Saturday, September 24, 2016


As I flicked the channels my anger began to build, no wonder their followers don't get it, they never see it on their television's or if it is, its always discussed from a slanted point of view 

I SIMPLY COULDN'T BELIEVE IT, FOX news, or as I call it Fox Faux News, was skipping the opening event of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Even better, our President, Barack Obama, was the big speaker at todays event, so how could, a news outlet miss it? Maybe showcasing a positive for African-American's is a no-no in white racist television? Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend any of their viewers, good! Personally I think a major museum showcasing the history of the African-American history, being launched by our nations first African-American President is pretty historic, don't your think, and something that should be reported on? I mean, I turned on my television, flicked to CNN and saw the event, I flicked to MSNBC, yessiree they were all in. Flicked to FOX, nope, nada, nothing. I tried it's sister stations, same story. What I did find, instead of a history lesson on the struggles of the African-American community for equality and their successes, I found, stories about the protesters in Charlotte, and segments on Hillary's emails and nothing pro black!

One would think this moment, which took decades to accomplish, whose timing of the opening, as our President mentioned in his speech today, was pretty amazing. Months before our first African-American President leaves office, the nations newest African-American museum opens finally in Washington DC, the capital of our nation, and he gives its maiden speech. But, Fox Faux News, instead chooses to discuss the racist black folk destroying property, they're all drug abusers according to the networks chosen preferred candidate. Astounding, and you wonder why Trumps followers are chock filled with racists, or people who may not be overtly racist, but fully believe that they are above those whose skin are darker. Or as a Trump follower was interviewed proudly proclaimed, that "Whites were better then blacks!" without realizing what a racist statement that actually was. I see it on the air everyday, I read it online way too many times, but especially with the media run by the Christian right or at least run by Republicans. The in-your-face proudness of this hatred seriously showcases how far our nation needs to go. How quickly we could turn back the clock and return us to the bad old days of slavery. As I child of the 1960's who grew up in the 1970s, this current racist garbage that we've been confronted with has been for the most part, anger inducing. 
Growing up in a predominately African-American community, where I was the minority, for example I was the white kid in most of my classes. Actually for most of the time, in the entire school, so where ever I went, everyone noticed me. I actually could feel the tension in the room when I entered, or as I walked down the streets as the brothers watched me as if I was the danger, I was the threat. Or I was the one to pick on, make comments to, which made me both hate my color and some of the hatred itself. Even today, when I'm the only white person in the room or when I'm walking in an area when I am the one person without a natural tan, those memories come back and those feelings of the other kick in. 
Funny, I never hated the people of color for going after me with racist remarks, for I felt they had earned the right to do it,  the white man had earned its shame. I just wish I wasn't the one who was on the receiving end. I was different, I stood out, but I was the lucky one. Because even though there were times that got a little scary, I've never really been afraid of a person of color, simply because they were a person of color. It was always about the individual and never about their skin color. You see, I don't see color, I see individuals. I can not fathom how my brothers and sisters, in the African community feel living their entire lives with that perpetual feeling. So I've lived somewhat like many in the black community have spent most of their lives dealing with and believe me, its not a nice feeling. Luckily I never faced anything like they have had to endure, but there have been times, when I've been confronted by racists whites who talk to me as if since I'm white, I naturally would agree with their racist comments. Sometimes I spoke up, and sometimes I didn't, but each time, my blood curdled. Of course I've gotten the same thing with anti-semitic hate speak, which I always found odd, don't you, I mean come on look at me, unless its a self-loathing idea, my jewishness is written all over my face. 
