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Unbelievably after taking off for seven weeks instead of doing his job, Mitch returns to again showcase why the man is the Devil incarnate!

WHAT CAN YOU DO but bang your head against the wall, as Mitch McConnell again shows what ever soul he once had is long past dead. I can understand for political reasons why you would do your best to stop the opposing party from getting things accomplished, I get it, it's their job. But seemingly they're doing for the fun of it! Sorry that I can't understand, and then double-downing and doing it in such an obnoxious manner that for me is, should I say worthy of a one-way ticket out of town. Lately this is my favorite pondering, if there is a God, I think this one, deserves a little smiting, don't you? Seems upon returning from their summer recess instead of delivering a clean bill to fund ZIKA research and aid, the Republican leader dropped another bill filled with poison pills and all I can say to Mitch is drop dead -- no seriously kick the bucket, please. And what are the players in Washington doing today, unbelievably they are having meetings about more Congressional Hearings into, yes you guessed it, Hillary's email and server. While ZIKA spreads a little farther into our nation, no big worries, whats a few more infected unborn children matter when you have a witch hunt to continue. 

I could almost understand it if the poison in his offering was for funding for a pet project, saving the coal industry for example, or even for one like in the television series 'Brain Dead' for internment camps for the enemy's, the humans left infected, but what we are getting is simply a juvenile prank. A petulant child wanting to make a statement that this is his sand box, roar. But never do we hear about the ramifications, the suffering being caused by their inactions. His inaction! Why then, when the man is surrounded by reporters are the innocent victims in his latest pun never brought up? The only thing we get from him is blaming the Democrats for holding up the bill, its there fault. If they want the funding so much, then they should be happy to just role over and play dead. Just like the victims in his game will do sadly sooner then later and now its all because of him.
Seriously what is his agenda? Is he simply a sadist, doing his worst just to hurt people. Does he get off on being such a prick, I mean what else am I to make of his decisions? Its like with his agenda on Obamacare, even when he is proven wrong, no matter how many times the man will somehow pull a lie out of his ass and still complain that the health care plan is a total failure. Before it was implemented they warned of utter disaster, job losses, and most hysterically the end of our nation, for this would destroy it. They made hay when the website launched or should I say when the web site, sputtered out. Making our President look like a fool, and then, (much like Donald J. Trump does all the time), came out and proudly boasted, that that was exactly why they had warned about and for them the only answer was shut its down. And even once things were working, probably smoother then anyone, even our President had hoped for, that still was their answer to the program, shut it down. And unbelievably they are still doing it every day. But really sir holding up the bill to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, really? I'm sorry Mitch, abortion, contraception and even allowing woman out of the kitchen or even the bedroom is the norm in the year 2016. Oh about the year, it's 2016 remember, Mitch in 2015 we got rid of that damned racist confederate flag! Remember the protests, the decisions the celebrations? Nothing? The man knows the Democrats will never fall for it, but still he plays games and what's maddening he's playing games with people's lives.
So of course one of the poison pills in their bill would makes cuts to Obamacare, which knowing Mitch would probably in some way kill the health bill. And of course, there's a little something to help gut rules protecting our water supply, cause heaven forbid I guess we haven't learned anything from Flint. I must mention I've noticed recently that several of Trump's surrogates have been throwing out that its the Democrats fault about the situation in Flint, disregarding the truth that it was a Republican who decided on screwing up the water system in that city. Its like blaming Obama and Hillary for 9/11 and then giving credit to Cheney for killing Osama Bin Laden. Recently I wrote a piece here predicting the Republicans would do just this, add a few poison pills into the ZIKA revised bill, but even though I knew this would happen I honestly couldn't believe anyone could be so heartless and well inhuman, I guess my bad, I should have expected the worse and hoped for maybe a crumb or two. The man has one job to help people, and all he ever does it seems is hurt people. Insanely the more he does this, the more powerful and richer the man gets. I guess greed is good for some, but it's literally killing the rest of us. Before our President was even sworn in, Mitch has proudly done everything in his power to stop as much of President Obama's initiatives as possible. Instead of helping to fix the issues with the health plan he instead spent his time either trying to kill it or