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Now that the proof is out, she did take the advice of Colin Powell and didn't lie, not a peep from the other side is heard. I'm sorry, for me all questions are answered, otherwise put Colin on trial and take the former President and Vice President to the brig!

Illustration by Neil Feigeles © August 2015

THANK YOU MATT LAUER, thanks to your pathetic performance, you showcased the absurdity with the media's obsession with Hillary's emails. Simply, enough. Get over it already. And so in the words of Nancy Reagan, just say no. Or like Donald himself when asked about his birther charges, he now simply refuses to talk about it. So Hillary simply tell them no, no more, I've apologized enough. Stop saying you made a mistake, you didn't. It turns out you took the advice of Colin Powell, and we have this in writing, so it wasn't a mistake. Its a conspiracy created out of nothing, and thats all they have against her… nothing. And since it is nothing, then its time to end this charade. Simply put lets put this one behind us and go onto other battles. When she does answer about it, nothing is good enough for anyone, or heavens to God she uses a different word or a slightly varied explanation all we ever get is yet another attack on that, Donald has been using this to showcase how much she lies. Enough, no more. And then we get the next round of never ending merry-go-round of utter nonsense. Instead of really going into discovering if yet another ramification of Trumps past will finally be the smoking gun and finally prove once and for all, that the man is not worthy of the job.

Matt's pathetic display of journalism proved once and for all that the entire storyline of Hillary's email's been a waste of time and money, instead of discussing her expertise in the military and her knowledge with veterans issues or argue against it, Matt wasted more then half of his interview on her emails. Why? This wasn't the time or the place, and the inquiry obviously bothered Hillary. Afterwards one of the media's talking head, a male, noted her annoyance. That that could hurt her in the debates, again some man discussing Hillary's demeanor, health or body language, as if Trump is the picture of perfection. What was most maddening was when Matt Lauer finally got down to the real questions, he continuously tried to rush her responses and kept interrupting her because their time was short. It reminded me of watching an Oscar show on television, where they kill so much time on nonsense, then rush the winning speeches because they're running out of time.
And then the second half of the show, when he interviewed Donald, it showcased the obvious problem viewers have gotten during this campaign season. Trump gets asked a question, either doesn't answer it or worse lies and the person asking the questions allows the lies to go uncorrected, allowing the man to lie his way to the White House seemingly without any real investigation or vetting by the media or the American people. At first they made fun of his run like it was a joke, letting his lies go out without correcting it, I mean he wouldn't last right? No one would vote for him. Then one by one he mowed down the Republican clown car, and still they let the man slide, while spending too many hours going on and on enduringly about Hillary's possible crimes. Once Trump got the nomination they've continued to let him and his surrogates spread falsehoods. Allowing his lies to become our reality and helping Trump do his worse to destroy a woman's lifetime of work.

So you know what, no more. No more apologies, no more I'm sorries by Hillary over her emails. Never again. As we've just discovered her's wasn't a scheme to lie to the American people, she actually got the idea from a former Secretary-of-State, Colin Powell. If we believed him about WMD's and IRAQ, why shouldn't we believe him when he wrote and suggested the email situation for her email account. When will people open their eyes and notice that the same people who got us into the war, are the ones attacking her on her emails. The same people who shut down our Government over Obamacare, the same people who've spent millions upon millions and years going after her, all so far being proven wrong are the same ones who are going after her on her emails. Why then are these people believed when they spout off nonsense about her, why is she called the liar? 
So now I think, it's time for people to start apologizing to her. All of the crimes she didn't get convicted of, all of the treasonous acts she's never done. Me thinks all these accusers seriously need to apologize to her or simply shut up already. Seemingly every act that Hillary has been accused of has been debunked and proven false, and amazingly every one of the crimes she has been accused of, Donald J. Trump actually probably has done, is doing or worse. But none of those real actions are worthy of even discussing in the eyes of the world. They're just the liberal media trying to taint this great leader that the con man has come up with. This is the excuses that his Trumpeters throw out. And so far for the most part it has worked.
Well no more. Happily it seems there is a growing list of talking heads who have had enough, they're actually calling out all the bullshit that the liars are throwing. That said, sadly as soon as any news comes out about her server or her emails, all of that awareness seems to go out the window, and again Hillary comes out and apologizes hoping this would be the end of this ridiculous never-ending nightmare. And God forbid, she answers it with different words, the media goes ape shit crazy. The FBI investigated, nothing there. Not enough. Years of Benghazi hearings, nothing there. Not enough. Now they're investigating the investigation and even its talking points. Still not enough. Trumps latest faux pas, that he might have bribed a few Republicans to cease law suits, all we get is what about Hillary's unfavorables, simply, enough!
The next time she's asked about her damned emails or her server, and hopefully this happens during the debate, I hope Hillary finally puts her foot down. Goes off on a rant and puts the query and the question in its place. If she's asked, or should I write when the subject is brought up she should again apology and then say, this will be the last time I ever respond to this question. And then she should go through the history of how it's become the talking point its become. Showcase the Rights continuous onslaught of excessive charges against her. Showcase how each attack has been thrown out and debunked. And let her go after Trump by throwing the accusations against her and compare them to the crimes he's actually committed. Why is it when everyone of his 'issues' comes out, none of it gets any press. They attack her foundation, his we discover has actually been fined for illegal activities. But she's the criminal?
We never ever hear of Hillary stiffing any of her employees, yet everyday Trump is being sued for not paying his. In fact last week several of his campaign members quit when their checks didn't show up. He's actually stiffing even the people helping him get elected and this gets practically a blip on the media's radar! The man refuses to release his tax forms and he uses Hillary's emails as an attack against her character and the media allows it. Enough! It was never an issue, until the Republicans discovered that they could play it up as one, and use it to camouflage that as a party they have nothing to give except the same old failed policies. Donald Trump is nothing new, he's just the latest version of bad movies that about to go off the deep end. 
Seriously, enough, 
Hillary, go on the offense, pitch your proposals and just ignore the lies. Trump is simply beneath you and you should run your campaign as a model for how you want to govern the nation. By really beginning the stretch run with three simple words, enough is enough.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, September 9, 2016

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