Sunday, October 30, 2016


So the folks screaming about corruption in our elections, are also the ones trying to play games with it, so, whose crooked? Seems they just answered their own accusation.

WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Who do you believe? When will it end? Seriously when will the clouds dissipate and this never-ending nightmare be a thing in our past? Each time a leak slips out, and of course aided by the Russians and WikiLeaks, its 'burn the witch'! Whatever the item, no matter how large or small, no matter when its proven false, it doesn't matter to the followers of Satan… oh sorry, Donald J. Trump. As long as their candidate wins, screw every aspect of decency or truth. 

The political gambit tried by FBI director James Comey to disrupt this election by throwing out something that could be nothing with 11 days left until the big dance is unprecedented. Unwarranted, and never should have happened. Mind you, I can't really blame Comey, he didn't send out his memo heard round the world, the eight Republican power players in congress leaked it. You see, they were sent a memo, letting them know that he had found something that could mean something, but no specifics are given. They instead of keeping the information to themselves, not wanting to throw out something that might be reckless, decided that they had something big that they could use to kill the witch, even if they themselves hadn't a clue what the weapon of choice actually was. I guess the risk was worth it, because haven't we seen whenever they throw out anything real or made up, the media will run with it, and run with it big time. So even before he, director Comey announced it publicly, the Hydra lieutenants, excuse me, the republicans on Capital Hill leaked out the latest October surprise. Immediately coming out and claiming they had her, this was it! We've finally got the witch dead in our sights. Because they did, FBI director James Comey came out later in the day with a note about his original memo. Not giving anyway any new information, just acknowledging in fact yes, he had sent them the memo. I guess thanks for, something.
Democrats seriously blew a gasket over what is obviously Donald Trumps most over used attack, the system is rigged. Well, now it turns out, the republicans are trying to help rig the system themselves. The octopi of republican congressmen who have been a a bane in the democrats side for years, who have each in their own way hurt Americans, by trying to hurt democratic proposals, trying to shut down our government, and seriously going after Hillary Clinton as the devil they all seem to think she is. Well they've done it again. Honestly I'm not even sure if their leaks, their tweets are allowed. Perhaps the memo that FBI director James Comey sent to them isn't even something that they're supposed to tell others about. 
Since the republicans latched onto the Benghazi embassy attacks as a means to taint Hillary Clinton, and uncovered Hillary's server, these political leaders who proclaim their religion as swords against evil have been leaking information out to damage her nonstop. Using these leaks as ammunition to continuously go after the very fabric of our democracy. Any bit of info or intel by these patriots are instantly turned into proof she's guilty of something. As soon as these latest republican leaks came out, Paul Ryan and others of his ilk came out proclaiming that this again proves she's unfit for the job. While every one of Donald Trumps issues even with witnesses are called losers simply trying to get their ten minutes of fame. Ryan in his quest to find anything to stop his worst nightmare a Clinton back in the White House, came out with his talking point against our future President, that she's unfit to be our Commander-In-Chief and can not be trusted with top secret information, so she shouldn't be allowed the briefings that all Presidential nominee's get before election day. He said this as soon as the briefings were about to begin, and he said this ridiculous opinion again as soon as this bombshell by James Comey had been leaked by Ryan's partners in crime. Just look back at the last several years, probably even further, mostly since the drum beat of Hillary's announcement that she was gonna actually run again at another chance to become our nations first woman president. Every thing mentioned about Hillary Clinton was skewed to make her look guilty. Every segment discussing her, her past, the Clinton Foundation, her daughter, her speeches, was tainted by the media reminding us all of how unpopular she is. The conversation quickly changed from whatever accomplishments she had as Secretary of State, to how unpopular she was in polls. 
As soon the Benghazi embassy was attacked, it was Hillary's fault the attack actually happened in the first place. Every word she has said as been scrutinized, every talking point torn apart, no matter the truth, the woman is guilty. If you listen to every Tom, Dick or Harry talking head on television who all quote attorney style reasoning for why anything and everything she has done is a criminal offense, justifiably worthy of the death penalty. Each attack that comes out, regurgitates all of the other attacks that have already been litigated or debunked. So even if she could walk on water the woman would surely be crucified. 
