Tuesday, September 06, 2016


So yesterday Hillary coughed and my mind went there. Then I smacked myself into reality and went oh my.

SEEMS I'M AS GULLIBLE as everyone else. Yesterday I walked over to the beach, and was delighted to discover that CSPAN was gonna be playing Hillary's big Labor Day speech live. So I actually smiled, you see, its seems hearing anything from the Clinton side of the aisle on CSPAN ain't something that occurs too often. I tend too listen to whats on, scan the options and usually shut it off once its pro Trump. But happily yesterday 'she' was actually gonna be on and I was expecting to be cheering, but then the coughing began.

So I got to hear, first the future Vice President Tim Kaine give a nice little speech about getting the call, and Hillary talking him into becoming her running mate. Why she wanted his help in doing their best for the American people. All I can say if what he said is true and not some script writer's take on the conversation, it was yet another example why I can not wait to cast my vote for her in November. And then the great lady came to the microphone and you could feel the excitement in the room through my iPhone's speaker. Unfortunately instead of Hillary doing her usual spectacular best, what we heard for a few minutes was her having a coughing fit and honestly it didn't sound good. I've since seen the video of the sequence and it actually looks better then it sounded, so hopefully more people watched it then listened to it. All I kept thinking at the time was somebody get her a God damned glass of water, please! Something, anyone? Hey Mister Secret Service agent, gently slap her on the back a few times, the person you've sworn to protect needs your assistance. But instead what I heard was a woman having coughing fit, trying to recover on her own, in front of a crowd of people, and attempting to begin her speech. I must add hearing her struggle as she thanked the names of the 'invited' was kind of funny, not sure if the named players would agree. Luckily I am very pleased to write eventually she got herself back on track and nailed yet another brilliant speech. Think of it as an audition on American Idol, when the contestant forgot their lyrics, but fights through it and by the end all four judges are standing and applauding and putting them through to the next round. Seriously, the coughing fit was no biggie. We've all had them, apparently she's simply human. But sadly when she's had them in the past, somehow according to the Fox Faux News world it demonstrates that the women is dying! And thanks to Donald J. Trump, I guess its a crime just to be the former Secretary-of-State Hillary Rodham Clinton and to have a tickle in your throat. 
But what got me mad at myself was actually getting worried for Hillary for a few moments. It seems the lies that the Right Wing attacks dogs have thrown out, especially Donald J. Trump, had seeped even into my subconsciousness. Oh my God!, what if they're right? What if she is shockingly being kept alive by weekend transfusions of blood? Maybe she is at death's door? Oh my! What are we all gonna do if she gets elected?
I wish I was kidding, while my pondering didn't enter that hemisphere of craziness I did wonder if perhaps there is something there there. I mean the woman isn't a kid right? She's not the woman that ran eight years ago or the First Lady as she was back in the nineties, but is now a woman in her seventies. Maybe there is some truth in what they're saying? Simply is there a there there? 
Well, my weakness lasted a few moments, but the fact that I fell for it, that I actually could even imagine the visual in my head made me sit back and go oh oh. I mean, If I was even for a second gullible enough to actually contemplate their conspiracies as factual and I'm totally for her and against him, what about the millions of people who aren't shall we say vaccinated from the Right Wing Conspiracy play book? Maybe this momentary lapse of judgment had given me a window into the mind games that the Trump Campaign and the entire Republican playbook has been playing for decades? The media keeps asking the same questions over and over again, why nobody trusts her? Why is her unfavorabilities so low? Is this a problem? What should she do? Is it too late? Blah blah blah blah blah. Seriously almost every time with to few exceptions. Without being a rocket scientist, its pretty obvious what they've done to try to mar the lady's great record. And whats maddening in all this, is their attacks and conspiracies and accusations are so unbelievable that they're laughable at times. Yet it seems if they'll come out with the same talking points somehow it becomes real. If the media harps on them, even to question their validity its gives even the craziest thoughts credibility. And those bogus arguments need to be what the conversation is really about according to the haters, not why they actually came on air. Even if not 'real' and actually proven to be totally made up garbage, they keep throwing it out, and their ideas seep into our subconsciousness and for some that makes them real. 
So when they spend weeks of air time throwing out the notion that our possible future President is actually a sick old broad, barely breathing on her own and obviously at deaths door, some people are gonna believe it. I mean all you have to do is just go on google and search for the evidence right? So when she does have a coughing fit or her voice sounds raspy, its oh my God!, in the back of your head maybe what they said to us is true. Perhaps the rumors they've spun, just maybe that mumble jumble has a inkling of truth in it. Which turns into, oh oh, perhaps I should take a hard look at her health, maybe she's as Donald J. Trump says all the time, not up to the rigors of the job. And just maybe, if that idea that she's really frail, even if in the slightest could be true, perhaps all of the other arguments against her have an inkling of the truth in them. Yikes to the tenth degree. And you wonder why people don't trust her? What I am writing about today is whats been happening to her for decades. Sadly the one truth in Bernie Sanders whole campaign against her was that she had baggage and it will be used against by her enemies out there, whomever wins the nomination. Sadly that baggage is years upon years, upon decades of conspiracies and accusations and throwing things at the fan to see what actually sticks. And if it doesn't stick, no matter because we've put that idea into peoples brains to fester. 
As with this latest attempt to smear her, her heath for Gods sake, a coughing fit, can actually make even her strongest supporters, me, have to give pause and makes his losing this year a must happen scenario. The more they accuse, the more they act unelectable, the more we need her to win. We've already seen the damage his campaign has caused to our national conversation. As racism and hate speak have become almost the norm again, could you even imagine how bad it would all get if he actually wins the Presidency. Honestly, even if Hillary only has days to live, or was actually a zombie, I would still prefer a dead Hillary over a live Donald. With her, I know what I'm getting, but with him, I'm just afraid that what we might be getting is worst then even my worst nightmares could imagine. So smear away Trumpeters, I'll follow the facts and reality as supposed to Conspiracies and lies.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, September 6, 2016 

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