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Seems with less then 60 days to go, maybe finally the sh*t is about to hit the fan. Hopefully the voters will wake up from their hypnosis and the world will be saved.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT for this election cycle, and as if written in a Hollywood movie, lots of interesting tidbits are coming out which are setting up the perfect cliffhanger for the most exciting election night ever. The past which Donald J. Trump has tried so desperately to keep hidden, which his surrogates have tried to talk around, is finally becoming something that can no longer be brushed aside. As real journalists, not the talking head gossip columnists that are seemingly most of the faces on cable news, begin to reveal what they've uncovered, and unfortunately for Donald these reports aren't the kind you can just lie away. Even when you try to slander the reporters who are simply doing their jobs. I've had this feeling for months that once the lid was lifted and the curtain was pushed back on Trump's House of Cards, the revelations would rival the historic Watergate events. 

'The Trump Organization's secretive global financial web' which can be found here:  is only the latest in a laundry list of articles that have made every one of Trumps or his surrogates arguments that the American people really don't want to hear about Trumps taxes a joke. It may be the latest, but what is states blows the lid off on everything. Showcasing what is a slap in the face to the American people his campaign is, and especially to everyone that is actually backing him. I know this is what a con man does, he disregards the pain it might cause his victims, remember they're just his mark, but come on he has these 'basket cases' practically foaming at the mouth. Disregarding what the rest of us feel about the man, look at how he's lowered the conversation and made racism a now common thing in the streets of America. At least before the hatred seemed mostly hidden, but now people seem to be proud and want their hatred to be known. Come on they're wearing t-shirts proclaiming their pride at being deplorable.
So now Trump and his daughter come out and for the first time since the Republican National Convention, and Trump's pitch to the women of America truly reenforces what a hypocrite the man is. Yesterday, they launched their pitch to housewives in the good old US of A, by coming out with their plan to give them some relief, a little time off, a little extra pocket change to make them feel better in the cold cruel world that Hillary helped to create. See, I do have a heart, vote for me, not for her. That would be cool, that actually would be great, a little something from the Republican party, a little relief. Except while doing it, they slammed Hillary for not having a plan, unbelievably lying their faces off. 
“There’s no policy on Hillary Clinton’s website pertaining to any of these issues, childcare, eldercare, or maternity leave or paternity leave for that matter,” There’s no policy that’s been articulated on how to solve the problem.” Ivanka Trump  
'No policies' on Hillary Clinton's website? Really, I guess you've never visited it. Seriously, there are 'pages' about this very subject on their site, stop lying. Where has Hillary been? Lady have you listened to her speeches on it? Have you at all looked at her resume? And then they threw out something that I noticed Donald has been doing for months. Seems she's learned well from her father, on Wednesday Ivanka appeared on Good Morning America, and the new version of her attack was 'Clinton should have passed paid family leave during her years in elected office'.
“Respectively, Hillary Clinton has been around for decades, and there’s no policy benefitting either mothers or fathers in terms of paid leave. -- Certainly she opportunity to have a concept like that.” Ivanka Trump
So thats her assessment of Hillary and Hillary's history. Really, what has she done? Where has she been on the issues? So Ivanka's argument is Hillary's been in politics for decades why hasn't she done anything at all? So according to Ivanka and daddy, it seems they arguing that she says a good game but she's the phony. We are talking about Hillary? Ha ha ha ha, how do you say this, hilarious! Every time he or in this case his daughter comes out and throws this line of attack all I do is want to scream. She hasn't been in political office all these years they're arguing about. Are they trying to say as First Lady, she could have enacted laws? I seem to recall her trying to enact healthcare, and look at how that turned out. But she did help to get things done, but we wouldn't want to bring up the facts. Are you saying as Secretary of State, in her duties as our most powerful diplomat she could have enacted laws in our nation during her spare time? Really, how? 
Or as a public citizen, between gigs was she somehow gonna change policies? Nope, no power there to enact anything. There goes about good two thirds of her career. Oh yes, I forgot, you accuse her of not doing anything while she was in the Senate, should I mention 9/11? Remember during her time in the Senate, we were attacked and two huge skyscrapers went away shall we say in a puff of smoke. Should I remind people that on the same day, that the twin towers came down, Donald commented that now he had the tallest building in New York, as if it was a good thing that we were attacked, cause now these taller buildings were gone. Disregarding all the people who were killed or hurt or financially ruined or worse! 
Their argument is a false one. The question should be where has Trump been on the issues and what has he done as a private businessman. Sure he wasn't in politics, and when he said things it was as a private citizen, but supposedly he was dealing with foreign investors, he was making deals to build things. Why didn't he use his power to do anything to better his employees lives. He wants to now be known as the savior of African-Americans. Seems what we hear mostly is that he ripped them off, the only savior they know of isn't named Donald J. Trump.
