Monday, August 01, 2016


Seemingly the word apologize is not in their vocabulary and yes unbelievably the media is still throwing the BS out about those damned emails 

Another day, another lie! I guess it doesn't get better, it only gets worse. I am seriously having my doubts about watching any political programing presented by the television so-called news media anymore. I was awoken by the news that Donald J. Trump is still double-downing on his attacks on a grieving mother and father. Showcasing the type of man he is, by continuously putting his foot into his mouth and his never ending tweets with his insipid notions. I'm used to that, but listening to the people who are for him, deflect all of the queries about how low he has gotten, is as I wrote yesterday maddening. 

Maybe its me, but I swear, these souless talking heads, seem to be programmed like robots to respond with a set of talking points and when asked something that doesn't compute, they sputter into a endless loop of responses. Of course this is nothing new, but it has never been so apparent as it was today. Perfect example was Marco Rubio during the debates, when he blew a fuse and kept repeating the same line, time after time after time, that in one big swoop ended any chances he will ever have of becoming a President, let alone winning another election.  
Seriously to listen to people obviously lying through their teeth, trying to change the subject. Trying to put Hillary Clinton on the defensive is rather pathetic. Each time they are asked about Trump's comments, we get, thats not the issue, its about the war with ISIS, and the terrible hellhole that Obama and Clinton got us in. 
Not surprisingly Donald has tried too blame our current President with the death of the Muslim soldier, Army Capt. Human Khan, who died in Iraq in 2004. I guess that would be fine if Obama had been President in 2004, but as we all know George Walker Bush was at the time. So what are we to make of that one, does he not know his history or is he just making stuff up to hide his bad behavior? This isn't new with Republicans, remember when Dick Cheney, laughingly came out and said that they had actually did all the work in getting Bin Laden, that George W and Dick should get the credit for killing the terrorist. And I thought that was ridiculous, but come on Donald, if you're gonna throw out garbage at least get the time line right.
And today, three times on MSNBC, the talking heads brought up Hillary's supposed lies when she was interviewed on Fox news with Chris Wallace. Both Tamron Hall and Andrea Mitchell asked their guests, about this. As if how can Hillary get away with this lie. And luckily the people they spoke to, had the answer to shut them up about it, at least till the next time they again bring up her emails. No, she didn't lie, as you may recall, after the initial comment by the FBI director, that there were 3 emails that contained markings, which is the only commentary that all the talking heads discuss. Bam, theres the evidence, she perjured herself. Which means, death row for Hillary Clinton, as the haters watch with glee. But they never bring up what occurred later during the same hearing, when FBI Director James Comey acknowledged that the markings were not legible, so ergo, no crime, she's innocent. End of  discussion, that is unless you're a media taking head! Seriously, it was bad enough when Tamron did it, cause I honestly thought we had finally gotten over that part of this election, but then Andrea double-downed on it. So I presume all of them will be asking it sometime today or sometime soon. 
And yes I was correct, because Chris Lansing infact brought it into a conversation with another talking head later on MSNBC live. Seems yes, this is gonna be a talking point. They refuse to leave it with all the other debunked conspiracies. Seriously MSNBC you should be ashamed of yourselves, you are supposed to be a biased liberal news outlet, what are you trying to make up for it?  
So what is a political news junky to do, should I quit watching even the shows I enjoy, and go cold turkey. I mean, its not likely that I'll be changing my vote by November, not this year, not ever. But honestly its probably safer for my health if I don't continue to spend hours of my day, every day as I visually turn red listening to more and more lies. Sadly this election campaign has turned into one candidate that has been ready to be President for years and the other who is closer to a road accident that you can't help but look at as you drive by. Sadly I'm probably like most who can't believe what is happening is real, so I keep watching disbelievingly of it is actually happening. And my daily nightmare is that one day I'll wake up and discover that this nightmare has become real and our chance to vote in a great woman to be President has been wasted. And now we have to suffer and hopefully survive what we voted in. Well lets hope that nightmare is just that, a really bad dream and seeing Hillary Clinton as our President in 2008, oh sorry, I mean 2016 becomes our reality.

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