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No regrets, no apologies, so I guess this means either his poll numbers will rise and there's a Trump landslide in our future or the con man finally went too far and today was his last pitch.

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WELL DAMN YOU DONALD J. TRUMP for ruining my idea. Yesterday I wrote that the man would be saving this big announcement for the first debate. He would wait for the perfect moment when either he's being attacked over it, or when it stops Hillary's non-stop pummeling of the idiot in front of the nation. Stunning the world and having his moment that will be remembered for all-time. Adding to the list of great events that could alter the course of the Presidential race. The two most famous of course being Ronald Reagan's "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience," and of course or my personal favorite, by Texas Sen. Lloyd Bentsen "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy." I expected something like that. But no, like everything else in this campaign, Trump blew it big time. 
So after spending the last few days having his surrogates, starting with Rudolf Giuliani coming out and throwing out that our President was legit, the con began. Of course, the man himself refused to answer when he was point blanked questioned. Perhaps testing the audience to see how they would respond to the shock of Trump's stepping into reality. The talking point that the Trumpeters have been going with is that its old news that the Democrats are the one bringing up racism not the Republicans. Remember they call all Americans deplorable! We as opposed to Clinton want to discuss Trump' s many proposals. 
So this morning he came out and instead of having a news conference as the event was described, he spent most of the time pitching his brand spanking new hotel. Getting free airtime on all these news outlets to promote his latest venture. Eventually as an after thought, he spent 33 seconds and came out with his revelation. Of note at this event, he was surrounded on stage with Veteran's and he was introduced onto the stage by Thomas McInnerney who is an original birther himself. So in front of all these Veterans after spending years insulting our Commander-in-Chief, the man comes out and as an after thought he announces that our President is legit. 
“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” Trump said at a press event at his new luxury hotel in Washington, D.C. “I finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.” he add “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy, I finished it.”Donald J. Trump 
'President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.' Really, thats it. So I guess because Donald J. Trump says so, its true. All is forgiven. Boy, thank you Mr. Trump, I am so relieved! I feel so much better. Unfreakinbelievable, the balls on this man. After using this racist, disgusting, vile conspiracy for years to help get him within days of possibly becoming our next President, we get ten words, well actually nine. I guess the tenth, the 'period' is supposed to slam the door shut on the question. And like all of Trump's subjects, we are all supposed to simply shut up about it and never question him about it again. How do I say it, are you kidding me. No apology at all. Not even I'm sorry. No explanation, no time table on when he had this epiphany, instead all we get are ten measly words and we are just supposed to forgive and forget everything. 
Fine lets be the adults in the room and lets all forget everything that he's said for the last I don't know five years or so. Cool, maybe I'll go with that, and all is right with the world. All racism is over, all hatred gone from our lives. Breathe in breathe out. Much better, except then the Donald has to go out and blame Hillary for the thing he wants us to forget in the first place “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy, I finished it.” Oh, I'm not really sure how I should respond to that part of his statement. So let me get this straight, Hillary Clinton started it. Let me repeat that, Hillary Clinton started it! Hm, so lets get this clear, someone in her campaign supposedly emailed someone. Hillary found out, the person who sent the email was fired by her. She didn't go out and spread it, she fired the fool. Not once since this supposed incident occurred has she or anyone else in either campaign even mentioned it. But you, Donald J. Trump have spread the word non-stop for years. No proof was good enough, no legal paper legal enough. All of 'your friends' that you keep telling us you hear things from, you were the one who kept spreading their supposed words. 
No sir, first off that bogus conspiracy has been debunked. It was concocted by the good old Breitbart gang. You didn't end it sir, with your statement. You sir were the one who started it, and spread it, and because of you, a large minority of this nation believes our President isn't American. To actually think one sentence would make the world have amnesia and then, while forgetting he did anything, trying to point the finger at Hillary and the world as usual would consider her the crook again instead of you. Seriously are you fucking kidding me? What is this another Hillary's the bigot bullshit you keep throwing out. I mean it happens with everyone of his lies. Even today after Trump came out every one of his surrogates are actually doing the usual. Besides trying to put this ugliness behind us lies, being beyond agitating, this nonsense they keep coming out with I find hysterical, trying to claim that the Birther issue which Donald just announced is over, is actually Hillary's fault. So if its old news, for Donald why are you trying to make it a new news for Hillary? I guess probably once the talking point switches and its her fault, then they, his lying horde of gremlins, will come out and go all out after her on this. 
So far most of the media, at least the liberal media ones, CNN and MSNBC were going all out after Donald on this supposed change of heart. Its been a blast watching the talking heads practically foaming ridiculing Trump for his announcement. Even Shepard Smith, granted one of the few talking heads on Fox Faux News who comes out and says the truth, slammed Donald Trump for "Punking" the media.
"Remember the TV show Punk'd? Remember it? Ashton Kutcher would set up elaborate pranks of celebrities as the cameras rolled, it was pretty funny, really. Today Donald Trump punked the media and we learned it's not as fun when you're the victim. Here's what happened. Donald Trump's campaign announced that he would be holding a news conference, his first news conference on any matter in two months. this one on his past statements about the president not being born in America, statements that were never true. He made them for years, but instead of the promised news conference, he did an eight minute live commercial on all channels for his new hotel in Washington, then brought out American heroes to extol his greatness, then said the first black President of the United States really is an America citizen, gave no explanation for his previous statements to the contrary, or the reason for the change in position, then said Hillary Clinton started it, which she did not. Again, he blamed Hillary Clinton for creating the birther conspiracy theory. She did not. The comments came from that new hotel of his, just blocks away from the White House. Not only did Trump admit that President Obama was born in the U.S. -- thanks for that -- he also took credit for resolving the issue that never was. Apparently forcing President Obama to release his birth certificate back in 2011, stating that he was obviously born in Hawaii." - Shepard Smith 
To watch the video online: 
Wow, bravo Shep, for saying it so perfectly, I applaud you. Sadly most of your fellow Fox news hounds, aren't being so agreeable to your opinions and neither are any of Trumps surrogates. Instead of showcasing his Presidential readiness Donald J. Trump insulted the military, using this moment to try to quash his birther past, and by doing so he also attacked Hillary for being the person behind the Birther movement itself. I must say, Hillary's been busy in her spare time, first forming ISIS and now we discover she's the matriarch of the Birther lie. Its amazing she's had any time to steal millions from her family Foundation. Oh, sorry I was supposed to be the adult in the room. So as opposed to ending the hatred in his past, he actually stoked a fresh fire and by doing so maybe finally his campaign will quickly collapse upon itself. I guess we shall see if today is a blip on the radar of the voting public or the beginning of the end of the Trump campaign. As his surrogates were very happy to mention that it's a Friday in a 24/7 news cycle. Meaning by Monday this news might be forgotten like all of his other controversies that he's somehow evaded in the past. I have to believe that today is different. I have to believe that his lying for five years non-stop has consequences. I have to believe people aren't that stupid. I understand people have short memories, but unless you've been in an automobile accident and hit your head or seriously inbred todays Trump announcement will have ripple effect on the voters in America, and by the end of the first Debate, whatever momentum that the man was getting, at least according to the talking heads on television, all of that will be gone and from now to election day, his numbers will plummet because the jig is up. He played millions for fools and the real fool was finally revealed, and his name is Donald J. Trump.

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