Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Is Donald J. Trump the OJ Simpson in this campaign, and if so does that make Hillary Clinton the Marcia Clark of this election?

A FUNNY WELL NOT SO FUNNY OBSERVATION occurred to me as I watched Sunday nights Emmy awards, is Hillary Clinton being vilified this election campaign, in a similar vein that Marcia Clark was by the media during the now infamous and historic OJ Simpson murder trial. I can already sense that some of those who are nice enough to read this probably just laughed at the idea. I know what I just wrote must sound far fetched to most and maybe it is, but hear me out on this, there's logic in my insanity.

Believe me, the last thing on my mind when I turned on The EMMY Awards Sunday night was a revelation about this years election season. I was expecting to sit back, smile, laugh, cheer, applaud and maybe even cry a little and yes I did as usual, and it wasn't until Sarah Paulson won the EMMY award for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her role as Marcia Clark in 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story' (phew) as she was finishing up her acceptance speech, that this notion came to mind and my mind exploded. 
“I along with the rest of the world, had been superficial and careless in my judgment, and I’m here today to tell you I’m sorry,” - Sarah Paulson
Wait, what? Oh my God! Wow! Face palm! Honestly I was one of the many people who made fun of Marcia Clark. Yes I admit it, I mean come on, the way the talking heads made fun of her, how could that not effect how we felt about her. And to make me look even stupider, I was one the many who believed OJ was innocent, that the 'racist' cops had somehow faked the evidence, and the poor 'innocent' hero of my youth was being framed. Stop laughing, sadly I wasn't alone in my blindness. So, yes I will say it, I am sorry Marcia Clark, I apologize. You see, apologizing isn’t a problem for some people, Donald J. Trump. At least the murderer eventually got what he deserved, if not entirely, at least karma came in and gave him a little kick in the butt.
I can remember the entire event as if it was yesterday, from the Bronco chase to OJ’s eventual verdict of not guilty. And yes I was one of the many who cheered when the verdict was announced. Ironically the thing I remember most about the entire historic event was Marcia Clark, how she presented herself, her hair, and how the media turned her into a pariah, into a criminal. I must add it wasn’t till months later, when I witnessed OJ being interviewed, that I actually could see it in his eyes, that the man was guilty. It wasn't until the mini-series aired had I even spent a second thinking about her. For me Marcia Clark for the most part was forgotten, except for the occasional 'where are they now' specials or when she was promoting a book. 
While watching the mini-series, Marcia Clark was made out to be a woman, a three-dimensional person, a real human being just trying to do her job. Which was to try to convict someone of a crime that all the evidence proved was guilty, excluding the ‘show’ that the defense produced. Because that's what the OJ Simpson trial was, a show, a performance, and millions of Americans including the Jury on the trial  actually let a man get away with murder. And just as most of us judged her as a way too serious hard edged woman, with no feelings or a heart,  and they've used the same template on the former Secretary of State.  Interesting, they create a scenario and then they use it as a talking point. She's unlikeable, she a liar, she's untrustworthy, and she surely has no humanity. She formed ISIS, she started the Birther movement, she's the crook, she's the liar.
Well isn’t that what the Republicans have done for decades against the Clintons, more importantly, isn’t that what Trump and his surrogates have been doing during their entire campaign against her? Look what they did to our current President, it seems more then half the nation actually believes Obama isn't American! What you think that came out of thin air? They’ve managed to turn a well meaning woman whose spent most of her adult life helping people, whose Foundation is actually saving millions of lives, who simply wants to do the job, help the citizens of our great nation, and they transformed her into a lying cheating nightmare. At the same time they’ve managed, like with OJ, to take all of Trump's faults, all of his shenanigans, all of his criminal acts, all of his hatred and make it into the top rated show on television. Just like OJ was a celebrity, a commercial pitchman adored by millions, Donald has spent years propagating this facade, this celebrity and just like OJ the man is seemingly getting away with murder. The murdering of a great woman’s accomplishments. And just like with OJ and Marcia Clark, the media has transformed this election race and possibly helped a criminal get away with murder, in this case possibly the destruction of our nation. You may laugh at my comparison, but really how far fetched am I? And let’s mention another comparison, after OJ was acquitted, he eventually found himself in prison. Well there’s a strong probability that Donald could very well wind up in a prison cell before everything settles. Its pretty ironic that all we hear from the Republicans and of course the Trump camp is Hillary could be impeached once elected. Well in November just weeks after the election, Trump goes on trial for his bogus Universities. Besides that, there are a number of other cases in the process of winding up in court, so there is a good chance that if God forbid the man actually gets elected, he might have to resign from the Presidency in disgrace, and possibly could spend a lot of time behind bars. Perhaps he can share a cell with OJ... If my worse fears do come true, at least I could have that to look forward to.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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