campaign, but it seems your handlers have decided to torch the niceties.

Hillary Clinton handedly won the New York' Democratic primary, by a shockingly large amount. Not by the polling, which in this case turned out to be pretty accurate, but by the visuals showcased over the last week and a half all over NYC. Seemingly Bernie's followers had all the momentum in t he world, and all the buzz. Facebook was a blaze with Berniemania. As as Primary day got closer the rhetoric from his fan base and sadly t he man himself was honesty as bad if not worse then anything the Republican would throw out. But instead of coming out and congratulating Hillary, or at least admitting that their chances of winning had been problem shot down, his handlers came out and announced that even she wins both the popular vote and gets more then the 2,383 delegates needed, they're gonna try to persuade all the Super-Delegates that he's the better general election candidate because the polls say so. Guess Presidential campaigns is a popularity contest. Presidential elections are now just about polling, not about voters actually voting.
So it turns out Bernie Sander's pitch is he's more electable. Really? Every time he speaks, he mentions that at the beginning of his campaign I was polling at 3% in the polls and now in some polls we are actually a head. Well I guess that sounds logical on paper. We keep hearing about momentum, but she's the one leading in the the race and even if he closes the gap, it is almost impossible for him to win or even get near the delegates needed. But turns out, in Bernie's world, delegates don't matter, that is unless he's getting the delegates.
Seems poor Bernie is a sore loser. He keeps harping that if his followers vote for him, he'll win and win big. If the turn out is huge he'll win. Problem being, it's turning out that his followers either don't vote, aren't registered, are too young to vote, or are not citizens of our country and are ineligible to vote.Seems sir, the voters are the ones actually speaking. Maybe, Sander's you and your handlers aren't listening. Sorry, but just maybe the adults in the room might not enjoy political events or protests, but at least they do their patriotic duty and actually vote. Sad that our most basic right, voting, the one that is now being systematically taken away from citizens for all manner of bogus excuses, isn't taken more seriously. Except as a political talking point.Seems the only reason Bernie went through that long stretch of victories recently, wasn't because of momentum. It was because they were predominately white and Independents well allowed to vote and of course they were Caucuses.... Something they he excels in, and as has been the case since this campaign began, New York represents this country's colorful mix of races and demographics, something that Bernie and his handlers don't seem to get.As the race has tightened and Bernie has twisted himself from a loving caregiver who wants to nurture us all (A grand father figure if you will), into an angry hateful attack dog all we've discovered is that maybe the later is really all Bernie really is. He's been saying almost word for word the exact same things for decades, except as the recent New York Daily News revealing interview showcased, he seems only to have his talking points and attack lines down pact. Sadly it seems his desires, wants, ideas and even fantasies are just that. No real explanations. Seems his big plan is, once he's in power and he has the people behind him, the powers that be in Washington will just bow down and give him exactly what he wants. And we complain about Donald Trump's pitches?Maybe it's true that everyone in Washington and in Government is bought off, but do we really believe that he of all people can just shake his fingers at Congress and they'll fall over themselves for him. Really? After what we've just lived thru with our current President. Really?  The more I see of Bernie's handlers the more it feels to me like Bernie's been had by them. They've turned a sweet, grandfather into a zealot whose seemingly thrown a lifetime of work away, in this quest for the White House. According to them, everyone is corrupt, everyone except of course Bernie. Yet they throw out no proof. And worse, they've turned Bernie into a Tea Partier. Amazingly watching this year's race, Ted Cruz of all people feels more Presidential. How sad is that.For a campaign that preached positivity, it seems the only positives they now pitch is 'look at the polls, look at the amount of people who come to his events, look how much money people are donating'. They'e forgotten why he's running. Except of course the talking points.Today I saw I post on Facebook suggesting that 8 years ago, Hillary also won New York in the primary, as if to showcase that Bernie still has a chance.The problem with that is, at the time Senator Obama was ahead, not behind like Bernie is now. Hillary was the Bernie of the race. Her victory helped her continue her campaign, it closed the gap, which is the complete opposite of this year's primary. Hillary was Obama by less delegates at the time when she won, then Bernie is trailing her now. And she won, her delegate is actually grew. In other words, its a false argumentGet it. This isn't like Hebrew, we aren't reading back to front. Sometimes a loss is a loss. 

