Saturday, June 17, 2023

I’m back! I've been awaiting for election season to be over to write my next Neilizms, but then George Santos & Kari Lake showed up, to continue the horror programming… so I guess I'll just have to settle for Trump's possible imprisonment.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DONALD, since you’ve been such a bad boy, the American people is getting the actual present, your possible incarceration… hopefully for the rest of your miserable existence. What do you give a man who has everything or should I write has stolen everything for his 77th birthday? I know, 37 well earned and deserved indictments. Well I guess Santa had Donald on his bad list in 2023…. oops. Be careful what you wish for Donald. You wanted to be president, you wanted to be king of the world. The problem with that is, when you have a penchant for doing things, shall we say that are shady when you’re in front of the cameras, 24 seven like he is, like he was his entire presidency, it’s very hard to keep what you do under cover. Especially when seemingly all of the capers you admit to doing on air live or on video or audio. Not to mention, when your whole pitch is to go after other people for crimes that you are the person actually committing them. You accuse others of doing what you do so you won’t get caught, and your enemies will be ruined, it’s a win-win. Apparently the only person winning in that equation is you, and the problem with that is, what you were doing has been uncovered and showcased for all the world to see. And the entire world saw that you sir are definitely not a criminal mastermind, but definitely a criminal. 

He and his defenders keep saying they’ve been on a witch hunt against him since the day Donald announced his presidential run. Every time a new accusation came out, It’s a witch hunt! Any questions asked, every deposition, every investigation, every criminal charge he received, was a witch hunt. And anyone and everyone that dares accuse him must be punished, investigated and locked away. Doesn't seem exactly equal justice, does it? The problem is Donald you apparently committed lots of them, and until recently had kept getting away with most things… until now. You want to know what a real witch hunt is Republicans? Here's a hint: Going after a woman who didn’t do a crime, and having a whole political party transform her into a pariah when she was simply being a patriotic American trying to help the American people. And even though they haven't found anything for years ever, they still say, well, it should be a crime… sorry, it ain’t.

Donald Trump has broken every precedent known to our political world. James Comey broke it when 11 days before the 2016 election, he came out and outed Hillary as a possible criminal, while skipping the Russian Intel on Donald… Mitch McConnell broke a few with his refusal to let Merrick Garland get a Supreme Court vote, and then when he rushed the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett after the great late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. The Supreme Court broke precedent when they broke Roe V. Wade… so why shouldn’t we break the precedent that you can’t go after a sitting president? Or apparently we've discovered that it seems even a former president is also safe? Donald only announced his run as early as he did, most political observers have argued because he would use this run for the presidency, as a way to stop any potential legal potholes that he definitely earned. Of course we've learned, in our modern world, this precedent which seemingly protects Donald from any legal entanglement, doesn't protect President Obama, Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden, and any political opponent of Donald's from his political retribution. He accused President Obama, and they all went along, of not being a native born American, non-stop for years. They attacked, and attacked, and attacked Hillary Clinton, for crimes she didn’t do, which hysterically is pretty much what these 37 indictments are all about. Handling classified documents, you aren't supposed to be handling. But with additional charges of actually showing them as well… something that Hillary was never accused of.

Trump spent his whole campaign against Hillary Clinton, pretty much saying that she was a criminal enterprise and if he won, he was gonna lock her up. And then unfortunately he became president, and he went after her, and had his attorney general personally use the Department of Justice in his pursuit of retribution. Sadly for him his accusations turned out to be simply that, accusations without actual crimes behind them. Sound familiar? So his personal presidential police legal team told him, sorry Donald, they ain’t nothing here to arrest her on, and if they did they would never be able to put her away. And now that he’s no longer president, he's still going after her, wanting to lock her up, again, seemingly forgetting we've been there, done that, multiple times. But that never stopped republicans, who seemingly can't take no for an answer. Just like their leader, whose now known as much for his lies as he is for his predisposition when it comes to his ways with the ladies… as his recent lose in the courts demonstrates. 

