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On the same day Pastor Mark Burns, his 'extremely' unvetted surrogate, again showcases why "surrounding himself with the best people" is the last thing on Donald's mind.

SIMPLY, THANK YOU GOD! As another day goes by and yet again all we can do is try to pick our mouths up off the floor. As the day evolved into something the former orange faced Presidential candidate could never have wished for. Instead of a day spent discussing his brilliant photo-op at a black church filled to the brim with adoring new followers who had fallen under his spell. Or discussing the latest revelations from Hillary's server problem (and we can see why she wanted all of the notes released at once, as opposed to dribs and drabs), we found ourselves in yet another unbelievable example of why Donald J. Trump should not become our next President. Hysterically (for all of us, who haven't fallen for Donald J. Trump's lies), the day instead was spent in part discussing an online Pastor who had lied about his credentials, and somehow found himself in the inner circle of our next potential President. But then Karma stepped in.

Having spent the better part of two weeks trying to transform himself into the great White Hope for the African-American community, in the worst possible way, by making a series of speeches aimed towards undecided white voters. Preaching to the brothers and sisters of the African-African community that their lived sucked and it was all the Democratic party and of course Hillary Clinton's fault. Practically begging for their votes, but with not so much as one proposal in his pitch except, "What the Hell do you have to lose" as his punchline. Maybe he was being sarcastic, I mean at least thats one time I'd believe that excuse by him for his insensitive and practically racist banter.
He seems to think if he doesn't mention it, his past never occurred. And when its brung up, his surrogates act like the facts are conpiracies and his vile actions are just liberals lying about this great business job creator. Trying to tar this great man! But since he's refusing to release his taxes, the only facts we know are what he tells us, and every thing that we learn from the media which are outing him for the crook he really is. So what gets me is he has yet to come out and apologize for any of his own past dealings with their community, his very racist legacy. That supposedly isn't important to the voters in our nation. Sorry sir, if you want us to believe you, why not simply come out and say you had an epiphany and have learned from your mistakes! That the real reason he wants to be our President is to make amends for his sins. I mean at least that could be something that could be pitched, that he could sell. Or maybe actually throw out some real proposals, but that would make Donald a real politician, and he and his surrogates keep reminding us that he's not a politician remember, he's just a business man whose pitching his latest ad campaign. And probably pitching his newest Reality show, the 'Losing of a Presidency'.
Now, here's where the Karma really shows its beautiful face. So over the course of the last few months a new face from nowhere had arisen in Donald's camp. Turns out that former aide to Trump, Corey Lewandowski, who is currently working for CNN but still receiving a pay check from the Republican Presidential nominee, he was the one who first discovered Pastor Mark Burns, and brought him into the fold. The supposed religious leader, who was revealed simply to be a man in an empty room preaching to a camera. With no congregants any where to be seen, the man was less then any of us could have imagined. Turns out that the man faked his own credentials, actually lied about being in the Army Reserve and pathetically lied about his college degree. Luckily for all of us one of the graduates from the College, spotted his lies. Spoiling the man's future and hopefully helping stop whatever roll Trump could have been on with his false love of the African-American people.
CNN anchor Victor Blackwell, interviewed Pastor Mark Burns and instantly became my hero for life. As the Pastor sat down for the interview thinking it was gonna be a fluff piece about him, but instead it turned out to be the man's unveiling as a total and utter charlatan when he was confronted with his own lies and stuttered his way to answers that no one would believe. It was almost as fun to watch as a Perry Mason in-for-the-kill moment! The highlight of the entire interview was when the Pastor got up and left the interview, complaining how he was duped by the reporter! This wasn't what he had signed up for, and leaving the interviewer sitting in the Pastor's 'church' practically smiling like a Cheshire cat. 
Here's a link to the CNN report which includes the interview video: 
Of course afterwards, one of the many Trump surrogates, Boris Epshteyn also was interviewed on CNN by Victor Blackwell. Mr. Cocky, who always seems like a bull in a China shop, acting like any question not asked about Hillary’s crimes was an indignation to his very soul. And as usual, instead of answering his questions Boris whined about the media letting Hillary get away with murder. Boris scoffed at questions that he had agreed to answer and acted as if he was more intelligent then anyone on Earth. 
The interview was supposed to be about Pastor Mark Burns, and would he still be affiliated with the campaign after today’s bombshell about his past turning out to be made up lies. Boris instead argued as usual that the media was wasting too much time on “nonsense” which in his mind is anything that has anything to do with anything that is wrong with Donald J. Trump’s campaign or his history (as opposed to the latest revelations on Hillary which is always a criminal act in need of a new congressional hearing or better yet, a prison sentence), constantly trying to change Victor Blackwell’s questions. But my newest favorite television newsman, Victor Blackwell had none of it. He let the man speak, he was polite, but he didn’t let him get away with it for more then a few moments. Boris actually had the nerve to complain on air that the media was trying to destroy Pastor Burn’s character. Sorry Boris, they didn’t make up his lies, they were just revealing the facts, he did it to himself. And why is it that anyone on Trumps side, their lies or past indiscretions, are considered nothing, but a sneeze on any Democrats part is considered worthy of a firing squad and 24/7 news coverage?  Luckily and happily we’ve got the reporter who interviewed him and the video tape to back up what occurred in that teeny studio where the Pastor shoots his online religious service. 
So all of this occurred on the same day that Trump made his latest big out reach to the African-American community, this time actually stepping foot inside the walls of a place filled with people of color, and spoke to members of the Great Faith Ministries, a nondenominational church in Detroit.
As an optic for him, it wasn’t what his handlers probably were looking for. Turns out that half the Church members didn’t or refused to attend. Outside the Church was protestors, as well as a Taco truck to stick in the knife of Trump’s flailing candidacy, and inside the Church seemingly the only people who weren’t of color was Donald and his Secret Service protectors. And I’m sorry, watching him sway with the music, standing next to Omarosa Manigault, a woman who gained fame on his reality show The Apprentice, as they mumbled to each other looking utterly uncomfortable was not a picture that will gain him any new fans and probably lose him even more.
Sadly instead of speaking from the heart, Donald read from notes that he claimed he had written himself a few days earlier. At least there wasn’t a teleprompter! Call me a cynic, but he wrote as much of this speech as his wife wrote of the one she read at the Republican National Convention, and thats excluding the stuff they plagiarized from Michelle Obama. In other words, the only things he uttered that weren’t prepared for him were his few ad-libs… believe me. And unlike words said by people who actually have a history with the African-American community like our President, or Hillary or even some Republicans, nothing he said felt authentic, because nothing was. In other words the man hasn’t learned yet that you can’t fake who you are, you can’t hide who you’ve been and you can’t fool everyone when everything you’ve done turns out to be seemingly criminal. The closer we get to the big day in November, its turning out that Donald’s curtain is being pulled back and the world is discovering who this man really is, and the more we learn the worse he becomes. So its turning out, his quest for power possibly will be his ultimate undoing and a man whose lived like a King for decades will find himself either in a Prison cell or living on the streets. Hey I got an idea, instead of the reality show I pitched about ‘Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, he can now have one called 'Trading Places', as we watch a supposed multi-billionaire as one day he wakes up to discover he's a homeless loser. What do you think, think anyone would watch?

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