Tuesday, June 11, 2019


As the Democrats begin to showcase who may and may not be in it till the end, the former Vice President, Joe Biden might have come up with the perfect slogan for 2020, “Let’s Make America, America Again!”

HAS IT BEEN REALLY ONLY BEEN A FEW WEEKS since Robert Mueller spoke and pretty much told the nation Donald J. Trump was guilty on several fronts. But, and its a big but, he just couldn’t indict him, arrest him, imprison him or slap him on the wrist, simply because the media has been pitching it as if he could as if it written in stone. Sadly Democrats holding their breath, and patriots alike should have known from the beginning that that possibility was simply not in his job description. Even though many of us have been holding onto that hope, because of all the talking heads pounding it into our heads, that Mueller would get us the answers we needed to help remove the monster in orange from his throne. Robert Mueller had been pretty much been thought of as Democracy’s last chance to get out of this mess, but as we’ve now discovered it turns out his job doesn’t actually allow him to be both judge and jury in his decision. Only investigator, and organizer of the information they uncover, no matter what William Barr’s been throwing out. He could however, write or say, that Donald J. Trump was innocent of the crimes, or that they could find nothing to implicate him if they found nothing, but sadly for Trump’s sake they found a lot, despite what every protesting Republican keeps saying. So he couldn’t clean the slate of Trump’s crimes and treasonous acts, no matter how many times Trump tries to gaslight the American citizens, or how many times William Barr comes out and distorts the Report's findings. Sorry trumpeters, your God did it, no matter how many times you listen to the made up garbage that Fox not by a mile new spews. 

Unfortunately, ‘we the people’ didn’t get what we’ve been dreaming about for years, and many of the at least out spoken Americans, are now angry at the Democrats for having expected Robert Mueller to come out in the first place, and save Democracy, as he was pitched. Why did the Democrats wait? I have to ask here, why is is always the Democrats fault, when the Republicans get caught or do the crime? Some of the Republicans who at least acknowledge we were attacked, don't go after the Trumpeter for their part in it, they go after President Barack Obama, for allowing the Russians to do it in the first place. madness people. Why can’t we for once actually go after the criminals, and not the patriots. We were expecting an answer, finally an end to all of misery's, and because of that, many people apparently are now angry at the Democrats for having expected Robert Mueller to come out and save them. To give us the answer, and end all of our misery. People are upset, because they were told to wait for the report, and now that its out, they’re angry because those in power, who have it, aren’t already putting Donald into chains. Sorry people, removing a sitting president, isn’t as simply as going on a twitter rant, there are steps you need to go through.

Sadly the fact that it wasn’t in Attorney General’s Barr’s job description either hasn’t prevented him, Donald, or the republicans from trying to shut it all down by using the words of a man who actually isn’t supposed to be make the decision in the first place. A man who came out of left field, and in less then a month after taking over the Justice Department, as Trump’s Attorney General, has pretty much thrown out what has been uncovered as nonsense and unnervingly made the final decision that Trump didn’t do anything bad enough to be punished pretty much on his own say so. And please remember, as opposed to Robert Mueller who presided over the investigation for more then two years, everything William Barr has done since taking over the job has gone against precedent. Much like another Attorney General named James Comey had done before the 2016 election, which like then could alter our next presidential election now. It was, as Robert Mueller explained, the Congress’s job to decide on this or any President’s future, not his. It was the House’s job to decide once reading his report, which route to go. It was not his job or the Attorney General’s. And now that the House has his report, if not the unredacted one, it is up to them to decide to investigate none, some, or all of the uncovered acts reported on in the report. Or better yet, open up an official Impeachment hearing since Robert Mueller’s report  has given them an outline to take it to the next phase, and possibly end our misery. Be it impeachment, possible removal, or possibly even sanctions, since getting the Senate, or should I write Mitch, to go along with this or anything at all, might not be in the cards. 

All we hear now from Trumpeters and members of what’s left of the Republican party is that the Democrats are gonna use the Impeachment hearings simply for political purposes, to try to hurt Donald to win back the White House. They keep forgetting about the obvious reasons for the Impeachment Hearings in the first place, that a crime of epic proportions has occurred, we were invaded by Russia, and that finally needs be dealt with. I mean wouldn’t you think if a foreign nation tried to and possibly succeeded in taking over our presidency (am I the only one who believes that takeover has been expanding to our nation as well), that that would be something everyone would want to investigate to see what the truth is? Then why is that subject something Republicans want to simply go away, silenced as if it never occurred? I guess the most obvious answer would be, that the Trumpeters themselves, some of whom, may have been in on it. Or if not that, perhaps it’s that they simply don’t want to lose their power they’ve currently finally obtained. Decades of hard work. Otherwise why is our nation being invaded allowed to be shoved away, as Trump and his minions appear to be doing their bidding? It’s as the Trumpeter’s want us to believe the entire nation has collective amnesia, and we’ve all completely forgotten what they pulled against Hillary Clinton, against our Democracy, and against the citizens of these United States. 