Well, Donald remember you lost, and then you did the crimes you were indicted for on your birthday. Sadly for you, you were already an ex President of the United States, as you left the White House with lots of boxes in toll. And you got caught…So now magically, they say you can't imprison a former President… in fact you can't even go after him, because it's obviously just political. OK, we've learned a president is above the law, according to precedent, he can do pretty much anything he wants, he's a King… Well, it doesn’t say that in the constitution. There’s a reason George Washington left after his second term, and it wasn't to pursue a lifetime tenure, because he didn’t want America to be a kingdom. He wanted the President to work for the people and do good for the people and then leave. He wasn’t supposed to be a king, you’re supposed to be our president. And if a president commits a crime, especially when he or she is no longer president, he gets to go to prison if convicted, just like everybody else.

Remember, you accused Hillary's charity of being a criminal enterprise, and it was put through the mud, slandered, investigated and discovered to be, in the end, not surprisingly it was on the up and up… Of course Donald's charity was shut down for pretty much being a piggy bank for himself to use for whatever he wishes, and his educational institution, college, or whatever you want to call it, turned out to be another bogus con, and it also was shut down. In both instances, educational and charity, he is now forbidden to open new ones! His chief financial officer went to prison for cooking  the books of his company, sadly he didn't give up Trump, to save himself from a prison sentence.  

Thirty Seven Indictments, a possible prison sentence for him to live the rest of his miserable life incarcerated. What a perfect birthday present to give to someone who tried to overthrow our Democracy, helped cause a pandemic to turn into a genocide of the American people, and lied in a Guinness Book of World Record record pace, his entire four years as President. Not to forget, the 2 years he ran before he became POTUS, and the several years since he lost the presidency. Hope your 77th birthday was your worst so far Donald, and may whatever birthday's you have left after that one only worse. And what a fantastic birthday present for the rest of us. Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice Jack Smith, surely knows how to throw a party. I can’t wait to see who blows out the candles in Donald's prison cell once he's all tucked in. 

Isn't it ironic that a few days earlier, as the skies of New York and much of our country was covered from smoke giving the air an orangey yellow hue, and a rather fowl odor as well. In Florida, Donald was informed that he was finally getting indicted for his mishandling, sharing, plus for conspiracy with the help of Walt Nauta, to hide them away and lie about the classified documents whereabouts. Which he took from the White House to his home away from home Mar-a-Lago.  More irony, the same thing Donald had accused Hillary Clinton of doing in the 2016 presidential campaign. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press,” Hysterically his attacks then, which honestly never ceased, against her, are still being used against her, as his actual criminal activities are now being used against him.  

As someone who still can actually remember when Richard Nixon was president got caught, resigned, and got his 'get out of jail free' card from President Ford on September 8, 1974. I’ve been upset about that since that day, and it still leaves a bad taste in my month. I can recall the celebration in the streets when Nixon announced that he was resigning. For me it was like The Yankees had won the World Series. Honestly, it's still one of the happiest days of my life. Speaking of the New York Yankees, I can recall going to Yankee games at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx,  after he left the White House, for years, and they would make the announcement or simply post on the score board, that former President Richard Nixon was in the house and people would cheer. I couldn't believe it. How dare they. My young democratic brain, thought he should be in prison, for his attempt to become king. So of course, if they announced Dick's presence, especially if I actually saw him in person, I would be the one booing. Loud enough that I actually got him to turn his head once. A man who I despised more than anyone else on earth until, Ronald Reagan, then until Bush Jr., arrived in the White House, attacked the wrong nation after 9/11, and caused the economy to implode. And honestly, I never thought I could dislike anyone as much as any of those monsters, until an orange face carnival barker somehow suckered enough people in America to allow him to have the keys to the kingdom. 

