Friday, September 02, 2016


We knew they were the party of no, but who knew they were the party that caused the end of mankind as we know it. ZIKA baby, learn it, live it, get ready for it!

The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency.

AS IF WRITTEN FOR A BIG BUDGET THRILLER what we are living though currently could actually be the storyline showcasing the beginning of the end of the human race as we've known it. Thanks in part to the Republicans unbelievably unnerving inaction, an epidemic is happening in America! Haven't we seen enough movies, read enough novels, watched enough television shows to recognize the plot that's being unveiled right in front of our eyes? The reality of the situation, a recent poll showcased that 60% of the public is worried about it, so there an audience, at least currently, until they catch it, awaiting this latest epidemic to reach their neighborhood cineplex. Let's see, mosquito's somehow infested with a new virus, that is transmitted when then bite us. ZIKA infects both men and women. Men infected with Zika have passed it on to both female and male partners, and women if they get pregnant the fetus could become infected, causing permanent and disfiguring brain damage to the unborn fetus, and possible death. The first actual reported death from ZIKA happened in Puerto Rico, and now 100,000's of people have been infected in the Americas. And thats not even mentioning other countries around the world. And as maddening as if sounds nobody but me is seeing what I'm seeing, another possible end-of-world event! Am I going crazy? We may not all catch it and spread it, but we still have no clue what the ramifications of this event will do. 

"La-la-la-la-la" that's how the virus is discussed by the media. Sure we hear about it, and yes the Senate voted for funding for it, but the Republicans in the House played games for political reasonings and basically killed the bill. So no funds were put aside for it. Currently they are actually using funds that were set aside for other necessities. I hear that some Republicans are trying to stop further funding, as a budgetary  matter. Of course we should still cut taxes on the wealthy.
What gets me that instead of staying in Washington, for such an important health crisis to rush through a new clean bill, they of course left for their Summer vacations and the ending began.
The CDC has issued an alert for travel to areas where Zika virus is spreading, which now includes Miami-Dade County, Florida. Travelers who are pregnant or considering pregnancy should consult a doctor.
Once away, these political leaders spent their time lying about things to aid their own political futures, seemingly disregarding the nightmare that was upon our nation. Its not as if this came out of left field. Reports around the world have been circulating in the media, but thats not our problem. How interesting that a nation that thought it was the best of mankind, would actually be the place that helped destroy it. Or at least throw a big wrench into the future of mankind. 
And so it began, it entered our shores, first from humans bitten by the insects, and then by the actual insects themselves invading our shores. It hit the beaches of Miami and thus the end had started.
In most cases, there are no symptoms. In a few cases, Zika can trigger paralysis (Guillain-Barré Syndrome). In pregnant women, it may cause subsequent birth defects. There's no vaccine or specific treatment
As the media began to report stories on the insects coming closer to our fabled country, some politicians began to discuss it on the air and in the media, but these heartless talking heads, his unpaid (supposedly) surrogates, the Republican Bible thumping associates who've spent all there time defending a racist human being who is spreading demagoguery, hate speech, and white supremacist's rhetoric. Defaming others while Donald J. Trump lives this House of Cards lifestyle, lying through their teeth as he gains all the power he's ever wanted, at the same time they've spent the better part of time railing against Hillary Clinton, throwing one accusation after her after another. 
Everyday a new scandal or political conspiracy emerges, and everyone spends countless days throwing accusations at each other, and the infection spreads, from one city to the next. Now three! So guess what, now the insects and probably the soon to be infected are being discovered in other states. Most recently they've decided to start testing all blood for the infection in several states and it's a good bet that pretty soon all the states are gonna be tested too. But still no action by Congress, no break in their picnics or barbecues.
Happily I can mention that there is some buzz online that the Republicans will actually vote for something when they come back. I mean what's a few extra weeks of waiting when the human race's future is at stake? Of course knowing these cretins, they will probably put a poison pill in the proposed legislation. Really turn the noose, stretch out the pain and add just a little misery to our lives. Unbelievably, instead of worrying about this, these politicians have been talking about all sorts of Congressional hearings they want to do which will fill up their calendar. Of course Hillary gets lots of discussion. Her latest batch of emails, her foundation, probably even her health records. There's even been talk about a hearing on investigating investigations! It's madness, just the continuing unraveling of the Republican party as a whole. 
As their inaction continues the body count will grow. Because the truth is the end has just begun, they didn't start this and what is happening would've happened even if they had acted as soon as the danger was discovered. But instead they do what they always do, play some political game and the rest of us somehow always gets hurt in the process. Well their delay has helped give the virus extra time to spread. Unfortunately prolonging the eventual discovery of a vaccination, if they actually can find one. Or a possible insecticide that would end the insects reign of terror. We may survive this latest threat to mankind, but the cost of lives hurt and lost by this horrible new scare is something that sadly could've been a lot less.  
I know I'm sounding ridiculous and hopefully it's just another conspiracy that sounds like its time to start spreading, but the reality is its actually really happening as I write this, and scarily I think what I'm projecting might actually be occurring. And I can't for the life of me understand why almost nothing is being down for it, I mean the future of our species is seriously in dangerous territory. So far the cases have been few, but sadly the few we have already seen, to those infected showcases what's to come. The deformities and heartache, lives lost, and all wet do is sit by and elect politicians that watch us all burn.
Isn't it great to live in the year 2016, to discover that the worst thing that ever happen to us, the the bible thumping crowd actually could be right. Perhaps this is the End of Days, and it wasn't a meteorite or a Nuclear weapon or even ISIS, it was a little old Miskito and we watched as unknowing victims of a real White Wing threat to the very existence of mankind helped just a little bit in their own special way to do their lords wishes. Remember we really don't know what the full ramifications of the infection. Perhaps men will become infertile, who knows? All I know is babies are dying, children are being born deformed and there's a bunch of people who should be in Washington that have a special place in Hell waiting for them real soon. Not that I wish harm on anyone. But God if you're listening...

Just one man's opinion 

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, September 2, 2016

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