Tuesday, September 27, 2016


So if one candidate decides to play games and throw spitballs as opposed to answer questions, are we still supposed to grade him on a curve or is it about time to throw the man to the curb?

PREPARATION MATTERS, seems you really need to study the facts or at least know them to demonstrate to the world that you're ready to actually do the job. Monday's debate between two Presidential candidates, or should I say what some thought would be a debate between two Presidential candidates, but as I suspected only one actually showed up. As expected, Hillary was prepared and ready, not just for the debate but for the Presidency. Donald simply tried to wing it, making it abundantly clear that being Commander-in-Chief, knowing the facts, having a grasp of the issues, is something the man has no interest in. Instead he threw out every lie in his arsenal, trying to kill the time, and Hillary and the facts were having none of it.  

So finally the event that we've been waiting for happened, and for days the media has been beside themselves pondering what was gonna take place. Which Trump would show up? How would Hillary be able to handle which ever version that he decided to perform as? Would Trump be able to handle an entire debate or would he lose it as soon as it started to get hot on that stage? Would Hillary stumble and would Trump soar? Yesterday I suggested pretty much what I expected to see during the debate and amazingly I was pretty accurate. One candidate prepared, while the other again showcased his absolute lack of knowledge on well everything. I expected Donald to start off strong, at least appearance wise, and it seems most of the talking heads agreed with that description after the debate ended. Yes Donald, seemed fine at first, but as soon as we passed the fifteen minute mark or so, the insanity that we've all witnessed since the man announced his candidacy begin to reveal himself, and boy I'm surprised the men with the straightjackets didn't make an appearance. 
Happily Lestor Holt, the moderator, was kind enough to bring up Donald's birther past, and if you wanted to give the Clinton campaign a helping hand, Donald practically gift wrapped his responses that hopefully should end any or most of the possibilities that Trump's African-American outreach might have gained. I mean his comment, that "I think I developed
good relationships over the last little while with the African-American community…" says it all about his outreach. A little too little, a little too late sir.
For the most part the audience kept their emotions in check, but there were a few outbursts, like when Trump suggested Hillary release her 33,000 emails that she had deleted, the cheers rose, and Lestor Holt, reminded the audience to keep it in their pants. But the only person the moderator should have reprimanded was Donald J.Trump himself, who seemed to turn into a heckler on stage, interrupting Hillary on seemingly everyone of her answers. Hysterically, Trump who argues that Hillary is too weak to do the job, whose campaign and the Republicans joke she's practically at deaths door, spent half the debate sniffling as if he either had a cold, or had done a line of coke before the debate. I wonder which option is true? He seemed to drink lot of water during the debate, I've read that's a sign that you did a little nose candy. At one point there was an obvious sigh by the Donald, at something Hillary had said, one that topped anything Al Gore did during his sighing debacle debate with George W. Bush. On the opposite side of the debate, Hillary looked healthy enough to beat Trump in a wrestling match. She answered all the questions, hit Donald left and right on his history with racism, used his comments about China making up Global Warming against him and even swatted a way the email scandal with one sentence. 
By most accounts, Hillary won the debate, and Trumps performance is one for the ages, but not in the good way. We spent the entire debate witnessing two totally different worlds. Two candidates with opposite approaches to how they see our world and which direction we should go. Nothing new was actually said last night by either candidate, yet, by listening to the same words they've each been using to demonstrate their ideas, plans, complaints and arguments against the other, their differences have never been so clear. One is Presidential, while the other is a clown. One wants to improve our nation, continue on our countries trajectory of positive change, improve racial inequalities and finally give women equal pay. While the other seems to want to rid the world of every positive change that our nation has seen in the last one hundred years, from gay marriage, to even the women's right to vote, to the minimum wage.
Not surprisingly afterwards Donald came out and blamed everyone and everything else for his pathetic performance. From his microphone supposedly not working, to Lestor Holt's partisan questions.  He even argued that he should have used Bill Clinton's scandals against her, and maybe he would next time, this time he was trying to be nice, I man Chelsea was in the audience… that was his excuse for not go there. The only people that seem to think he did well are his surrogates and his followers. After watching the debate on MSNBC, and listening to the talking heads on that network, and seeing what other channels was discussing including, ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as CNN, I decided to see what the other side of the Universe was thinking, and not surprising their view points on it were to put it nicely not agreeable to what others had thought. The funniest part of it all was seeing their instant polls. Everywhere else, Hillary won handily, but in Fox Faux News land, they showed him winning by margins of 70 - 30 or bigger. After laughing out loud for a few minutes, I switched back to reality. Remember these are the same people who proclaimed that President Obama was losing and the polls were wrong. That their internal numbers showcased that Mitt Romney was gonna win in a landslide. Personally I'm just happy that nothing happened to ruin Hillary Clinton's chances to win, and Donald did enough damage that hopefully the people still undecided, have decided there's no way they could ever vote for him. One down, two to go. The only question I have now is, will Donald study up for the next two, or will we be getting more of the same.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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