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If true my only question is, how many of Donald Trump's surrogates have been skiing the slope's with him, and if not, how else do you explain Rudy Giuliani's behavior?

HM, SEEMS THE QUACKS in the Republican party led by Trump and his surrogates can diagnose all they want, Hillary's dying, has Parkinson's Disease or worse, and thats okay, but one tweet from a medical professional, mentioning Donald's behavior as, well, coke fueled, and thats going too far. Ha ha ha ha hah!

We've spent the better part of the summer discussing Hillary Clinton's health, as diagnosed by the Republican party and members of Donald Trump's camp. Every crockpot television doctor, including a supposed real doctor, Drew Pinsky, whose show was cancelled after he went on air and speculated he was gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.” Of course the funniest comment for me was Rudy Giuliani's suggestion to "Go online and put down 'Hillary Clinton illness,' take a look at the videos for yourself," and seemingly half the users of Facebook have turned into medical experts, because they've witnessed videos, sometimes slowed down or doctored to make it look worse. They've read untold number of posts and blogs, even major newspapers discussing the state of Hillary's physical and mental health. For a while this was non-stop conversation on Fox Faux News which culminated when Hillary collapsed after the 9/11 ceremony and it was later revealed that she had pneumonia. 
Actually Hillary's real diagnosis of having pneumonia, probably ended all the talk about her health. So collapsing outside her limo, might have been the best thing that actually happened during this campaign, how ironic. Actually demonstrating that the woman is human and simply got sick. She's not some frail, not dying and she doesn't have a brain cloud. The big Orange Crush and his friends are just full of crap. Of course it didn't hurt that Trump's own health issues, his odd doctor that looks like he was cast for The Addams Family. Plus his Dr. Oz debacle, might have helped to end the speculations at least for now.
The funny thing about Howard Dean's assertion, even if in jest, even if just to rattle Donald's chains, is it actually makes sense. As soon as I read his tweet, instantly I went to myself, you know he could be right. Because it actually sounds like a logical explanation for why Donald J. Trump acts the way he does. His behavior, his odd outbursts, his tangents the way he speaks, something is seriously up with that. I understand as we get closer to election day, as the pressure increases and the possibilities gets closer that he could be President, that in itself could cause Trumps antics. I mean he just spoke in front of 80+ million people, I'd be freaking out too. But sit back, look at the debate again, if only for a minute, or better yet watch it speeded up, or just without sound. His demeanor, look at his eyes, the way he sniffled throughout the debate. How thirsty he seemed to be.
Of course, I'm just throwing out a conspiracy at the moment, well actually running with a tweet, that seemed to strike a cord with some, cause the story is todays big firestorm. Personally, I'm just visualizing the man, in a stall in the washroom before the debate, taking out the teeny spoon, to match his teeny hands. Sorry, had to. I can actually see him taking out the little bottle, opening its lid and shoveling a little bit up his nose, just to get a boast. Maybe heading to the stage, or every other event he's been to in who knows how many years. Honestly am I the only one who sees this? I can not wait to see, some actor recreate this scene in the movie version of this election. Of course if people start coming out of the wood work, now that this is news, with video, audio, photo's or any evidence showing that Donald did or better yet is skiing the slopes wouldn't that be something? I mean wasn't Gordon Gekko based on Trump? Or was that Patrick Bateman, no sorry, that's Juniors idol.
But after watching Hillary and Bill swamped for decades with every manner of conspiracy. After witnessing on air and online the crap that they've thrown at Hillary this campaign, mostly stuff that is so far fetched it's laughable, and none of which I and most people who live in reality believed for a second. But one on the surface laughable tweet, actually seems more logical then any of the one's hauled at Hillary. 
As with everything else in this campaign even this, Howard's assertion, which he double-downed on when interviewed on television later. He was asked would he walk back his comment, would he take down his tweet? His response, basically was 'no'. This ridiculous, but utterly possible idea, is actually being overshadowed by another one of Trump's many blunders. One involving a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machedo, who claims she was verbally abused and publicly shamed in 1996 by Donald J. Trump. Hillary Clinton brought this up near the end of Monday night's debate, and Donald acted like a guilty man when Hillary brought this up. Since the debate he's gone off on the former beauty queen attacking her as he's done all too many times during this campaign. And worse his surrogates have been shaming her and trying to make her out to be a slut, a whore, a gold digger or worse. The most vile accuser, actually happens to be one of Donald's spawn. Eric Trump, trying to shame the former beauty contestant he said:  
“There’s a word for women like that, and it’s gold digger,” “I’ll bet that’s also how she won the pageant, and when my father saw her for what she really was, she decided to talk trash about him because he was about to expose her. But I don’t need to say anything else, I have faith that Americans have learned by now what to think about and why they shouldn’t believe illegal immigrants.” “And that’s exactly what she was and why she’s going to vote for Hillary Clinton,” “She was an illegal immigrant then and she’s still one now, in my eyes and everyone else’s. Yet, here’s what I’m confused about. She had the opportunity to become my stepmother back then; all she had to do was shut up and look pretty. My dad would have married her on the spot and then she wouldn’t have had to wait all these years and sleep with God-knows-who in order to get an American passport. If she’d played her cards right back then, she would have made it. Instead, she chose to get fat and do it the hard way.” -- “probably better things happened the way that they have,” because otherwise his father could have ended up marrying a woman” -- “And that doesn’t bode well for a man who’s as wealthy as my father is. If you think about it, even if they’d have no kids, he’d still have to pay alimony for all that food she stuffed down her throat. And judging by the weight she put on after winning the pageant – she ate so much food, you could have fed half of Africa with it. And then still have plenty left for seconds.” -- Eric Trump
Please reread that a few times… seriously what the heck is wrong with this doofus. This kid is the splitting image of a coke fiend, and I can imagine him with his father sharing a spoonful or two together in that stall I mentioned above. For me the most telling sign that this ingrate is a racist Nazi pig, was this line in that entire tirade. 
“She was an illegal immigrant then and she’s still one now, in my eyes and everyone else’s."
Hm, "illegal immigrant" really, who just happened to win the Miss Universe pageant. Buddy, she wasn't an illegal immigrant hiding out in American, she was a beauty contestant from Venezuela! The fact that this jerk considers the woman to be an illegal simply because she's latino proves his ignorance. It was pretty astounding how fast the attacks against her happened. The only good I can seeing coming from all this, is it gives Hillary a breather, and best of all, its showcasing again what a woman hating male chauvinist pig Trump is.  
Like clock work, this is happening at the same time Donald is bringing up Bill Clinton's scandalous past. Seems every time they argue that we shouldn't discuss Donald's racist past because it was so long ago, in the same breath they go after Clinton for his escapades of the past. Then they go after her for her husband's infidelities because she allowed it, or she didn't leave her husband, or she wasn't nice to the women who supposedly bedded Bill. What a bitch, she didn't throw them a damned party, burn the witch! That we can talk about for days, but Trumps piggish ways no one's interested in. Like his taxes, nobody's interested. Its just the Clinton News Network, what Trump likes to call CNN, they're the ones who are liars, not us. She's the crook, not me. She's the bigot, not me. My temperament is the best.
Seems, the debate is over, its yesterdays news and instead of discussing how bad Donald J. Trump did and how great Hillary Clinton did, the media, and of course me, is discussing what is really just a joke. But the joke isn't the tweet, its the man himself. People come on, how much proof do you need? The man is a joke. A sad, pathetic, tiny handed charlatan, and Monday night more then 80 million people witnessed that live. Lets hope they saw what I saw.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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