Thursday, October 27, 2016


Time to move on, get to work, and do your freaking jobs or get the Hell out of Washington! Remember, thats why Donald got your party's nomination, because you wouldn't do yours.

FIRST THEY TALK about not allowing her Supreme Court choices a proper hearing, then we discover why, they're gonna be too busy trying to get her out of the oval office to worry about that. Talk about rigging the election and more of the same no nothing Congress.

So how lucky are we, within weeks of election day, Senator, Green Eggs and Ham himself, Ted Cruz, the fool who helped shut our government down over healthcare, Obama's of course, came out and pretty much warned us all that if Hillary Clinton gets elected, there would be no Supreme Court nominee allowed a hearing. This of course followed up on the heels of John McCain's threat a few days back. Seems sore losers are the middle name for Republican power players. So any change in Washington looks like a no go if Republicans do the same thing they've done since President Barack Obama first entered The Oval Office. If I didn't know better, its another gift from the Republicans, remember Paul Ryan's argument that if Democrats get the majority in Senate, Bernie Sanders would become head of the Budget committee. Talk about something to inspire all those Bernie-bots to get out to vote for Hillary and the rest of the Democrats on the ballots.
Add to that yet another deception by Donald Trump, shall we say, another switcheroo by the master con man. For months the Donald has pushed the subject of rigging in this election, from the media to Hillary, to pretty much everything or everyone on Earth has rigged it against him. Lately his big rigging is the election results itself, and the question would he except the numbers or will he contest them. Well, I can't think of no other reason, except they've lost it, because members of the Republican party had the audacity to suggest that they would immediately start Impeachment proceeding against Hillary Clinton if she wins the election fair and squarely on election day. Well they didn't mention the words fair or squarely, I just figured someone should, but they let it be known what their intentions were. Simply put, disenfranchising the votes of millions of American people, right in front of our eyes. Turning personal opinions and conspiracies into legal arguments worthy of Impeachment. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican congressman, who just the other day announced that he could no longer endorse Donald Trump because of the now infamous Access Hollywood revelations, because he could never look into his daughters face again. Well the hypocrite has now backtracked, he still can't endorse, but he is voting for him. I only mentioned him, because this vile thing we consider human has announced that even before Hillary gets into office, that they've got enough on her to start congressional hearings against her! Adding that they've got enough on her, to last the entire next two years until mid terms and another shot for them to load up on their Republican dominance once again. In other words, don't expect a Supreme Court nominee to get a hearing for at least that long! 
Seriously, enough! Haven't they learned their lessons? The American people, the majority of them at least, want the people's business to be the business of Washington. Not the private personal court of law in a Republican nation that only exists in their own minds. Not a place where nothing gets accomplished in Washington accept trying to hurt others. What the Republican leaders don't understand is that our nation isn't whats represented on Fox Faux News. That that audience is a small minority of the entire spectrum of the people who live within our borders. What they don't understand is that they are the minority in this nation now, not the African-Americans, not Latinos, not women, and especially not Democrats. It is the Republicans who are now the minority, and if there wasn't any gerrymandering the Republicans wouldn't even be the majority party at the present time. Remember if you just counted the votes, more Democrats voted then Republicans in the last election, in other words, they've already rigged the last election, how ironic is that. Just think how different the last two years would have been with a Democratic majority in Congress, look at what our President could have accomplished. As they like to say, they've had their chance, and they failed miserably… am I wrong? And seemingly they want to do it all over again!  
In other words, thank you Republicans, thank you for putting a bee in the bonnet of the Democrats. If after this they don't elect in a majority of Democrats into Washington on election day, instead of getting any of the proposals enacted into law that Hillary wants, we the people will be witness to a never ending onslaught of Impeachment Hearings, coupled with their eternal attack against healthcare for millions of American citizens. So I guess they can alternate the attacks, while Hillary tries doing her real job as leader of the free world. 
So the Republicans would get their wish. We will spend the next four years seeing nothing get done, and the crazies that Donald Trump created will devour what is left of the Republican party. Then get ready for her reelection campaign in 2020, I can already envision their attack lines, She couldn't get anything done. She's a failure. Look at what she promised and she couldn't get done. See we told you. We warned you. We tried to get rid of her, we couldn't do it, now its time for you to vote her out of office. Sounds like something we've been living through for years. The party of no is sadly also the party with nothing except to go backwards and return us to an America that only existed in movies. A place most of us wish was just a distant memory or never in fact existed. Haven't they learned thats why they are so low in poll numbers? Haven't they listened to people telling them they don't like what they've done? Haven't they realized how popular President Barack Obama is, and how unpopular they are? Haven't they learned anything in the last eight years that they've done nothing to earn the respect or the votes of the American people? 
If this doesn't get the vote out for her and the down ticket Democrats nothing will. One of the big complaints against Obamacare is its broken, needs fixing or better needs replacing. If we get a Democratic majority, those hiccups could be fixed, if the same fools stay in office, its gonna be more of the same. If we elect a Democratic majority, we won't be faced with hearing after hearing to remove the person whom American's voted in as they've already discussed impeaching her. 
If we elect a Democratic majority, and God forbid Donald Trump gets in, who knows what programs will be enacted and what rights will be taken away by these backward thinking religious bible thumping hypocrites that believe abortion is a sin and a crime and women don't deserve equal rights and pay. If we elect back in a Democratic majority, they could at least stem the tide of destruction that the man could do, till we survive his term. That is if we survive his term.
The other day Donald Trump suggested that if Hillary gets in, she would take our nation to war. Which of course made me go oh oh, because we all know what that means. It means, Donald is planning on taking us into war. Every time he accuses her or anyone about something its always a harbinger that he's the one whose planning it or already doing it. Remember the last Republican President? The little war he got us in, that we are still fighting, well scarily, whatever war games are playing in Donald's little brain, will make George Walker Bush's wars seem small. If none of this makes you get off your butts to vote in as many Democrats as possible I guess nothing will. Americans claim they want change in our politics, it seems if we reelect in the Republicans in the down ticket races and worse elect in Donald Trump as our next President. Without him there will absolutely be no change in Washington and with him any change will be for the worse. The choice is yours America, if you want real change in our political system, vote in Hillary Clinton and return the majority of power to the Democrats in Congress, and then sit back and watch as they showcase how democracy should be done. Remember how great everything was before George Walker Bush came into power, imagine if Vice President Al Gore had been allowed to continue on the course Bill Clinton had set us on. Who knows what might have been. In theory we are pretty much at that point, Hillary replacing Bill, Donald replacing George Walker. As soon as George came in, everything turned to crap. We got attacked, we went into war, we got tax cuts for the rich, our economy tanked. Well now our economy is going gonzo, we seem to be set to soar and if Hillary gets in, her plans only seem to be setting us all on a continuous course for a great future. For me the choice is obvious, and every time the Republicans come out and hint or actually threaten our Democracy with even more games, the obvious decision is to vote them all out. Really make a statement, and a full blown Democratic landslide from the top of the ticket on down. Make the statement that enough is enough, and that our nation has indeed arrived into the twentieth century and the world is right again.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, October 27, 2016

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