Monday, October 03, 2016


In a seriously great speech Clinton showcases how Trump skirted the laws to benefit himself while screwing the rest of us for his own gains   

SEEMS WITH LESS THEN 40 DAYS TO GO, Hillary has finally found her voice. Not that she's been silent, not that she hasn't been promoting her proposals, not that she isn't winning this race, which she is, but today Hillary skewered the man for the shyster conman that he is, and she did it with a smile on her face while she twisted the knife into his defenders claim that the man's a genius for how he beat the system.

"What kind of Genius loses a billion dollars in one year!" -- Hillary Clinton
Granted you could argue that nothing he did was illegal, that every penny in tax breaks that the man earned, was on the up and up. That he was just using the system to his advantage, like the rest of us would do if we had the chance. According to his followers, that man is the best person to fix the issues he so thoroughly used, like bank robbers who they hire for security measures, seemingly the thieves are the best at keeping us safe. During today's Economic Speech in Toledo, Ohio, Hillary Clinton took all of that drivel, all of his talking points and tossed it on its head. In a beautifully written speech, she spent her time talking about how she wanted to spend her Presidency on ''kitchen issues" and then showcased her knowledge on those issues, answering questions we didn't even know we had. Then Hillary talked about the Wells Fargo scam, explaining what they did and how she would make them pay for it in a way that would make both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren proud.  
Then she went for the jugular, she went in for the kill, and Donald Trump was the one getting skewered. It wasn't so much how she destroyed his excuses for doing what he did or still does, until he releases all of his taxes we will never know the entire story, but it was how she obliterated Donald in the way he hurt others on his way to not paying any taxes. She fully showcased how all of us helped pay for this great country, and all he did was milk the system and somehow they're trumpeting this conman as a genius. Also of note, her attack wasn't a prosecution as some of it was at the debate or when she usually goes off on him. No this time it was almost as she was speaking to us as people, not as a politician and she was using humor. During her almost 2o minute attack against Trump, I felt her comments were spoken to us as if she was one of us, making her seem even more human then she usually does. 
This reminded me of Hillary's campaign from 8 years ago, when things were looking bad near the end. Something clicked in her, and it seemed, she turned into a real candidate, not just a figure head. She seems to have a voice, getting her second wind and for the rest of that Primary even though she lost, she turned into a better politician and man it was thrilling. Well today's speech reminded me of that, there was something different, something extra and I felt every word. She was showing us how he has been lying to us, the voters, how his excuses don't hold water and you believed her when she talked about how he caused all the businesses he stiffed pain, while smiling all the way to the bank. There was no insults, she just ridiculed his business model, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and she relished every word of it. Not in the same way that Donald does when he's insulting people, or accusing others of crimes, or when he's mocking their physical ailments, but when a person knows they had the other person's number. That they nailed it and that the man is toast, no matter how he chooses to spin his lies for the rest of this campaign.
We have seen a man with nothing but insults and a great spin machine, with no real proposals, some how have Hillary on her heels for much of this campaign. Having nothing more then a masters degree with spinning lies and half truths and deflecting all questions as attacks while somehow getting this close to the White House. Each time a new issue erupts, no matter how bad, he somehow talks his way around it. Somehow he always takes the negative and spins it like it proves he's a genius. Any other candidate, when even one of these revelations came out, that person's campaign would be toast. No matter how bad, like on this latest revelation on Donald's taxes or his Foundation, or even his attack on the Pope, somehow he sails through. Somehow, over the course of this campaign the abundance of these issues, have desensitized the voters, into seemingly disregarding them. Every time a new one comes out, his surrogates always bring up Hillary's server and her destroying her private emails as the only excuse they need to shut down any attacks. It doesn't matter what he did to them or how many he's hurt. At least on a positive note, they've stopped discussing Benghazi as a talking point for now. 

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