Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Seems the liars on the right, only want what they want, and everyone else is wrong, no matter how wrong they are!

IN AN AGE WHEN REPUBLICANS have spent millions upon millions of dollars trying too imprison Hillary Clinton because of their beliefs about Benghazi, I find it the total height of hypocrisy that one of their own argues against the costs of hearings to help elect the next Supreme Court judge. You know the one that's been waiting for over 220 days for his hearing, for his day in court. You see, Senator Chuck Grassley explained that since Mitch McConnell and the Republicans would not be putting up a vote, why actually set the process in motion, why waste the valuable resources that the taxpayers so graciously and happily gave to us. Why spend money where it shouldn't be spent as opposed to wasting millions on yet another lynch mob against Hillary Clinton.

“My staff tells me that’s about a half a million to $750,000 to hire people to maybe work for three or four months to do it,” “So when 52 senators say they’re not going to take it up,”  “should I spend that money and have a hearing?” - Chuck Grassley
I'm sorry how many Benghazi hearings did we have, forty, fifty, and what was the talking point when they knew it would never pass, they wanted to make a statement? They wanted to show their voters that they were at least trying to do something they had promised, petrified that this time they wouldn't retain their seats in power. How many hearings have we've gotten about Hillary's server, about The Clinton Foundation, about anything they want?  
Look at how they've gone after Presidents Obama's signature accomplishment, The Affordable Healthcare Law or as they love to call it Obamacare. Today's big deflection by Donald and the media it seems, was the report that rates in Obamacare would be going up by a lot. Estimates around 22% or more, and of course everyone is jumping at this as the thing that destroys Obamacare and of course Hillary's election prospects. Lets disregard the last year and a half we've lived through and all the lovely secrets from his past we've learned about Donald Trump, and vote him in anyway. Finally ridding our nation of the nightmare that is Obamacare and save us all from its horrors. Remember how they shut down our government over it? Well I do. This is just another day at the office with these hypocrites. As soon as I heard the screams of outrage about the rising costs, and listened to the Trumpeters chief harpy Katrina Pierson say that the American people were "lied" to by President Barack Obama. First people couldn't keep the same doctors, then their costs went up and now this! Immediately the screaming begins anew, chuck the whole thing! End it now! Lets just get rid of it without even listening to the reasons, the facts, and what exactly will be the numbers. Lets hurt the millions of people who currently have healthcare without listening to a single explanation. The same thing happened when the website launched improperly, immediately they screamed shut it down. Lets go back to the failed way we used to do this, end it now before it destroys America for good! 
Trump came out all a blaze looking like he was on to something, and of course with Donald we always need to let the man explode. Usually from the rubble of his insanity, we discover that his attacks have nothing to them. Donald went off on how his employees have had problems with it is and how he didn't like it, and forget to mention that his company doesn't use it, never has and never plans to.
“Well, I don’t use much Obamacare, I must be honest with you, because it is so bad for the people and they can’t afford it. And like, for instance, I’m at Trump National Doral in Miami, and we don’t even use Obamacare. We don’t want it. The people don’t want it and I spend more money on health coverage, but we don’t use it.” - Donald Trump
Yup, can you make heads or tails of what he said. The man doesn't realize that not everyone needs Obamacare or how it actually works. If you work in a company with insurance, Obamacare is not in the equation, its for people who need to acquire insurance on their own or businesses who don't have enough employees to warrant offering insurance. It seems the man doesn't even understand the basic concept and why it was necessary in the first place. Kind of like every other thing he pitches to the voters. Sadly the media is doing what they always do with stories like this. Instead of getting both sides of the story, they seem to decide on the truth, as opposed to simply reporting the fact in front of them. They listen to all the negatives of the accusers and then go after the accused, even when they get logical and succinct answers like they did from the Democrats that were allowed to respond. It was interesting seeing them go after them and the spokespeople for Obamacare, even when they simply explained that the premium increases are mostly gonna be covered by subsidies and are in line with what the cost estimates were predicted they were gonna be anyway. The hosts attacked them about the visuals and of the timing of the announcement itself. They argued that people wouldn't be able to understand the explanations because they were either too wordy or didn't seem to fit their talking points. I mean isn't this gonna damage Hillary's chances? Isn't this gonna help down ticket races in the Senate and House for the Republicans? Shouldn't this make Hillary and the Democrats worry? 
