Friday, September 23, 2016


His change of heart was all a political gambit, proving once and for all that the man 'is' a politician, and the worst kind at that. 

WHAT AN ASSHOLE! What else can you call him, the man peddled a racist lie for years, then one day he comes out and announces Hillary started it and then proclaims he finished it. Then it turns out, it was all a con! He still believes President Barack Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, he just wanted to end the discussion. So, did Hillary start it or was that a lie too? Donald, please explain. At least now we know why he couldn't or wouldn't answer the questions of when, if, how or why he finally believed our President was legit. Talk about a revelation. I think if someone woke up, realized something they believed was wrong or they had been pitching a lie for years that turned out to be a mistake, that that person would come out and explain the why on how his belief had been altered. That is if he actually ever changed his mind. Which is it, and does it matter?

We are talking Donald J. Trump, a man who trots out Don King of all people, a convicted killer, who spends his time discussing the "Negro" problem and tops his sermon off with the "N" word before he introduces the man of the hour. What a talent Trump has for picking his surrogates, if that alone doesn't disqualify Donald for the Presidency, maybe nothing does. This is taking place at the same time he's now pitching 'Stop and Frisk' and unbelievably using the riots in Charlotte, to explain that drugs were the real reason all those people were protesting. Hm, what? What planet is this fool living in? Seems the latest murdering of an unarmed African-American by a cop had nothing to do with it, is that how he's trying to get the black vote? Then Trump comes out, trying to self-edit his own words and says, he only wants to implement the discredited procedure in Charlotte, thats all, no biggie! Of course disregarding, that as President he'd have no power to implement that procedure in Charlotte, Its a state's prerogative. Again showing the man needs to read up on what exactly he needs to know to run this place. Maybe now that Cory was canned by CNN, he could go out and buy the man the Cliff notes on the job of President. From my viewpoint, the man looks closer to being placed in a mental ward, then being suitable to be the President of these United States.
So which is it, which story do you want us to believe? Or are we just supposed to go with whatever he says, as he's saying it? No matter how preposterous, no matter how made up. No matter how much evidence comes out that the man is lying through his teeth and we are supposed to disregard every criminal action that the press is uncovering as simply a media lie. Like 'The Washington Times' reporting on his charities and his Foundation. When confronted by the accusations his campaign's response was that it was all a crock, yet refuse to give any explanation to argue against the charges. So as usual its a 'Believe me' scenario. At least they haven't 'pleaded the fifth' yet. Of course this latest course correct could have just been him being a candidate, meaning Donald telling a supporter he really was lying about his Obama approval, just to add him in gaining voters. But honestly, does it matter what he believes? The only thing that matters is what he's thrown out for years, over and over again. The allegations, the accusations, the flat out lies, and of course the Tweets. Who knows if the man actually ever believed our President wasn't illegal, he could have just threw out the shit just for the fun of it. 
Also, as the debate is getting closer, the reason a lot of the talking heads have suggested Trump came out and made his announcement when he did, was to stop the issue from being a stumbling block at the debate. Which of course is the exact opposite of what it did. Instead of his being asked one question, now he's gonna be asked several, I hope. Wondering if he ever believed our President was legal in the first place? Was the entire thing a game for him? Does he understand what the ramifications of what he did, did to our society? Was his announcement a lie, simply for political purposes or was it the truth? And if so, when, if, why and how did he come to believe yes indeed our President is and has always been a United States born American citizen. Phew, see Donald, seems your ego, made your biggest selling point to the deplorable's, that you're not a politician and simply a successful businessman a flat out lie. Sadly for Democracy, his followers don't care if Donald lies, or what Donald says, as long as the Trump is as obnoxious and hateful as possible the man has their vote. I mean he gave them Atlantic City casino's and Celebrity Apprentice, the man's their God. And just like the religious right who believe anything their leaders say, no matter how hateful or vile it is, Trump's followers do the same blindly, as he takes us all the the brink of the apocalypse. 
The flat out truth is we have no clue what the man believes, except that he believes he can say anything, do anything and get away with everything no matter how many people he hurts. The man accuses everyone else of crimes against humanity, as its turning out that he's possibly the second coming of Adolf Hitler or worse. And don't get me started on Junior, seriously what mad Nazi scientist came up with him? Well, just like with that monster, eventually we prevailed over his hate, I just hope that our victory occurs this year on election day or before, and 'this great disturbance in the force' will be defeated by his Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, September 23, 2016

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