Shame on anyone and everyone, who any hand in helping Donald to become our Commander-in-chief, on a slogan no less, which was originally conceived by Adolf Hitler as a prominent theme during the Nazi Party's ascendancy into power in Germany. Hitler like to use the phrase "make Germany great again" on occasion, sound familiar? I had thought I had read that it was Donald that came up with the adaptation of the slogan, especially with his seemingly love of the Nazi leader, but another republican was actually first. Turns out that "Make America Great Again" or MAGA, was first pitched by Ronald Reagan, during his 1980 presidential run as a campaign slogan. And we all know how wonderful that tenure turned out. 

Now about Lindsey Graham (sorry about bringing him up), suggested the other day that Merrick Garland was getting even with Mitch McConnell for blocking him from the  supreme court justice gig. My question is how does that have anything to do with Donald Trump's indictments? So Merrick didn’t become a Supreme Court justice. He just kept doing his job, well enough, that he was rewarded with a promotion to become the United States Attorney General, only the most important law man in our country. So, shouldn't he be going after Mitch McConnell instead, like William Barr would've done under Donald? Maybe it's karma for Lindsey, and the rest of the republicans, who are defending Donald blindly. That Donald's misdeeds fell in the lap of Garland, who assigned the gig to investigate Donald to Jack Smith, which had nothing to do with anything, accept timing. Actually Lindsey, maybe Mitch did the country good in the end. The bad part of course, was Merrick Garland not even getting a meeting for the gig that President Obama has tried to give him. Which of course was really the beginning of Trump’s takeover of the supreme court. But because Garland wasn’t in the nation's highest court, he was then available for President Biden to choose to be his Attorney General. And unlike William Barr who Donald Trump chose, who helped him stay in the White House after his bastardization of the Mueller report, Merrick Garland plays by the book. And because he plays by the book, he’s not touching this or any other special counsel case. He’s simply letting special counsel Jack Smith do his job, as he's done his entire career, where ever he's worked. Just like President Biden has done and doing currently as our President. Even though the Republicans are trying to call Merrick Garland, Joe’s personal attack dog. 

It’s a good time for democracy right now. Anyone who says it isn’t hasn't been paying attention, especially after what has been happening to our nation since Donald Trump took over. Every single thing he did was break precedence, every single thing. And every time the law has to go after Donald because of what he’s done, he and his people accuse the law of breaking precedents. You can't do that! Ignoring that Donald was the one who actually broke it first. So maybe in order to get him, the law is just gonna have to break a few precedents as well. Remember during the hearings for Trump's Supreme Court judges, all 3 said under oath that they wouldn’t break super precedents, when they were asked in regards to abortion and Roe v. Wade. And guess what they did? So everyone who is using those excuses to try to stop Donald from getting his due in court, you know where you can go.  

If this rallies the troops… According to the republican power players and talking heads, who keep pitching that a lot of people think that the indictments against Donald Trump is simply the leftist liberal Democrats on yet another witch hunt against Donald. They’ve been after him since he first ran for the crown, and they're still after him! So apparently this will make the people rise up and make January 6th look like a picnic. Blah, blah, blah. 

Well, if this means the people rise up and elect Donald Trump to be president, then screw it all. Then we deserve to live in Trumpland. And America deserves to be dead. Everything our ancestors worked for would be shattered by the American people voting in a man… I’m sorry I can’t continue this tangent. I simply cannot believe that this will propel Donald into the White House again. Maybe the big house, but never the Oval Office. I mean come on. I cannot believe, I simply cannot believe that a man after being convicted of sexually abusing a woman, whose charity and schools were shut down. And let's not forget the two impeachments… I could go on. Plus it’s possible that every month, or even sooner over the course of the summer, and fall, that Donald could be getting other indictments from other jurisdictions, for the many, many, many, illicit acts that he has done before, during, and after his time as the leader of the free world. What a joke that title is now. Free world. Happily, we actually have a man in the White House who is showcasing what a president is supposed to do and be. Thank you President Joe Biden for simply having a soul and a heart, and wanting to do the job right.