They surely want to make the race exciting, they want the ratings, for whatever reason they don't get how many people would be interested in watching Hillary Clinton destroy Donald Trump. They don't understand, that millions have been dreaming about this for years if not most of their lives. A woman President, a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and of course the annihilation of Donald Trump. Nope seems nobody wants to sit back, eat popcorn and smile as the totals coming in, they instead want the audience to show up on pins and needles, and be really pissed, when the election is called before 9PM. As soon as I heard the experts on the side of Obamacare I went okay, sounds like my rates aren't going up too much. I guess I should have mentioned at the start of this, which I have in the past, you see I am a card carrying participant of Obamacare, and all I can say is so far so good. So I guess you can call this personal, if Obamacare goes away, I'm out of luck and stuck with whatever healthcare I'll be able to get, that is if Donald gets in. To be honest with you, right now my old insurance, before Obamacare, I can't currently afford. So, if it goes, I'm in trouble.
What gets me is in all this, no matter what the numbers showcase, no matter how well Obamacare is working. No matter the facts and no matter how many people it helps the program is a failure. According to the Republicans, they're right no matter what you show us or what the evidence is, it needs to go away. Its like the never ending arguments about Benghazi or Hillary's server, or the vile attacks on Planned Parenthood for selling embryo's to try to shut it down. If the facts don't suit them, they either make their own up or argue to end it seemingly just because its against their desires. Of course the timing of this isn't good, being just weeks away from election day it actually looks like something that the Republicans and Donald could kill over. But like with every other attack against a Hillary Clinton proposal or a President Barack Obama action, they always easily can be swatted away when you actually listen to reality and discover what either really occurred or what the experts who look at these things have come up with.
Ever since Bill Clinton became our President, all we've gotten from the Republicans are lies and accusations against the Democrats and everything that goes against what they're pitching. Ever since President George Walker Bush was given the keys to the Kingdom, we have suffered through a Republican party that seemingly is on a crash course to destruction with Donald being the final straw. Everything that could help Americans seem to be against whatever they offer us. Everything that is different or even the same but offered by the Democrats is always bad. Like the healthcare program that eventually became Obamacare, remember its actually based on the one Mitt Romney had attempted in Massachusetts. But once President Obama adapted it, it was bad. They sent us into war with the wrong nation, then argued every excuse in the book that that was okay in the long run. They destroyed our economy and the only arguments they can come up with is more of the same, and even when it appears to be working, it doesn't matter, it needs to go away. They also blame the Democrats for fixing up or at least trying to fix up their messes by always arguing that they aren't doing it fast enough or in the right way, and their fixes are unbelievably always the same problems that caused the issues in the first place. What gets me is, that the media falls for this every time. Each day a new event comes out that appears like maybe this is finally the thing that could stop Hillary. I find it funny because, all along Hillary has said she wants to fix whats wrong with the program, make it better, Hillary has never argued that it was perfect. 
Just like with Benghazi when the Republicans conveniently forget that they themselves cut the funding for embassy's around the world, they never remember that she actually asked for more security but they refused. They caused the implosion of the Middle East by attacking the wrong nation, and when their chosen leader, George Walker Bush signs the order to vacate the areas, it becomes Obama's fault because he followed the plan. They complain that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law and they forget that George Walker's father had made the deal, but now its all Bill's fault, which of course mean's it's Hillary's because she's Hillary. They complain, argue, lie and make stuff up and even when they are proven wrong, they argue some more and argue the world is rigged against them. Well, let the crybabies whine, let them try to make something that actually sticks to her, I'll just wait for the real bomb to drop against him. You see everyone of the attacks against Hillary this year appears to have been nonsense, but whenever Donald Trump has one, watch out, its big. His taxes, his connections with the Russians, his personal issues with women, his business dealings, apparently everything, and his foundation. As I've mentioned a few times, the deadline on The Trump Foundation paperwork is days away, that is unless Donald somehow finds a way to push it back the deadline or somehow gets away with this scam too. Since he's been able to do that the entire campaign, it will be fun to watch if this time the deadline passes and he has no choice but to face the music. I just wonder once in prison if the convicts healthcare is covered under Obamacare or simply your basic HMO?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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