Monday, September 26, 2016


With 100 million+ viewers estimated, the first Presidential debate could finally reveal why Donald isn't up for the dance, and has no business even being on that stage

IT'S FINALLY HERE, the first Presidential debate starring Hillary Rodham Clinton and featuring Donald J Trump, and the world gets to see what the talking heads are estimating to be one of the most viewed televised events in history. Honestly I'm not expecting it to be that big, but who knows, I mean the experts have been so on point this election, haven't they? Well, not really, but maybe this prediction could come true, and a lot of voters can witness the vast differences between these two candidates. And that 'lesser of two evil' comparison that some are throwing out will hopefully be forever put in the trash for the ridiculous notion that that is. Sadly most of the viewers are gonna be watching to see what Donald does more then how Hillary performs. Of course there will be many like myself watching the debate just to see her showcase her knowledge of everything, but I'd wager a lot are gonna be viewing it to witness what he will say, how many lies he will utter, and how many insults he will throw. I'm thinking of starting a drinking game each time he repeats the expressions 'many people say' or 'believe me' or 'trust me' or …

I'm planning on viewing it the way I watch all of Hillary's events, expecting her to hit it out the park, showcasing her mind, heart, experience and all the traits that make her my choice for the job. That said, especially with events as big as a debate, there's also a little fear that something will burst the bubble. Perhaps, Trump will actually come up with a smoking gun, that will destroy the dream I've had for decades. Happily so far with each of these hurdles, each obstacle, the previous debates, the primaries, the conspiracies and those damned emails, Hillary Clinton has been able to ride her victory train smoothly on its path to the Presidency. Just when it seemed she hit a bumpy patch, things always seem to right the ship, and her polls numbers that had begun to look too close for comfort, again returned to a nice safe lead. 
My feeling is the debate is gonna start off just fine with Trump being his most Presidential best, seemingly the man will be ready to con America. Hillary will be her usual businesslike, professional commanding self, more prepared for this debate then anyone in the history of debates. As the minutes fly by, Donald will begin to unravel, as his answers continue coming up short. By this time, he will remember that the teleprompter isn't there and his memorized talking points will be forgotten and this charade will turn back into the unstable loud mouth candidate that the Republicans keep lying to themselves and to everyone else that Trump isn't. Hillary will just have to stand there and be the grown up on that stage, correct Donald's little or should I write huge lies and showcase she's so above this petulant bully that her poll numbers will start to soar. My biggest fear is that Donald has something up his sleeve. I mean no matter what you think of the man, he seems to have a way to throw something out or say something that changes the dynamics or the conversation. Happily Hillary Clinton, has never failed to deliver at any of the debates I've seen her in. From the Rick Lazio and the John Spencer Senate debates, to the Barack Obama and most recently Bernie Sanders Presidential Primary debates, Hillary has pretty much showcased that she's no frail damsel in distress, besides what Trump tries to describe her as. And for the most part she's walked off even or decisively won the night. Not once has she failed to demonstrate she's knows her stuff, she's not playing, that this is serious, I'm ready from day one and fella's there's a grown up in the room. You wanna play, lets play. 
Well Donald, whose demonstrated throughout the course of this campaign that we never know who will appear, what he will say, or how far he will go, has never had to face what he will be facing against Hillary Clinton in the debates. I understand he's spent decades in front of microphones, appearing on his reality series and acting the showman and conning the masses. We've all watched the many debates that the Republicans had, seeing as the supposed, what was it 18 or 20 candidates, in the clown car that was known as the Republican candidates for the Presidency. That the talking heads laughingly kept describing as an amazing assortment of possibilities. Supposedly all worthy Presidential adversaries against Hillary or Bernie, really? I'm sorry, each one of them seriously not qualified to do their current jobs and all worthy of a one-way ticket out of town, and out of office. So when the Donald, came in and destroyed the rest of the losers I wasn't surprised. Sadly instead of reporting on Donald and his shady past, seemingly most ignored his reality and ran with the show, allowing his unbelievably easy primary victory. The worst part of it, was not one of other candidates in that race was any good, so even though Donald Trump ran the most despicable, vile, racist, over-the-top hateful campaign that we've seen in our lifetimes, and possibly ever as a country, the voters of the Republican party seemingly had no choice. 
That said, as the debates went on, and the clown car shrank, Trump actually never did that well during the debates. Remember who he was debating, his competition, can anyone forget the debate he skipped, cause he couldn't handle the moderator? I mean come on, could you imagine any of them on that stage against Hillary, I can actually visualize their knees shaking at just the thought of it. Not one of them is in the same universe as Hillary, not one of them has her grasp of the issues and knowledge of well practically everything. Hillary has debated against both Bernie and Barack and I'm sorry Donald, I Know Bill Clinton, I know Barack Obama, you sir are neither, by a mile. Remember those debates happened before Donald was trying to be controlled, and lets not forget that this was also when he was trying to win over the Republican voters and not the majority of the United States. It'll be interesting to see when the spotlight is on, if Donald wilts. If the man spins out of control and if the nut job that many of us believe Trump to be, fully  reveals himself to the world. And if he does, will the world finally respond in the right way? 
Remember 100 million people or so will be tuned in, no matter how this debate goes, the experts say that the first debate always gets the most viewers, so if Hillary comes out and showcases how far above the man she is in capability, intelligence, compassion, knowledge of the issues, and proves he's the real crook, the real liar and the conman he truly is, then Donald Trump is toast, and the first debate could end this years contest once the moderator says goodnight. However if Donald comes out, actually seems coherent on the issues, and somehow shows up as a credible candidate, then maybe we've really got a race to the finish. Both of my visions of what could happen will turn on how both candidates respond to their own issues, and how they go after their adversaries when their issues are discussed. I guess we will find out, won't we. The one question I have is how much of the pre-game show will I be able to watch, who will push my button, and how angry will I get before I simply shut my set off until the bell rings, and both of them come out for war.

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