Saturday, September 10, 2016


So after years of driving a false narrative it seems we are just supposed to forget Trump ever threw out the garbage and act like it never occurred. 

Illustration by Neil Feigeles ©  2015

WELL THIS WAS UNEXPECTED! Out of left field, and according to his surrogates sometime in the last 2 or 3 years Donald J. Trump stopped disbelieving that our President was illegal. Huh? When? Don't you think this is something he would've brought up once or twice, once he discovered our President was American? Seems instead of giving us all the great news that our President was in the clear of his alleged crimes, he instead kept it to himself and just told a few friends. That's right, supposedly without letting any of us know the Republican Presidential candidate had a revelation that Obama hadn't done anything that the birthers alleged that he had done. Perhaps his detectives had proven Barack to be Hawaiian. His mother hadn't concocted a plan before he was born, she hadn't snuck him into our shores knowing one day he would run for President. Seriously, one would think if I had spent years going after our President for his heritage, and one day woke up and realized that yes our President was legit, that I would come out and announce it to the world. Wouldn't the arrogant Billionaire want to showcase he proved Obama was good? Look I've proven our President is legit, throw me a parade! I was right about something again. Everyone thank me for doing the job, that no one else could. I mean if you were Trump wouldn't you?

I understand politically it might hurt his poll numbers with the birthers but it wasn't like he was accusing our President for political reasons was he? He was just being a good patriot right? Its not like the man is at a loss to create talking points. When the news came out that Hillary had called "half of Trump's followers deplorable's" its amazing how swiftly his birther change of heart that his surrogates are throwing out stopped being the main subject of discussion. That seems to be forgotten in the wake of her heinous insults to the American people. Instead its all about Hillary's insult and his attack against Obama quickly gets put to the back burner. Again demonstrating how Trump runs the media. I might hate the guy, but you have to admire the way he and his surrogates know how to change the subject, and how to push the ones that they want discussed. Really, she made one comment, actually for the most part true, and this supersedes Trump's change of heart? Really, Well not on my watch.
As we've seen lately whenever he'
s asked about his previous Birther comments, his response is I don't talk about that any more, and he will repeat the statement over and over, till the questioner asks him something else. 
Perhaps that was his way of saying he was wrong? If he still believed the bullshit, I guess he would still be saying it on the stomp, right? Seriously it's bad enough to learn of this change of thinking by hearing it from his surrogates, but trying to disregard Trumps vile despicable comments about our President, as minor comments by a man of integrity, is simply a slap in the face to those offended by even the question of Obama's heritage. Let's just go on to the next subject, there is nothing here. Unbelievably in a year when everyday brings us yet another example of insanity, this has to actually top his insane attempt to woo African-Americans. 
So are we eventually gonna have him come out and apologize to the African-Americans for trying to say that our first President of color wasn't legit, or like his history with racism are we just supposed to disregard what he's actually said and done as just yesterdays old news. His surrogates actually argue that his racist dealings with minorities in regards to renting, which he was fined over, was so long ago it didn't matter or that in fact, they're lying and saying the case was thrown out. I'm sorry, nope to both.
Of course this latest surprise could just be a test, like his immigration plans. We spent over a week as Trump and his surrogates tried out different versions of his plan, the one constant was that big beautiful wall. Eventually he seemed to double down on his original threats and all of the softening went bye bye. So it is possible in a few days Donald will come out and say his position never changed Obama is still illegal. So until the man himself, actually says the words he still is the man that came into political power because he made the birther movement real to too many people. One would think since we've never gotten one apology from Donald, just supposed regrets, this could actually be the time for the man to show his humility. If not this, when? Stupidly I turned on my television last night to see how the talking heads were dealing with this revelation and seriously it's as maddening as ever. The liars on the right refuse to admit Trumps birther bullshit is important. It's simply old news that the media is drumming up not to talk about the real issues. "Let's all move on..." No let's not move on. Let's deal with what he's said for years and years. This wasn't a one day attack against our President, it was a full on assault. It got so bad, his never ending attacks, that Obama actually had to get his birth certificate released to prove he was legit. The short form wasn't good enough! But even that wasn't good enough as Trump then wanted to see his college transcripts, because "some people were saying…" The main reason people in our nation believe our President is not American is because of Donald J. Trump. The reason there is so much hate speak in our country is because of Donald J.Trump! And now, we should just forget he ever brought it up? Talk about a con. I must mention, it seems the Republicans keep throwing out that Hillary started the Birther movement. I'm honestly not sure what the entire story is, but several people explained what supposedly occurred. It turns out, maybe… one of the people working on her campaign discussed this and that was it. There was an email or a note, but it went no further. Did we ever see Hillary bring it up? Any audio or video tapes of her spewing this lie? No! So even if its true it doesn't make what Trump did for years excusable. As usual his surrogates attack Hillary for every crime others have done, but in the next breathe throw away any accusation on him or his surrogates as liberal media bias.
So, his handlers want us to believe he's had a change of heart. Coming out, and throwing this bombshell out as an aside, and everyone should simply go on to the next subject? They want us to believe he's had a change of heart, and we are just supposed to fall down before him and believe his epiphany, without the man himself saying one word. Sorry, if they want us to believe, they would act like there is some sense of apology. But they don't, it's like everything else, and like this Hillary faux pas, its already time to go on to the next excuse to fill in time and look they've found a new one to change the subject. Last night Lawrence O'Donnell reminded me that its been a month since Donald J.Trump came out and announced that his wife would be doing a speech in a few days, with papers, to prove all the allegations against her was the media trying to taint his wife. So either like the Birther garbage we are supposed to just forget it and go on to the next attack against Hillary, or simply its another lie by a master con man that has finally gone one lie too far. Oh and about your taxes Mr. Trump?

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, September 10, 2016

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