preventing states run by Republicans to even receive it, causing great harm to millions of Americans. Hurting the entire health care situation not aiding it, in so doing trying his worst to make his lies and predictions come true. That Obamacare would flop, that it would fail and ultimately collapse and cease to exist. Damn the ramifications that that would cause to the lives of the citizens of this country. And all along he was cheering this, not once have they even attempted to come out with a plan to replace it. If we even get a semblance of one, its some of the good stuff in the current plan possibly, plus a bunch of talking points, but nothing coherent and plausible. Mitch has tried to kill Obamacare multiple times, each time never giving us an alternative to what was already on the table. Basically saying Americans you don't need health care, simply why not die! How else could you interpret it?
What gets me is, I understand defunding Planned Parenthood if it actually did something bad, but it has been investigated and came up with a clean bill of health. Nothing showcased on that debunked video was true. Carly Fiorina point blank lied and much like the debunked anti-vaxxers who started a movement with a lie, from a now debunked doctor who threw out garbage and sadly naive people believed it and ran with it, hurting thousands of people with their ignorance. Screw the facts, screw the science. The attack against Planned Parenthood was false and except for the now debunked video, there is nothing, but Mitch doesn't care about evidence or proof. Mitch does what Mitch wants to do screw who it hurts. Sir, they had hearings remember, there was no there there, but still he's willing to play games and still defund it for no reason but his personal beliefs. Guess we're lucky he believes in Gravity. But, Benghazi, Obamacare, and Planned Parenthood, facts and evidence has no place in Mitch McConnell's world and he's willing to hurt as many people as possible to get his way. And then we get the Confederate Flag... excuse me! How is this even in the conversation to begin with. Mitch that battle was lost last year, remember? Remember when thousands of people around our nation cheered when that brave woman climbed the flag pole and took down that racist symbol?
Seems Mitch only knows one way, to make things difficult. Amazingly he still won't allow a vote for the Presidents Supreme Court pick, and everyday he waits, the laws in our land are hurt with his inaction. So Mitch why not do all of us a solid, and simply leave, before more people get hurt. 
As usual McConnell came out after the bill failed to be passed, and his comments were simply infuriating. Mitch came out and sarcastically said that it's the Democrats who are the ones playing games... basically saying if the Democrats want funding so much, give me what I want otherwise die! Its the same strategy they used when they shut down the Government. If you want your funding, shut down Obamacare. Point blank, black mailing the President and our nation into an unwinnable choice. Mitch, I don't usually wish harm on others, but if there is Karma, let's just say let's hope today was the last time your smug face will ever appear in Washington alive. 
Astonishing, what makes this even worse, as this obnoxious act is going on, the real reason that the power players are back in Washington is to decide on this years budget. Other wise we could have yet another game of whose to blame for this year's Government Shutdown. So all of these poison pills could have been added to that bill, and we could have gotten a clean bill in the first place for ZIKA. Why does every freaking event have to be a political game by Mitch? So the sad thing is, you guessed it, we will probably get to go through another torturous episode of 'will America cease to pay its bills and collapse under its unpaid debt?' That is after we eventually get something for ZIKA on the President's desk to sign.
Lastly all we hear about is Hillary's crooked ways, how untrustworthy she is. As mentioned above yet again we have Republicans trying to continue the propaganda campaign against her. Every email that comes out good or bad is yet another reason for a hearing. But when any questionable item about Donald J. Trump's past or present comes up that even sniffs of criminal activities, not a query. Bribing the Florida Attorney General, not a discussion. Hiring illegal immigrants to work in America as models, nothing. I'm sorry, his taxes or should we say lack of them, his businesses, his dealings and debts with foreign nations and businesses. I understand the man is a Republican and its his job to side with his party, which means sorry for my actions but sorry I have to stop our President. I get it, I do, but when we are dealing with life and death. When we are talking about the future of our species, to play games is simply something that should never occur. And honestly should be subject to a Congressional Hearing. The man's one job it seems is to hurt The President, our citizens and the nation itself, by doing things like conspiring to stop anything he wants, even things they do from happening, Mitch McConnell is the one the media should being going for not Hillary. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, September 8, 2016

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