Not surprisingly and of course it fits their pattern, but hysterically, and rather maddening, some of these liars in trumpeter orange, are now calling out Nancy Pelosi and others who dared to even suggest that if found guilty, Trump should go to prison. The hypocrisy, in their cries as they accuse those saying the words as trying to turn our nation into a “Banana Republic”. Seriously, we’re still getting chants of “lock her up” ringing loudly and clearly at Trump’s current reelection events. Sometime you just want to slap your television, when you see such hypocrisy. They will scream and holler that Mueller’s report has exonerated their leader, while refusing to actually read it,  while attacking those who have as liberal leftists, all the while refusing to discuss the crimes laid out in it, or what Mueller himself has said, all they do is attack and try to demean whomever dares go after traitor's running our nation. 

So William Barr decided to spew a totally tainted take on Mueller’s Report, completely twisting what was in it, by first coming out and delivering to us his 4 page summary while acting like he was the final say in everything, when he wasn’t. He also refused to answer questions, explaining that once the report was released everyone would see he was right and the President didn’t do anything wrong. Pretty much telling the American people to just hold hands and sing America The Beautiful. This occurred almost 2 months a head of the Mueller Report’s release, which of course we all know was redacted. As soon as Barr came out with his false take on the Report, it was reported as proof Trump was innocent. Of course there were voices out there saying, can we wait to read the report, perhaps William Barr’s take on it, isn’t exactly what’s in it. Let us not forget how he got in, with his term paper, pitching Trump’s defense, which turned out to basically be his pitch to us citizens on what Mueller handed over to him. His personal take on our Constitution. So Fox, not by a mile news, spent 24/7 pitching Trump’s innocence and the Democrats being traitors. Not to mention, William Barr, repeatedly coming out and now actually attacking Robert Mueller for doing a bad job! And because of all the lies, and most importantly national security, I mean we were attacked by Russia, and half of political system is ignoring it, to protect a sitting President, screw the danger to our Democracy. And I guess, being the patriot that he is, Robert Mueller  had to reluctantly come out, but only after announcing he was retiring, so he could actually say a few words, to give what he himself called his only response to the report he was planning to ever make. 

But in reality, all Robert Mueller actually did was come out and narrate his report, by reading sentences and paragraphs taken right off of the pages of the Mueller Report. Words that Robert Mueller thought he needed us the American people to hear. Words that sadly practically nobody has actually taken the time to read themselves. And by doing so, he put an exclamation mark for the ones he did choose to point out. His reasoning's why he did not indict Trump, and why he couldn’t clear him of any charges, from the investigation, and most importantly Russia’s attack on our Democracy which probably had a hand in Trump’s electoral college victory. All of these needed to be heard, and shouted out to the highest rooftops. Trump wasn’t cleared, Putin did invade our nation, and there are many items that should be looked into by the House written down in black and white. And all of it is in the Mueller Report.

Of course not knowing Robert Mueller personally, and like most of us, except for the few times we’ve seen him on tape speaking, or watched him on video loops walking, this was in a lot of ways, our first real introduction to him. And I for one was not disappointed. Other then this pretty momentous occasion, all we’ve seen of Robert Mueller or heard about him, is what the media has presented to us, and how they categorized him. From every side of the political hemisphere, all we got prior to and during the investigation, especially before he handed the final report over to William Barr, was that Mueller was a straight shooter, a man of total integrity, and that he was the person who should decide our nations future. Someone that was overwhelmingly excitingly welcomed when he was given the position of leading what was to become an investigation into the Trump world and possible Russian activities. So it was actually thrilling for me, to discover as I watched his nearly 10 minute pitch for his now historic document, how the man had far surpassed how the media had pitched him. To put it nicely it irks me when listening to liars like William Barr, and the rest of the talking heads running the Trumpeters publicity channel, as they now go after Robert Mueller as a loser and a nobody who wasn’t up to the job. For me this is a real a slap in the face to this great man, to our nation, and to the rule of law. Shame on them.    

