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Can you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry men… I didn't realize that meant the Alt-Right?

YESTERDAY AT LEAST FOR A LITTLE WHILE reality showed up on my television, after Trump's big announcement turned many of the talking heads into an angry mob as they discovered that they had been punk'd. For most of the day afterwards, much of the media went after the man for having played them for fools not just for today but for years and boy was I happy. It seemed real journalism had returned to the news, as the few Trump surrogates who appeared on air, for the most part were smacked down for perpetuating the myth that Donald had championed. It seemed to me, that the media was actually mad at itself, and they transposed that anger onto Trump. After having allowed him free reign for years to continuously spread his lies about our President, without a shred of evidence, accept what his beliefs were and what his sources told him. Not once over the years did the media demand proof, they just let this charlatan say whatever lies he wanted to. Heck it was great for ratings and even better it opened up an entire avenue to pursue in regards to storylines. So what if it fueled the racism and hatred, as long as we can get the viewers. 

Except just one day later, it seems the big revelation is hardly worth talking about. I turned on my television today and hardly a peep. Maybe by Trump doing this on Friday, as his handlers suggested yesterday, the story would be over by Monday. Well, maybe they were wrong, it seems to have been forgotten by the next day! What happened? Why isn't yesterdays big reveal todays talking points? How did the big orange faced racist get away with it again, and does this mean Hillary's really in big trouble? I must admit, that I missed most of yesterdays news conference, and what I witnessed was what the media showcased later. So I saw two minutes of the whole event, the section where he cleared our President of being an illegal. Where he praised himself for ending the Birther question, but blamed Hillary for starting it. I had missed his introduction, I had missed his publicity for his new hotel. Seems I missed a lot. Honestly I'm at the point where I dread watching the man speak, and its really hard listening to him read mostly the same lies over and over again as he goes off for usually over an hour. That said, it seems, in most of his events, the man will come out with a few memorable zingers that could put most other candidates on a one-way ticket to oblivion. And yesterday it seems was no exception for the champion of the Alt-White, oh excuse me, the Alt-Right. 
As it turns out I missed the best part of the entire event. After being introduced by a Birther, Donald J. Trump walked on stage to the music from the great musical Les Miz, as the song 'Can you hear the people sing' roared, a smiling Donald J. Trump tried to put the Birther issue to rest, and by doing so he stoked the ashes of something he tried so desperately to make disappear. I must repeat what I just wrote, yesterday Trumps choice of music, which has been a problem this entire election cycle, was 'Can you hear the people sing' and as a fan of the great musical I am outraged by the misuse of it. That said, I get it, Hillary called Trump and his followers "Deplorable" and this seems to be their way of going after her. Are we seeing the logic in the use of the song yet? The people in the streets of France in the musical are called 'deplorable'… makes perfect sense to use it, come to think of it, how ingenious of his campaign. Who knew that Hillary's comment against Donald, which was actually kind, would give the brains behind his campaign the idea to make his followers the people in the streets, who sing the famous song from my favorite musical. I get it, I don't like it. I appreciate their talents, but I despise them going thru with it. I must mention that earlier today, a lovely lady on Facebook posted that she had decided not to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her calling his followers 'deplorable', which to put it nicely upset me and made me sit back and worry. Maybe as the Trump surrogates have said, it was her 47% moment, oh oh. I mention this because yesterday, I watched Michelle Obama's speech on Facebook live, it was a feed from a Fox Faux News outlet, and sadly it allowed viewers to make comments and to allow others to see those comments. And to my utter horror, the vast majority of the comments were racist, calling her things like a gorilla, that she was a man or worse. Seriously its proved Hillary's point. And it makes todays lack of news worthiness rather troublesome to me. The only thing that would make up for their use of this classic song, is if the producers of the musical sue them for its use. I mean I'm sorry, I've written this before, but shouldn't they get permission first and shouldn't they have to pay to use it. I sincerely doubt that they would have given Trump the go ahead with this one. My biggest fear in this is that his followers will start going around our country dressed as French revolutionists carrying muskets. Seems in the past, all we've heard are musician's coming out afterwards being frankly pissed that he had used theirs and asking him to stop. I must ask as usual, did he get permission to use it? Did he just use it figuring why not I own the world, I can do anything I want after all I am a Donald J. Trump?
Of course I've gone completely off topic, seemingly just like the media has today. I don't know, one would think that if someone had spent 5 years or longer spewing a lie, say like our President is illegal, possibly a Muslim, dangerous and well unAmerican, and then one day he came out and announced that the issue was over, because simply I said so, that the media would spend more then half a day to report on it. That the big news yesterday, wouldn't be sidestepped by other stories. The sad truth is in the case of the Donald, this major hick-up in his past is just one of his many issues that the media needs to talk about. I've been flicking the channels back and forth and I find it maddening that Trump's change of heart is practically forgotten. Every so often there's a brief story on it, but honestly today it just seems to have been relegated to one of the many mishaps in his past, and not the major story that it is. What gets me is, it seems when Donald said the word "period" the press following the campaign listened. Why aren't they trying to get answers from the man about his change of heart? Why are they letting this issue breathe? Why isn't the media pouncing on him like this is Watergate? Why are they letting Trump get away with murder? And by doing this, they're again helping him walk right into the Oval office. I'm sorry, yesterday the news media were screaming liar at the man and today it seems to be la-la-la-la-la-la-la. Its as if yesterday never happened. I know its possible that the media is just exhausted, after yesterdays big announcement, and tomorrow hopefully on all the Sunday news programs it will be an all out assault against him, but sadly today thats not happening. I expected after what occurred yesterday, today wouldn't be more of the same or worse. But as usual this year my predictions have not all come true, I was hoping after yesterday, that whatever magic Trump had on the public would have been evaporated. 
Much like in 'A Face in the Crowd' the classic movie which starred Andy Griffith, yesterdays big reveal by Donald J. Trump should have made the masses turn their backs on the Charlatan, but by the looks of my television that did not happen. And so as usual, like in the Woody Allen's classic 'The Purple Rose of Cairo', life not as fun as it is in movies. Sadly our reality could mean that a crook could actually con his way into the White House. 
As I finish this, Donald just started speaking in front of 'families of victims of illegal Immigrants', reading off of a teleprompter and I seriously couldn't stomach what he was spewing anymore. So as I say good bye to you today, I've also decided to say goodbye to him for good. Sorry Donald J. Trump, I've wasted too much time listening to this reality pitchmen. I will no longer suffer listening to what this con man reads to his adoring gullible sheep. I will allow the media to edit for me. I'm pretty sure, they will inform me of what I missed. And thanks to social media, I'll be confronted with hundreds of people's posts from all sides that will more then make up for missing it live, saving a few hours of my day by not wasting them on listening to the charlatan, the King with no clothes read off other people's words that somehow has gotten him tied or near tied in most national polls. I can only hope that yesterdays announcement, or should I write his proclamation that the Birther movement is over, will actually cause the polls to dramatically change in the next few days and instead of a tight race as it seems to be now, it'll again be the start of the landslide victory that Hillary Clinton deserves to have.

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