Not to put a damper on the celebration, but is the fix in? Or maybe I should wipe that smile off my face, cause the orange Kabuki clown somehow always gets away with it. So out of all the judges that they could pick to sit in front of Trump's trial in Florida, guess who they pick? That's right, unbelievably, Judge Aileen Cannon, if that name sounds familiar, she’s the judge that was shopped and picked by Trump's attorney's earlier in this case. Where she tried to play games with the ownership of the stolen documents. That is until another judge above her threw out her decision, and pretty much forced her to act like an actual judge and not Trump's personal legal aide. Well she's been assigned, and that's not good. The question is, will she eventually recuse herself, since Donald appointed her? Not to mention she seems a bit partial to the accused as showcased in her earlier dealing in the matter. Which almost makes it seem like, you guessed it, the fix is in to save Donald again. So they sent the case to Florida which is Trump country, and then they give the same judge that played games earlier in this investigation to be the judge on the case, wow. Not good, and by not good I mean, not good for democracy. Because as the judge, she has the power to slow walk the case, and play with all the evidence, pretty much cutting off the prosecutors at the knees. And even if the jury comes in with a guilty verdict, she can still throw out their verdict and make him a free man, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Which is why people are demanding she recuse herself. 

Unless of course, assigning her was Jack Smith's plan to make it seem like they were giving Donald every chance in the book. I mean, according to practically everyone, the case is so open and shut, that there is no way, that even he can get off with this evidence, even in the Trump dominated Floridian state. But remember he lost recently in New York, in the E. Jean Carroll case, so there is a possibility, that the fever has broken. And have you noticed the crowds at these events, aren't exactly what Donald had pitched to appear. Perhaps his social network bagginess for cash, don't have the range of Twitter or Facebook. Or the only folks willing to storm the literal Capitol are already locked up, and or awaiting trial, or in hiding. 

So far she seems to be playing by the rules, so maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt? It's possible she's maybe learned her lesson, and if she actually does her job properly and the jury convicts him, I'll be glad to personally apologize to her in person on or even on air. I know that's a big if… 

The next Republican President in power will pardon Donald as their first duty, as the Commander-in-Chief. So for me, that would definitely make the next litmus test for any nominee of either party, would you pardon Don? And as we've learned, any republican who says no, would immediately be sanctioned, their assignments in at least The House would be ended and they would be ostracized along with anyone who dared cross Donald. 

Speaking of sharing classified documents… You want to hear something funny… sarcasm people, on June 8th, Marjorie Taylor Greene went on Fox News, on Laura Ingraham's show, after having been in a scif looking at classified top-secret documents. She unbelievably said:

"The FBI is stonewalling us and they would only let us see it in a scif. What I did after reading the document is made notes when I walked out and went to the table. I wrote down everything that I had just read." And she then said that the stuff needed to seen and she’s going to share it with the people…

Isn't that is a crime, if true? So maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene might be following Donald into a prison cell. Perhaps she'll make a deal and sell out Donald and the other Republicans that tried to help overthrow our country.

Lastly on this, they keep saying this is political because Trump’s running for president. But what they don’t say is, he announced his attempt to become president again really, really, really, really early, and the reason wasn't just to fund raise, remember, he did that right after he originally became President. Opening his reelection campaign, and pretty much fund raising his entire presidency, I think thats pretty much breaking precedent as well, don't you? He announced it so he could use the precedent of being the leading candidate for the Republican nomination.

No, it wasn't to fund raise, which of course he most definitely has done, but mostly it was, of course, so he could be protected, because now he was a candidate. Remember, precedent! Before he announced, that’s what a lot of the Talking Heads on television were saying. He’s probably gonna announce early because all the indictments were on the horizon and he wanted to be shielded. And he’s gonna say, when the bottom drops from under him, and the indictments become a weekly television event, much like his former life as The Apprentice host., witch hunt again, and it's all because I’m running for president! And if that's the case Donald, I guess you forget about the fact that James Comey came out 11 days before the election with Hillary Clinton, and announced about his worries about her, and skipped his apparent classified top secret investigation on him. 