So yesterday the news about the Newsweek Magazine article was leaked, that today they would be releasing a major article against Donald J. Trump. Well as the link above showcases they did and man if you read it, does it ever destroy the persona of the supposed great builder. Questioning his business dealings with foreign countries, investors and basically every business practice the man does. The other day one of Donald's surrogates was on air and when the subject of his taxes came up, this, putz, said something like, 'We don't need to see his taxes, all you need to do is look up and admire the New York City skyline, see all of his properties to discover what a great business man Trump really is.' I wish I was kidding. I couldn't believe that no one who was in on that conversation said anything. Well I said something, out loud to my television. 'WTF? Buddy, have you not heard about his business practices, have you not watched any of the Clinton commercials repeated 24/7. Have you not been on Facebook lately discovering all of the businesses he shafted, seems he never pays what he owes. Either he stiffs them completely, or barters down the cost to pennies on the dollars. Seriously sir, he doesn't own any of those building, his foreign investors do, they think, but with more curse words involved and a lot less coherent, most likely. I just couldn't believe his explanation. 
Seemingly this is how Trump and his surrogates operate. One of the worse of the basket of deplorables, Corey Lewandowski, came on air and tried to say that Newsweek had done a hatchet job on Trump and accused the author of the piece of being a liar. Fine, we all know he's being paid by Trump so he's still a puppet, I get it. But, when queried if Trump and his family would recluse themselves from his businesses, since its pretty obvious there are thousands of conflicts of interests in regards to their family businesses and Cory said "absolutely not"  
"Absolutely not" -- “What—is he just going to give up the company, is he going to fold up and unemploy 10,000 people?”Corey Lewandowski
Why should they? I know the man's not a rocket scientist, but I'm beginning to wonder. When queried about the obvious hypocrisy with Trump's and his Foundation and their accusations about The Clinton Foundation, to Corey that was a completely false equation. Every time there's an accusation against Trump, they throw in an attack against Hillary. Somehow what Hillary has done is the worst, but Trumps is being attacked for nonsense. They spent millions of dollars on Congressional hearings against her, found nothing and she's the crooked one. It was seriously amazing to watch this absolute joke. How do they not see we can see right through their lies. One of the few highlights this election cycle has been watching the fools when they get caught and don't know how to respond. "what polls" -- "All of them" of course is the best so far, but these moments of hilarity happen on a pretty regular basis. I'm surprised some genius with an editor hasn't put a reel together of the best faux pas' of the campaign.
This afternoon, Kurt Eichenwald, the author of the Newsweek article, was interviewed on MSNBC and slammed Corey for point blank lying on the air, and destroyed the attack on the Clinton Foundation that The Trumps have been going on as he explained fully how The Trump Foundation was a probable pay for play. He practically laughed out loud at the suggestion that anything what Trump has been pulling is legal. Seriously this interview should be made into a video and replayed non-stop till election day. For my money it was the ultimate prosecutorial opening statement if Trump actually finally has to face Justice in the court of law. 
And today's latest joke, after Trump taped his Doctors appointment, on national television, on Dr. Oz., which from all reports was a joke, cant wait to watch the hilarity tomorrow when the episode airs. Trump actually went up to Flint, Michigan, took him long enough, to see a water plant and make a photo op of the moment. According to Rachel Maddow on her show last night, on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, The mayor of Flint, was blind-sided, you see, she was scheduled to be in Washington today, because unbelievably at this late date, Congress has not passed a bill to pay to fix the mess in her city. And today there was a meeting she was invited to attend. And according to Rachel, she did not want Trump disrupting the important work that they were doing at the plant. I was gonna write I can hardly wait for him to come out and slam the Democrats for this. He will slam Hillary for being silent at the wheel on this issue, where has she been. Well sadly after writing most of this article  the news broke that I was right, cause a few hours later Trump made a speech at a Church in Flint, that was a joke and yes he went after Hillary at the religious location as I had predicted. The Pastor of the Church actually interrupted Donald at one point, asking him not to make a political speech, after he started going after her inanely. He meekly apologized and then continued making nonsensical comments as church goers heckled him.
Every day, it seems as we watch as one of his stories appears to come up false. As his lies get swatted back and this charade he's been playing begins to unravel. As we begin to learn what the reality is and not the made up fiction that the Trump camp wants us all to believe. And happily at least today, it seems the media is doing their job. Especially after the last few days of nonsense and utter garbage, as my last entry into this blog discussed I must applaud both MSNBC and CNN today for their reporting, and for once not allowing the bull to control the conversation. It was if a bell rang today and the last year and a half, their pitiful display of allowing anything to go unanswered was gone. Today it seemed both channels, actually were reporting news, arguing facts and doing their job. At least for one day, I almost feel I'm living in reality. That said, I'm just hoping tomorrow when Trump appears on Dr. Oz, he reveals what for me is the most important aspect about Trump's health, his face. I'm sorry that complexion of his, I need to know if its contagious. I have to write this, something's not kosher with that skin tone, and I'm not talking about his beliefs.

Just one man's opinion
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