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As Donnie throws away his "shackles" of teleprompters, has anyone else noticed that Trump has gone full 'birther' again, seriously what drug(s) is he on?

BOY THE TRAIN HAS GONE OFF THE RAILS this October for the Republican Presidential nominee, as his past seeming comes back to haunt him the man has seriously lost his marbles! As one woman after the other comes out of the shadows, telling similar tales of horror, Donald has decided the entire world is against him. As the reality of his losing become more apparent each day, Trump's decided to turn his followers into a pack of angry wolves willing to do anything to make their Fuhrer's defeat something the rest of us will all pay for!

What we are watching here folks is historic, one candidate clearly on the path to becoming the first woman ever to become President of the United States of America and the other, seemingly on the path towards either a prison cell or mental ward. Sadly the one heading to the oval office who should be relishing her historic election has had to deal with the worst piece of garbage ever to be the nominee for any elected office in this country's history. Maybe not the worst, but a close second. Every day we discover another low, that somehow tops his previous one. Its like somebody decided to remake Groundhog Day, except turn it into a horror film where each day doesn't repeat itself, but just gets worse. Ever since the floodgates opened and the possibility of Donald Trump winning went out the window, I've woken up with a perpetual sour puss on my face expecting the worse, and amazingly the man has never failed to surpass even my worst nightmares. Of course on the flip side, I've been relishing Donald's downfall spiral as Hillary Clinton's Presidency starts to actually become a reality. So I guess wallowing in the filth might be worth it in the long run. if we get to see her showcase why she was born to be our nation's President.
This recent cycle of outlandish outbursts began when Donald finally admitted that our President was legitI guess we could call it his 'apology tour' because the man's announcement that Barack Obama had been born on American soil, seems to have flipped some crazy switch in Donald's brain. As we witness his denials of any actual doing to the women what he had bragged about doing, I just have one question and one our entire nation needs to ask. Which time was he lying? On the bus with Billy or now with his denial? And if he's a liar, how often has he been lying to use? Seems to me his positions change from day to day. Question Donald, why should we not listen to his accusers but believe Bill Clinton's ghosts from elections past
To add more fuel to the fire he's igniting, as we enter the last chapter of this election, as Trump's campaign appears near total collapse, seems Donald is going full birther again. At a rally he actually used 'air quotes' describing President Barack Obama when saying the word president, while throwing out his usual lies about Hillary Clinton's refugee position.
“She wants 550 percent more coming in from Syria than the thousands and thousands that our president, quote president, has coming in,” - Donald Trump
Not to mention, and this might have slipped some people, during the first debate between Hillary and Donald, he referred to our President as "Your President." When questioned, he explained of course Obama is "Everybody's President." Slip of the tongue, or actual treasonous feelings? In between, the sleaziest candidate to ever run for office, on the stomp, wondered why Obama's victims of his sexual assault, weren't coming forward to ruin our President's reputation. 
“Why doesn’t some woman maybe come up and say what they say falsely about me ... about him?” Donald Trump 
You know why Donald? Because Michelle Obama would kill him! Seriously, can a man sound more delusional or be more despicable? President Barack Obama cheating on her? Did you see that convention speech, did you see that speech against deviants such as him? Have you seen their daughters, how amazing they've grown up? Seriously what a piece of….  
Well the latest round of vile slime that the man has uttered, after creeping out half this nation by his stalking of our future President at the second debate, Donald insults her appearance and again makes fun of her recent bout of pneumonia. Now he's suggesting Hillary Clinton is doing drugs! 
"Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right? I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate," 
"I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning," "And at the end, it was like, 'Huh, take me down,'" "She could barely reach her car." - Donald Trump
Seriously, I must mention that Donald also brought up the fact that she's not preparing for the next debate, she resting. So Trump is implying that in order for Hillary to function as a human being, she needs to be given something like a blood transfusion in the lines of Lance Armstrong. Pump those veins with super charged atoms! As a comic book super hero it kind of works, but in reality give me a freaking break. That's right the sniffling, glassy eyed, orange faced, on the cusp of obesity degenerate, is accusing our future President of being the drug user in the race. Could it get any more fowl? But once you get your face off the toilet from throwing up from the smell of his putrid campaign strategy, it suddenly turns out to be Donald confessing to the entire world that he's the drug user. He accuses her, which mean he's the one sniffing coke, or snorting it, or whatever drug or drugs he abusing. We've discovered along the way, Donald always accuses other people of doing something wrong when he's been doing it himself. I've been harping on this for months now, this is what the man does. Eventually its always revealed that Donald himself has been doing the exact same thing he's accusing others of doing. 
What drives me crazy in all this is, he's been doing this this entire campaign. Her Foundation, her lack of policies, her bigotry, how she always lies, how she's crooked, and now how she's doing drugs! Well the best part in all this is, Donald Trump seems to like the idea of the Presidential candidates, both him and her, to have to undergo a drug test before their third and last debate on Fox Faux News on October 19. Fine Donald, here's the plan, we do the test in the Pre-show, gotta bump up those ratings. Then we do the debate and for the finale and last question we reveal whose the dope fiend. You want another 100 million viewers that could do it. I mean by the end of the debate, Hillary might shoot up from the crap Fox Faux News might pull out of their asses and of course what ever Donald pulls out of his.  
Hysterically to top this weeks insanity, or should I write yesterday nuttiness, for what feels like weeks or months or even years, Donald Trump decided to go off on a faulty teleprompter. Really. Seems the "shackles" were just too darn tight and he needed to run free of common human decency. So in an almost symbolic end to this latest madcap session of Trump insanity, Donald I guess will spend the rest of the campaign completely off book. May heaven protect us, and Hillary.
"These teleprompters haven’t been working for the last 20 minutes," 
And I actually like my speech better without teleprompters." - Donald Trump
Watching Donald Trump tear apart the teleprompter, in front of his audience, who seem perfectly cast from some scary 'B' budget movie was a sight to behold. The glee in his eyes, the sense of craziness in his manner, the way the crowd ate it up. A true 'Face in the Crowd' moment. Which is kind of ironic to me, you see I just discovered that the last debate, they're actually showing it 'live' in movie theaters across the country, that is if we actually have one. Donald has suggested he might skip it, and if I was Hillary I'd seriously rethink entering that Lion's Den. I presume being in New York, the majority of the audience should be pretty anti-Trump and pro-HIllary, so I guess it will be safe and a really fun experience. Of course if Trump and Fox have something up their sleeve's it might be a cry-fest and lord knows, thats something I could do with out. That said, this is a pretty historic moment in our lives, it would be nice to share it with others who want to enjoy the magnitude of it all. I think its important to go. To actually see how the people react to it and not how the media shapes the narrative. I mean this could actually give me a clearer picture of whats gonna occur on election day, be it good or bad. So I guess I'm going, that is if I can get in. And if I can't, I could at least see the people entering the theatre and witness what type of individual goes to witness it. That alone could be mind blowing and worth the trip to the multiplex. Are you with me?

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, October 16, 2016

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