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Ready or not, the gloves are gonna be off… speaking of tiny hands, Marco Rubio showcases why being evil during a campaign might just come back to bite you, possibly helping Hillary win this election!

WHAT TO SAY, how to describe my emotions as the last debate between future President, Hillary Clinton and future inmate Donald Trump is happening later this evening. Actually after a brief glimmer into what the talking heads are discussing, I simply tuned it out. Listening to all the pre-debate debate seriously is a waste of time. All the surrogates coming out to throw their two cents out, hoping that someone will listen to their spin and ignore all the rest. My question almost every day in this madness called Election 2016, I mean how did we actually get to here, seriously, how? So I guess, todays big event is just another episode in whats turning out to be the story about how difficult it appears to be to elect a woman President. When all is said and done, thats basically what this is all about. Sadly on this historic journey, she has to deal with the worst vile chauvinist nut job to ever lace on Presidential campaigning shoes. When she wins, I shouldn't count my chickens… if she wins in November, we will all look back at this and realize how in reality this race wasn't even close. All this noise put out there was just that, noise, filler, to replace what wasn't there, a real campaign with a real candidate. Donald Trump has faked this entire campaign and unless something happens tonight, that changes everything the man will be thought of as a footnote. Forgotten in history as the man who tried to steal the Presidency and was instead revealed for the charlatan that he truly is. Of course, I mean its on FOX Faux News right, ergo, everything they've got probably will be on display tonight. Its gonna be like the top ten attacks all thrown at her at once and its gonna probably get pretty messy. From the audience members unruliness, to the questions offered, to the attacks by Donald Trump, if this doesn't turn into a shit storm against her, I'd be truly shocked. Of course, now that new blood is supposedly running the Trump publicity network known as FOX news, perhaps they'll stun the world and actually run a world class news event. Of course the sad joke is, the old blood replaced, is now helping run his campaign.

That said, its been already reported that like the last debate, Donald is gonna be throwing everything but the kitchen sink tonight. So expect some kitchen sinks, and stoves and probably a garbage disposer. For example, unbelievably as it sounds, as if to smack our President, Donald Trump is inviting President Barack Obama's step brother to the debate! Seriously, why? Maybe he thinks this will be the last straw for a woman of dignity, embarrassing our President? This will be the thing that makes her lose her class. This will cause Hillary Clinton to fall into his trap and turn into a raging harpy as he constantly describes her as. Sorry Donald it ain't gonna work. He's also inviting one of the mothers of the Benghazi victims. Sorry not writing her name here, sadly this grieving mother is being used by Donald to put forth a lie, and worse. She also appeared at the Republican National Convention and to put it nicely wasn't received well by the media. To put it frankly she sounds a bit unhinged and well, I'll let you decide… I shouldn't go there. I'll let the talking heads discuss it, they do it all so well. Always falling for Donald's deflections.
We know tonight Trump will throw out every so-called revelation that the conspiracy nuts and the Fox Faux News types have combed from the recent treasure trove of WikiLeaks leaks. Which supposedly show Hillary Clinton to be a bold faced two-face. Some of which, has already been debunked as false nonsense. Hysterically a Republican whom I despise came out today and gave her the best answer to anything Donald trudges out tonight. All she has to do is quote Marco Rubio, smile and say, next. And watch as he loses his marbles.  
"As our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process, and I will not indulge it,” -- "Further, I want to warn my fellow Republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks: Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow it could be us." -- "I will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of WikiLeaks," - Marco Rubio 
Seriously I could almost applaud the man… not vote for him of course, but finally someone expresses the right answer to the hacking. The crime. The treasonous activity by this puppet of Russian intelligence. So it turns out not everyone on the Republican party is a soulless sell out. Seems, if you're gonna attack someone enough times during a campaign, sometimes they don't simply fall in line and sound like brainwashed puppets. Not everyone is a sell out like Chris Christie, selling their futures for the chance to sit at the table of a wannabe tyrant. Marco it seems retains his grudges. So if you destroy his chances of becoming the President, payback is a bitch! So thanks to Marco, one huge hiccup for Hillary has been swatted away. Sadly I'm sure it won't be that easy. But then again, when she quotes Marco, Donald might return to the insanity level of the last debate during the opening round. Yes sir, that alone will be worth the price of admission.
The scariest thing I heard today about this election, which I hope they discuss tonight is the Justice Department announcing that because of the recent changes in the voters right law, because our nations history of racism had supposedly ended years a go… because of those changes, they will be sending out fewer 'election observers'. 
So lets get this straight, just as we are being warned by the Donald Trump that the election is rigged and he wants his goons to be intimidating voters on Election day, the nations voters are gonna have less protection. Seriously? What could go wrong? 
Yup, what could go wrong? Have they at all witnessed the last year and a half? Well, I so hope tonight in their zeal to end her chances of making history, that they bring up the "problems" with The Clinton Foundation. So Hillary can finally drive home the difference and slam the con man for who he really is. Ask him if he's found the paper work to prove his Foundation is legit. Discuss where his charity money's have really gone to. Destroy the lies in one quick jolt. Leave him hemorrhaging. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I so hope they bring up Bill Clinton's ghosts again, so Hillary can showcase what a angel Donald hasn't been. Donnie, you really want to go there? Really, well my turn Donnie. 
Honestly I just hope Hillary survives whatever slings and arrows he throws at her and this perpetual nightmare ends tonight. So in a few days when his surrogates ask why Hillary can't get past 46% in the polls, the media can throw in their faces, that was so pre-debate as his sinks into the teens… It will be interesting to see, once Donald realizes how bad he's gonna lose that he sees the error of his ways and tries to ratchet down the hatred that he's released upon this nation. Sadly me thinks his followers won't be listening to their leader, but presume he was also taken over by the liberal haters and their reign of terror will be upon us. And we will have one person to blame, Donald J. Trump.

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