Monday, September 19, 2016


I personally think a straight jacket is in their futures, but what ever you believe you gotta marvel at their ability to spin lies and to somehow make the deplorable's swoon

NO MATTER THE QUESTION, no matter the subject, no matter how utterly insane the talking points, the Trump surrogates just throw away facts and respond with answers which to put it nicely are utter rubbish. They stick to it, and stick to it, and stick to it, and stick to it some more, and every time they do it’s always angers me watching the fools on the other side of the table get flummoxed and tongue tied as they can't believe they are losing the argument. Sadly as the liars seemingly keep winning the shouting matches, the facts and the rest of us are the loser in their game of lies.

So this is there argument, the Trumpeters, as with everything in this election cycle, they keep trying to push this 'false equivalency' that they insist to argue on everything. They did it with their Foundation, they keep, well they’ve been using it as an excuse for not releasing Trump's taxes. Their number one excuse for every evil that the man has done is that she also did it too, or she started it first, or...  the excuses are endless. Somehow, they never say what he did was wrong, we know he doesn't apologize, but they either say the accusations against him are politically motivated or simply lies. Or for me the funniest response they use is “factually" inaccurate. Whenever they’re confronted with his settling of a case or his paying a fine, or when Trump has plead guilty or admitted his faults in a case in the past all you get from them is legalese. That whatever term is used against Trump is “factually" inaccurate, that the man is a saint, I'm sorry these surrogates are simply talking through their assholes! For no matter what he’s done, somehow Trump is the lesser of two evils, by throwing out a crazy conspiracy like Hillary founded ISIS or she's the bigot, or most recently that she's the one who started the Birther movement. They always say his actions are nonsense, but hers is a criminal offense, and somehow they expect the world to believe it. 
So this is their argument that her side started it, TA DA! End of discussion, that’s it. We are just supposed to forget everything he's spewed for the last five years, but at the same time they want everyone to tar her with his filth. I ask you, how can they be so evil? Then his surrogates argue that the Democrats are pushing this accusation against Trump, this Birther nonsense that she started, because Hillary has no proposals to pitch, and this is their way of covering up that they have nothing. That Donald Trump isn’t the one bringing up racism, they are. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, supposedly Donald it seems is pitching policies, no really, I'm not joking. He's now the policy wonk and all she does is attack and spew out ugly bigoted commentaries, that’s all she has… Calm, breathe, phew. Sorry, it seems this has hit a sore spot in my gut. Even thinking about this as I put down my thoughts of it makes me shake, and to listen to the liars on the right come up with this garbage, just thinking about it, well to put it nicely I wouldn’t be the happiest camper at your party right now. I must write I feel like a broken record today, writing the same thing I’ve commented about over and over again, as I watch as this campaign begins to feel as if I’m reliving past Presidential campaigns, but not in a good way. Somehow Trump has turned into, except for the obvious differences, your typical Republican candidate. His policies suck, his talking points sound good as talking points, but in reality are proposals that would only help the rich and hurt everyone else. Taxes, health care, ecology, and even the military, the man’s ideas will only hurt this nation and send us into a free fall that could as far as I can tell end our nation as we know it. But somehow, no matter who the messenger is, the pitches seem to work. It’s party first, no matter what that party has really done. 
Maybe this 'change' thing that a lot of people keep bringing up is something that even someone as scummy as Donald J. Trump can't blow. For no matter how low he goes, no matter how many skeletons that keep coming out of his closet, for whatever the reason, he somehow gets even closer to the brass ring. Listening to the talking heads, and hearing how they describe the polls, the mantra that the media has pushed for years, Hillary's unlike-ability and her untrustworthiness seemingly has worked, and sadly today I feel that Donald could actually win this thing. If somehow a Bush could win re-election after invading the wrong nation, why shouldn't this circus clown win. When Al Gore lost, well when his Presidency was given to Bush, I've always felt that was the 'change' that the talking heads always talk about, of course that year it was helped a lot by the Supreme Court. Today, as I watch Trumps birther baggage seemingly being played against Hillary by the Trump campaign it feels like the land of insanity has taken over our reality and its seriously not a good feeling. I have to hope that somehow, before this is all over, my worst nightmare won't come true and the dream I've longed for for years will become reality, to see a woman President in the White House, and that woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton.
They've somehow taken a great American, a person whom we all should aspire to be and turned her into a crook, a liar and everything Donald J. Trump is being revealed to be. Yet the worst offender maybe in our nation's history seems to be lying his way into office, America please wake up. Whatever you think of her, we are discussing the future of our nation, don't you think we deserve the best to take us to the next level, as opposed to the worse, that could take our nation back to the dark ages, where this time we might not be able to come out of. I mean does anyone actually think there's another Barack Obama out there somewhere, that could rescue us as well as he did, if we have to fix the mess that Donald J. Trump puts us all in? Do you? Well I certainly don't, which is why I'm hoping my panic attack today is simply something I ate. That tomorrow when I wake up this headache I feel will be a long forgotten nightmare.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, September 19, 2016

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