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Hillary falls ill and the media over heats and turns it into the ultimate conspiracy. So lets take it up a notch, shall we…

Three Weeks after Paradise, Art © Neil Feigeles 2002

I GUESS, THANKS, GOD? Today I awoke on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and I honestly hesitated turning on my television because I didn't want to spend another day listening to how our world was changed that dreadful day. I didn't want to hear the names of the 3000 murdered that day, listening to the reports on the dead, the injured, on who did what or hearing people's memories of the horrible day. And after the last few days, I was honestly exhausted from the whirlwind of bull the Trump campaign was throwing out. Was he still a birther or wasn't he, and I had had enough of listening to the attacks on Hillary for simply stating the obvious. Eventually after breakfast I decided to finally discover what the media was showcasing, and as usual God or whomever stepped up and handed me something that I could go to town on in todays blog, seriously could this year get any more insane? I turned on my TV expecting the usual, but instead what I was confronted by the media was reporting that Hillary Clinton had taken ill at Ground Zero, during the festivities on this somber day. She had gotten over heated and my worst possible fears had come true, something that Donald J. Trump had put out there actually could be true. What if she really is at death's door as they seem to want most of us to believe? 

And then the fun really began. Instead of discovering the problem was something major like a heart attack or a stroke or even pneumonia (which is eventually what it turned out to be). But then we were told that she had "overheated" and left to rest at her daughter's place in Manhattan. She left early and simply took a break to feel better. Approximately two hours later, she felt good enough to leave and was now on her way to her home in upstate New York. Which by the way, was the plan all along, neither candidate was campaigning today to honor 9/11. So nothing there, right? Well, don't tell that to the talking heads on cable news, specifically CNN and MSNBC cause they went into full conspiracy mode immediately. As the minutes went by, within hours, the blip on the radar had turned into a full blown discussion on her health. According to the talking heads she and her spokespeople weren't being transparent enough for them. What was she hiding? Jake Tapper had a segment on it that made me want to scream. Alex Witt on MSNBC was seriously over the top. Seemingly 9/11 was forgotten. I did turn on Fox Faux News, but amazingly they were too busy discussing 9/11 and what today was supposed to be about, remembering that tragic day and celebrating how far we've come since then. Now how sad is that, Fox doing reporting news and the so-called liberal biased media spewing conspiracies. Maybe I should rethink what I should be tuning in to watch. How funny, the place where real news was being reported on was on FOX News. Of course later they made up for it, having Doctors  discussing her health through what they saw on video. Seems we have a lot of arm chair physicians out there in television land. Sadly nothing was being reported on any channels on Trump's birther change of heart, or ZIKA, or the budget fight in Washington. But considering the day, that made sense, but no one told the media that ratcheting up this story about Hillary today was seriously obnoxious and totally ridiculous, but for them it was just another day at the office.    
Seriously it was stunning as MSNBC and CNN ratcheted up the conspiracies, hours later they were still doing it. One talking head came out and said that Hillary had better show up to her events tomorrow, cause unless they bring out her doctor stating that nothing is wrong with her, if she skips tomorrows events, then the conspirators will have a field day. Really? Well, as I mentioned briefly, the doctors did and it is pneumonia, so it'll be interesting to see how they play the diagnosis. Lets see who won't believe it and who wants to see medical report. 
Amazingly within minutes of Hillary's health mishap a video magically appeared first online and then spread onto the cable news channels, showcasing Hillary almost collapsing as she was entering her limo, and then needing to be helped into the vehicle. So far I haven't heard where the video came from and who supplied it to the news, but its being showcased everywhere as being authentic. At first upon seeing it I was stunned, I mean come on, its not every day you see a possible future President practically fall on her face, even if you weren't a fan of the great lady you should be concerned for her health. Then I was stunned because upon watching the video again I realized that you never see the woman's face, on the video, who is supposedly Hillary. Not once do you see her from the side or from the front, just from behind. The woman appears to be wearing what Hillary wore, she's wearing the same hair style as the Democratic nominee wore earlier, but again if you look at the video, you really never see her face in it. And seriously lets talk about the woman's body in the video. I will throw this out, without being a sexist, have you seen Hillary's hips lately on the stomp, lets just say, the woman's bod on the video is a lot slimmer looking then Hillary. I'm sorry the woman who is 'collapsing' in that video is a much thinner person then Hillary is, I could be wrong, but unless she lost a good 15 pounds or so, when she over heated I'm thinking that that wasn't Hillary but someone dressed to look like her. Again, watch the video for yourself.  Of course now that her spokesperson said she had pneumonia, if it is her, that weight loss would now be easily explainable.
One of the reasons I bring this up is, I recently was lucky enough to work on an episode of Michael Weatherly's new series, Bull. I spent three days as the Court Room sketch artist in the episode, I also did this during the pilot of the series. Besides that I also spent the three days, as a stand-in for actor Joe Grifasi, who played the judge on this episode. During filming of a scene, a man showed up on set dressed like Michael, it was a little confusing, because Michael's stand-in was still on set. I discovered later that the man was the star's photo double for the scene. So if you stood behind him, you would swear that the man sitting there was Michael Weatherly himself. So when it was time to shoot this scene from a certain angle, instead off Michael sitting there, his photo double could do the job. Seriously cool on the set, but watching the video of the woman collapsing, that moment came back to me and honestly I don't think that was Hillary but a double. I could be wrong, but prove me wrong, go ahead.
Perhaps we should also confirm that the people who are surrounding her in the video, her handlers, the secret service, are the ones who normally surround Hillary. Perhaps they are actors in some one's master plan to end Hillary's campaign. And even if it is Hillary, perhaps her getting ill was something that was caused by something she either drank or ate. And this pneumonia diagnosis is covering this up. Perhaps someone gave her something that had a little poison in it. Just enough to get her sick and to slow her down. Wouldn't be the first time, an enemy off Putin was found poisoned, would it be? 
Seems creating a conspiracy is actually pretty easy to do. Now I get it, the rush one feels when he sees something in something that no one else does. I must say that on the anniversary of 9/11, with all the conspiracies about what occurred that day, or should I write, what 'really' occurred that day, not one time have I actually believed any of those ideas. I've had people go off on the zaniest notions in regards to 9/11 and I find it funny that on the anniversary of the now infamous day, a person who doesn't believe in them, me, is the one possibly creating a really big one. After all the conspiracies about Hillary and Bill have come and gone, I proudly announce that not once did I believe any especially when all of them so far have been proven false. But Hillary being poisoned or having her collapsing faked, that I can believe. I mean how boring can you get, Hillary had pneumonia, come on, I prefer the conspiracies, that she was poisoned or an actress is playing her or the world is coming to an end. Maybe it is time to stop my political viewing for a while.

Just one man's opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, September 11, 2016 

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