Thursday, September 29, 2016

So will Gary Johnson's "Aleppo" moments cause his infinitesimal chances in this year's election to hopefully end his chance of ruining Hillary's election or will he still help Trump sneak in?

IT TURNS OUT WE SHOULD THANK Trump for calling Hillary Secretary-of-State during the debate. According to Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, Donald should have get credit for not calling Hillary Clinton "crooked" at the first debate. Seems common courtesy is now a reason to vote for the orange faced clown. Kellyanne was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox Faux News and showcased again, why CBS's Braindead, probably used her as the perfect person to mimic when appearing on camera.  

“He’s gotten very little credit for how gracious he was at the beginning and end of the debate,” “At the very beginning ― and nobody is covering this ― he actually said, ‘Secretary Clinton,’ and then he looked over and he said, ‘May ... should I call you Secretary Clinton? I want you to be happy, this is very important to me.’” 
What an egomaniac, everything is about him. Its as if he making her happy is something we should applaud him for. What is she a puppy? Of course that was just appetizer, today's Donald entree is to use Bill Clintons' infidelities. But for him what is most important is not so much Bill being a dog, but Hillary being obnoxious to Bill's harem. That's their excuse to go after Hillary. She says she's for women, she's hate women, see, and that's the excuse to bring up Monica.  
The vision that struck me is of an erupting volcano. Its sounds like Donald J. Trump is the volcano and he's about ready to erupt. And by his handlers trying to control his insanity, this tampering down, all of his ugliness is now regurgitating inside of Donald and one of these days, perhaps the next debate he's gonna erupt, and when it happens its gonna be a non-stop verbal explosion. Maybe then, ending his Presidency. Hillary will just stand back and watch amazed and disgusted by every thing he spews, and like the first debate she'll walk off the stage the victor. 
The funny thing is, all this talk about Bill's infidelities, all this discussion about what Trump will say at the next debate, is really a deflection on the real news that no one seems to be discussing this afternoon. Last night, Rachel Maddow had an exclusive on Newsweek magazine's article discussing Donald Trump doing business in Cuba, during the Cuban Embargo. Here's the link to that story.
As usual, this campaign, instead of focusing on real stories, real issues, Donald Trump throws out a smoke bomb and everyone scurries around like puppies chasing a ball. I watched this segment, which as usual had my mouth agape at the brilliance of Rachel Maddow, but seriously blown away at what she was reporting. This if true is the smoking gun. The man, if this article has its facts correct, broke the law. Unfortunately as the article explains, "Though it has long been illegal for corporations to spend money in Cuba without proper authorization, there is no chance that Trump, the company or any of its executives will be prosecuted for wrongdoing. The statute of limitations ran out long ago, and legal analysts say OFAC’s enforcement division is understaffed, so the chances for an investigation were slim even at the time." 
So I guess we'll see, I presume by this evening when Rachel or others have actually read the Newsweek article, had their aides research the story, that this 'huge' hick-up for Trump will become more then just yesterdays news. As I am writing this, Hillary actually brought it up. So yes, this is gonna be a story. Thank you Jesus. 
On the other end of the spectrum of insanity, we get Gary Johnson, whose beginning to make Sarah Palin look like a genius. But sadly what, at least, is trying to be made into a problem by the media, seems the brainwashing of the masses against Hillary has worked. Which hopefully Monday nights debate will have helped end, third party candidate's Gary Johnson slow rise in the polls. It seems, that people who are not gonna vote for Donald because he's well, Donald, and those who can't vote for Hillary for either the things she's done or what they've been brainwashed to believe she is, are instead of polling for Gary. I understand its a protest vote, I get it. I have spoken to several millennial's who give me their justifiable reasons why, I get it. I've watched the interviews on television and read the posts on line, I understand their reasons. Sadly they always bring up the conspiracies and lies about The Clinton Foundation using the charity as a negative. Even worse, they throw out the usual Trump talking points, so I understand. I'm not sure if its funny or sad, when you explain the truth behind those conspiracies and about Trump's Foundation, they refuse to listen. Acting like I'm just making up stuff, somehow the conman has bewitched their minds. When you do try to explain what their protest vote for Johnson or even Green Party candidate Jill Stein does, that doesn't seem to bother them. That it actually helps Donald Trump, they don't care. 
In 2000, Ralph Nader ran for President and came in third, that was one of the reasons George Bush got in. Not the main reason, seems Supreme Court had a big hand in it too, but without those voters we probably never would have gotten to that point. Of course we will never know who actually would have voted for either Al Gore or George W. Bush if they hadn't vote for Ralph Nader. But sadly that example doesn't seem to worry those Americans who want to make a stand. 
Even if they want to use their vote to make a statement, how in your right mind could you vote for a man who obviously has toked one too many times. I'm all for legalizing marijuana, but maybe he should've waited till after the interview? I can almost understand his Aleppo moment, almost, but blanking on the names of any foreign leaders in the world. Again, it was a question out of left field, hysterically similar to the one when Sarah Palin, couldn't answer what newspapers she read, what magazines. But, really? I'm sorry, enough of this bull. Seriously enough. Lets gets serious, this is for the Presidency, not to host a television series for next season on Comedy Central. Today Chuck Todd was interviewing a Trump surrogate and he actually asked the man, about their campaign living in their own reality. And I could not stop laughing, and the fool responded as if Chuck was nuts. Hysterical. 

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