Saturday, September 03, 2016


He's not describing all cops but the ones who are racist pigs

IT'S ASTONISHING WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE of police wrong doing, so many are blinded by the mythology of the police badge. Like Priests who've molested children, who've gotten away with the most heinous of actions. Mostly because, I think people have to have, no pun intended, faith in their Church, ergo their Pastor, Preacher or what ever their religious affiliation. And to admit that their savior could allow such a thing is too much for many to consider. And to have to believe that people that are paid to protect us are really the ones that we need to be protected from is something that makes you sit up and scare you to your core.

Yes, police officers have been wrongly accused of heinous acts and the few who have been arrested most seemingly have been exonerated. But unless you're completely blind or mentally challenged you'd have to be lying to yourself not seeing the truth for what it is. We've got some really bad apples out there and sadly some of them are police officers. I guess they're simply humans like the rest of us. But some shall we say, aren't so nice. Some are racists, some are white supremacists. Racism is a terrible thing, and sadly its seems there are lots of people out there that don't consider people of color to be on their same level. As a so-called white person, I've seen racism from the viewpoint of others being looked down on for just the color of their skin and I've also  been the only white student in an all black public school and Junior high, having the same thing done to me by people of color for being the minority in the room. But in no real way can I know what it actually feels like living in a world where the color of your skin gives certain members of our police force seemingly the allowance to treat one section of our society as worthless pieces of garbage, that don't deserve the decency to to be treated ashcans beings, let alone equals in their eyes. There are millions of examples that I could mention to demonstrate what the police have done to innocent people of color. But just listening to any of the hate groups discuss our current President is probably all you need to see to see the hate in their eyes. But when its the Police, those who were sworn to protect us, all of us, and some are systematically going after African-Americans and doing it so inhumanly, people have a right to call some of them out.
When you watch seemingly everyday another young man or woman or child slaughtered right in front of us, or on video, and the victims in the murders are treated like then dead animals you begin to see a pattern. When people are getting physically choked to death, and the police allow the corpse to just lay there for hours without actually calling for help. When every time an incident happens and the final result is always   some half-baked bullshit excuse and the murderers go free and the victims get burned and the distrust continues to grow. 
For me, that just about fits the description of the cartoon on his socks, don't you? Of course, it may have nothing to do with a color thing. I mean they went after The Dixie Chicks when they were being unpatriotic. But at least nobody shot or killed them! So maybe it's just a hate thing. The alpha dog gene a bit dominate in their bodies. But, as an American citizen, the man has a right to do what he pleases, remember all you Constitutionalists. The only offense I can see coming from his socks is maybe the odorous aroma in them once the man takes them off after a game. But seriously, one would think that the good cops would want to rid the force of these bad apples, but just like with Priests it's better to argue against the accusers then deal with the real issue at hand, the real crime.
Well I for one salute this brave soldier and its nice to see another brother in arms has also kneeled during the anthem, joining in on the protest, maybe a new movement has begun. I'm interested to see which Quarterbacks who are caucasian will join in, or will The Blue Wall Of Silence by the police that we always hear about, be the same thing with players in the NFL. 
Or is it just as usual a 'black' problem! For when White Supremacy is brushed aside as a fringe group blowing off steam, but Black Lives Matter is characterized is a militant hate group that's gonna over take our white nation, tell me I'm wrong? Look how they vilified the famed Olympian runners who threw up their arms while the National Anthem played using the Black Power salute. 
Which of course is the crux of the problem. The real issue at hand. The man is protesting rampert systemic racism within the police force and society in general. Finally the truth is being revealed for all to see and its being showcased in during our most treasured sport, American football. At its most patriotic moment, during our National Anthem. I'm thinking the man is smarter then everyone thinks. This is the perfect time to make a statement, for the most people to witness and discuss. That how society grows and gets better, by facing our demons. 
So when one brave QB decided to make a stand by kneeling,   during our anthem, and now it is revealed his socks were supposedly insulting, as opposed to hysterically funny which I think they are. Its a cartoon for God sake, instead of talking truths, the defenders are trying to smear him, actually accusing him of converting to join ISIS! Yes, of course they went there. Am I the only one not surprised? I have never understood racism in any form. I don't know why just the thought of it makes me uneasy and sometimes sick to my stomach. I don't know but I'm glad I can actually feel it. And what this man doing, is something all of us should be doing until maybe something good can come of it. Like the realization that not all cops are good apples and that some of them really need to get off the force yesterday. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, September 3, 2016

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