Its the same thing when I hear hatred over the LGBT community, woman, other religions, even my own, or the disabled or handicapped, I just don't get it. I grew up actually wishing on numerous occasions, that my skin changed hue, and my heritage was different, I found the black culture, and their skin color so beautiful and vibrant. Maybe because I grew up in the 1960's with things like, Shaft and Cleopatra Jones, or Get Christie Love, or Sammy Davis Jr., or The Supremes, or Stevie Wonder, or the man who inspired me as a child to one day attempt my hand at performing, Ben Vereen, or a hundred other names. Michael Jackson, even OJ Simpson, as a kid, there was enough inspiration, and really it seemed even then, that the ugly American's in the room weren't shaded but too white for their own good.
When I was a little kid, my father explained how Jewish people and Black people were similar, both segments of the population had suffered, both had been put into bondage and slavery, and both had endured and triumphed. As a Jewish boy in a Catholic world, even religion seemed odd to me, especially when those of one argued their God was better then others. The differences of everyone, I thought should be celebrated, not hated. I loved celebrating Christmas, not because of the religious aspects of it, but because of the love it showcased amongst its followers. At least for the length of the holiday season.
I seriously can not believe people proudly throw out racist comments. I can not believe we have Pastors preach hatred to people whose skin tones or faiths are different. I can not believe we have a Presidential candidate who yells out at a rally, 'Hey that's my African-American friend'! A man, whose history is peppered with racist activities. Whose insulted every man, woman and child of most religions and faiths. At least in the good old days, in the 1980's and 1990's, and even the 2000's, the bigotry wasn't in your face. I'm sure it was always under the surface, waiting to rear its ugly face, but man I seriously ponder on most days, what happened to our nation. Like many I thought it was gone, that the hatred, and the bigotry had been excised by the greatness of men like Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., man I am so upset that it now seems to be worse! Somehow, with the election of Barack Obama, the historic nature of his victory had awoken every vile, disgusting, racist bigot in the land. Perhaps the reason is, the new racists who are out and proud, are more like zombie racists. It is 2016, theres a zombie apocalypse in every storyline these days. Don't believe me, look at the leaders in the bunch of deplorable's. Look at who the media promotes, look at their surrogates and their talking heads. 
And no Republicans, by saying that, that this whole revival of racism to the tenth degree, began when Obama was elected, wasn't putting the blame on our President, he didn't start it, you did. Much like the Republicans are trying to pin Birtherism on Hillary, because someone in her ranks pitched the notion, that she swatted down faster then Donald changes his positions, blaming our President for the racist revival is seriously fucked up. Maybe his election riled up the bigots when they realized that they had officially, finally lost their argument. That yes, a man of color could be intelligent enough and actually better then even the high and mighty whites, and his color had nothing do with it, or maybe it actually did. Perhaps the history of the African-American in our nation, was somehow ingrained into this man, who had somehow won over a nation. Even with a name that many found repulsive simply because of their racist upbringings or beliefs. And he swamped two very, very white fellas, and one very great woman.
When Barack got in, at that historic inauguration, at one point I had an image of Cleveland Little in Blazing Saddles in my head, as he rides into town and all the white people stand agape, the next scene we get the lynch mob. Funny thats kind of how the Whites were looking at our newly elected President, and they've been preparing the lynching ever since. Fox Faux News, has spent years going after our President's birth place. They have followed the lead of their candidate, Donald J. Trump, and without coming out in White Hoods, have done their best to try to insult the people of color who live in our nation and those who believe that we are all equal, no matter the shade, no matter the sex, no matter the religion. Their arguments always go against common sense or facts, as they make up facts and figures that try to prove how less intelligent, how not on par, how inferior the African-American's are and the comments are seriously insane. Listening to their talking heads, is unnerving, and whats worse, when those talking heads spewing the garbage are African-American's themselves. Talk about a pack of Uncle Toms. Its funny several years back I called one of them, one of Fox Faux New's talking heads, an Uncle Tom, and lots of people weren't happy, 'how dare I',  it now reminds me of the reactions from The Trumpeters and the Fox hounds, when Hillary called half of his Trump's supporters 'deplorable's or worse'. I guess its okay if you do it, but not when you're called out for being it. I just can't believe that a network that calls itself 'Fair and Balanced' is the last thing from it.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, September 24, 2016

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