But, in any event, I would think the American people should discover what the truth here is, for this at least. I mean, before they choose who will be the Republican nominee, don't you? And with approximately 18 months before the election, we still have plenty of time to discover if the man is guilty or innocent of this crime, before he runs in the general election, or actually God forbid gets back into the Oval Office. But what do I know, I voted for the women who apparently was right about everything about Donald J. Trump, when she was running for President against him. Which is why she is still their no. 1 target. How dare her!

One last thing. My apologies and explanations for my absence. I’ve been feeling very guilty about my lapse of production in this blog recently, sorry. At first, it was the fact that I was waiting for the election to officially, officially end. My last Neilizms was unbelievably to me, posted on Thursday, November 10, 2022, way too much Donald Trump… I mean after thankfully Vice President Biden, was 'officially' given the mantle, it still felt unresolved because of Trump's big lie. And honestly I needed a break from Donald, since he wouldn't leave. And he still hasn't left half, and he's planning on sticking around forever! 

Then the weeks turned into months, as my anger and agitation began permeating through my very being. The fact that an obviously disproven and debunked lie pitched by Donald, permeated and festered seemingly throughout our society, into becoming seemingly the possible end of our democracy, was very scary for me. I kind of actually believe in America, and its beginnings, and it's growth. I love the fact that even with all its faults, our country continues to form a more perfect union. I just wish the part of our society that wants to take us back possibly hundreds of years would wake up and smell the 21st century. And with all the uncertainties, most of the multitude of events, and news worthy stories, was honestly becoming a blur to me. And believe me I wrote many an unfinished piece along the way. But the unfinished events began to be more like chapters that needed their own second acts. And all the stories were all seemingly beginning to feel like the pieces of a much bigger story. 

And as this was happening, George Santos' 5 minutes of fame occurred and seemingly his lies began topping Donald's, as Kari Lake's never-ending court proceedings was beginning to make even Donald's carnival barker pitch almost reasonable. Which honestly almost made me want to punch multiple holes in the walls in my apartment with my fists. And the longer my time away from the blog was, what I was discovering scared me even more, seemingly fascists were coming out of the woodwork daily. And the worst part, some of them were in political office transforming places like Florida and Texas into fascist states. It was beginning to feel that evil, that racists, that the deaf, dumb and blind, were now running our political world, e threatening retribution whenever they didn't get their way. And while happily there were the good guys keeping America on course, you know the ones who won the White House and retained the Senate, were actually getting things done? Well instead of celebrating the victories for the people, remember the Yes we can chant? The party that's now run by Donald, were still pitching the same garbage as if Obama or Hillary was running the show, or running against him for king.  

Every move Biden has done, no matter how strong the economy gets, no matter how many times he gets hit with a challenge, like the Debt Ceiling, or getting any bills passed at all, Biden seems to win in the end. Not every one, but you know  what I mean. All we hear is how he'll fail, and how all Hell will break out, on everything. Well much like Biden's perfect handling of pretty much everything, from the economy to the border, to his handling of the COVID crisis. Republicans do your damndest to try to take down our President, I think he's proven he's up to the challenge. Of course I said the same thing about Hillary, so as others have said, be careful what you wish for, and let's hope the 2024 election ends with a democratic President. With Donald either in Prison, on trial, or out of political life forever, cause he made a deal with the DOJ, take your pick. As long as he's gone, and his wishes and demands can't threaten with just one posting on social media destroy America and our world ever again. My hope is, that when this is all said and done, he will be forgotten, except in the history books. That he will be shunned by society till he's buried in an unmarked grave.

Just one man's opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., June 17th, 2023