Saturday, August 27, 2016


Sometimes 'happy accidents' are the best way to reveal the truth of a man!

ONE NEVER KNOWS why mistakes happen, if they're accidental or on purpose. God's little pushes or simply human error. When they happen there's embarrassment, sometimes hilarity ensues, and once in a while these hick-ups actually unveil the truth better then anything anyone could ever come up with.

Today's 'happy accident' is simply one for the ages. Ironically, in a campaign that has unfortunately morphed into a non-stop racist attack fest by Donald J. Trump, God has thrown a Colonel into the mix to put a smile on most of our faces. I say most because those this 'accident' unmasks will not like being called out for who they really are. Hillary Rodham Clinton came out and unveiled the White-Alt for who they are. She very intelligently explained that these racists, had just rebranded themselves. They haven't changed their stripes, the White-Alt is the KKK. Its White Nationalists, its White Supremacists, simply put bigots who hate people who aren't white. Who think they are the true Americans, and all others need to be removed from our shores. And Donald J. Trump is playing in their sand box! He may not be one of them, sadly if he's not, he surely is using all of their talking points and his history kind of says he actually is. But some of his associates, the ones he's getting advice from, the ones who are running his campaign, and the ones who are donating millions are. Wait wasn't there a thing about not being owned by his donors like the other candidates? These are the people he's holding hands with. And using their message this all out stereotypical onslaught against Hillary and for the African-American vote seems to be his last ditch "What the Hell do I have to lose" effort. So, Hillary now has to come out, and slap some facts on the situation, and of course somehow that one speech, equals a year and a half of his over-the-top rhetoric. So according to the media, now the campaign has turned ugly, because she's slinging the mud. 
Mind you, she wasn't slinging any mud, just facts. And definitely not flat out lies like him. Not racial rhetoric like him. But as usual the media complains somehow its on her. She shouldn't have gone there, how dare she! Why is it whenever the Democrats or anyone fights the haters back, has to take a stand for justice, the victim in the attacks, are the troublemakers. Its like Black Lives Matter, when they argue against their friends and loved ones being murdered by cops, that somehow its an attack against Police officers and white people. The racists always calling out others, ignoring the fact they are worse. That we should rid our world of them. And any vile act that they do is justified with some hogwash about American values, eerily sounding a little too much like the ISIS radicals that they are so scared of. Sorry this is seriously 'F'ed up.
Lets not forget, for months Hillary Clinton has been coming out with policies and proposals, a fact that the media seems to ignore and hysterically the Trumpeters, his surrogates, are now slamming Hillary for all of her attacks and for Hillary not offering any positions or policies on anything. Wow! I must say when she did finally slam it out of the park, Hillary Clinton never defended herself against his bullshit claim that she was a "bigot" or about his asinine accusation that she's never done anything for the "African-American" community except of course use them for their votes. Buddy that's one talking point, the Republicans don't even believe. She simply ignored all of them. Instead she, acted like a prosecutor and skewered his life. Using his actual factorial record, Hillary Clinton destroyed him and revealed Donald to be what he really is, a charlatan and a race baiter. 
So on MSNBC, on Saturday afternoon, Alex Witt was having a discussion with Cornell William Brooks, President & CEO of the NAACP, about the recent discussions on the stomp about whose the racist in the race. So when it was time to play a clip about Hilary's speech, instead of showcasing her take down of Donald J. Trump as basically a racist, hysterically when they rolled the clip, they played a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial with George Hamilton as the Colonel… Whoops! Hm, yes! Accident or on purpose! It was seriously hilarious, I re-watched it several time, glorious.
What ever the case, mistaken or on purpose, the only thing I find upsetting in all this is MSNBC is gonna have to apologize to Donald J. Trump about this. Because I'm sure I'm not the only person who found the error perfection in it's depiction of who he really is.
I can not wait for SNL or some or all of the late night comedians, to use this and run with it. I so hope the Hillary camp takes this and makes an ad of it. Maybe you shouldn't argue with God, thank you God, when these little occurrences happen we should spread his message. Perhaps God was calling Donald out. Have to say, the religious side of the political world always seem to imply that God is talking to them. They say when tragedy happens to one of their hate groups, that it was God's doing, until of course it happens to them. They claim he's the reason they do their actions, that he actually spoke to them and told them to run for President. Hysterically God is never mentioned when they leave the race or lose badly. So if its his will, when a message comes out, calling Donald out as a White Colonel, as Trump is pitching his racist bull I say we should use it. Lets hire actors to portray racist white guy Trump as a Colonel Sanders… actually he doesn't even have to be white, come to think of it, it could be better if the actor was African-American, Hispanic or Asian, let make fun of him… use his worst traits against him in a sarcastic humorous way… and watch him and his ilk freak out.
Of course I just realized that the mistake might have been calling Hillary out as the colonel. Hm, is that possible? Is my blindness towards her and all her evil ways, has it blinded me from seeing it as an attack at her? Seems that surely could stop me in my tracks, that everything I just wrote was wrong. That my gleeful happiness at seeing Donald J. Trump ridiculed so perfectly was actually MSNBC insulting Hillary, and they owe her one big apology. Wow, perspective baby…
But, no, I'm gonna go with my gut, first impression. Gut reactions count, and I'm just gonna relish those first impressions for a while. My gut reaction was seeing a very tanned white man, dressed as a southern Colonel, pitching his new friends, the "African-Americans". What no watermelon? Could you get more racist then that? Accidental or on purpose. God's will or simply human error, the image of Donald J. Trump as a KFC pitchman, might be worth all the hell that the man has unleashed on us so far… but probably not.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday. August 27, 2016

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