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As Donald flew to Mexico, a new scandal arises. Shame he returned, I was hoping that he was deporting himself, because he seems to be everything he's railing against!

SO A FUNNY THING HAPPENED THIS WEEK, that is if you have a sick sense of humor. Donald J. Trump flew down to Mexico in a surprise bid to shore up his base and somehow again made a fool of himself, by acting civil, at least in front of their press. I say their press, because it turned out that the press that are following him around, at least the ones allowed, weren't allowed to go with him on his half day long vacation down south.

At the same time, the day before a report came out that the man has been in simple terms, a Pimp to Russian women who came over to our shores to work as models for him. Turns out according to the article, these women, came to the United States, lying if asked about why they were even coming here. If asked, were told not to mention that they were coming here to work as models. Because technically you need a different visa, and once here it turned out these poor ladies were basically turned into serfs, slaves or worse. As they had to then pay off all of the expenses that they supposedly owed. For example they were set up in studio apartments or apartments with several other 'models' at approximately 3-5 times the real costs of rent, plus of course, all of the other experiences, like photographers for their portfolio. So instead of enjoying the life of a model in New York, they were forced to basically work off their debt, which of course they never could, so they were stuck in a horrendous situation. Honestly I read the reports and was stunned how low the man could get. Seemingly he's like everything we complain about when it comes to pimps or slave owners. In other words, they were stuck in a can't win situation. Four woman were interviewed in the article, so its not a one time thing, its not one person making stuff up to attack him and get press. These women, possibly illegally here, were stuck, probably afraid to come out of the shadows, afraid they would get deported. Which honestly sounds better then working for Donald J. Trump.
Amazing to me, at the exact same time this latest scandal broke, Trump came out, and out of nowhere announced that he was gonna fly down to Mexico to at least attempt at acting Presidential. First we discovered that the press corps, at least the ones still allowed to follow him around, were not being allowed to go down south with him. Then he met in private with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and then they had their big reveal in front of the Mexican press, where he tried to act Presidential. Of course what was stunning about it was that his obnoxious rhetoric was no where to be found. There was no mention about his "giant" wall. It almost seemed like another candidate, except for his reading a prepared statement off the teleprompter. Of course afterwards when questioned he, at least according to the Mexican President, lied that they never discussed the wall. 
So according to his tweet, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, point blank said up front, they would never pay for it. 
“At the beginning of the conversation with Donald Trump I made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall,” Peña Nieto wrote in a tweet in Spanish (this was the English translation. 
Somehow this wasn't brought up by Trump, and Donald responded by tweeting: "Mexico will pay for the wall"!
"Mexico will pay for the wall!" 
Oy, he's simply exhausting! And then last night in Arizona, after sadly not deporting himself, the kinder, gentler mirage was gone. Trump came out, and any "softening" his penis might have had over the last week while he tried to play with the voters minds, by acting as if he might be changing his mind was gone. During this softening period, he actually polled his audience on Sean Hannity, in yet another unbelievable moment in this campaign. Well turns out, that was all a charade, yet another lie to I guess test us to see how we would take it. Probably helping his poll numbers, cause it seems if he says anything, people tend to believe him, at least in polls. And no matter what he says, even if his positions change on the hour, his surrogates love whatever he says and make excuses and tell lies for all of it. Acting as if we are the ones confused.
Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm was on MSNBC today, and complained about the media and its coverage on Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. I actually stood up as she was speaking, ecstatic that at someone was calling out the media. The lack of focus on Hillary Clinton and the 24/7 coverage on Trump. The media's fascination with comparing his issues with hers. She brought up the modeling scandal, and argued that it was given a blip on the networks, and instead of focusing on Hillary's latest proposals, all they wanted to discuss was his trip to Mexico. Instead of focusing on what she or her running make Tim Kaine were saying, they were focusing on the now debunked accusation that the now infamous server was paid for through The Clinton Foundation. Which has been completely debunked.  So of course, all we got was another discussion on negatives and no real discussion on the truth behind the accusation. How it was a lie. 
Seriously the media, at least this year is in a word pathetic. There is no real journalistic integrity. There are a few on air who aren't letting the lies by his surrogates continue. But most of the talking heads just allow the lies to fester and in a word help Donald and hurt Hillary. Its seriously sad and as one of my friends said to me, why are you wasting your time watching any of it. "You already know who you are voting for, so why are you seriously wasting your time?" My excuse is, is, that I want see it for myself, I don't want to hear other peoples opinions. I understand, that that means suffering through all the bullshit, but at least I suffer through all of it, I know when they are lying too. And like his surrogates, I can throw my opinion out in real time. Hopefully helping spread the truth and debunk their obvious lies and conspiracies. Sadly of course, its almost like I'm addicted to it, every time I tell myself no more, either I'm flicking through the channels, or just turn on my television and the sound goes on and the picture is revealed, and one of the nightmares who are supposedly his well informed spokespeople again say something that make me want to throw my television out the window. Instantly it feels like my head is exploding and I tend to scream at my television and half the time get pissed at myself and say when will I learn. What gets me is, we never get an equal sound bite from the other side of the equation. We get more lies and we get feeble attempts to get a straight answer. And when they at least try to showcase that the surrogates are lying, the liars do what they always do, throw out another bomb and the cycle repeats itself. And if you are one of those unfortunate people who like myself see through the lies, the entire experience is God awful. 
The only thing that keeps me sane in all of this is the knowledge that Hillary Clinton could be out next President, and my life long dream of seeing a woman in the White House could come true. Yes, its not just a Hillary thing for me. That said, there is no other woman I'd rather see then her in the Oval office. I hope once she gets in, she's the first of many capable ladies that will prove once and for all that the female of the species is at least as qualified as the men who have run the United States. And in this year, even if she wasn't a woman, she would still be the most qualified of the two. I mean the man isn't in the same league, let alone in the same universe.

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