Donald Trump, whose latched onto this republican talking point, is double-downing on the notion that Hillary Clinton is crooked. That everything she does or says must be a criminal offense, that James Comey by not locking up Hillary Clinton for some crime, was in fact himself punishable of a crime. But now, Donald's reconsidering his punishment, because it seems James has woken up to Hillary's evil nature. So now as election day is less then ten days away, James Comey, possibly under pressure by his friends, has lit the latest bomb in this otherworldly presidential war game that the republicans have been playing especially once they realized who their nominee was gonna be. Helped with the abilities of the Trumpeters, they've turned our election into a road map for the destruction of our very democracy itself. Screaming the system is rigged, as apparently they've been rigging the system themselves. Each time they leaked a bit of intel from the Benghazi situation or her server and emails, they added fuel to the fire they were stoking. Usually we each leak, each big smoking gun, the attacks have been proven inaccurate, totally false, or unimportant. Each time, a new leak comes out, we've gotten a new chorus of attacks. Each time the attacks have been swatted away, have been proven wrong, the one thing we never get is an apology. They never admit they were wrong about their opinions they just double down on whatever other attack they can pull out of their asses. All we get is somehow, she got away with it again. Hillary might not have been caught this time, but that doesn't mean she's not guilty. 
In other words in their eyes, she's never innocent, the old adage that 'you're innocent till guilty' is not a part of their vocabulary, that is unless your name is Donald Trump, a Republican running for office, a police officer, a republican and anyone who isn't gay. This anger at not being able to get her, seems to permeate their very souls, and now with nothing but a memo that says that something pertaining to Hillary Clinton is on that laptop, the republicans are screaming to high heaven, that this proves everything. Why else would FBI director James Comey hand us this bit of intel, so close to election day if it was not something, and something big. So without any information, except the memo itself, these eight political leaders decided the world needed to know what they knew, but then chose to ramp up the meaning behind it. Turning it into proof that Hillary Clinton shared classified intel with Huma Adebin. Now, that pervert her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner had access to it, and since it was on his computer who knows what this means? Treason? High crimes? We've finally proven Hillary's not worthy of the presidency. We got her. Oh oh Hillary, seems you're in trouble now.
See there you go, all this rhetoric, all these attacks, all these accusations, they were throwing every possible crime that could have possibly occurred without any proof. Without any knowledge of what's actually inside that laptop. When the video's of Planned Parenthood was released supposedly showcasing that they were making a profit from selling embryonic tissues. This gave ammunition to the Right to Lifers, and those who want to rid our nation of abortion, but even when the evidence, the video was revealed to be fake, the accusers didn't care what the truth was. They just wanted to close Planned Parenthood, even if they did nothing wrong. Screw the amount of people this would hurt. It wasn't proven, doesn't matter. No apology,  just anger that their beliefs weren't proven in court. Sound familiar. They keep looking for evidence with Benghazi, doesn't matter how many times they look at it, how many times their attacks are proven false, they believe what they want. When they went after the Clinton Foundation, same thing occurred. 
It is quite eye-opening, when we flip the accusations, when Donald Trump is on the receiving end of the slings and arrows. Every attack he gets are a waste of tax payers money. It happened so long ago, or is simply just a pack of lies. Look at both candidates, compare the list of accusations against each. With Hillary the only negatives are her emails and server, and only because they keep bringing it up, even when their isn't anything there to go after. With him, we've got a never-ending laundry list of accusations, some brand new, while others, like his Foundation, his issues with keeping his taxes private and of course there's that rape accusation with a 13 year old girl which is heading to court sometime late November or early December of this year. But lets not discuss any of those, or countless others, lets go after Hillary with something that we can simply make shit up on and it seems all is right in the world of Trumpdom, and wrong in the world of reality. The one the rest of use live in.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, October 30, 2016

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