Tuesday, October 04, 2016


As Trump's truth is uncovered, as he's revealed to be the scum that he really is, Hillary's actions as Secretary of State, continuously showcase why she's the person who should be our next President.

ALL THE TALK ABOUT DONALD J. TRUMP'S TAXES, when will he or will he ever release them, and now that we got just glimpse, the questions about his genius or criminality are running rampart. But the real crime could actually be what he's been pulling with his so called Foundation. His leaked tax papers, which were reported to have come from Trump Tower, hysterically might have been mailed by Donald himself, trying to deflect the real scam.
Yesterday, Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, sent a 'cease and desist' letter to the Trump Foundation, and gave them a limited time to hand over all of their papers. Once it was uncovered that the Trump Foundation never actually registered it as a real charitable organization, the attorney general decided it was time to find out the truth about what Donald has really been doing with it. If true, that means the Foundation, having skirted the paperwork, has never been annually audited, ever, which is the legal thing to do every year for charities. In other words, since the Foundation is not certified, we have no idea what he's been spending the foundation's money on, accept for whats been reported on in the news. Why is this an issue? Well, according to reports Donald, instead of giving the money to help others in need which its supposed to be doing, he instead has been using his foundation for his own political ambitions, and I'm not even discussing his possible illegal contributions to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. That it seems may have just been the tip of the iceberg.
According to reports, Donald hasn't given a cent to his foundation since 2008, so whatever money's have been accumulated by the foundation, were supposedly given to his foundation for charity purposes by others, but of course we don't know that without an audit. Without the proper paper work, Donald isn't allowed to seek donations or accept them, but seemingly he did and instead of using them for good, which he's promoted, he instead used it for his own private piggy bank. Also reported, in 2012, his foundation gave $100,000 to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, in 2014 his foundation also donated the same amount, $100,000 to the Citizen United Foundation. In 2013, the foundation also donated $50,000 to the American Conservative Union Foundation. Seemingly any of these, showcases how vile this man is, each donation that his foundation gave, or he gave personally through it, wasn't given for charity purposes but to help his personal political ambitions. Lets not forget the little game Trump played when he skipped one of the Republican Primary Debates to have a fundraiser for Veterans. How difficult it was to get the man to actually pay up, and he only did it because he was shamed into doing it. Seemingly while he's been doing this, the Clinton Foundation has spent its time helping millions of people, saving lives and doing good deeds, and as its been audited every year like a proper charity, it proven it has spent most of its fundraising directly to help people. As usual Donald, attacks others for doing evil, while he has been the one doing it. Sadly he's tried to tarnish The Clinton Foundation's image while he's turning out to be the one who actually uses his foundation for personal gains. Talk about a hypocrite. None of their charity goes into The Clinton's pocket, and none of it has helped her politically except showcase her for the great woman and man that Bill and Hillary are. Genius or crook? 
At the same time as this huge issue has begun to reveal the truth behind the Donald's facade, it's been reported, which I just discovered on a Google search, may not be true, that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because of their part in negotiating the nuclear deal with Iran. Even if not true, I think that the two of them deserve the prize, look what they accomplished, look at what they at least temporarily prevented. Look at all the lives they possibly saved. I mean if that doesn't deserve praise, nothing does. I find it interesting that on one side we have Donald ripping off people and lying his ass off, and the other side we have Hilary being awarded for helping people. I also find it funny that this is being thrown out, at the end of President Barack Obama's second term. Remember near the beginning of it, in 2009, our President was awarded the Nobel for "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples", for some reason, unless someone hands him the prize for publicity purposes like that poor soul who supposedly gave Donald his 'purple heart' at one of Trump's rally's. She's earned, while  he took it. Says a lot about both of them. 
I find it fascinating that a man who pitches himself as the change agent in this campaign, hasn't changed anything in his own businesses. Basically he's saying that he can fix up the mess because he's been the one getting away with murder. Seems all of his promises, all of his talking points, have nothing to do with his own reality but we should believe him, and he will do for others, what he has no intention to do for himself and his businesses. Just like his taxes, he berated others, like Mitt Romney to release their taxes, yet he refuses. He went after other rich folk, for not giving enough in taxes, yet seemingly has never paid a red cent. I wrote red, because we still don't really know what his connection to Russia is? So will the real Donald J. Trump please stand up? Not the one he pretends to be, not the one his surrogates make him out to be, but the one who aspires to be our next President. Me thinks that the American citizens who are voting this year, deserve the right to know the truth, don't you?

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