Just one man’s opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016

You have all these great plans… your followers love your ideals. But HOW DO YOU DO IT? 
I read this article earlier today 
What Bernie Sanders got wrong in his Daily News editorial board interview — and keeps getting wrong
(the link is copied below), perfectly answers the Bernie's fans when they attack the newspaper for its editorial… as usual the fans of Bernie, don't want to see the truth. they want to believe his BS…if the initials fit, you site back and ponder whats real or is what he's pitching is, well, BS.
Bernie Sanders, you have all these great plans. Your followers love your ideals. But HOW DO YOU DO IT?  No real answers, ever, just spin. 
I'm sorry, if the initials fit… BS… you vote for the person who actually has answers to ALL the questions. You ask Hillary Clinton something, she gives you her plan. And then explains it to you. She doesn't throw out spin or attack her adversary.  'I deal with facts and reality. Your plans don't work, explain it sir.' That of course is taken as a personal attack… hysterical.
And as usual, her attackers attack her looks, her 'criminal' activities and the people who she's been paid off by… oy…  sad…  Seems not every brainwashed person in America is a Republican.
Stop arracking editorial because of their supposed slanted obnoxious covers… maybe its time to actually look into Bernie's plans… seriously. We are all grown up. Listen to how he answers these questions, about and of his proposals. I grant you, each answer sounds good. But when you step back, he has never, NEVER really explained how they work.
I keep hearing from his followers, that the President doesn't need to know how to actually do things, he has to inspire others to come up with the way to do it. Hm, no. Sorry, what happens when those desires only exist in fantasies and not the real world. Remember, "No new taxes!" 
What if what he wants isn't possible, what then? And honestly even if it was possible, how in this day and age of partisan politics do you think anything as monumental as this will actually get voted for and implemented.
I do say, the man is a dreamer. I'll give him that. And he has inspired millions of people to want something better in their lives. But sadly we live in the real world. Some dreams, aren't possible. And remember, be careful what you wish for, seemingly from many experts (that sound like they live in the real world, and no, they aren't bought off by the corporate 1%ers), most of them have said that Bernie's plans don't work. That Hillary's actually could.
What gets me, after 8 years of watching The Affordable Care Art or as they like to call it as an insult… Obamacare​ Bernie, wants to scarp the whole thing and start implementing a new healthcare system. I understand he's not throwing everyone off the dole when he does it. As some have tried to use as an excuse to attack his idea. But remember the website, when it failed famously. People still mention that. Their will be glitches. It seems, a lot of what Bernie is pitching has the word 'glitches' written all over it.
I'm just saying before they attack Hillary as the demon they you all seem to think she is, and swear on your savior's face that if she's the nominee you actually might vote for a Republican, to spite her. Perhaps you should actually listen to whats he's saying, not hear what you want to hear. Its all sounds great, but there is no substance. He has nothing to back his plans. Sure, you can tell me to go to his website and its all explained there. Sorry I went. It doesn't. Again, its all slogan, banner and no substance.
When Bernie came out and attacked her for not being a "qualified" candidate, besides being a laughable statement, because he read a headline, that was, or a should I write, that should have awoken something in everyone. And when confronted with it, he refused to admit he was wrong, he just went into his spin.
Well thank goodness there is at least one place where they're actually questioning what he's pitching. Just because you may not agree with the newspaper's editorial, doesn't mean their questions about him are wrong. By ignoring their questions, by insulting who asked the question, it doesn't negate the question. You are just doing what he's dong, side-stepping any answers. If the man has solutions to the problems in our world, great. Let him explain it, now, not after the election. And we get a great of the scene of that great political movie, The Candidate, when after Robert Redford actually wins in the election, he says "What'll we do now?" 
Exactly, Bernie, if you win, you better have real answers to these questions. Just pitching ideals and desires, don't make those wants possible, when you really don't know or understand how to implement anything you're throwing out.
As opposed to Hillary Clinton​ who seems to understand and know everything about everything. hence, #imwithher

Here's the excellent editorial I read that my article is referring to.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, April 10, 2016

Friday, April 08, 2016

You believe that, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you 
Just a question to my Bernie friends… 
Who believe that if Bernie wins the election, we’re gonna get free college education… yeah!
My question is, ‘when’ do you think that will happen? 
Do you think its gonna be retroactive? Do you think its gonna happen the second he enters the White House, magically?  His first 100 days? By the end of his first term? When?
I’m asking this, cause it seems some of you are pitching this fantasy, sorry his proposal, to college students or kids who are planning on going to college. 
Don’t you think you are giving these kids a dream that even if it does come true, probably wont effect them? 
Meaning all these kids now fantasizing  about going to College for free… wont be. They will now be paying, with a bad taste in their mouths when they realize the latest zealot, couldn’t give us what he promised. So instead of delivering a real fix to the issue, like Hillary is proposing, Bernie promised millions that the heavens would open wide and their college education wouldn’t cost them a red cent.
Remember with Obamacare, it took years to implement. Once it was approved. And it was only approved with a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate. What will happen if bernie wins with none in either. 
I'll tell what will happen, nothing. 
And supposedly, Sanders wants states to pay for this, guess he hasn’t been watching whats been happening in places like Wisconsin and Kansas. 
So what are we gonna get, if we get anything? Possibly some states with free college and others the kids are gonna have to pay? How is his plan possible? 
Seems he didn’t have answers to any questions the other day, so he attacked Hillary to sidestep his failure at the Q & A. And today he was on television when asked about his accusation that “Hillary wasn’t qualified” he’s blamed the media for his attacking her. Saying it was their fault not his… sorry, simply sad. And then he began his mantra that he’s been running a clean campaign from the get go. Well it  sounds nice when you say it, shame his actions or verbiage haven’t been so… nice.
What is he gonna attack others when his politics aren’t possible. When his so-called friends who have all endorsed Hillary don’t go along with his plans. What is he gonna do? What, transform us into a communist state and force the states to do this, since he seems to love certain aspects of Communism? Where are the funds coming from?
I got a few more questions, but I’m sure those will be sidestepped by attacks on Hillary’s supposed baggage too. Better to attack and sidestep, then to actually have any answers.
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, April 8, 2016