But that being written, I got the feeling by him coming out and finally speaking, that Mueller was actually more frustrated at how some in the media was running with William Barr’s interpretation of what the Mueller Report, then he was upset about the fact that the majority of the American people hasn’t read it yet. The man understands that most Americans won’t sit down to read a 450 page anything, unless Stephen King writes it. But I would presume he would expect that the members of the Congress would take the time to peruse it, perhaps scan some of the pages or at least open the cover to see the contents page at least. Remember our nation was attacked by a foreign nation, hello! Apparently nobody in the Republican party, except one or two stragglers, want to even discuss it. Of course if you read the report, you would find a fascinating section on the attack on our Democracy by the Russians. How they invaded us through social networking and helped sway masses of American’s to turn to Fox, how WikiLeaks was used to hurt Hillary and help Donald, and a number of other items we’ve been hearing about in leaks and whispers, but which are all outlined and discussed in detail in it. 

Plus, Robert Mueller coming out, might at least keep the conversation going on what Trump and Putin pulled the last election, and are probably already doing again. Perhaps now that the 97% of the public who is estimated as non-readers of the Mueller Report, will after hearing all the buzz about his appearance, might pick up a copy of it, or download it, like I did, and start to learn first hand what Mueller and his team uncovered. After reading the report myself, I know my feelings on what is showcased. And now after seeing him live on television, I was standing in bedroom, cheering his heroic comments, Knowing now, that he, because of his refusal to left the orange man off, is now considered public enemy no. 1 by the Trumpeters, and as a patriotic American, I can not think of a higher trophy to be but to be on their radar.

I mean I was ecstatic to see the man we all prayed would get this right, was for once advertised perfectly. And like in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’, when happily it was turned out that Private James Ryan himself, was a man that was thankfully worthy of the other soldier’s sacrifice. Well watching this, yes, I will call him great American speak truth to power was as patriotic as it ever gets. While he may not have given any of us the final solution we had hoped for, either a full exoneration or a total guilty as sin finding, he stoically demonstrated that he was a man of his word and the very definition of principle. Robert Mueller pretty much said, read the report, and Congress please do your jobs. He gave them a road map, he threw out a ton of bread crumbs, and now he want them to do their constitutional duty. Robert Mueller simply said here you go, people you got your questions, I have the answers written in clean and concise English. Almost everything you are seeking is in it, despite what those who haven’t read it keep saying. So why not spend a few hours and learn a thing or two, it might even open your eyes. 

So because of the dirty tricks that the trumpeters are pulling Robert Mueller needed to repel the way William Barr and the Republicans has mischaracterized his findings since he handed it over to the current Attorney General. Mueller pretty much told those political leaders and all the talking heads who are using those same Barr lies, to quit using them as proof that nothing was uncovered. To halt making this political, and to start making it patriotic, our Democracy is at the crossroads, its time to put partisanship aside and do your jobs. To cease lying to everyone who can hear, that the President and his minions, did nothing wrong, when there are hundreds of pages which actually report the opposite. To stop characterizing everything that was revealed as a partisan political lie made up by those horrible liberal Democrats. And most importantly, its time to remind our political leaders and the citizens of the United States, that Russia actually did invade us during the last Presidential campaign, and are still doing it. Despite what Donald J. Trump keeps trying to spin, and worse keeps trying to cover up, and yes Russia helped Trump get in. 

I could keep going, but I if I did, this might not come out for another week or so, and by then this commentary would feel so like last year, if it already doesn’t. I mean, actually I didn’t expect my conversation on Robert Mueller’s coming out, and the reactions to it, and the report itself, so far would turn into as lengthy a commentary.  I’d like to menton how the Democrats are handling the post Mueller Report release and as this has been going on, and beleive it or not, I am in a happy place. While my favorite isn’t running, many of those who are are making be almost giddy with excitement. I must admit I have my doubts about Vice President Joe Biden, because of his age, and sometimes it gives me pause how a man of his years will handle the campaign especially if he gets the nomination. That being written, after watching today’s afternoon campaign stunt speech, it gave me hope that he is up for the job. And at least for me one of his best lines, which I used as part of the sub-head of this piece, “He says, ‘let’s make America great again,’” Biden said of Trump in Iowa. “Let’s make America America again.” Funnily it turns out Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’s former lawyer, actually originated the quote.  Personally, I dont care who came up with the slogen, so whomever did, borrow it for Joe, good one. They say you can’t go home again. Well hope we can, in the case of our Democracy. 

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 11, 2019