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And isn't their some media rule that should force Sean off the air till after the election… just saying

Somehow we've gotten to the point where a so-called news network, Fox Faux News is running a political party, or at least its the voice of the party and seemingly now has become the parties own media outlet. Honestly I try not to watch Fox News and its sisters stations at all, but sadly periodically turn to them, just to check in once in a while. I guess hoping to be surprised for a change. Maybe today they will actually report news as opposed to partisan political garbage and sometimes they actually do it. Even Megyn Kelly will actually make the journalistic community proud… sometimes. Usually its so outrageous that I want to smash my television set into millions of pieces.
Well, yesterday I was switching the channel after watching Rachel Maddow and her mastery of all things political… well all things, and as I was about to shut off my television set, I decided to check out the other 'news' channels. 
The big news last night was, Donald 'Drumpf' Trump, the toaster faced Presidential candidate will announce his choice for Vice President Friday morning. Funny, I always thought that was the parties decision, not the candidates… maybe that was in a movie I once saw. Anyway I decided to see what the Fox 'cough' 'cough' news people were talking about before heading off to bed.
My two screen caps of tweets I wrote gives you an idea of what I found:

I guess I hadn't really watched Sean Hannity too much to notice it, until tonight, but something is not kosher with his show. I know he's had Drumpf on a lot and has been very vocal of his support for him, and I've discovered noticed that his son Eric Trump, junior douche bag, is also a frequent guest on the network. I should mention that I have seen lots of snippets on line, and of course on the other media outlets. But it wasn't till last night did it really sink in.
After it was reported on numerous shows and the internet, that Sean Hannity personally flew Newt Gingrich on his own private jet to meet with Donald Trump about interviewing for the V.P. slot, it kicked the ramifications for me into high gear. Rachel also had a piece about this, last night during her broadcast, and at one point she showcased a picture of Cheney with George W, and said words that chilled me to the bone. 
She basically said, that because of Trump's lack of political knowledge and of world affairs, that Gingrich could become the most powerful Vice President in our nations history. I guess that means even more powerful then Dick Cheney… I mean what could go wrong right and how scary is that?
So I turned on the channel and Hannity had Junior on and as my Tweet suggests, he practically was on one knee proposing to The Donald and honestly I freaked a little. In less then five minutes I witnessed a man basically do a campaign infomercial for the man. And if you add the fact that he's flying the potential Vice President in his own private jet, setting up the date. Doesn't that cross the line?
Hasn't he stopped being a newsman, and simply become a Trump promoter. And if that's the case shouldn't he be removed from the air, at least till the election is over? I mean they just took off Newt off as an employee, because he was now the news, as opposed to discussing the news. I understand that that station, is slanted towards the Republican party, but isn't this crossing the line? And this doesn't even begin to discuss how Hannity describes Hillary Clinton and attacks her at every chance. 
I mean tonight he wasn't even asking questions, he was saying things like "we" a lot. We need to do this, we need to do that, as if he was a part of Trump's campaign.
I'm sorry there is something really very wrong about this. 
I mean the day after they, technically fire Newt for political reasons, he actually returned as a guest on the network and they discussed his possible V.P. slot. Its so totally unethical its well almost treasonous.
I only hope that if the Democrats get into power, in all three branches of Government, that they open a hearing against the network which has spent a majority of the last several years determined to destroy Hillary with one conspiracy after the other. They constantly have on, the accusers of Hillary and Obama as guests to continue their mantra and all they do is sell the republicans lies and agendas. And then they question else where why people "Mistrust" Hillary, as if they haven't been bombarded with lies and conspiracies for ever. Maybe some of that crap has set into the public consciousness. Why don't they ever discuss that?
The other day I had the realization that the way I look at the Republicans in power, and the Drumpf himself, is the same way they look at Hillary and Obama. Maybe I should take a step back and look at the big picture, maybe I'm the one whose brainwashed. Maybe this Hillary Clinton lady has bewitched me? I mean it is possible. I mean if an entire industry, the vast right-wing that the Clintons keep saying have been after her because they're simply evil. Well maybe these haters are right? I mean millions of Americans believe it, why shouldn't I? Some of my best friends have practically begged me not to vote for her seriously calling her The Devil. 
But what Hannity is doing seems to have gone further. Seems to have crossed the line. I only hope (that's twice in one post) that someone with any power reads my little blog and this gives them the idea to investigate my insinuation. 
I guess as I'm writing my 225th entry into my Neilizms blog I've finally turned into a conspiracy nut, too. Well I've always hoped one day to star in a movie like Conspiracy Theory. Perhaps thats the reason? But, obviously, I don't believe any of what they're 'reporting', but I had to sit back and contemplate the reality of the idea. They seem so sure of themselves, but one doesn't need a Phd to see, it is not me who is bewitched. Its not me who is delusional, its them.
But what I'm contemplating kind of fits, except for one big problem, what Hannity is pulling is happening right in front of our faces, in the open, and he seems to be getting a way with it. And until yesterday, honestly, this idea, was never on my radar. But now that it is a reality, the reality of what Sean Hannity is doing in this years election should make everyone sit up and ask a lot of questions. 
My first question is, when is Hannity or Fox gonna announce he's being put on suspension until after the big day? That is if Donald loses, but if God Forbid he wins, expect Hannity to be one of the people chosen by Donald to be a part of his cabinet, perhaps he'll make him Deporter-in-chief?

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